Unusual Sterling Silver Rings

Fairytale inspired sterling silver rings may top the charts this year when it comes to unusual jewelry! You may have already read about Danish designer Alidra Alic’s fantastical, surrealist creations based on the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland or seen some of her magical rings featured in Departures magazine and in Gloss, a Slovenian fashion magazine, or in the Danish publication Pleasure, or perhaps in the German GZ goldsmith magazine or the Italian Fashion periodical Flair Mondadori or the avant-garde New York fashion and art magazine Zink.


Despite the recent wave of international publicity, since the launch of her sumptuously crafted ladies sterling silver rings collections, she remains almost unknown to the public, yet loved in the art world.


Her handcrafted, contemporary, fine jewellery pieces, are more than fashion, as Alidra herself puts it, “they are statements of art…worn by those who dare.”

Handmade sterling silver rings, sculpted in silver and molded using her own invented plastic technique, combine silver and gemstones to form sensuous and poetic visions of delicious illusions in three eclectic collections: Interpretations, Flora and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


The large sterling silver rings in the fairytale line, such as the wild branch ring, the sterling silver poppy ring designs, and most especially the ring that winds upward in an elaborate labyrinth of branches and gemstones in the Wonderland series may not be wearable jewelry, but for those who dare will be the center of conversation.


The unfolding tulip, poppy and orchid rings, as well as her two collections of white sterling silver rings for women, make magnificent cocktail rings, albeit a tad eccentric.

The upward reaching Hyacinth handcrafted sterling silver rings, incorporate feminine sensuality while towering above all in delicate strength.


The iris and arum lily designs make most sterling silver gemstone rings appear insignificant, and although the blossoming flowers that adorn the silver base rings are sculpted in plastic, their luster is as rich as any pink sapphire or black diamond.


Although at present her collections are available to purchase only by private appointment with Alidra Alic herself, it appears that she is in the process of creating of creating an online boutique and perhaps a few select outlets will one day carry a selection of her masterful silver ring and jewelry creations.

Dangerous Solid Sterling Silver Rings by Renee Andriole

In other trendy and unusual solid sterling silver rings, there are wildly dangerous rings that have a certain following. One such collection of hazardous 925 sterling silver rings are finely crafted by Renee Andriole Designs.


There are three main pieces in the collection, a Sicle Ring, a Knife Ring and a Corset Ring, all sterling silver jewelry rings that succeed in taking ones breath away, not so much for their beauty, but for their sheer audacity of existing. These lethal mens sterling silver rings will hopefully remain on the fingers of eccentric artists, pacifists and eclectic jewelry collectors who wear them as talking pieces to parties and not as implements of the grim reaper.

Sterling Silver Bandage Rings – a way to shiny way to heal a wound

On a lighter note, there is a line of seriously humorous sterling silver rings men can give to their ladies (or vice versa) to literally patch things up, or at least help heal a relationship with a Band-Aid or plaster. Yes, sterling silver Band-Aid rings, with a teeny gemstone to help heal a wound, are available from Alyssa Dee Kraus Designs and are officially called Bandages for the Heart.


These rings feature small holes like a real bandage, in either a sterling silver, a stainless steel or a gold band, and have a little area with gauze where the wound would be, and a small red garnet gemstone. There is a pin version secured with a small tie tack pin closure, and a circular ring that encircles the finger. For giving as a present this ring is ideal, since each comes packaged in a white gauze wadding complete with a red pull cord and a garnet stone mimicking the old Band-Aid brand bandages that used to have a red string that had to be pulled to get the bandage out. Depending on the metal chosen, they cost anywhere from $250 to $1,300, the stainless steel or sterling silver ring version costs the least – $250.


Other Silver Jewelry Bandage Options

There are other bandage rings, like the one by Open Design & Concepts that is a wide band with small holes and a raised area that resembles a small wad of gauze. There is also a much less ostentatious diamond bandage ring by Atypyk, which features a diamond design etched in silver on a flesh-tone band. This may seem like an odd wedding or engagement ring option, but since Atypyk carries such things as clothes pin earrings and birdcage rings, the bandage ring is actually quite a practical piece of jewelry considering their collections.


More Practical Unusual Womens Sterling Silver Rings

Unusual womens sterling silver rings need not be fairy-tales, dangerous pieces of jewelry or bandages to be unique, fashionable and yet practical.


