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Amour Collection of Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Tahitian pearl earrings between $150 and $200. Chocolate brown, unique pistachio colors and rich black hues; genuine Tahitian cultured gems set in gold and silver mountings. Shop online for pearl jewelry by Amour; distinctive styles, affordable prices, and free shipping within the United States.

Black Tahitian Pearls and Diamonds

Although owning a pair of genuine black Tahitian pearl earrings may have been an unaffordable luxury in the past, today’s pearl farm technology has brought the prices of genuine pearls down to an affordable level – not jus for the small Japanese Akoya or freshwater varieties, but also the large (previously elusive) black, grey chocolate brown, pistachio green and golden South Sea ones.

One pair of black Tahitian pearls (that have a silvery gray luster) are part of the Amour collections and cost just under $148. These pearl earrings are accented with diamonds in a motif where a single pearl falls below diamond-encrusted circles and crescents.

Another pair, in a similar price range, is the huggie design with a single chocolate brown Tahitian pearl dangling from a solid 14k yellow gold French clip. This pair costs just under $165. This is an excellent buy for genuine pearls of the Tahitian variety. Notice how the earring encompassed the whole lobe and the secure closure makes it difficult for these to slip off inadvertently.

Here’s a pair of Tahitian pearl earrings in a simple stud design but the beauty of them is in their color – they’re pistachio Tahitian pearls. These pieces are crafted with genuine pearls set in 14k yellow gold and cost just $149.99. That’s the beauty of Tahitians, they come in a wide variety of colors so that the term “black” can mean anything from a rich brown or copper to a silvery gray or greenish pearl.

The pearl stud earrings in the pistachio color are large, between 8mm and 9mm, which is normal for the South Sea gems that are known for growing much larger than freshwater ones. Although studs are usually quite subtle, these are dramatic pieces due to the color. If you’re looking to match these studs with bracelets, pearl pendants, strands of pearl necklaces, bracelets or even rings, the Amour collection has an outstanding series of exclusive pistachio colored pearls to choose from.

For something a bit more affordable than the Tahitian pearl earrings that start at around $150, take a look at the pistachio freshwater pearl earrings in the Amour collection that start at around $35. The pearls are set in 14k gold mountings, but they’re smaller (being freshwater) so they only measure between 6mm and 7mm. The matching pearl pendants are priced at around $90 (for the pistachio ones) and are set in 14k gold.

The most expensive Tahitian pearl earrings are the ones that are really black, or at least as dark as pearls get while still being lustrously iridescent, and the most affordable ones we can find to recommend are just a teeny bit over $200. The black Tahitian stud earrings by Amour are mounted in 14k white gold, and the gems are about 8mm or 8.5mm – simple, classic and very elegant. They’re regularly prices at around $225, but are often on sale for about $202. Check special offers that Amour has on assorted pieces of fine pearl jewelry.

For suggestions on pearl jewelry sets, browse the post about Bucasi pearls, and for a look some unusual designer pearl drop earrings, view the ideas in the post about Dahlia Jewels. If you need affordable, freshwater single pearl pendants to match earrings or necklaces, try the recommendations we have in the article about items form PearlsOnly.

Amour Collection Tahitian Pearl Earrings Featured in this Post:

1. Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings with Diamonds set in silver
2. 14K Gold Huggie Tahitian Pearl Earrings (8-9mm) Chocolate Brown
3. Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Earrings 14k Gold (8-9 mm)
4. Deep Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings 14k Gold (8-8.5mm)

Single Freshwater Drop Pearl Pendants

Genuine freshwater pearl pendants in white, black or lavender on a white gold plated sterling silver chain for just $45; every pendant is made from a high luster pearl and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Choose single pearl designs or pendants with stylized accents. Single black freshwater pearl pendants for $55; Japanese Akoya pearl designs for $75, and heart pendants with a large single white pearl for just $65. Genuine pearls, affordable prices, and free shipping with the US. Shop online with ease.

