Where to Buy a Quality Antique or Vintage Pearl Necklace

Buying an antique pearl necklace is an investment and an act of love that requires time and patience to find exactly what you’re looking for. If going to antique jewelry dealers, flee markets and auctions, hoping to get a bargain, seems a bit too much effort, then try Adin Antique Jewelry where we have often found what we’re after and can recommend as a good source for jewelry of all types, from Victorian to Art Deco and even unusual Asian pieces.

You can find lots of seed pearl jewelry and even natural pearl creations from the 1800’s and newer items that are created in antique styles. Most of their jewelry is European in origin, but they do have a selection of American pieces as well.

Here are the top pearl necklaces we recommend from Adin. Please remember that with antique and vintage jewelry, each item is unique and one of a kind, and by the time you read this, the pieces we suggest may have sold. This sample of pearl necklace recommendations is just to give you an idea of what is available. You’ll have to go to their website directly to view their latest acquisitions and estate jewelry collections.

  1. An Art Deco 3 string pearl necklace that has delicate diamond closure and was crafted in Belgium circa 1920. The control marks on this piece are not legible so the origin and dates are based on expert analysis but not guaranteed. The piece has 32 old mine diamonds and 3 strands of lustrous pearls. They have been strung in the ‘en chute’ manner which is obvious since the smallest pearls are nearest the back closure and the largest ones are in the front. It has a beautiful closure that rests at the 3 O’clock position and will rest on the upper chest when worn. The setting is 18k white gold and the length of the shortest string is 41cm or just over 16 inches. It costs $3,250.
  2. A gorgeous piece crafted circa 1850, of Belgian origin – called the Leaves and Rose Cut Pearl Necklace has an 18k yellow gold brooch in front with pearl tassel and a rose cut diamond. This piece is unusual because the pearl necklace portion has been added to the brooch. It’s about 16 inches long costs $3,275. (Pictured at the outset of this article).
  3. The third piece we recommend is similar to number 2 above since it’s also a floral necklace with pearls, and is also crafted in the same manner, with a newer pearl necklace having been added to the 18k gold flower brooch. This piece is just over 17 inches in length and sells for $2,350.
  4. This is a delicate bow chain design with rose branch motifs and a rose cut diamond. It is believed to be French or Belgian and is a cross between a late-Victorian style and early Art Nouveau, circa 1870. The piece is 18K yellow gold and has 1 diamond and 4 seed pearls as well as a final pear shaped drop pearl and is over 19 inches long. It costs $1,750.
  5. This is a classic pearl necklace with an 18k white gold closure that is believed to be Belgian circa 1930 and is crafted lustrous white pearls of various sizes. It’s over 21 inches in length and costs just $225. This is the bargain piece of the week!
  6. The picture makes them look rather pinkish, but in fact they are white pearls. This strand is long enough to be worn draped down the front of a suite or an evening dress or even worn with the pearls hanging down the back, preferable with a backless or strapless evening gown. They are not quite opera length pearls so it would be difficult to double them to make a choker, but they could be worn with an antique brooch, or restrung to be the pearls of a choker necklace with a brooch added as a central focal point. For just over $200, use your imagination!

  7. Another good buy is the knotted purple pearl chain necklace that is accented in 18k yellow gold and silver and has 52 purple cultured pearls that have been stained and a delicate diamond closure. The piece is thought to be Belgian circa 1950. It’s over 17 inches in length and sells for just $425. This is another really good bargain for a set of vintage pearls that are 60 years old.
  8. New Vintage Pearl Necklace

  9. Adin sometimes has new pieces that are made in the vintage or antique style and this is true of the American pearl necklace we recommend that is a glorious rope length of over 44 inches and is in the style of the antique pearl scarf designs that was popular in the Americas. It’s not very old, having been made in 2001, but has a certain elegant flair that makes it versatile to be worn with a brooch or clasp or in a knot. The entire piece including the fringe is made of pearl. It costs $1,250.
  10. In a very different style, there’s an antique silver, gold, diamond and pearl creation that dates back to the Victorian days, circa 1870, that has a pearl flower pendant that’s 18k gold with a silver front and a chain necklace in pink gold. It also has just one pearl and 9 rose cut diamonds. It has clear markings of the Eagle’s head so dating it is easy. It costs just $830.