Amour Collection of Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Tahitian pearl earrings between $150 and $200. Chocolate brown, unique pistachio colors and rich black hues; genuine Tahitian cultured gems set in gold and silver mountings. Shop online for pearl jewelry by Amour; distinctive styles, affordable prices, and free shipping within the United States.

Black Tahitian Pearls and Diamonds

Although owning a pair of genuine black Tahitian pearl earrings may have been an unaffordable luxury in the past, today’s pearl farm technology has brought the prices of genuine pearls down to an affordable level – not jus for the small Japanese Akoya or freshwater varieties, but also the large (previously elusive) black, grey chocolate brown, pistachio green and golden South Sea ones.

One pair of black Tahitian pearls (that have a silvery gray luster) are part of the Amour collections and cost just under $148. These pearl earrings are accented with diamonds in a motif where a single pearl falls below diamond-encrusted circles and crescents.

Another pair, in a similar price range, is the huggie design with a single chocolate brown Tahitian pearl dangling from a solid 14k yellow gold French clip. This pair costs just under $165. This is an excellent buy for genuine pearls of the Tahitian variety. Notice how the earring encompassed the whole lobe and the secure closure makes it difficult for these to slip off inadvertently.

Here’s a pair of Tahitian pearl earrings in a simple stud design but the beauty of them is in their color – they’re pistachio Tahitian pearls. These pieces are crafted with genuine pearls set in 14k yellow gold and cost just $149.99. That’s the beauty of Tahitians, they come in a wide variety of colors so that the term “black” can mean anything from a rich brown or copper to a silvery gray or greenish pearl.

The pearl stud earrings in the pistachio color are large, between 8mm and 9mm, which is normal for the South Sea gems that are known for growing much larger than freshwater ones. Although studs are usually quite subtle, these are dramatic pieces due to the color. If you’re looking to match these studs with bracelets, pearl pendants, strands of pearl necklaces, bracelets or even rings, the Amour collection has an outstanding series of exclusive pistachio colored pearls to choose from.

For something a bit more affordable than the Tahitian pearl earrings that start at around $150, take a look at the pistachio freshwater pearl earrings in the Amour collection that start at around $35. The pearls are set in 14k gold mountings, but they’re smaller (being freshwater) so they only measure between 6mm and 7mm. The matching pearl pendants are priced at around $90 (for the pistachio ones) and are set in 14k gold.

The most expensive Tahitian pearl earrings are the ones that are really black, or at least as dark as pearls get while still being lustrously iridescent, and the most affordable ones we can find to recommend are just a teeny bit over $200. The black Tahitian stud earrings by Amour are mounted in 14k white gold, and the gems are about 8mm or 8.5mm – simple, classic and very elegant. They’re regularly prices at around $225, but are often on sale for about $202. Check special offers that Amour has on assorted pieces of fine pearl jewelry.

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