Pearls Only Affordable Pearl Pendants

Paul Lepa, CEO / co-founder of Pearls Only, discovered a way to provide his pearl-loving customers with some of the lowest prices possible on genuine pearl jewelry – by eliminating fancy showrooms and costly overhead, buying direct from pearl farms and showcasing exclusive products online, thereby passing the savings onto his customers. How is this possible? The organic gems from Pearls Only, shipped to customers through Red Stores in Houston, are all carefully chosen from Chinese and Japanese pearl farms (from where some of the world’s best pearls are harvested), graded and crafted into earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings, then photographed and presented exclusively online. Some of the top items include a collection of delicate single pearl pendants in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

One of the most affordable designs is the Madison, a pendant with a single white freshwater pearl, between 8mm and 9mm, and comes on a sterling silver chain – shipped in an elegant box with an authenticity certificate – all for just $45.

This particular design can be ordered with an AA grade black pearl or a classic white / lavender gem – they’re all the same low price. Ideal for bridesmaid gifts or as part of a bridal set. Shop now and receive free shipping on orders within the United States. If you need several items and prefer to make payments, qualify for six months interest free financing by ordering a minimum of $149. For details click on the images and view the wide selection of pearl jewelry from which you can choose.

Black Freshwater Pearl Pendants – from $49 to $65

Another excellent choice is the Alicia pearl pendant necklace that has a single 9mm or 10mm black freshwater pearl on a sterling silver (white gold plated) chain, for just $55.

If this particular design isn’t exactly what you had in mind, then choose from variations in the PearlsOnly pendant collection that includes: the Nerea 10 – 11mm black pearl design with a double dangling half crescent surrounding the pearl for just $65, or the Claudia which is a simple semi-circle and pearl for between $49 – $55 (depending on pearl size / color), or the Rocio with a contemporary silver rose and large black pearl for $65.

These are just a few of the many pendants available in this price range – but don’t forget to view special offers, like bargains for just $19 (at the time of writing) on pieces such as the Leeza Lavender Pearl Pendant with a 9-10mm freshwater pearl on a silver chain.

Japanese Akoya Pearl Pendant Necklace for $75

If you’re shopping for genuine Japanese Akoya pearls, here’s one of the best buys – the Destina Japanese Akoya pendant necklace with a single black pearl, mounted on a 925 sterling silver pendant, attached to a silver chain, for just $75. The pearl is an AA grade Japanese gem, harvested from Japanese cold water oysters and therefore have a distinctive luster. Choose different pearl sizes and pendant shape variations – prices range from $55 to $75 for similar quality pearls. Select matching freshwater black pearl earrings (studs) for between $15 and $25.

Pearl Heart Pendant

Amongst the creations that Pearls Only offers is a piece that’s ideal for a bridal set – a heart pendant with a single white pearl surrounded by a heart-shaped silver frame. The pearl is large (9 – 10mm) with good luster (AA grade) priced at $65. Add a pair of 8mm earrings for $25 and complete the bridal set for about $90.

For suggestions that include pearl drop earrings, browse the related post about Dahlia Jewels, a company that also offers affordable cultured freshwater pearl items that are ideal for gifts or as bridal / bridesmaid accessories. Discover unique bridal earrings from Jankuo and pearl jewelry sets from Bucasi, as well as Tahitian pearl earrings from the Amour collections, in the various posts dedicated to providing easy, affordable shopping recommendations for those on a budget.

In this post, these are the PearlsOnly items we’ve recommended:

1. Madison White 8-9mm AA Freshwater Pearl Pendant
2. Alicia Black 9-10mm AA Freshwater Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant
3. Leeza Freshwater Pearl Pendant (AA grade Lavender 9-10mm)
4. Destina Black 7-8mm AA Japanese Akoya Pearl Pendant
5. Heart Pendant White 9-10mm AA Freshwater Pearl (Silver Chain)

Bucasi Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Sets

Distinctive Bucasi pearl jewelry sets under $50; black, grey or classic white, traditional strands and contemporary designer pieces; two, three and fur-piece sets with simulated or genuine freshwater pearls for $29.95 – $34.95, choose necklace and matching pearl earrings, or pendants, earrings and bangle bracelets. Designer quality and affordable prices. Shop online and receive free shipping within the United States on orders of $25.

Contemporary Designer Pearl Jewelry sets

Bucasi’s Swirl Collection incorporates contemporary sterling silver curls with simulated Majorca seashell pearls accented with cubic zirconia diamonds. The Majorca Swirl pearl jewelry sets come with white or black pearls and include a pendant and earrings.

The pendant necklace measures 16 inches in length and has an extra three inch extension for customizing. The matching dangle earrings have a single pearl surrounded by a ribbon-like swirl of sterling silver and CZ gems.

The silver used for both the necklace and earrings is rhodium plated which means these sets have a tarnish-free platinum-like sheen.

The three-piece Majorca pearl jewelry set is priced at just $49.95 and will be shipped free to US addresses (by Watch Material).

Modern Leaf Freshwater Cultured Pearl Sets

Other designer creations, in the same price range, are the Modern Leaf Pearl jewelry sets exclusively made by Bucasi.

For a non-traditional pearl pendant necklace and matching earrings, these pieces offer exceptional value because each set includes freshwater white pearls with a sculpted leaf design in 925 sterling silver with a platinum-like rhodium plating for durability and tarnish resistance.

This freshwater pearl earring and pendant set includes a 16 inch chain / pendant, as well as the dangle earrings which drop 1.5 inches. At the time of writing, this set is on sale for $49.95 – although regularly around $70. Take advantage of free shipping and special interest free financing options when ordering $149 or more.

Classic Pearl Elegance for Less

If you think you can’t afford a genuine strand of pearls and matching earrings, then you need to have a look at the black or white potato freshwater pearl jewelry sets by Bucasi (sold through Match Material) that include a series of 9.5mm – 10mm freshwater pearls and stud earrings for $29.95.

There are special features to this jewelry set like the delicate silver flower clasp and the sturdy way in which the pearls are strung on the 17 inch necklace. Each pearl is matched to the previous – maintaining a uniform 9.5mm or 10mm pearl size throughout. These are genuine black / white potato pearls with sterling silver accents.

The white pearl necklace/earring combo can be a lovely bridal set, for under $30, it’s hard to beat.

Chocolate Pearl Sets

Chocolate pearls can be expensive, which is why Bucasi’s chocolate pearl jewelry sets, in the Majorca Shell Pearl collection are so special – they cost $34.95.

The set includes an 18 inch strand of large 14mm chocolate pearls (in assorted hues) and matching dangle earrings.

The attention to detail on the Bucasi designer sets is remarkable considering the price – notice things like a Swarovski cubic zirconia studded ball clasp on the necklace and delicate silver beads on the earrings. All the metal is nickel free – suitable for sensitive skin.

Four-piece Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Matching Earring Set

Many affordable pearl sets include three pieces, but this Bucasi freshwater pearl exclusive includes everything: an 8 inch stretchy pearl bracelet, a strand of 7mm – 7.5mm pearls on an 18 inch classic necklace (with a fine gold plated ball clasp), and a pair of dangling grey pearl earrings (1.5 inches long) to match. Everything is presented in a designer jewelry pouch ready to give as a gift. The set costs $39.95!

Since this set is crafted with genuine pearls, the sizes and shapes of each pearl may vary, which is part of what makes them have air of being more expensive than they actually are.

There details that must be seen to be appreciated – little things like the gold ball clasp, the golden chain-link from which the pearls dangle on the earrings, and the bracelet that accommodates a variety of wrist sizes without looking cheap. For other color choices, see the entire collection of Bucasi pearl jewelry sets – affordable; made with attention to detail.

Choose Bucasi sets or select traditional pearl pendants from PearlsOnly, recommended in related posts. You may find pearl and CZ bridal earrings in the article about Jankuo jewelry, or if you’re looking for Tahitian pearl earrings, the recommendations in the post about Amour collections may be helpful. Affordable jewelry is available online, it’s just a question of knowing where to shop.

Bucasi pearl jewelry sets recommended in this post:

1. Majorca Swirl Pearl Jewelry Sets (pendant / earrings) white / black
2. Modern Leaf Pearl Jewelry Set (silver necklace / dangle earrings)
3. Potato Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Sets (black) earrings / necklace
4. Potato Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Sets (white) earrings / necklace
5. Chocolate Majorca Shell Pearl Jewelry Set (necklace / earrings) Price: $34.95
6. Four-piece Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set

Affordable Cubic Zirconia Earrings


Affordable cubic zirconia earrings; CZ hoop earrings, stud earrings, princess cut cubic zirconia earring designs; CZ drop earrings, dangles and chandelier styles; classic and trendy earrings like silver CZ earrings for girls and mixed cubic zirconia and gemstones as well as pearl and CZ creations – at Jewelry & Accessories we’ve selected the finest cubic zirconia earrings to recommend from some of the top jewelers. We research the web for quality cubic zirconia jewelry to help you sparkle for a very affordable price.

CZ Hoop Earrings

Some of the top designs in cubic zirconia jewelry are CZ hoop earrings, and one of the best places to buy them is Goldenmine. They have high quality 14k gold pave cubic zirconia snap-bar hoops with over twenty .03 carat CZ stones pave set into solid gold. These gold CZ hoop earrings are very affordable at about $130.


For a pair of classic large gold hoop earrings with .12 carats of emerald cut diamond CZ stones around the entire hoop, set in solid 14k gold, you can’t go wrong with the set from Goldenmine that costs about $330. These are simple earrings that will match evening or daywear and are perfect for anyone wanting genuine gold jewelry. Match this with one of Goldenmines Gold CZ tennis bracelets and complete the sparkling set.


Huggy Style CZ Hoop Earrings

Huggy style CZ hoop earrings in solid 14k gold with diamond CZ dangle charms are a beautiful way to wear hoops without them being too large or overpowering especially for ladies who wish not to accentuate the roundness of facial features. These pieces are a cross between a dangle earring and a hoop, giving a touch of length to accentuate the neck while still giving the hoop effect just below the lobe. With a .50 carat cubic zirconia dangling from each charm, these earrings sparkle enough for eveningwear but are not so elaborate as to not be worn with a professional suite or a casual dress. For eveningwear, accent the look with a large CZ cocktail ring or a sparkling bracelet. You’ll be able to afford to do so because the earrings only cost about $90.


If you prefer white gold there is a pair of huggy style CZ hoop earrings with two large .24 carat princess cut diamond CZ stones set in solid 14k white gold, These are in fact mini huggy hoop earrings that are just 12mm, just large enough to make the cubic zirconia really stand out and they cost about $110.


Large Silver Hoop Earrings with CZ Gems from JewelBasket

For large silver hoop earrings with CZ gemstones, there’s a lovely pair at JewelBasket. They are in fact pave CZ hoop earrings in solid .925 sterling silver encrusted with round cut cubic zirconia stones on the inside and the outside of the hoop. This pair is very affordable at just under $90. Fashion aficionados know that large silver hoop earrings are still hot in the 2010 spring collections, and JewelBasket makes it possible to own this necessary accessory easily and affordably by ordering online. This item will be shipped at no additional cost, since there is no charge on any orders over $75.

CZ Stud Earrings

JewelBasket also has a wide selection of CZ stud earrings set in 14kt gold. A classic pair of high quality affordable cubic zirconia earrings is the 5mm set of studs with 1 carat of CZ gemstones. When it comes to large stud earrings cubic zirconia is a great choice, since you can afford a larger stone that actually shines brighter than diamonds and will be very difficult for anyone to know at a glance that they are not genuine. Cubic zirconia fashion jewelry that is set in real gold mountings is good value, since at any time, should the stones become scratched or dull, they may be replaced either with another set of CZ stones or with genuine diamonds. The settings for a pair of diamond earrings and a pair of CZ earrings in this case are virtually the same, with prong set gems and genuine carat gold.


For a slightly different version of a CZ stud earring, there’s a delicate design in 14k white gold. These princess cut cubic zirconia earrings have .5 cts of CZ stones and are very reasonably priced at just $164. Princess cut earrings are some of the most brilliant and have the distinctive square shape.


CZ Drop Earrings

For a pair of really cheap silver CZ drop earrings Goldenmine has a lovely pair of oval shaped CZ stones that drop ever so gently just below the lobe. The top section has 4 cubic zirconia stones in a cross pattern followed by a small silver loop from which the large prong set CZ gems dangle delicately. A CZ drop earring like this can be quite expensive when set in gold, however this piece is solid silver and therefore a real bargain in costume jewelry for just under $22.


For the same price, also from Goldenmine, there’s another style of CZ drop earrings with the drop portion being shaped like a clover encrusted with pave CZ stones. This set is somewhat between a drop earring and a dangle earring since it has a top tear shaped gemstone that rests against the lobe and a second round CZ stone bezel set in a small circular silver mounting for a middle segment and then a third part that drops down into a clover motif. These drop earrings also have been detailed with a milgrain antique effect that makes them very stylish. They are ultra cheap cubic zirconia earrings at just under $22.


Cheap Silver CZ Dangle Earrings

Goldenmine is a veritable gold mine when it comes to CZ dangle earrings in a variety of very unique and different styles. The most affordable are the silver CZ earrings like the pair of square dangle earrings that have cubic zirconia all around the upper open silver frame and a cascading waterfall of delicate chains that dangle below. This unusual piece of silver cubic zirconia costume jewelry costs under $40. These tend to be somewhat trendy earrings, so therefore we offer as second recommendation for those searching for a more classic dangle earring style.


The silver CZ diamond dangle earrings by Goldenmine are a classic, with a 35mm dangle comprised of 3 carats of cubic zirconia gems. This set of CZ dangling earrings has four layers or segments separating the brilliant imitation diamonds with a single link in each section. The final drop is a large oval diamond CZ in sparkling white, or choose alexandrite, amber, aquamarine, yellow topaz, or rose zircon earring styles. Any pair in any color gemstone, set in solid 925 sterling silver, cost just under $27.


A unique CZ dangle earring that’s fun and good for young girls is a diamond CZ heart dangle in 14k two tone gold. This is a delicate genuine gold earring that can accessorize a young lady who loves hearts. Even being gold it’s a good deal at just under $150. 14k gold earrings with this much detail and sparkle for young ladies are often difficult to find at this low price, but Goldenmine makes jewelry shopping very affordable.


CZ star earrings with an adjustable chain in 14k gold are also a lovely choice for a young lady. The chain’s length can be adjusted to whatever you prefer, and the star stays sparkling at the end with a glimmer of white diamond CZ at the lobe. This is a quality pair of gold earrings for a very reasonable price of just $50.


Cubic Zirconia Pearl Dangle Earrings

Dangling pearl earrings with cubic zirconia accents set in 14k gold with two 8mm ivory pearls and two round cubic zirconia in a classic latch back closure are timelessly classic and chic for day or eveningwear. For matching with freshwater pearl rings or even faux pearl cocktail rings, these earrings will be the finishing touch to any outfit. And for under $95, you can’t go very wrong considering that this pair of cubic zirconia pearl dangle earrings are solid gold. Peal dangle earrings from Goldenmine are good value.


Chandelier CZ Earrings

For a truly exquisite creation, Goldenmine offers this pair of chandelier CZ earrings with 6 marquise cubic zirconia prong set faux diamonds set in 14k white gold. This gold chandelier earring design hangs down almost 40mm to stunningly accentuate a ladies neck or to add a touch of sparkle above a low neckline dress or blouse. These may be paired with white gold CZ tennis bracelets to have a set for glamorous evening cocktails. The beauty of these chandelier earrings is that the upper part is a small white gold hoop earring that closes securely and from which the 6 cubic zirconia on each earring cascade in threes strands of teardrop diamond shapes separated by a simple link of white gold. Elegant and sophisticated and you needn’t spend a fortune, since their reasonably priced at just $165.

Where to Buy Cubic Zirconia Earrings and other Jewelry and Accessories

Zirconia earring designs in a variety of price ranges, from silver to gold, are available at both Goldenmine and JewelBasket. For birthstone stud earrings and children’s gold earrings with CZ stones JewelBasket is best, but for CZ hoop earring styles you’ll find all you need at Goldenmine. If you search for other earring styles please visit our articles on sterling silver earrings and pearl jewelry as well as the many cheap costume jewelry articles that we have filled with suggestions on where to shop for the very best jewelry earrings available online.