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Custom Fingerprint Jewelry from First Impressions

Unique Custom Fingerprint Jewelry – Pendant Necklaces, Charm Bracelets and Charms – from 11mm – 17mm in assorted shapes. Customize engraved bead, choose birthstone and diamond bail accents and select 14k white / yellow gold or sterling silver fingerprint jewelry. Personalize each piece using the Custom Configurator, plus receive FREE engraving. Discover the secret of Jake Fuhrman’s First Impressions jewelry designs.

The Most Original Adult and Baby Fingerprint Jewelry Available

First Impressions is one of those rare companies that offers warm fuzzy feelings of love, tenderness and remembrance with little items specifically designed to celebrate life. Jake Fuhrman’s secrets, which has made his custom fingerprint jewelry so successful, is summed up in this quote:

“Whether worn by a new mom, by a spouse of a distant soldier, in support of a person who is battling a life threatening illness, or in memory of someone who has passed, they simply reflect the notion, ‘I need you to be with me – always.’ ”

Feel the warmth of First Impressions in this video {courtesy of Jeffrey Brandt}:

Fingerprint Jewelry by First Impressions

How to Order Personalized Gold or Silver Fingerprint Jewelry

Whether you want adult or baby fingerprint jewelry, First Impressions makes it easy to customize your pieces through a unique Custom Configurator on their website. Just click on the icon that says “Create Your Own First Impressions® Masterpiece” and get started.

Step One: Making You Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Metal Choices

Choose the precious metal you desire. The options are:

  1. Sterling Silver
  2. 14k Yellow Gold
  3. 14k White Gold

Step Two: Decide on the Basic Style of Pendant or Charm

Choose the adult or baby fingerprint jewelry style. You can select from 7 different designs that include:

  1. Basic “Simply You” fingerprint charm or pendant without a frame
  2. Circle Halo fingerprint charm / pendant with a round frame encircling the print
  3. Square Halo pendant / charm with a square frame around a circular print
  4. Triangle Halo pendant / charm with a triangular frame around the print
  5. Diamond Halo pendant / charm with a diamond studded circular frame {includes .25 / .33 carat weight of diamonds set in silver or 14k gold}
  6. Heart Halo charm / pendant with a heart-shaped frame around the print
  7. Oval Fingerprint Bead for charm bracelets – 11mm size bead with basic print

Step Three: Choose the Size of your Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Pendant / Charm

The sizes of the charm bracelet charms or pendant necklace pieces are as follows:

  1. Little – 11 mm
  2. Middle – 14mm
  3. Big – 17 mm

Step Four: Select a Standard or Custom Bail

The bail is the piece that connects the pendant or charm to the bracelet or necklace. The options available for custom bails include:

  1. Basic Silver or Gold Bail – no extra charge
  2. Gold or Sterling Silver Bail studded .05 carat weight of genuine diamonds
  3. Birthstone Bails {12 choices} with a 2.5mm gemstone accent

Step Five: Bracelet or Necklace Selection

Now you’ll need to decide if your gold or silver fingerprint jewelry pieces will be added to a cable link bracelet or necklace, or if you only want the pendant / charm on its own. The options include:

  1. No Bracelet / No Chain
  2. 16-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  3. 18-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  4. 20-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  5. 7-inch sterling silver or gold bracelet
  6. 8-inch sterling silver or gold bracelet

Step Six: View Your Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Before Ordering

While you’ve been selecting the above choices, the Custom Configurator program has been creating an image for you to view. Scroll down and see what your personalized adult or baby fingerprint jewelry looks like.

If you’re happy, click: “Purchase this Configuration”, if you want to make changes, go back and alter your options.

How Much Does a Piece of Customized Silver Fingerprint Jewelry Cost?

The total price of your custom order will be displayed in the Custom Configurator image after you’ve made your personalized choices.

If your imagination allowed you to choose 14k gold mountings and customized diamond-studded bails, but your budget doesn’t stretch that far in real life, you can change your choices to suite your budget.

  1. The most affordable item you can order is the basic sterling silver “Simply You” fingerprint that measures 11mm. It comes with a basic silver bail but without a bracelet or chain. This pendant / charm costs $149.
  2. The most expensive item you can order is the 14k white / yellow gold 17mm diamond halo fingerprint with .33 carat diamond accents, and a custom diamond bail in 14k gold with .05 carat of diamonds, mounted on an 8-inch bracelet in 14k white or yellow gold. The total price of this luxurious custom configuration totals $3,066.


If you’re wondering how First Impressions gets the fingerprint to create your custom jewelry, here’s how:

There are two ways:

  1. Once you’ve made your personalized choices using the Custom Configurator, you’ll be sent a “no-mess Print Pack”. Then, using the materials provided you can follow instructions and capture the baby or adult fingerprints and send them to First Impressions. Once the prints arrive, it usually takes about a week for your custom fingerprint jewelry to be crafted.
  2. If you already have high quality prints, be they of a hand, foot or a finger, you can scan them {at least 600 dpi resolution} and email them to First Impressions along with your order.

See the “no-mess Print Pack” in the following video {courtesy of Jeffrey Brandt}:

First Impressions…Print Taking

Place your orders or get more information by going directly to First Impressions at:


Interested in Getting Involved in Custom Fingerprint Jewelry?

Find out how to share the experience of gold and silver fingerprint jewelry with others by watching the following video with information for retailers.

First Impressions…Retailers