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The Latest Walt Disney Jewelry for Adults and Kids

2012 Disney Couture Jewelry for Adults and Kids – Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Bracelet / Necklace, Pirates of the Caribbean Ship in a Bottle Necklace, Disney Couture Cinderella Bracelet, Minnie Mouse Bracelet, Snow White Pendant Earrings by Disney Couture Jewelry, Minnie Mouse Necklace, Cinderella Key Necklace by Disney Couture, Snow White Apple Necklace and the latest Mickey Mouse Diamante Brooch for women.

Where to Buy Official Walt Disney Jewelry Online

Shopping for Disney Jewelry online has become like shopping for books and CDs – the official Disney Store websites allow access only to shoppers in specific regions.

1. United States Disney Store

  • the Disney Store in the United States is for US shoppers.

2. Disney Couture Jewelry UK

  • European shoppers and UK buyers can go to the Disney Couture Jewelry UK website and choose a region. Shipping is available to select countries.

3. Precious Collections – Disney Jewelry Finder

  • shop for specific pieces of Disney gold jewelry and high-end couture items through authorized distributors by using the services of Precious Collections. Search for Disney jewelry by category and enter a region to find dealers that offer specific items and will to ship to where you’re located.

4. Sears Disney Jewelry for Adults and Kids

  • Sears carries some Disney charms, but if you’re outside the US, you’ll have to provide regional information to be allowed to order products.

5. Jewel Basket – Gold Disney Jewelry for Kids

  • Jewel Basket is an online store that carries authentic Disney gold jewelry items. They ship across the United States and around the world. For international buyers, shipping charges are extra, so be sure to use their Shipping Calculator before ordering. Jewel Basket uses USPS Priority Mail for international orders.

Official Disney Couture Jewelry UK

Here are the ten latest Disney jewelry items available through Disney Couture Jewelry UK:

1. Disney Couture Jewelry Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Bracelet

  • this is a fun fabric bracelet made from two-tone material with a metal skull charm and accenting diamantes. It comes in a Disney Couture bag.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Necklace from Disney Couture Jewelry

  • this Pirates of the Caribbean necklace has a metal skull pendant mounted on a chain attached to black fabric. The necklace comes in a Disney bag.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean Ship in a Bottle Necklace from Disney Couture Jewelry

  • this is a funky necklace with a metal ship in a glass bottle, with a cork, on a fabric cord. Disney Couture drawstring bag included.

4. Cinderella Bracelet – Disney Couture Jewelry Collection

  • this new piece of Disney jewelry for adults or young ladies is a metal bracelet with a snap closure. The main feature is the saying that spans the length of the bracelet: Have Faith in Your Dreams. A Disney Couture Jewelry bad in purple satin is included.

5. Minnie Mouse Bracelet – Disney jewelry for kids and adults

  • this is one of the most affordable pieces in the collections for adults and kids – priced at just £8.00. It’s a silver bracelet with a red Czech stone and a Minnie Mouse pendant accented with blue Czech stones on her skirt. The bracelet is beautifully presented in an official Disney gift box.

6. Snow White Pendant Earrings from Disney Couture Jewelry

  • These earrings are part of the Disney jewelry for adults collection. They feature a heart-shaped red faux gemstone and diamante accents. They have a secure butterfly closure.

7. Minnie Mouse Necklace

  • the Minnie Mouse necklace is another affordable piece of Disney jewelry for kids or adults – priced at just £10.00. Comes in a white Disney jewelry box.

8. Cinderella Key Necklace from the Disney Couture Jewelry Collection

  • Women, young ladies and girls will all love this 80cm chain necklace that features a diamante studded replica of the key from Cinderella. The key is inscribed with the words: A dream is a wish your heart makes. A Disney Couture bag is included.

9. Snow White Apple Necklace from the Disney Princess Jewelry Collection

  • this piece of authentic Walt Disney jewelry is ideal for young ladies and women. It features a delicate gold-tone chain and a golden apple pendant – a replica of the one from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It comes in a purple satin drawstring bag.

10. Mickey Mouse Diamante Brooch from Disney Jewelry for Adults

  • this piece of high-end Disney jewelry for adults is as fun as it is elegant. The sterling silver brooch features a Mickey Mouse silhouette encrusted with jet black stones. It comes in one of the classic white Disney jewelry boxes.

Jewelry Storage Organizer and Makeup Vanity Table

A jewelry storage organizer that incorporates a makeup vanity table, a mirror and a bench, maximizes the space you have in your bedroom, bathroom or dressing area.

Jewelry Storage and Makeup Table in One

The best models have one or two shelves which act as a make up storage organizer, a table top wide enough for daily makeup and accessories, a set of 4 to 6 jewelry drawers down one side, an adjustable mirror for a ¾ body view, and a small bench that slides under the vanity table when not in use. These come in a variety of designs to match your décor, primarily oak, cherry, glass and metal. They are sometimes called jewelry armoire vanity sets, or jewelry armoire dressing tables, or even jewelry storage makeup vanity armoires (if you can get your tongue around that).


Oak Jewelry Armoire Makeup Vanity

They are very unique pieces of furniture, but surprisingly affordable. For example the Nostalgic Oak Jewelry Armoire Makeup Vanity with mirror and bench by Powell furniture that is a lovely light blonde wood with an oval mirror, lots of jewelry storage on the side, a makeup table with plenty of space, and an upholstered padded stool – all for under $400. There’s a similar model, only in rich cherry wood, that’s a very versatile jewelry storage organizer with 7 drawers, while also being a makeup vanity table. It comes with an adjustable mirror handsomely carved with scrolls, a 36 X 16 inch makeup table, and a bench with curved legs, all for about $380 from Cross Country furniture.


Antique Cherry Jewelry Armoire & Vanity

There’s an exquisite piece of furniture made by Powell that any woman who had her set on an antique makeup vanity would love to have in her dressing room. It’s called the Heirloom Cherry Jewelry Armoire Makeup Vanity. It’s the Rolls Royce of vanities, with 6 lined jewelry drawers that have been divided into areas for rings, bracelets, earrings, cosmetics and even hair accessories, and also another side cabinet that has hooks for necklaces. The whole unit consists of the vanity table with the drawers and cabinet for jewelry, an adjustable mirror, and an antique style padded bench. It only costs a little under $450!

white vanity table

Affordable, Contemporary Space Saving Designs

Naturally there are space saving models that are inexpensive like the one for just over $90 there’s a slender little makeup and jewelry table made in white metal, that has a medium sized adjustable mirror, two glass shelves for makeup and jewelry, and a little bench-style stool that slides under the unit. This vanity takes up very little space being just 29 inches wide by just over 13 inches when set against a wall, and only 51 inches in height. This one would also work as a bathroom makeup vanity because it’s easy to wipe down and doesn’t require too much floor space. If you’ve been looking for a contemporary style or a white makeup vanity that’s really affordable, this model will go well with modern bathroom décors, and being made of treated metal will not be damaged by water as a wooden one might. It’s available through Amazon if you want to order it online.


What Every lady Deserves

You may not have the space to have a jewelry armoire, complete vanity table and full length mirror with a pink armchair and a chandelier, but you can stop balancing on the bed, sitting at the kitchen table or standing in front of the bathroom mirror (running back and forth to your bedroom, to your jewelry box, to your makeup supply case and your closet), and start putting on your makeup and jewelry and accessories in the style every lady deserves, with a jewelry and makeup vanity that fits your budget and lifestyle!