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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Replicas by Nilestone and Nile Cartouche

Replicas of Ancient Egyptian Cartouche, Scarab and Ankh Jewelry; 18k Gold and Silver Egyptian Inspired Jewelry – Pendants, Cartouche, Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings and Chains – one of a kind handcrafted items by Egyptian artisans made with turquoise, unique beads, colorful enamel, sterling silver and solid 18k gold. Discover Egyptian jewelry history and shop for unusual handmade pieces at Nilestone and Nile Cartouche.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Meticulously Replicated by Nilestone

At Nilestone, ancient Egyptian jewelry history is recreated in all its detail by artisans in Cairo who hand make each piece for buyers around the world.

All Nilestone items, such as the popular Egyptian cartouche jewelry, is crafted in Egypt by craftsmen who keep their forefather’s art alive.

What’s the Secret Behind Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry?

Egyptian jewelry history is linked to the godlike pharaohs, and in the case of what we now call a “cartouche” {actually shenu in ancient Egyptian}, they were worn exclusively by pharaohs or gods and placed on tombs / monuments, primarily as an amulet to protect against evil in the afterlife or to illustrate eternal authority and immortal power.

What Des Cartouche Mean?

The word “cartouche” was coined by French soldiers who thought the shape resembled the cartridges in their guns, but the original form was auspicious, placed only around a royal name or depicted with Horus {the falcon god} or Nekhbet {the vulture goddess}.

It wasn’t only the hieroglyph {which was always the pharaohs name}that held powder, but also the elliptical shape itself – an elongated form of the “shen ring” meaning “encircled”. The round and the lengthened oval version of the original shape, protected the bearer and represented eternal power.

Order Custom Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry

You can have what was once reserved for immortal winged gods and all powerful pharaohs – a silver or 18k gold cartouche pendant, handcrafted in Egypt – with your name in hieroglyphs or letters.

How Much Does Egyptian Gold Jewelry Cost?

There are of unique cartouche-style Egyptian silver jewelry items available for as little as $40. Gold versions range from $250 to $800 depending on whether the item is double, triple or four-sided.

It’s possible to order custom Egyptian cartouche jewelry in silver with raised 18k gold hieroglyphic symbols for less than the gold versions. For example one piece sold through Nilestone is priced under $120.

Browse Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Pictures and Shop for Replicas

To view hundreds of ancient Egyptian jewelry pictures, learn lots of ancient Egyptian jewelry facts and buy handcrafted replicas in silver and gold, visit Nilestone at: http://www.nilestone.com/

Egyptian Inspired Jewelry by Nile Cartouche

Affordable silver Egyptian costume jewelry and gold pieces are also available from Nile Cartouche – handcrafted in Egypt by artisans who pride themselves in attention to detail.

1. Egyptian Scarab Jewelry in Silver

  • pieces of finely crafted Egyptian scarab jewelry, such as delicate pendants, are available for as little as $47.

View complete collection at Nile Cartouche.

2. Egyptian Ankh Jewelry in Silver and Gold

  • choose from a wide selection of Egyptian ankh jewelry items encrusted with turquoise stone for around $47.

To view one of the largest selections of replicated versions of antique Egyptian jewelry that include custom handcrafted gold and silver cartouche, bracelets, rings and specialty items, direct from Egypt, watch the following brief video courtesy of Nile Cartouche.

Ancient Egyptian Jewellery | Ancient Egyptian Jewelry:

One of the most popular Egyptian style jewelry pieces is the Cartouche, and Nile Cartouche specializes in creating unique pieces that are customized with names in hieroglyphs or letters.

See what styles are available, from open filigree-bordered designs to gold twin pendants, by watching this presentation courtesy of Nile Cartouche.

Egyptian Jewelry – Cartouche:

Egyptian Gold Jewelry Versus Silver – Rings and Bracelets

View a variety of designs in the Nile Cartouche Egyptian silver jewelry collections and the high-end gold Egyptian jewelry designs that range in price from $179 for simple gold items to about $611 for thick knotted styles. Also take a look at the affordable Egyptian ankh jewelry in silver, such as simple rings that are priced as low as $41. There are gold bangle bracelets and silver version for under $175.

The following video offers a quick glimpse into the tantalizing world of silver and gold Egyptian jewelry by Nile Cartouche.

Gold Cartouche Rings | Silver Egyptian Rings:

Read about Egyptian jewelry facts and buy silver and gold Egyptian jewelry at: http://www.nilecartouche.com