There are a few designers, and online retailers, that specialize in distinctive creations in silver that you won’t readily find elsewhere, but are less bizarre than the ones mentioned above.

There are engraved and antique sterling silver rings, ones that blend silver and marcasite, others with gemstones or cubic zirconia or turquoise or even Celtic sterling silver rings that are unusual, or a variety of sterling silver toe rings from Thailand and Bali with carved elephants and other ethnic motifs.


La Luna de Plata Contemporary Silver Designs

If you are searching for something unusual and yet wearable, in anything from sterling silver promise rings to large silver cocktail baubles, then there are a few online jewelry companies to keep in mind. One is called La Luna de Plata, with two bases, one in West Sussex UK and the other in Andalucía, Spain, all hand crafted by Lesley Furber who is inspired to create strange and gorgeous personalized sterling silver rings in contemporary designs.


Sterling Keeper – Vintage and Antique Sterling Silver Rings

There’s also a place called the Sterling Keeper, based in Houston Texas, who have specialized in unique sterling silver jewelry , antique, vintage and collectibles since 1967. Their turquoise sterling silver rings and hammered sterling silver rings are all unusual, some coming from Mexico, others from Asia.


Since their items are vintage, they frequently add items to their collections, however, they are all one of a kind, and there are no size options. They have sterling silver rings size 10, like the vintage horse ring (in their men’s sterling silver rings collection), and they also have a few pieces of sterling silver rings size 9 for men (or women), but most of their ladies rings are size 6, 7 and 8, with one or two pieces in size 5.

Naturally, you can have a silver ring re-sized to fit if the gemstone or design is something you have your heart set on. However, there a few pieces that will not be easy to size, since the band has engravings all around, like the Mexican silver rings, and others that have unusual shapes that may be distorted by resizing.


Wholesale Silver Jewelry

The two best “all around” companies that sell wholesale sterling silver rings that are very unusual, not your average designs, are Kamar Silver, which has no minimum order restrictions, and Tanai, which is number one for silver and has a massive inventory of handmade unique silver, perhaps the best and largest anywhere in the world, but have a minimum order of $100 or €80 to be able to buy.


They have incredibly cheap sterling silver rings that are so varied in design that they encompass everything from CZ sterling silver rings for engagement and wedding sets to plain sterling silver rings and everything in-between including amethyst and other gemstone creations using peridot and garnet, lots of pearl ring designs, marcasite and sterling silver blends, enamel rings, silver beads rings, delicate sterling silver filigree rings and so much more.

This article will feature these two discount sterling silver rings outlets: Tanai and Kamar Silver, because we believe they offer quality and value in wholesale sterling silver for personal use and resale. We start our exploration of silver ring designs with Kamar Silver.


925 Sterling Silver Jewelry by Kamar Silver

Their most unusual pieces are the amethyst sterling silver rings that unfortunately are only available in size 7 or 8, but can be resized to fit, and at just under $11 dollars are a real bargain. The silver is genuine and so is the amethyst! There are many different styles to choose from in a similar price range, between $10 and $11.

Peridot Sterling Silver Rings

kamar-silver (1)

They also have natural genuine gemstone peridot sterling silver rings like the one with 15 green peridot stones in a distinctive contemporary setting that’s somewhat rectangular. This particular piece is an ideal ladies cocktail ring, and so affordable at just over $10. That’s about a dollar a stone and the silver for free!

Gemstone Silver Rings for Less

Continuing exploration of their gemstone silver rings, we find gorgeous garnet styles like the one with three natural garnets, one square and two teardrop shapes set in a rustic antique mounting. The ring would make a great present for a garnet lover or could likewise be an excellent cocktail bauble as a treat for yourself. At just over $10 you really can’t go wrong.

Silver CZ Rings

Continuing on to pure sterling silver jewelry with white CZ stones for sparkle, there are some delicate designs in the womens ring collection that come in sizes from 6 to 8.

One is a dazzling piece with two leaf shaped shanks and CZ stones in round prongs that look like beads. The ring is a sparkling understated bauble that sells for just $7!

kamar-silver (2)

Another unusual piece that could make a fabulous promise ring is a mass of twisting scrolls that resemble a musical note, all dotted with cubic zirconia and set in silver for just a little over $8. And for just over $13, you can have a crazy wonderful swirl of cubic zirconia sparkle and large stone curving outward that will be quite a talking piece. Or how about a snake wound about your finger, it’s back all studded with dazzling cubic zirconia and two blue sapphire gemstones as eyes? For $16 it could be a fun ring for parties!

kamar-silver (3)

Art Deco Silver Rings

If you’re looking for something very different in a pseudo art deco style, there’s a bizarre creation with a green peridot and pink gem surrounded by cubic zirconia, but each gem is set as if it were a separate ring. For those who want two rings in one, this is the piece to get, and it costs just under $13. There’s also another ring that has a white CZ, a pink CZ, a Champagne cubic zirconia, an olive green stone, a Swiss blue topaz, and a lavender CZ all set in a decorative 925 sterling silver band for just under $30.

kamar-silver (4)

Designer Inspired Silver Rings

Moving up to designer inspired silver rings, here’s a gorgeous piece with a pave style set of CZ stones in an elongated dome design that looks very expensive but actually only costs about $31.

For a twist on a classic anniversary ring there’s this delicate flower ring with CZ stones for less than $8, or an engagement ring with a blend of oval CZ and rectangular baguette CZs in a unique mounting for $8.

kamar-silver (5)

There’s also a lavender and white CZ baguette ring that’s just stunning for a mere $23, and although the stones are imitation, the sparkle and the silver is all genuine. What a delightful bauble to match with a black cocktail dress. Dress it up with a few stackable CZ silver bracelets and it’s an elegant set for formal diner parties or even a wedding. Or if you prefer, choose a similar version in pink!

kamar-silver (6)

Sterling Silver Wedding Band Ring Designs

Kamar Silver also has a complete collection of white cubic zirconia sterling silver wedding band ring designs and engagement rings and even matching sets.

Some sell for as little as $13 like the diamond solitaire engagement ring that has engraved details, and a matching half eternity ring wedding band. Incredible deal!

kamar-silver (7)

Kamar Pearl Sterling Silver Rings

It’s almost impossible to believe that there could be a pearl ring that merits a second glance if it costs less than $9, but we’ve discovered that a few deep sea gems at Kamar do in fact deserve our (and your) attention.

One is a white peal ring accented with cubic zirconia in a sterling silver jewellery setting that could have come from an exclusive design house.

There’s another similar creation, only with a large pink pearl, and another art decoesque version with a champagne or white pearl in a rustic silver setting, dotted with cubic zirconia stones along the upper part of a wide band.

kamar-silver (8)

Black Sterling Silver Rings

Black gemstones in sterling silver settings are very popular with many designs mimicking the vintage black diamond rings of old, and others being contemporary set in 925 sterling silver with black rhodium plating to enhance the black.

Marcasite Sterling Silver Rings

The other metal that is used frequently with silver is marcasite. Marcasite sterling silver rings are often studded with cubic zirconia or black gems in antique and contemporary styles that are unique due to the darkness of the metal which ahs an antique look. The collection of black sterling silver rings and marcasite and CZ rings that Kamar offers in extensive. Some are large cocktail rings, others more delicate, but they are great value priced at under $20, and in some cases include matching silver pendants and silver earrings for the same price.

kamar-silver (9)

Sterling Silver Enamel Rings and Toe Rings

Kamar also has a good selection of sterling silver charm rings and really funky colorful sterling silver enamel rings, especially toe rings.

The enamel toe rings come in sets of 5 for just $6, which means they are just a little a dollar each!

They also have really fun Thai silver elephant toe rings in sets of two for $6.

kamar-silver (10)

Mens Silver Ring Designs

Kamar also has mens silver rings like the coral stone marcasite men’s ring that sells for just under $17, and the other black onyx piece with white cubic zirconia accents, or the ornate filigree inspired black onyx marcasite sterling silver mens ring that costs about the same as the coral one.

If you’re looking for mens silver jewelry, Kamar is the place to browse, because while many shops have an abundance of ladies pieces, Kamar has a bit of both.

