Wedding Hair Accessories Guide

Floral, pearl, crystal, rhinestone and vintage wedding hair accessories; pearl and rhinestone combs under $40, crystal hairpins under $22, floral and feather accents under $35, elegant crystal barrettes under $60, crystal wedding tiaras under $50, simple rhinestone tiaras under $20, pearl tiaras under $40, headbands starting at $20, traditional bridal veil designs and retro birdcage veils starting at $40, complete matching bridal jewelry sets under $10 – at Jewelry & Accessories we’ve found discount bridal hair accessories and jewelry bargains you can’t afford to pass up!

Wedding Hair Accessories to Match Your Wedding Gown and Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen your wedding gown, the next most important decision you’ll have to make is how to wear your hair. Will you wear it loose, in curls, in a princess style or will you have a stylist create an updo or French roll? Will you need a hairpiece or extension to get the look you want? How will you accessorize your hairdo? Do you need pearls, rhinestones, decorated combs, hairpins or a wedding tiara? Are you going with a veil or just a hairdo with a little sparkle? If you have decided upon a veil, will you choose a traditional bridal veil or opt for a vintage cage design? These are all questions you may not be able to answer until you’ve seen a few hairstyles and know what accessories you can choose to accent them.

Even if you have every bridal magazine you can get your hands on, you will still need to be able to duplicate the style and know where to buy the accents. That’s the hardest part – finding where to buy wedding hair accessories that go with the style you’ve chosen. Often the accessories pictured in bridal magazine are difficult to find in your area, or simply aren’t within your budget. What you need are bridal hairstyle pictures showing the accessories that you can buy easily for an affordable price. So, keep reading and we’ll show you fabulous hairstyles with accessories and show you exactly where to buy them with very little effort. Match the hair accessories with affordable bridal jewelry and beautiful wedding earrings to have a complete matching look, be it pearl, crystal, rhinestone, cubic zirconia or even flowers and feathers with sparkling accents or beaded pearly luster.

Even if you have an idea of the look you want, you probably need to see pictures of hairstyles to visualize what accessories will be best. You’ll also need to know how much to budget for your wedding hair accessories, and most of all, where to buy the accent pieces you need.

There are many shops that specialize in hair accessories for weddings, but we understand it takes time and energy to search for websites or go to the shops to see what’s available and make a good decision. And when it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many small details you must attend to that time is often your most precious commodity. That’s why Jewelry & Accessories has put together a series of bridal and wedding topics to help you select your bridal attire and accessories as easily as possible from shops that offer good value and a wide selection of items that you can purchase quickly and easily online.

USA Bride Weddings for all Your Wedding Hair Accessories Needs

This week, we present suggestions for accenting hairstyles with combs, hairpins, tiaras, headbands, flowers, feathers and birdcage veils. There are good buys on hair accessories from Orange Blossom Tiaras and elegant pieces in the exclusive Anna Bellagio collections. Also Eliza Fig bridal accessories are stylish and affordable, and we often recommend Model Bride for bridesmaid accessories. But we’ve found another shop that we’re excited to suggest to our readers because they offer a selection of ideas for bridal hairdos and sell all the items needed to duplicate the look you see in the pictures. Browse through hairstyle suggestions, print the pictures you like, take them to your stylist and see how they work on you. When you’ve decided on a basic hairstyle, all you have to do is select the recommended accessories, order them online and you’ll have them delivered to your door.

The shop we suggest is USA Bride Weddings, and don’t let the name scare you off if you’re not in the United States. USA Bride Weddings ships internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

USA Bride Weddings has wedding hair accessories UK customers can order with ease and ship within 2 business days. If you choose ground shipping you’ll receive your items in about 2 weeks, but just to be on the safe side, allow 4 weeks. If you live outside the US, Canada or Europe, USA Bride Weddings may still be able to send you the wedding day hair accessories you desire if you contact them directly.

