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Ancient Greek Jewelry Designers – The Vaphiadis Family Tradition

Handmade Authentic Greek Jewelry Replicas from the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop in Athens – Greek Coin Jewelry; Byzantine and Greek Orthodox Cross Jewelry; Goddess and Mythology Reproductions; Fine Sterling Silver and Gold accented items; affordable Greek Costume Jewelry – Greek Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Brooches, Bracelets, Cufflinks and Collectable Museum Reproductions.

Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop

Ancient Greek Jewelry Designers Just a Click Away

The Vaphiadis Workshop is one of the oldest Greek jewelry design centers with a tradition spanning generations and a modern track record of excellence since 1928.

After decades of supplying hundreds of Athenian jewelry shops with high-end silver and gold museum reproduction pieces, their celebrated creations have are also carried by Greek Museums and Museum shops around the world.

Vaphiadis not only provides Greek costume jewelry items to retail outlets across Greece, from Delphi, Crete, and Rhodes to Olympia, Corfu and the Cycladic islands, but also offers extensive collections of fine ancient Greek jewelry reproductions to online buyers with thousands of items in dozens of catalogues in easy to view online galleries.

For retail and wholesale buyers, the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop offers traditional quality and modern accessibility.

Contact this Greek jewelry designer through their website called The Greek Jewelry Shop, to buy select items or make wholesale buying arrangements by contacting A.N. Vaphiadis in Athens or through the UK telephone.

The Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop

Address: Patroou 8-10, 105 57 Athens, Greece

Telephone in Greece: {30} 211-780-1230

Telephone in the UK: {44} 208-133-3266

Examples of What the Vaphiadis Greek Jewelry Designers Offer

Here are some examples of the most popular items in the Vaphiadis ancient Greek jewelry museum reproduction and costume jewelry collections.

1. Greek Key Jewelry

One of the most famous of all Hellenic patterns is known as the meander or meandros design, which in English is commonly referred to as the Greek Key motif. It’s formed by a repetitive design that resembles ancient interlocking keys in a somewhat twisting or “meandering” way, which is indeed what “meandros” means and from where the English word “meandering” is derived.

It is thought that the endlessly twisting pattern, found on Greek pottery, architecture and ancient Greek key jewelry, represents unity and infinity.

There are many variations of bracelets, pendants and other Greek key jewelry pieces that use the meandros pattern as part of a bordered edge or as an accent and others that use it as the main design element, such as the bracelets and necklaces where each link is a key.

There are hundreds of Greek key jewelry designs in the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop collections such as hoop earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sets all handcrafted in sterling silver and priced between $90 and $300. Many of the pieces feature the key link chain motif with Greek mythical gods on central pieces, such as on bracelets and necklaces, others are medallions such as the ones with a helmeted Athena head on coin-like pendants edged with the Greek key design.

2. Replicas of Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry

Amongst the items crafted by the Vaphiadis Greek Jewelry Designers for museum shops around the world are the Greek coin jewelry collections that feature an array of mythical and historical characters .

It’s impossible to name them all, but here are a few of the Greek coin jewelry items crafted into affordable pendants in sterling silver:

  1. Syracuse dekadrachm
  2. Thassos tetradrachm with Dionysus & Hercules
  3. Ainos – Hermes the messenger god & goat
  4. Larisa Coin with nymph & horse
  5. Amphipolis coinage with Apollo
  6. Delphi coin with ram & dolphins
  7. Sinope with eagle and dolphin
  8. Athenian Didrachm coin with Goddess Athena and a lion
  9. Shield Amphora
  10. Argos Wolf coin
  11. Corinthian pegasus and Swastika coin
  12. Apollonia cow and calf
  13. Alexander the Great of Macedonia coin
  14. Alexander the Great with helmeted Goddess Athena & Nike

Stylized Byzantine Greek Cross Jewelry and Traditional Greek Orthodox Jewelry

The Greek cross jewelry collections are a medley of historic and religious pieces encompassing a wide range of styles and religious cultures.

These diverse styles include Byzantine Crosses {since Byzantium was originally a Greek colony named after Greek King Bizas} as well as traditional Greek cross jewelry in Orthodox designs.

There are adaptations of various cross-type symbols that include the Byzantine Baptism Cross, stylized geometric crosses, replicas of the Byzantine Knights Templar Cross Patée, heavy Reliquary Cross Pendants, Bar Cross designs and even Double Sided Greek Orthodox Baptism Cross Pendants with rubies and emeralds.

