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Be Rich diamond jewelry stores and nightlife in Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol

In summer 2012, during the Marbella Luxury Weekend held at Muelle de la Ribiera in Puerto Banús on the Costa del Sol, the elite avant-garde Spanish diamond jewelry store “Be Rich” opened its doors and presented their Indulgence Jewellery collections.

Be Rich designer diamond jewelry – 18k gold with coloured precious gemstone accents

Joyería Be Rich Puerto Banús made a splash of an entrance into the world of luxury diamond jewelry designers on the Costa del Sol with the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, inaugurating a show that featured the current Mister and Miss Marbella (Lidia Santos and Dani Rivero) who exhibited a variety of luxury items. The inaugural Be Rich designer diamond jewelry line has been created to appeal to men and women who can afford impulse purchase like fine 18k gold rings with coloured diamonds and precious gemstones, limited edition red carpet inspired earrings and high-end sterling silver jewelry plated with 18k gold. All the fine diamond jewelry at Be Rich, as well as the precious gemstones series in the celebrity inspired collection (with diamonds and genuine sapphires & emeralds), have been handcrafted: individually made by artisans exclusively for the Be Rich stores.

Be Rich limited edition fine diamond jewelry – almost one of a kind

One of the reasons for choosing a piece of BR designer diamond jewelry over prèt-a-porter items from high-end jewelry shops in the area is that the pieces in Indulgence are limited to 200-300 items per design. Although not one-of-a-kind, they’re the next best thing.

Only two BR diamond jewelry stores in Spain

There are only two Be Rich diamond jewelry stores in Spain, one on Calle Goya in Madrid and the other on Muelle de Ribera in the luxury capital of the Costa del Sol: Puerto Banús. To view the latest Be Rich silver, gold and diamond jewelry online, go to their official website at berich.es. See gemstone and diamond pieces with prices starting at around eighty euros and going up to….whatever anyone can unreasonably afford.

Immediate indulgence and capricious impulses

The concept behind these exclusive diamond jewelry stores (and especially the Indulgence Jewellery collection), is to make the dream of immediate indulgence possible; to induce men and women to become swept up in the impulsive spirit to seize the day and not deny themselves a capricious desire or luxury, no matter the cost. Although it’s a concept everyone may like to live by, there’s a good reason Joyería Be Rich is situated in Puerto Banús, one of the few places in Spain where luxury and capricious impulses are still the order of the day…and the night. Indeed, indulgence continues at luxurious venues for nightlife in Puerto Banus… at elite clubs, bars and sophisticated lounges that provide a natural habitat for flaunting silver, gold, gemstones and colored diamond jewelry.

Nightlife in Puerto Banus – living the “lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”

Critics say that Puerto Banus nightlife has become fake and pretentious; that the Costa del Sol is less of a place for genuine “lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” to unfold and more of a place where rich and famous wannabes strut phony gems and cubic zirconia costume jewelry while pretending to lead an indulgent lifestyle. But the yacht lined harbour, parking lots with Ferraris, fine diamond jewelry stores and the variety of high-end luxury clubs, bars and lounges tell a different story. As do the pages of local celeb magazines that abound with images of pop idol sightings in and around bars in Puerto Banus…like Linekers Bar and the chic Babilonia lounge (one of the newer additions to Linekers Puerto Banus Group) as well as funky Astral Cocktail bar situated in front of some of the top designer shops and jewelry stores. Although the Costa del Sol may no longer be what it was in it’s heyday, it thrives. It’s still catering to the “who’s who” who can afford to indulge in jewelry, fast cars, sailboats, and of course, luxury nightlife in Puerto Banus clubs.

Nightlife in Puerto Banus – with or without diamonds

If you’re up for indulging your senses, even if you’re not a millionaire, there are a few Puerto Banus nightlife venues that merit visiting, with or without diamond jewelry. Get entertained atop a replica ship on the harbour and sip some of the best, fresh fruit cocktails…while celebrity spotting. Or…start an evening gazing out over the harbour and its glistening array of yachts, while sipping cocktails and nibbling tapas at the eclectic Arabic-fusion lounge – Babilonia. Although Babilonia isn’t a place to party all night, it’s a great place to get in the mood for nightlife Puerto Banus style with international cocktails in a luxury Moorish-Andalusian setting. This is one of the more unusual restaurant, bar lounges that have come to the Costa del Sol courtesy of the Linekers Bar Puerto Banus Group, the same people who started the original Linekers Bar (now at 2nd Line, New Town), famous because Wayne Lineker (brother to Gary Lineker – the celebrated former English football player) was its founder. While you don’t need diamonds or gemstone jewelry to have fun at Babilonia or the sporty Linekers Bar, you may spot the TOWIE girls or other celebrities who frequent these clubs, lounges and upscale bars in Puerto Banus.