When considering buying unique silver rings for men that consist of anything other than a plain band of silver, it’s almost inconceivable to pay under $100, and that is just one more reason why Kamar has topped our charts in this review.

tanai (22)

Tanai Fine Wholesale Sterling Silver

Sterling silver ring designs are a dime a dozen, with millions of distributors and retailers and wholesalers both online and off boasting deals and discounts and unique deigns. But the problem with most retail and wholesale sterling jewelry companies is that all their products are manufactured and so the pieces tend to look very much same. Mass-produced wholesale silver is seldom as unique or as distinctive as what we have in mind, but we sometimes settle for what’s available because…oh well, the price is right.

tanai (23)

That is where Tanai is different. They are anything but common place, and all their jewelry is handcrafted in distinctive designs that rival expensive gold, platinum and silver designer jewelry pieces we wish we could afford but can’t. You may not believe it, but high-end, unique styles in 925 silver rings are possible for $5 to $10. These are not just basic silver band ring styles with no gems or engravings or details, but very finely crafted handmade sterling silver jewelry with genuine precious gems or high quality imitation or semi-precious stones, pearls, mother of pearl and even turquoise. It’s cheap silver jewelry that isn’t poorly made. The catch to Tanai is that are genuinely a wholesale company and therefore you must buy a minimum order of $100 worth of product to be able to take advantage of the prices they offer.


That said, let’s explore the massive selection of 925 silver jewelry that Tanai has to offer.

If you want plain silver band rings they have them, but we’re going to focus on the unique styles of gemstone and cubic zirconia lines they have.

Handcrafted Gemstone Wholesale Silver Rings

Amethyst Rings

The rich violet and purple tones f an amethyst really shine when set in silver mountings.


Tanai has many styles of silver amethyst rings, here are just a few that may be wonderful cocktail rings or even anniversary presents to a lady who loves purple.

As shown in these images, the silver is polished and finely crafted, not rough or unfinished, and the stones are likewise cut and set into place with delicate prongs or filigree style shanks.

Most of these rings sell for about $50 because of the size of the stones, but there are many amethyst ring designs for $15 or less.

Garnet Rings

There are also delicate red garnet antique silver ring styles and some contemporary settings that are priced between $6 and $20. The detail in these rings is delicate, and if owning a genuine antique is not possible, these may be a good alternative.

Smokey Quarts Rings

tanai (2)

If you’ve been wishing you could have a chocolate diamond ring but it’s way beyond your budget, here’s a another option you may not have thought of. Smokey quarts is a brownish stone that, depending on the cut and grade, is translucent enough to give the illusion of a chocolate diamond. The settings are fine polished sterling silver somewhat imitating the luster of platinum. For between $10 and $20 you can be wearing one of these fascinating mocha quarts rings. Perfect for cocktails and formal dress. Pair the silver rings with matching pendants, silver earrings, bracelets and charms; also available through Tanai.

tanai (3)

Silver Amber Rings

For subtle yellow and gold amber silver ring jewelry Tanai is also a good choice.
They have rings to match amber earrings and pendants and the prices can’t get any better. Most items are between $5 and $10. There are a few pieces with green amber as well, although most is honey amber jewelry.

Black Sterling Silver Rings from Volcanic Lava

tanai (4)

Tanai’s collection of volcanic lava rings is a highlight of this sterling silver jewelry wholesale company.

It’s doubtful many people have seen such elegant black rings, since they are handmade in Thailand by artisans who specialize in volcanic creations. What is unfathomable is how they can sell these gorgeous pieces of silver jewelry for under $10 and most are closer to $5…in fact the most expensive large round ring with one side of the black lava detailed in hammered silver is priced at $9.38. How that is possible is simply not for us to say. We merely review what wholesale companies offer, and like our readers, sometimes are left with our mouths hanging wide open!

Black Onyx Rings

Tanai’s black sterling silver rings do not end with the lava collection. There are also black onyx rings that are masterfully designed in classic and contemporary designs, some set with cubic zirconia accents, others sculpted into modern square and twisting shapes to suit all tastes.

All these genuine onyx rings, set in pure 925 sterling silver, are under $20, in fact most are closer to $12 or $15.

tanai (7)

Black Sandstone Rings

In keeping with the black sterling silver ring theme we’ve started, Tanai has another collection that includes various pieces in black. The sandstone rings come in large cocktail styles or delicate designs that may serve as promise rings or fashion jewelry to match eveningwear.

There’s also an auburn or dark tan color version in a very contemporary ring design.
Black ring designs continue into their bone and horn collections and overlap with synthetic gemstone lines and even with their silver cubic zirconia ring styles.

