White Gold Tanzanite Ring Designs

White gold tanzanite rings; unique blue engagement rings; yellow and white gold settings; genuine gemstones and simulated tanzanite; high quality AAA tanzanite ring designs; ladies and mens styles for all budgets from under $100 to over $1,000 – at Jewelry & Accessories we know where to buy the beautiful blue stones you seek and we show you the latest creations and suggest how much you should pay.

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

A tanzanite ring makes a unique wedding band or engagement ring, be it real or simulated. We show you both kinds and let you decide what’s in your budget. (Go to Simulated Tanzanite Rings to see really cheap options). We start our suggestions for genuine stones with a place Apples of Gold where you can find some very good value white gold tanzanite ring styles that are not just affordable but really unique and high quality and many are in the $200 to $300 price range. Let’s have a look at the best pieces that would make good engagement rings.

By the way, all the gemstone rings from Apples of Gold are guaranteed to be authentic and when you order a piece of jewelry will receive a certificate of authenticity. In the case that a tanzanite ring is accented with diamonds, Apples of Gold also assures its customers that they are genuine diamonds.

Now, here are some of the top white gold tanzanite ring designs:

Try vintage piece on for size with the Floral Tanzanite Ring that comes in 14k gold and sells for $425.

Go retro with a Roman Art Deco tanzanite and diamond creation that’s crafted with a full 6 mm blue gemstone, a genuine tanzanite, and two accent diamonds, in a geometric ring mounting that needs no more introduction than a flash of the hand. It costs $1,125.

Still retro, but with a more antique filigree flare, is the tanzanite & diamond Heart Ring, also in pure white gold for a lot less than it’s Art Deco cousin at just $675.This piece is delicate and yet dramatic with a 5 mm tanzanite stone in the center of a hexagon with two diamonds inside a pair of hearts on either side of the raised filigree shank.

Give a gemstone flower a chance to sparkle on your hand by choosing the tanzanite and diamond florette from Apples of Gold for just $225. This piece makes a great promise ring or anniversary ring. It’s classic, stylish, affordable and all genuine stones. It’s also a lovely engagement ring alternative for a lady with delicate hands and slender fingers.

There are also other really affordable vintage styles like the fleur-de-lis ring in for just $325 or the Art Deco crown design with a splash of tanzanite and lots of diamond sparkle for just $299 or a dazzling dramatic filigree piece that’s patterned after a vintage design and has lots of lacey white gold metal around a clear blue stone for just $299.

If your budget is really tight try a cross and heart ring that’s a delicate promise ring or a fabulous birthstone ring gift, or may even be a pre engagement ring for a young lady. It’s ultra affordable at just $195.

Need a little more twists and curls, then try a tanzanite Swirl Ring that’s delicate and set in 14K white gold with real diamonds for just $235. Even though the prices are very low, these are not simulated tanzanite rings but real gems and diamonds in gold. For example the little heart promise ring has a small 3 mm tanzanite gem and a few diamonds, all are real. But it only costs $165, which is about what a simulated version costs. In fact some fashion jewelry is more expensive. But tanzanite gold ring designs that only have a small stone are affordable because the biggest part of the price is the metal and not the gem. The really valuable blue African gems are much larger.

A trillion tanzanite ring is a great idea for a unique blue engagement piece because the triangular stone must be offset in a singular design and simply is not traditional or classic no matter how you mount it. One trillion tanzanite ring at Apples of Gold is set in a swirl with accent diamonds and costs $625. It’s a large stone and is set in 14k white gold, so that accounts for the higher price.

Try some other designs like a three stone ring or a split shank with pave diamonds or a double pear shapes tanzanite ring with an open center, or even a blend of pink sapphires and tanzanite for a floral bouquet. There are no rules when you choose to g away from a traditional style engagement and the only thing that can limit you is what you dream up.

Just a note: Most of the affordable gemstone jewelry items we recommend are AA quality, but if you desire the better AAA tanzanite ring quality designs all you have to do is double the price….well, not quite, there are some affordable styles…. Like a 5 stone design with a 1 carat tanzanite and full half carat of diamonds for about $1,300. It’s still reasonable considering the amount of gems and the weight, but it’s certainly not budget jewelry.

For the least amount of money and the most original design, there’s a slender tanzanite ring 14k white gold design with small accent diamonds for just $199 or a simple three stone crown design for $225. Both are very affordable options and can be promise rings or simple engagement rings for young ladies who are happy with just a hint of the precious blue gems.

Mens Tanzanite Rings

If you’re looking for mens tanzanite rings, Apples of Gold is not the right place. They have lots of mens rings, even with blue diamonds, but no tanzanite. So you’ll have to go to a pace like Jems For Me where you can get a custom ring made with a 1.3 carat real tanzanite and some accent diamonds in white gold will cost about $699.