Choosing Hairstyles & Wedding Hair Accessory Designs

Cheap wedding hair accessories that look elegant come in a variety of options like barrettes, hairpins with crystal accents, pearl tiaras, adorned headbands, combs with flowers, feathers or rhinestone embellishments and a variety of combinations of all these items.

One of the simplest ways to accent a hairstyle is with hairpins that have long stems and can be placed in almost style of upswept hairstyle for a bit of sparkle. They are usually sold in sets and start at about $22. They can be used in conjunction with a veil and can be added to the hair even if you plan to wear a bridal tiara.

One beautiful hairstyle that can be accented with crystal or pearl wedding hair accessories like adorned hairpins, is the large bun that is spread in an open floral design or loose woven braid. It’s simple and chic, can incorporate a bridal veil at the back, and can be formed from your own hair or enhanced with a hairpiece even if you have short hair. The veil can be attached just under the bun or you can choose to forgo a veil and accent with larger wedding earrings that match the design of the decorative hairpins.

Even if you’re not sure what your stylist will recommend, you can take her/him a few of these very affordable bridal hair accessories and play with their placement to see what suits you best. Remember: a pre-wedding day consultation with your stylist is an absolute MUST. You won’t have enough time to play with hairstyles on the wedding day and you don’t want a hairdo surprise! Usually stylists offer bridal hairdo packages that include a consultation for no extra charge.

All the hair accessories for wedding designs you see on this page are available through USA Bride Weddings. The ones with pearls and crystal are about $38 for a set of two, the rhinestone flower hairpins are about $30 for a set of 12, and Swarovski crystal florets are just under $22 for a set of two.

Delicate pearl bridal hair accessories, like the large pearl hairpins, come in sets of 12 for just $29.95. These are finely crafted wedding day hair accessories that do not look cheap and will accent your bridal jewelry be it diamond or cubic zirconia.

Many designs are replicas of vintage wedding hair accessories, with darker silver-tone settings around crystals and pearls for an aged feel. You can also choose rich yellow gold in either antique or bright tones to match whatever jewelry you have selected.

There’s one unique hairpin that has a vintage air, and that’s the Roxanne Gold Hairpin, with a large cluster of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones in an assortment of cuts, all on a pin that can be placed into almost any hairstyle. It’s so elegant it may be all you need, replacing a tiara or headband or other decorative combs. It’s set in gold and matches almost any bridal ensemble, but especially a champagne or ivory gown, worn with gold bridal jewelry. Vintage wedding hair accessories with this much detail and sparkle can be very expensive, but at USA Bride Weddings, this piece costs under $50. It may well be the only hair accessory you need to complete your vintage look.

Another way to achieve a vintage look is to use small pave hair pins or pearls to accent a ‘60s upswept hairstyle with large rolled curls that fold under in elegant waves. With just a dash of sparkle or pearl accent, you may go without a veil, or add a small tulle netting for a visor or birdcage affect over your eyes. The small pave pins are very reasonably priced since they come in sets of 12 for just $39.95. The delicate pearl versions are $28.95 for a set of 6. Take a set of these pearl wedding hair accessories to your stylist along with a picture of the hairdo and see what personalized creation you two can up with.

Some of the best bridal hairstyle designs are very simple. Remember to choose a design that will accentuate your best facial features. If you tend to have a rounder shaped face, have your hair pulled away from the sides and piled on top to create height and form a crown. For long slender faces, have curls cascading around your face to add a bit of width.

A bridal tiara can accent both low and high styles since they can be worn high on the crown or low like a headband. The position of the tiara will depend on the hairdo and on your face shape. Choose your bridal hair accessory based on YOUR features and not on the design that looks fabulous on the model in a magazine picture. Use the images as guides to try styles and come up with the one that brings out the best in YOU.