There are a couple unusual black rubber and silver rings that are casual pieces for young ladies or boys. They do not appear to be made of rubber and certainly no one would ever guess that they cost just over $2.

tanai (6)

Silver Tigers Eye Rings

Those who love tigers eyes will be delighted with Tanai’s collection of large contemporary designs that allow the stone’s range of colors to really be noticeable.

Again the silver is all 925, the craftsmanship all done by hand, and the prices are true to Tanai’s rule of being ultra affordable. All are under $20, some as little as just over $6.

tanai (8)

Silver Moonstone and Agate Rings

In moonstone silver rings there is a wide selection, as well as agate and other semi-precious stones in soft pink, pure white, and even opal.

Each of their rings are discounted a further 5% to 15% for volume orders, making some of the rings cost only a few dollars each.

Some of the more expensive designs are in fact the white agate rings because although they are set in sterling silver, they are plated with rose gold to accent the white stone. These are very unusual silver ring designs for a remarkably low price, even though they are between $25 and $45 consider the stone, the silver and the gold plating….however, the moonstone rings are all under $20.

Plain Sterling Silver Band Rings and Casual Collections

As mentioned previously Tanai does have plain silver bands and also Celtic sterling silver rings in classic designs.

You will find Celtic knots and revolving rings and even engraved styles in their collections. Many of the simplest rings are about $5 and go up to $8 or $10 for high polished or intricate carvings, but in general their plain ring prices can’t be beat.

Cameo Rings, Filigree Rings, Enamel Designs & Evil Eyes

Tanai also has a collection of classic cameo rings that are very affordable, and lots of different collections in filigree rings, silver marcasite rings and a whole series of casual enamel rings that are colorful.
In their fun collections they have some unusual evil eyes rings that are seem too cute to be talismans.

tanai (19)

They also have some swirling formations that look like eyes in red-orange and black & white all set in sterling silver within the same general price range as all the other styles mentioned so far.

Their extensive collections of silver marcasire rings, overlap many categories to include filigree, pearl, gemstone and even cheap cute jewelry for kids.

They have animals and insects and flowers and lots of fun shapes, some speckled with cubic zirconia others with peridot, and still more detailed carved scrolls and intricate lattice and lacework patterns that are casual and elegant at the same time.

Sterling Silver Pearl Rings

tanai (27)

One collection that is just packed full of class is the line of pearl cocktail rings, that could double as bridal jewelry or even as pearl engagement rings. They are so delicate and unusual, mixed with cubic zirconia and set in polished silver bands, that once again we are clueless as to how they sell for under $20.

Some of the designs that have a silver oyster shell around the pearl or fan shaped accents with a pearl in the center, clean and contemporary, are priced at about $8.

There are also champagne and pink pearl rings and ones that are long teardrop shapes.

Naturally there are the classic white pearl diner ring styles in various traditional settings, and all can easily be matched to pearl drop earrings, bracelets and silver pearl earrings to create perfectly matching sets.

tanai (33)

Romantic Roses and Pearls

They also have some very strange pearl and rose collection, with red and white formed roses resting with pearls on sterling silver bands.

These are strange pieces that may not right for every lady, but for those romantic gals with a bit of a Victorian heart, they may hit just the spot.

As, we said at the outset, Tanai silver jewelry has been chosen because they are unusual and have just about any sterling silver ring you can dream up already made in one of their collections.

However speaking of unusual and pearl in the same breath brings us to mother of pearl. Again, Tanai has outdone itself in style and design.

Silver Mother of Pearl Rings

tanai (31)

Mother-of-pearl has never been so intensely colorful or so delicately and sensuously pink as it is in the 925 sterling silver ring designs that grace the displays at Tanai.

Starting with ultra colorful: the blue turquoise rings in an oval or square designs that make sipping a cocktail have a whole new feel…even if you’re not by the sea.

Or how about a large pink piece of square sea shell held in place with three long tubes of silver to contrast with the shell?
Anyone looking for a tiger colored seashell ring? Or perhaps a spiraling open shell with a pearly center, or a scale covered silver ring that mimics the body of a fish?

There’s also the favorite of this writer: the mother of pearl disc ring with a delicate silver detail along the top edge.