View hundreds of pieces in the traditional Greek orthodox jewelry collections crafted in sterling silver, some with gemstones and others with decorative sculpted motifs.

Greek Crosses Jewelry Prices

The designs, with and without gemstones, handcrafted by the Vaphiadis traditional Greek jewelry designer team and sold online come in different price categories.

On the low end there are delicate Greek orthodox jewelry items for as little as $38.

On the high end there are Byzantine masterpiece replicas in museum quality sterling silver, accented with gemstones, that retail for over two hundred dollars.

For both retail and wholesale buyers, the best way to view the designs is to download the Vaphiadis Jewelry catalogue which is available from their website in a convenient PDF format.

Two Classes of Greek Goddess Jewelry

There are two distinct types of what might be termed Greek goddess jewelry.

  1. The first category includes jewelry items that feature goddesses {or at least their heads}on pendants, medallions, coins and rings. The most common pieces of female Greek mythology jewelry depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire and sexuality. The jewelry collections include every imaginable Aphrodite design – carved, etched, sculpted or otherwise depicted – on bracelets, charms, coins, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings.
  2. The second category of Greek Goddess Jewelry doesn’t have anything to do with engraved or carved goddess designs that depict a mythical figure or their heads, but pieces crafted in the style of jewelry that a goddess would wear. This means upper arm bracelets, bangles with sculpted animal-head motifs and various jewelry sets that come as goddess-style ensembles that include dangle earrings, bracelets, twisting rings and armlets. There are dozens of sets available from the Vaphiadis Family Greek jewelry designer collections and each of them are available to view in online galleries and the extensive catalogue that’s downloadable from the website.

Order eccentric goddess style Greek mythology jewelry pieces or recreations of what artist’s and sculptor’s believe goddesses might have worn.

Sets are available in sterling silver or accented with 14k gold.

Greek Gold Jewelry Sets

Solid gold jewelry in the Greek style isn’t very practical or affordable because the designs are intricate and often heavy.

The best buys in Greek gold jewelry items are those that have been crafted in high quality silver but are accented with gold.

View the designer collections that include bracelets, rings and necklaces some with gemstones and some delicately accented with twisting bands of 14k gold.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Replicas by Nilestone and Nile Cartouche

Replicas of Ancient Egyptian Cartouche, Scarab and Ankh Jewelry; 18k Gold and Silver Egyptian Inspired Jewelry – Pendants, Cartouche, Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings and Chains – one of a kind handcrafted items by Egyptian artisans made with turquoise, unique beads, colorful enamel, sterling silver and solid 18k gold. Discover Egyptian jewelry history and shop for unusual handmade pieces at Nilestone and Nile Cartouche.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Meticulously Replicated by Nilestone

At Nilestone, ancient Egyptian jewelry history is recreated in all its detail by artisans in Cairo who hand make each piece for buyers around the world.

All Nilestone items, such as the popular Egyptian cartouche jewelry, is crafted in Egypt by craftsmen who keep their forefather’s art alive.

What’s the Secret Behind Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry?

Egyptian jewelry history is linked to the godlike pharaohs, and in the case of what we now call a “cartouche” {actually shenu in ancient Egyptian}, they were worn exclusively by pharaohs or gods and placed on tombs / monuments, primarily as an amulet to protect against evil in the afterlife or to illustrate eternal authority and immortal power.

What Des Cartouche Mean?

The word “cartouche” was coined by French soldiers who thought the shape resembled the cartridges in their guns, but the original form was auspicious, placed only around a royal name or depicted with Horus {the falcon god} or Nekhbet {the vulture goddess}.

It wasn’t only the hieroglyph {which was always the pharaohs name}that held powder, but also the elliptical shape itself – an elongated form of the “shen ring” meaning “encircled”. The round and the lengthened oval version of the original shape, protected the bearer and represented eternal power.

Order Custom Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry

You can have what was once reserved for immortal winged gods and all powerful pharaohs – a silver or 18k gold cartouche pendant, handcrafted in Egypt – with your name in hieroglyphs or letters.

How Much Does Egyptian Gold Jewelry Cost?

