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Personalized Baby Jewelry for Girls and Boys from The Corner Stork Team

Personalized baby jewelry for girls – collections include: silver necklaces, bracelets with pearls / crystals, silver charms ready to monogram, beaded rosaries, birthstone necklaces, monogrammed baby bangles, heart charms, custom christening jewelry and baby jewelry boxes. Corner Stork Baby Gifts offers affordable specialty items for baby girls and boys – each piece handpicked by a team of Atlanta moms.

Corner Stork Baby Jewelry for Girls

The most affordable baby girl jewelry in the Corner Stork collection is a Baby Girl’s Beads and Pearls Sterling-Silver Bracelet for just $17.99.

There are two other affordable pieces:

  1. the Girls Heart Charm Bracelet
  2. the Girls Flower Charm Bracelet

Either of these baby bracelets cost $18.

The Girls Heart Charm Bracelet is one of the best buys at Corner Stork because it’s made with small pink/clear Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and a charm that can be engraved {included in the price} with a single initial. It’s practical because the bracelet will fit a baby or a toddler up to 5 years old. It comes ready to give – in an organza gift pouch.

Five Pieces of Jewelry for Baby Girls

Here are 5 suggested items that are affordable in the collections of jewelry for baby girls:

1. Bracelet

Pastels and Pearls is a baby bracelet for just $22.99. Or choose the Pink Crystals baby bracelet for the same price. The first item is a string of freshwater pearls interspersed with real Swarovski crystals in a variety of pastel colors like pink, peach, lavender, yellow, green and blue. It’s adjustable so it will fit babies from 0-12 months. It comes packaged with a gift card / poem.

2. Rosary

The Rosary Beaded Necklace – crafted from pink pearls – comes with a sterling silver cross and only costs $35.99. It’s not a genuine rosary, but it’s still a wonderful christening / baptism gift. Combine it with the Bella Pink Pearl Baby Bracelet and create a set. The Bella Pink Pearl Baby Bracelet costs $22.99.

3. Cultured Pearls Baby Bracelet

There’s a 5 inch pearl bracelet made with genuine cultured pearls that’s white instead of pink, and also comes with a small silver cross, but is presented in a gorgeous baby jewelry box complete with a pink satin ribbon, that costs a little less – just $26.50. It’s simply called the Cultured Pearl Bracelet with Silver Cross.

4. Faux Pearl Baby Necklace

A fun gift that’s priced at just $20 is called Baby Girl’s First Pearls, which is a simple 12 inch white, faux pearl necklace with a sterling-silver spring-ring fastener that comes in a display-window gift box.

5. Silver Beaded Baby Bracelet

For something a little different, choose an item called She Sparkles! – a 5-inch sterling silver beaded bracelet with a lobster claw fastener that comes ready to give in a gorgeous display-style windowed gift box. The baby bracelet costs 23.99.

Affordable Personalized Baby Jewelry

Personalized baby jewelry can be had for a lot less than you might imagine.

Monogrammed Baby Jewelry:
One of the top items that the Corner Stork Team have chosen is called the Monogrammed Circle Baby Bangle and another similar item is the Monogrammed Oval Baby Bangle. Both are delicate silver bangles that can be personalized with 3 initials to create a unique monogram. Prices range from $69.99 – $78.99.

There are other designs for just $37.50, like the Monogrammed Freshwater Pearl Baby Bracelet or a similar design matching Freshwater Pearl Necklace that comes with a monogrammed heart charm for $63.95. Buy the set or choose individual pieces.

Personalized Birthstone Baby Jewelry

Two other personalized baby jewelry items specifically designed for girls are the Personalized Freshwater Pearls birthstone necklace that comes with a small cross and your choice of birthstone for $56.50 and/or the same Personalized Freshwater Pearl birthstone bracelet for $46.95. The pieces are sold separately. Both have two ways to be personalized – with baby’s first name engraved on the cross and with a specific birthstone choice.

If you aren’t sure which birthstone to choose when selecting your personalized birthstone baby jewelry, then follow the chart and select the one you prefer:

  1. January – color: red/pink – choose a garnet or a rose quarts stone
  2. February – color: purple/lavender – choose an amethyst or an onyx stone
  3. March – color: green/greenish-blue – choose aquamarine, jasper or bloodstone
  4. April – color: transparent – choose a diamond or a clear quartz stone
  5. May – color: deep green – choose an emerald or a chrysoprase stone
  6. June – color: lavender – choose amethyst, pearl, alexandrite or moonstone
  7. July – color: red – choose a ruby, a carnelian or a jade gemstone
  8. August – color: green/yellow – choose peridot, aventurine, or sardonyx
  9. September – color: deep blue – choose a blue sapphire or lapis lazuli
  10. October – color: mixed pinks – choose an opal or a pink tourmaline
  11. November – color: yellow – choose a citrine, topaz or a turquoise stone
  12. December – color turquoise/blue – choose turquoise, lapis, zircon or tanzanite

Baby Jewelry Boxes – The Finishing Touch

The moms at the Corner Stork have chosen some unique personalized baby jewelry boxes to add to their collections.

A – Baby Jewelry Boxes with Personalized Tops

One of the most affordable ones is the Personalized Lift Top Jewelry Box for $34.99. This is a delightful box for baby girls who will quickly grow into young ladies needing space for their jewelry treasures. It’s 7 ½ inches by 5 ½ by 3 and is decorated with ribbons and lavender confetti. This is just one of the baby jewelry boxes that can be personalized with a painted name on the top of the wooden box.

Be sure to order in advance because the personalization takes time and therefore ships in about 2 or 3 weeks after ordering.

B – Two-Drawer Hand Painted Baby Girl Jewelry Armoire

There’s a smaller version of the above hand painted personalized baby jewellery box that only has two drawers and costs just $21, and a more expensive version called the Little Miss DressUp Musical Jewelry Armoire which is likewise hand painted and beautifully personalized with baby’s name for $46.99.

C – Princess Baby Name Jewelry Chest

The top of the line keepsake treasure chest is called the Princess Jewelry Box and also is made of wood and comes with a hand painted name for $58.99.

Shopping for Baby Gift Jewelry – Christenings, Baptisms and Showers

Whether you need baby birthstone jewelry for giving as a gift, or a some baby name jewelry for keepsakes in the family, or fun shower favors and christening / baptism presents, the moms at Corner Stork have what you’re looking for at the prices you can afford to pay. Visit their online baby jewelry stores at: