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Gold & Silver Bangle Bracelets

14k gold and sterling silver bangle bracelets with diamonds, rhinestones, pearls, charms, gemstones, jade, beaded or just plain polished metal; cable, cuff and hinged bangles; kids and baby bracelets; Indian bangles; cheap costume & fashion bracelets; wood, acrylic and plastic styles, vintage bangle bracelets such as bakelite and Lucite creations; black enamel and white gold designs; engraved friendship bracelets; stackable bangles; discount jewelry and high fashion designs – this week at Jewelry & accessories we’re all about bangle bracelets – stack them high to jangle from your wrist to your elbow or wear a single piece as an elegant accent.

2010 fashion jewelry is all about YOUR OWN style: be it feminine gemstone and pearl classic, retro rhinestone glitter or chunky tribal wood or jade, with splashes of turquoise, purple, pink and luminous blue.

The catwalks of New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo have shimmered with elaborate, fanciful necklaces, dangling chandelier and gemstone encrusted hoop earrings; and scarcely a model or celebrity’s wrist has been photographed without a cuff or bracelet or bangle.

2010 fashion accessories accentuate femininity in 3 main ways: with a simple elegant diamond or CZ tennis bracelet, with dozens of stackable
bangles, or with contemporary (geometric or boldly architectural) chunky cuffs or ethnic inspired wood designs. The choice to be bodacious or subtle, sparkling or plain, retro or ultra modern, is yours to select, and buying has never been easier with online jewelry shops offering everything from genuine gold, diamonds and exotic gemstones, to cheap silver jewelry creations for every budget.

We have selected a few of the best shops and offer recommendations on what bangle bracelet designs are available and for what price.

Amrita Singh – Bangles Bracelets & Cuffs

Amrita jewelry designs are a unique fusion of ancient, Indiana and Mughal artistry with contemporary, clean cosmopolitan haute couture. Her bangles have not only graced the wrists of famous Bollywood actors but also Hollywood’s elite and glamorous fashion trendsetters around the world.

Her collection of chic ultra modern fashion jewelry as well as her complex pieces of Indian jewelry have graced the pages of Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, In Style, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Clair, and been spotted on the wrists of Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Lange and others.

Amrita Singh bangles bracelets cuffs and unique jewelry creations are sold through such exclusive stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Holt Renfrew and Takashimaya, as well as through the official Amrita Singh website and more than two hundred other jewelry boutique around the world.

Aside from the popularity of her designs stemming from the uniqueness of their colors, tones, craftsmanship and style, another factor that contributes to her immense success is the price of her jewelry.

For example a complete set of 36 bangle bracelets in your choice of three metals: gold, silver or gunmetal, in medium or large sizes to fit your writs, retails for just $70. That’s a set of bracelets that extends almost 4 inches up your wrist for under $2 each piece. These bangle bracelets are sold as a full set, not separately.

There are larger pieces sold separately, again for just $70, like the silver cuff bracelet with a delicate Aztec filigree design called the Ayau Cuff, which can be worn alone or added to with single stackable pieces to create more elaborate sterling silver bangle bracelet sets that are personalized for your individual style.

There are stacks of gold bangle bracelet designs mixed with silver ones that are adorned with sequence, rhinestones, crystal, glass, and even ivory colored bone.

The blending of the sparkling stones, the glittering bits of gold and silver and contrasting textures, sculpted motifs and intricate inlays, creates some of the most unusual bracelets you will ever own. For day or eveningwear, for fun casual or elegant events, for bridal jewelry or cocktails and black tie occasions, there’s no place these pieces are not appropriate. As accessories to your simple black dress or to create an exotic flavor beside colorful silk or chiffon ensembles, Amrita Singh designs can be eccentric or classic depending on how they are worn.

Mix and match, wood, bone, ivory, silver, gold and antique gunmetal tones and form your own fashion statements for as little as $40 a set.

Bracelet bangle designs as unique and intricate and well crafted as Amrita Singh’s collections, at prices that are so affordable, are difficult to find even at cheap jewelry outlets. And the selection is so extensive that you will be able to find something for almost any outfit even on a budget.

Contemporary Cuff Bangle Bracelet Designs

A set of three wood bangle bracelets in a modern geometric, contemporary design with a hint of tribal flair is just $100, or each piece is available to mix and match as you desire for just under $40. There are round wood bracelets or hexagonal shapes as well as square and other bold designs for around $37.

There’s a piece made from Ivory resin in a square design with rounded corners that’s 2 inches wide and has a zigzag motif, called the Manuela Bangle, or the wood hexagonal shape with carved diamond motifs that’s 1 inch wide, or the complete Baymere collection that, when stacked together, is about 3.5 inches wide.

Chic silver or gold metal contemporary designs with a modern structural style and a feminine delicacy may sound like total contradictions, but Amrita Singh has managed to pull it off with gold and silver plating over brass wire to forge a cuff bracelet that’s as bold as it is delicate. It’s called the Xilo Cuff, and is 1.75 inches wide. It adjusts to fit size 6, 7 or 8 inch wrists and costs just $60 in either silver or gold-tone.

Looking to add color to your wardrobe? For just $8, you can mix and match the colorful contemporary wood bangles from Amrita’s collections Each piece is 1.75 inches wide, so you can stack at least two. Select from this seasons popular colors: hot pink, mottled jade green, speckled maroon, Aztec orange, freckled black and marbled turquoise. There are also three different shapes, and widths from 1 inch, 1.5 inches and the widest at 1.75 inches for the most dramatic look.

These very simple wood bracelets have been seen on the runways, mixing square, round and other geometric shapes, as well as gold and silver to create a chunky focal accent for an ensemble with no other jewelry. For a spring or summer look, pair these bracelets with light strapless summer dresses, a shawl and pair of Amrita’s wedge sandals. You don’t need anything else, unless you’d like to add a hat for wearing to the beach or a garden picnic.

In winter, these bracelets can add a touch of color to a soft, fluid formal suite or palazzo pant set, or pair with a formal black dress to give it a fun accent.

Sleek Gold Bangle Bracelets

For a single or stacking set of simple elegant gold bangles bracelets, there’s the Jessina Bangle for just $25. Add as many together as you like or separate them with some silver bangle bracelets or ornate rhinestone pieces. Amrita Singh leaves the final decision up to you.

Many designers are matching silver and gold bracelets and chain and pearl necklaces in both metals and creating contrasting groups of jewelry for rich retro and antique styles that mimic the 20’s and 30’s. For under $100 you can create your own groups of necklaces and bracelets, mixing metals, faux gemstones, pearls; bangles with cubic zirconia, rhinestones or crystals to have a glamorous retro or vintage look that’s very affordable.

If you want fine gold jewelry bracelets, in genuine 18k gold, Amrita also has very high-end pieces that range from a few thousand dollars to about $14,000 for a piece like the Babur Cuff bracelet. Since they are one of a kind pieces, the Babur is already sold, however, there are many other bangle gold bracelets, from simple to ornate, that are available in pure gold designs. Naturally you can contact Armita directly to commission a piece of your own.

There are delicate solid gold bangle bracelets, beaded bangle bracelets and simple 18k gold bangle cuff bracelets for around $2,400, and more elaborate creations such as inlaid gemstone and detailed enamel bangle bracelets for upwards of $3,000.

The Amrita collections feature a blend of the rich deep yellow Indian or Asian gold in 18k and 22k, which is almost pure gold, as well as the lighter gold tones in 18k and 14k bangle bracelets that have lighter metals in their gold alloy blend. Some of her creations incorporate rubies, diamonds and enamel inlays with carved motifs both inside and outside the bracelets.

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets by Heavenly Treasures

From gemstone encrusted silver bangle bracelet designs to simple engraved friendship bracelets, Heavenly Treasures has it all, and at very affordable prices.

For example there’s a multicolor blue topaz sterling silver bangle bracelets collection that includes a cuff bangle that features not just gemstones but also 14k gold accents around each stone. For genuine topaz jewelry set in silver, this bracelet is very reasonably priced at around $250.

Hinged Bangle Bracelets

For genuine gemstone and diamond designs, the hinged bangle bracelets closure is one of the best and most secure jewelry options to make sure it does not fall off or get lost. Heavenly treasures has two delightful hinged bangle designs one with sapphires and the other with emeralds. The sapphire bracelet costs $398 and the emerald bangle costs a little more at $498. Both have a secure push tongue and clasp closure, with genuine diamond accents set in solid sterling silver that has been treated so as to never tarnish. The sapphire bangle has 4.53 carats of sapphires and the emerald bracelet has 3.81 carats of emeralds. Both of these bracelets bangle styles are elegant and can be beautifully paired with diamond stud earrings or matching sapphire or emerald pieces for complete jewelry sets. Heavenly treasures has matching sapphire hoop earrings and small sapphire and emerald pendants, as well as emerald rings and a variety of silver earrings you can select from.

There are other stackable and hinged blue topaz bangle bracelet designs in sterling silver for under a hundred and fifty dollars with almost a full carat of gemstones in each bracelet, which can be mixed and matched with a selection of other gemstones to create a multicolored stackable set.

Topaz, sapphire, emerald and other blue and green gemstones are the top picks for jewelry 2010, however, genuine gems, no matter what the fashion trends of the year, are always in style. For more suggestions please see the related articles on silver bracelets, silver charms, silver earrings, sterling silver rings and other silver jewellery recommendations that can be paired with silver bangles.

Silver Friendship Bangle Bracelets for Loving, Laughing and Living

Just one last suggestion while we’re talking about silver bracelets and bangles, and that’s a friendship style that has a word or phrase engraved. Engraved bangle bracelets are perfect as an alternative to a friendship or promise ring, especially for ladies who wear more jewelry on their wrists than on their fingers. Heavenly Treasures has a selection of really cheap silver bracelets for just under $40. they call them Live, Love, Laugh Friendship Bracelets. Each bracelet bangle has a word or phrase. Select from the following: Live, Love, Laughter, Courage, Dreamer, Always Believe, Faith, Princess, Survivor, Best Friends, Peace or Eternity. Each bangle is 5mm wide, fashioned in an open cuff bracelet design, which will fit 6.5 – 7.5 inch wrists. They’re cheap and fun silver bracelets that make wonderful gifts!

Yellow, Rose & White Gold Bangle Bracelets by Heavenly Treasures

For a classic twisted style cable bracelet, Heavenly Treasures has a set which will never go out of style. Set in solid 14k gold, these bangles have 5 bezel set diamonds in your choice of rose, yellow or white gold. Mix and match the gold tones to create stackable bracelet sets, or just one simple bangle for $995. Each bangle bracelet is 4mm wide and has a secure push lock clasp, and is delivered in its very own elegant jewelry box.

Simple Yellow & White Gold Bangle Bracelet – Heavenly Treasures & Ross Simons

The easiest pieces to wear are slip on bangles, and Heavenly Treasures has delicate 14kt Italian yellow, rose or white gold stackable bangle bracelets for just $129. Start your collection with one, and add as many as you can. They’re only 1.5 mm wide each, so you can use a dozen or so. Let your friends and family know you’re collecting and mix and match until your wrists are full of gold in the tone you love the most!

Ross Simons has a set of 7 stackable silver bangle bracelets for about $130, or a set of cheap gold tone bangles – 12 for just under $34. They also have 18k Italian gold bangles for about $260, or yellow and white gold bangle twists for under $200.

Ross Simons is famous for its Estate jewelry, which includes some unique vintage bangle bracelets, which start at just over $1,000 and are solid gold and often have gemstones, filigree designs or are large cuff bracelets with intricate motifs. They also have a variety of unusual antique and vintage Chinese jade bangle bracelets with classic carved jade dragons.

For more jade bangle bracelet designs, carved from solid pieces of jade, we suggest a place aptly called Chinese Jade Bangles who have authentic solid jade creations starting at about $35 to slightly over $100.

Classic Silver Cuff Bangle Bracelets

For everyday, casual wear, at the office, shopping, out with the girls or on the town for drinks, there’s nothing better than a simple shiny cuff bangle in sterling silver to match anything from casual summer dresses and jeans and t-shirts to business suits and cocktail outfits. It’s the essential accessory to be dressed and accessorized with almost no thought! The piece that’s for sale at Heavenly Treasures is very affordable at just $89. Match with a pair of large silver hoop earrings and your ensemble is modern and stylish with no fuss.

Mens Bangle Bracelets

While mens designs are often chain, stainless steel, titanium cable bangle bracelets or the famous tungsten black bangle bracelets, there are some unique styles in cuffs for men and even two-tone and tri-colored designs that suite both distinguished gentlemen and trendy fashion aficionados. Heavenly Treasures has a good selection of simple and ornate large bangle bracelets for men. Two of the top styles are both under $100.

The first is a stainless steel bangle cuff bracelet with subtle 18k gold accents for just under $60. The second is a hinged black bangle bracelet made from steel but features genuine 18k gold accents, all for $75.

Kids Bangle Bracelets / Bangle Charm Bracelets / Engravable Bangle Bracelets

Ross Simons has a selection of high quality 14k gold baby bangle bracelets that are small and delicate with a little dangling heart for about $188. There are also bangle charm bracelet designs that are ideal for kids or young adults with small heart charms that are engravable.

Baby bracelet bangle styles are almost always simple, either just a band of gold or a simple engraved bangle bracelet with a date or name on a teeny charm. Childrens bangle bracelets on the other hand can be very ornate, including gemstones, Disney charms, cartoon characters, engravings and even diamonds. Most are solid yellow gold to avoid allergic reactions. The most popular charm bangle bracelets are the Disney designs from JewelBasket, which can be quite expensive. However, there are some silver bracelets and enamel bangle styles that are much more affordable, under $50 or $100.

Please be careful when buying children’s and baby styles since some may not be hypoallergenic if they have nickel. The cheap ones usually do. Pay a little more and get a nickel free version so your child or baby will actually be able to wear their jewelry without any ill effects. White gold is not always a good choice, the best are pure yellow gold, stainless steel and any hypoallergenic metal that is nickel free. Stay away from really cheap bangle bracelets that may have poorly attached charms that a baby or child may swallow, and remember to buy a large enough size so as not to constrict their circulation. Bangle styles are better than tight fitting bracelets since they’re usually designed so as to move feely about the child’s wrist.

Ross Simons has baby bangles with small diamonds for under $100 that have no dangles or charms, with smooth rounded edges that slip on gently without fuss.

Plastic Bangle Bracelets – Bakelite, Lucite & Acrylic

Fashion bangle bracelets in retro and vintage styles are popular once again, especially colorful acrylic designs and the original Lucite and Bakelite bangle bracelets created when synthetic materials were just starting to be used in jewelry.

Retro plastic jewelry pieces are not exactly cheap since they have become collectors items, although it is still possible to find many vintage costume bangle bracelets for under 100 dollars.

There are several vintage jewelry shops online that offer a wide selection of items; one is Vintage Jewelry Lane who have select pieces of authentic Bakelite bangle bracelets in colorful chunky styles that go well with the latest 2010 trends. For example there’s this funky orange Lucite bangle bracelet at Vintage Jewelry Lane for about $30, which could be worn alone or paired with other retro acrylic bangle bracelets or with gold or silver or even pearls to create a unique bracelet set.

Retro / Vintage Rhinestone Bangle Bracelets

Retro bangle bracelet jewelry is full of sparkle, and mostly it’s about rhinestones, like the magnificent rhinestone bangle bracelets by Joan Rivers Classics Collection that is sold through Vintage Jewelry Lane.

One piece that is outstanding is not strictly a bangle, since it is a stretch bracelet, but it mimics the bangle style and sits wide on the wrist, made in the filigree style from bronze-tone metal and studded with pink and aurora borealis rhinestones. This unique piece of classic bangles bracelet designs from bygone days is available for just under $50, and comes in the original velvet pouch and Joan Rivers jewelry box. This item has never been worn since it was part of a dealers unsold inventory. This is just one example of the unique finds available online through Vintage Jewelry Lane.

Each week Jewelry & Accessories brings you new ideas and suggestions on where to buy the best jewelry. If you desire more recommendations on vintage jewelry, silver bracelets, gold rings, or wish to browse through ideas about what’s available in cheap costume jewelry and fashion accessories, please continue reading other feature articles.