If these wild seashell and mother of pearl ring designs have not captured the essence of your individuality, then there’s some soft pink pearly seashell in contemporary silver ring designs that very well might steal your heart.
On has inlayed pink mother of pearl along the top and sides of an angular modern silver ring, the other is a wide band with three rows of pink shell imbedded in the domed top. Both are exquisite and well crafted in polished pure silver bands.

Silver Copper Rings

tanai (21)

In other strange creations, there’s a collection of silver copper rings that don’t quite fit as cocktail baubles or elegant formal rings, neither are they totally casual, and they don’t really go into a tribal ring category or a contemporary design set. They stand alone as unique creations for those who appreciate the two tone metal accents and the distinctive sculpted patterns that exude both an ethnic flavor and a modern one.

Exclusive Silver Designer Rings

The tour of Tanai wouldn’t be complete without stopping at the exclusive designer silver ring collection, which in some cases incorporates gold and silver together.

These unusual pieces are eclectic and may be perfect fashion accessories to update a look since they are really show stoppers! There are some with pave cubic zirconia and others that look like mushroom tops, and still a few that are simply brushed silver, very chic, sleek contemporary and clean.

tanai (32)

Mystic Topaz Rings

For a flashing blaze of mystical color that ranges from turquoise to violet and pink, there’s nothing like Tanai’s 925 sterling silver topaz ring designs that simply jump out and grab your attention. These pieces are priced at around $20 each, however a complete set of topaz silver jewelry is easily affordable, since the matching topaz silver earrings, pendants and silver bracelets are priced very reasonably as well.

If your wardrobe is a little drab, bring it to life again with a few topaz accessories, or bring out the green or pink tones in the jewelry by matching them with colored outfits.

Silver Malaquite and Lapis Lazuli Rings

tanai (35)

And as we talk about greens and blues, we must show you what Tanai has to offer in green malaquite gemstone sterling silver ring creations that are truly dazzling. Choose either round or square settings with lacey Aztec style scrolls that frame these large silver rings like a work of art.

If green isn’t your color, how about a deep blue lapis lazuli ring in a stunning antique silver ring design that looks as if it could be ancient pewter or aged silver?

These genuine silver lapis rings need not be viewed as investment jewelry, since they are affordable at between $5 and $18. Wear them as baubles, as fashion jewelry with your outfits and just have fun. They’re seriously beautiful silver gemstone rings without the serious price!

Which bring us to a whole array of gem laden jewelry collections in everything from ruby to sapphire to white crystal and cubic zirconia, in cheap costume jewelry that looks like a fortune.

Gemstone Silver Jewelry Rings

If you need a selection of ladies cocktail rings to match every dress or evening gown in your closet, then Tanai will be the place for you to shop.

With dazzling gemstone creations in sterling silver settings with the likes of round brilliant rubies, oval blue sapphires, garnets, amethysts clear quarts and crystal in marquise or emerald cuts, you will have all you might desire to sparkle and dazzle every night of the week.

Coral Rings

Some of the most unusual silver pieces that Tanai offers are made from coral. These contemporary rich red rings are a long way from your average sterling silver pieces available at your local department store.

tanai (30)

These unique creations feature square, round, oval and rectangular stones framed in polished silver.

There’s one very amusing piece that looks like a present, with two bands of silver across a chunk of coral and a delicate pearl as a bow on top. Perhaps this present ring can be a present, just for a laugh! You can afford to have a bit of jewelry giggle since the most expensive coral ring in this collection sells for under $15.

tanai (37)

Silver Mens Rings by Tanai

Although they don’t have a wide selection, Tanai does offer a few pieces of mens jewelry, in three collections. One is casual, with simple silver band rings for just a few dollars, another is high-end wedding rings and bands in polished or etched designs, and the last is a small collection of gentlemen’s rings with cubic zirconia and gemstones. However, all the mens rings are 925 sterling silver like the ladies pieces, and are also similarly affordably priced.

tanai (39)

Just Spend $100

With all the variety of Tanai has to offer, it seems unthinkable to not take advantage of their massive discount sterling silver prices and order a few rings. Yes you’ll have to spend $100, but for that you could have your Christmas shopping half done and a few baubles for yourself.

If you’re a jewelry retailer, why not select a few unusual silver rings to display? Even after a markup, you can still pass on the savings to those who make your jewelry business a success – your clients.