White Gold Amethyst Jewelry – Rio Gems Beverly Hills & JE Gem

White Gold Amethyst Jewelry – Genuine Gems and 14K White Gold – Stud Earrings, Briolette Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Huggies, Hoops, Amethyst Pendants, Amethyst Rings with Genuine Diamonds – prices from $59.95 to $399.

Browse Fine Amethyst Jewelry collections from Rio Gems Beverly Hills – stone cuts in ovals, rounds, trillants, pear shapes, emerald cuts and elegant marquise designs. View affordable silver amethyst jewelry including pendants for just $24.95.

Find related gemstones like citrine and lemon quartz {also known as green amethyst jewelry} with pieces priced between $99 and $199.

Create your own Amethyst Jewelry Sets or choose gifts from the top Birthstone Jewelry collections – the amethyst is February’s birthstone.

Affordable White Gold Amethyst Jewelry Pieces / Amethyst Jewelry Sets

1. Three-Stone Amethyst Diamond Pendant

This three-stone 1ct Amethyst and Genuine Diamond Pendant has a series of three prong-set amethysts gems. The first stone is 3mms, the second is 4mms and the third is 5mms. Above the amethysts is a genuine diamond accent. The pendant is mounted in solid 14k white gold and the entire piece measures about 5/8 inch, with the total carat weight of the stones being 1 carat. Order through Rio Gems and pay $59.99.

2. 6mm Round Amethyst Studs

These classic prong-set amethyst stud earrings by Rio Gems have a filigree mounting in solid 14k white gold with a tension closure. Each gemstone is 6mms and the total weight is 2 carats. The pendant is priced at $99.

Create elegant amethyst jewelry sets by adding a pendant with a round gemstone or a ring with the same filigree design.

3. Amethyst and Diamond Ring

This 1 carat white gold amethyst jewelry item is ideal as an engagement ring, cocktail ring or as part of a set. The 1 carat oval-cut amethyst gemstone is prong-set into a solid 14k white gold band with two small diamonds pave-set into triangle shapes along the sides. The band is crafted to provide comfort due to being knife-shaped on top and tapering to a full-round smooth shape at the back. At the widest point, the ring is about 2mm. It’s featured in white gold, but can also be ordered in yellow gold. Any custom size can be made upon request. The white gold amethyst and diamond ring in 14k gold {in standard sizes} costs $99.95. This is excellent value for white GOLD amethyst jewelry – compare with competitor’s items crafted in silver for similar prices.

4. 1 ct Amethyst and Diamond Pendant

Amethyst jewelry sets can be put together starting with this classic cushion cut amethyst pendant that’s mounted in 14k white gold and accented with real diamonds. The filigree gallery of this pendant matches the 6mm Round Amethyst Stud Earrings suggested in number 2. The entire piece weighs 1.2 grams, has a 1 carat cushion-cut amethyst gemstone that measures 8X6mms, which is prong-set into the gold. It’s a bargain at $79.95. {Create amethyst jewelry sets by selecting the amethyst studs and this pendant. Together they costs $178.95.}

5. Green Amethyst Jewelry – 6 ct Lemon Quartz White Gold Pendant

Green amethyst jewelry is actually citrine or lemon quartz, which is of the same family as the amethyst, but is green or yellowish-green instead of lavender or purple. One of the best buys at Rio Gems {in the green amethyst jewelry collection} is the Lemon Quartz White Gold Pendant that has a massive yellow-green gemstone that measures 12x10mm, cut in a classic emerald-cut design so as to display the full 6 carats majestically, and prong-set in 14k white gold. This piece of green amethyst crystal jewelry is priced at $199. Create a green amethyst jewelry set by browsing the citrine gemstone stud / drop earring collections that start around $99.

Vintage, Antique and Green Amethyst Jewelry Sets form JE Gem

Another place to buy affordable green amethyst jewelry sets is JE Gem. They carry almost every type of gemstone jewelry on the market, but what makes them unique is that their pieces are handcrafted, the stones in most cases hand cut, and the designs exclusive to their collections. In Green Amethyst Jewelry, they offer:

1. Pendants

Green amethyst pendants for around $148

2. Green / Purple Amethyst Bracelets

Green amethyst bracelets for about $124

3. Earrings

Handmade green amethyst stud earrings with silver filigree-style accents for about $87

4. Rings

Unique sterling silver green amethyst bridal jewelry such as exclusive handcrafted engagement rings for around $231

At JE Gem you can also find eccentric pieces:

5. Necklaces

RARE Fossil necklaces that include a variety of stones including green amethyst, ammonite, iridescent pyrite, smoky quartz and tourmaline.

Fossil Bracelets

Choose matching bracelets in the same unusual RARE fossil collection – all set in sterling silver.

JE Gem has vintage inspired and antique amethyst jewelry including:


Unusual filigree brooches

African Amethyst Pendants

10k white gold orange sapphire and African amethyst pendants

Mixed Gemstone Pendants

Rare pieces in their 2012 Winter Collection that include 14k white gold diamond and Brazilian amethyst pendant designs – accented with dangling citrine gems.