There are some unique alternatives to tiaras, crystal or rhinestone sparkle or even pearls, and that is using wedding hair accessories flowers, be they natural or silk, set onto combs or pins or even headbands. Some floral styles may have a touch of sparkle or pearl, but are primarily silk petals and leaves, sometimes accented with feathers. Usually when using flowers, the hairstyle will be asymmetrical, with only one side of the hair having the floral accessories. A feather comb may be placed at the lower back of an upswept hairstyle, or may be worn at the right or left side of the face. Sometimes a feathery or floral accessory will be used to attach a visor style veil for a retro look.

If you wish to wear your hair loose, or pulled into a curled princess style, a floral or feather comb can be added to accent the curls or loose hair. Using floral and feather bridal hair accessories is not just for high piled or upswept styles, however, it can be more difficult to keep the pieces in place if your hair is not naturally thick. One solution is to add a small hairpiece or some extensions and place the flowers or feathers where the extension has been added. This gives more body to your own natural hair and provides a means to hold the decoration securely in place.

You can also mix natural flowers, that match your bouquet, with the silk bridal hair accessories flowers, but if you choose to do so, use small rosebuds or flowers that are not too heavy. Just a few green leaves or bridal fern will add life to a silk accessory and yet not make it appear like you have a garden on your head.

A single orchid bridal comb will cost just under $50, but there are some designs in the $30 to $40 price range. Feather and flower combinations start at about $35 and go up to $99. If you’re not going to add a veil, cheap wedding hair accessories like the ones we suggest through USA Bride Weddings can help you to accent your ensemble within a very tight budget.

If you wish to add a veil, there’s good news. USA Bride Weddings also carried a selection of bridal veil styles that are extremely affordable, starting at just $39.95 for a birdcage veil design that can be worn alone or enhanced with designer bridal hair accessories like the ones mentioned above.

You can also select from traditional bridal veil styles that start at around $45. Accent a simple cut edge veil with crystal or pearl bridal hair accessories and create your own design around your hairstyle using a tiara or a comb or a few pins.

There’s yet another alternative to all the wedding day hair accessories we’ve mentioned so far, and that is a simple ribbon headband that can be tied around a bun, worn in place of a tiara, woven through a braid, placed on the front part of an updo, or used to hold back curls in loose hairstyles or princess designs. They start at just under $50 and go up to about $90 for ribbons embellished with silver and vintage rhinestones.

One of the most delicate bridal hair accessories you can select is the sheer tulle or organza headband with detailed beaded accents sewn onto the wide strip of sheer fabric.

For under $50 you get the sheer ribbon that has a segment 12.5 inches long that’s completely decorated with clear rhinestones and seed pearls, and two 16 inch lengths of ribbon to tie under, or through, your hair. The tips of the ribbons are also decorated with a seed bead pearl motif.

The simplest way to wear the ribbon bridal hair accessory is similar to how you might wear a headband. Or wear it to enhance a braided twist, or wrap it around a spiral bun, or use as a band to adorn a bridal hat.

The ribbon headband with pearl beads or the ribbon rhinestone vintage design are both ideal to accent loose hairstyles for beach weddings or outdoor ceremonies that are less formal.

If you have been flipping the pages of bridal magazine and falling in love with impossibly expensive hair accessories, then we recommend setting your magazines aside and visiting USA Bride Weddings. You can browse hairstyle ideas that incorporate the discount bridal hair accessories that you can buy at the click of a button.
Even if your budget is under $50 or $100, you can still have the top designer inspired vintage bridal hair accessories, modern tiaras, or feathery floral headpieces you’ve been dreaming about.

While you’re shopping USA Bride Weddings for their cheap bridal hair accessories, don’t forget to have a look at the matching wedding earrings and crystal necklace designs to complete your look.

If you’re just starting to plan your wedding ensemble, even better, because they also have a huge selection of affordable bridal gowns and beach wedding dresses that start at just $350! If you’ve been eyeing an After Six or an Alfred Sung creation for your bridesmaids, separates start at just $70 and renaissance gowns are just $120. Choose bridal jewelry sets, bridesmaid bags and even little niceties like wedding garters, gloves, handbags and even fun little extras like bouquet jewelry.

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