Prices for JE Gem high-end exclusive vintage amethyst jewelry and antique / art deco designs range from $459 to over a thousand dollars. Choose a variety of fine amethyst crystal jewelry in green, orange, purple and soft lavender hues.

Eccentric Jewelry Amethyst Gems

Large or unusual, even eccentric jewelry amethyst gemstone pieces are available from JE Gem. Depending on your budget, choose items such as:

  1. Exotic Pendant Jewelry Amethyst from Africa set in 14k white gold

    This wild amethyst pendant has a large central brilliant-cut genuine African amethyst as well as 6 yellow sapphires, 3 blue sapphires, 3 pink sapphires and 59 round brilliant-cut genuine diamonds.

  2. RARE Necklace from the JE Gem Silver Amethyst Jewelry Collection

    This extravagant creation is crafted from 10 drusy quartz, 5 Mexican coconut geodes, 11 faceted green amethysts and 8 Brazilian smoky quartz. This is a handmade design, one-of-a-kind, exclusive JE Gem RARE green amethyst necklace.

Antique Amethyst Jewelry

Antique amethyst jewelry is available in all the collections at JE Gem.

One piece that stands out is the Sterling Silver Brazilian Amethyst Bracelet.

Modern Silver Amethyst Jewelry

Two pieces that are priced so affordably they may be mistaken for amethyst costume jewelry, but are in fact genuine gemstone items in silver mountings are:

  1. The Ultra Modern Sterling Silver Brazilian Amethyst Ring – Square

    This piece of unique contemporary silver amethyst jewelry costs about $87. Act quickly, there’s only ONE piece.

  2. Modern Sterling Silver Amethyst Jewelry Ring with hand-cut gemstones – Round

    This piece of modern silver amethyst jewelry is priced as low as costume items – just $75. This is a low price for a ring with 7 high-grade Brazilian amethyst gemstones in solid 925 sterling silver.

Two Exclusive Pieces of Vintage Amethyst Jewelry from JE Gem

  1. 9k yellow gold Vintage Amethyst Jewelry RING

    This vintage piece has a step-cut African amethyst as well as 6 round brilliant-cut amethysts and 24 diamonds. It retails through JE Gem for about $944.

  2. 9k yellow gold Vintage Amethyst EARRINGS with seed pearls

    This is one of the great bargains on antique / vintage amethyst jewelry through JE Gem because the pair comes with 2 African amethyst cabochons and 20 natural seed pearls in solid 9k yellow gold for just $593.

Unique Green Amethyst Jewelry Set – 5 BUTTONS

For a unique gift for a man or woman who has everything and loves green amethysts, get a set of 5 sterling silver buttons crafted with round Brazilian citrine gemstones which are commonly called green amethysts. This green amethyst jewelry set can accent a shirt, blouse, jacket or be used for cuffs. The complete set of 5 buttons costs about $180 through JE Gem.

Amethyst Jewelry for Men

Amethyst jewelry for men isn’t easy to come by and is often labeled as citrine or lemon quartz because the green amethyst varieties are of the same family, however, if you’re looking for something purple that resembles amethyst one alternative is Alexandrite or lab created versions of this blue-purple stone. JE Gem has a singular piece – a BELT BUCKLE for men – in silver with a lab created stone. It’s priced at $339.

Contemporary Mens Amethyst Jewelry by Gemvara

For ultra chic, modern pieces of mens amethyst jewelry go to Gemvara. They offer one of the largest selections of polished bands with amethyst gemstones set in unique ways and designed exclusively for men.

Prices for mens amethyst jewelry, especially RINGS, range from $200 to over a thousand. One piece of amethyst jewelry for men that’s clean, elegant and affordable is the Slot Ring – a Men’s Round Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring that retails for $223 from Gemvara.

Amethyst Bridal Jewelry

Amethyst bridal jewelry is available in engagement rings and wedding bands or as accent pieces for the bride such as studs, drop earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets that can be worn on the day of the wedding.

One of the best buys in amethyst bridal jewelry at JE Gem is the Sterling Silver African Amethyst Tennis Bracelet for just over $100. Pair the tennis bracelet with some stud earrings, a delicate drop-style amethyst pendant or a simple necklace to create a complete amethyst bridal set.

Amethyst Crystal Jewelry by Mystic Merchant

For spiritual purposes, amethyst crystal jewelry is usually less refined, polished, cut or faceted –left in it’s crystal state.

For specialized pieces of rare amethyst crystal jewelry like the Shamanic amethyst talisman pendant, or a rare sceptered amethyst crystal from the Godo mines in Kaduna Nigeria used for shamanic energy, healing and meditation, browse the large selection of crystal gemstone specimens and jewelry creations at Mystic Merchant.

Where to Shop for Amethyst Jewelry Featured in this post:

1. To order white gold amethyst jewelry by Rio Gems go to: http://www.riogems.com/

2. To order the silver amethyst jewelry by JE Gem go to: http://www.jegem.com

3. To order mens amethyst jewelry by Gemvara go to: http://www.gemvara.com/

4. To order Mystic Merchant amethyst crystal jewelry go to: http://mysticmerchant.com