There are of unique cartouche-style Egyptian silver jewelry items available for as little as $40. Gold versions range from $250 to $800 depending on whether the item is double, triple or four-sided.

It’s possible to order custom Egyptian cartouche jewelry in silver with raised 18k gold hieroglyphic symbols for less than the gold versions. For example one piece sold through Nilestone is priced under $120.

Browse Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Pictures and Shop for Replicas

To view hundreds of ancient Egyptian jewelry pictures, learn lots of ancient Egyptian jewelry facts and buy handcrafted replicas in silver and gold, visit Nilestone at: http://www.nilestone.com/

Egyptian Inspired Jewelry by Nile Cartouche

Affordable silver Egyptian costume jewelry and gold pieces are also available from Nile Cartouche – handcrafted in Egypt by artisans who pride themselves in attention to detail.

1. Egyptian Scarab Jewelry in Silver

  • pieces of finely crafted Egyptian scarab jewelry, such as delicate pendants, are available for as little as $47.

View complete collection at Nile Cartouche.

2. Egyptian Ankh Jewelry in Silver and Gold

  • choose from a wide selection of Egyptian ankh jewelry items encrusted with turquoise stone for around $47.

To view one of the largest selections of replicated versions of antique Egyptian jewelry that include custom handcrafted gold and silver cartouche, bracelets, rings and specialty items, direct from Egypt, watch the following brief video courtesy of Nile Cartouche.

Ancient Egyptian Jewellery | Ancient Egyptian Jewelry:

One of the most popular Egyptian style jewelry pieces is the Cartouche, and Nile Cartouche specializes in creating unique pieces that are customized with names in hieroglyphs or letters.

See what styles are available, from open filigree-bordered designs to gold twin pendants, by watching this presentation courtesy of Nile Cartouche.

Egyptian Jewelry – Cartouche:

Egyptian Gold Jewelry Versus Silver – Rings and Bracelets

View a variety of designs in the Nile Cartouche Egyptian silver jewelry collections and the high-end gold Egyptian jewelry designs that range in price from $179 for simple gold items to about $611 for thick knotted styles. Also take a look at the affordable Egyptian ankh jewelry in silver, such as simple rings that are priced as low as $41. There are gold bangle bracelets and silver version for under $175.

The following video offers a quick glimpse into the tantalizing world of silver and gold Egyptian jewelry by Nile Cartouche.

Gold Cartouche Rings | Silver Egyptian Rings:

Read about Egyptian jewelry facts and buy silver and gold Egyptian jewelry at: http://www.nilecartouche.com

Cheap Discount Jewelry Online from Ruby Imports

Discount WHOLESALE Jewelry at the LOWEST PRICES from a US company – Discount Fashion Jewelry; Earrings / Rings / Pendants / Brooches / Watches; Cheap Beaded Jewelry; Affordable Antique, Victorian and Vintage-style Jewelry; Discount Silver; Swarovski Crystal and Austrian Rhinestone; Discount Fine Jewelry in 14k Gold; Cheap Cubic Zirconia Rings; Freshwater Pearl Bracelets, Silver Bangles, Wedding Necklace Sets, Discount Bridal Jewelry / Tiaras – Cheap Discount Jewelry Online from Ruby Imports in Memphis Tennessee.

Ruby Imports – a Leader in Wholesale Discount Jewelry Stores Online

If you’re a retailer, online reseller or jewelry store buyer, why should you choose discount wholesale jewelry from Ruby Imports? Here’s what we’ve discovered:

They’re a family-owned company based in the United States

Address: 3113 Carrier St. Memphis Tennessee 38116
Telephone: 901- 375-2513 / 901-375-4377
Fax: 901-375-4468
Toll Free: 800-420-7760

They ship internationally.

They specializes exclusively in wholesale discount jewelry and accessories…

offering thousands of discount wholesale jewelry products. View and buy online from their user-friendly website that classifies extensive collections of cheap jewelry items by New Arrivals, Style, Color and Special Ruby Deals.

Categories include Discount Fine Jewelry items like:

14k Gold Earrings and Necklaces

With offers for exclusive 14k gold jewelry items priced at 50% below wholesale including dozens of fine gold earrings with pearls, gemstones and diamonds

Silver, Pearl, Bead and Charm Bracelets

Arranged by styles and types such as: Bangle Bracelets, Glass Beads, Charms or other types of strand, cord and pearl bracelet designs

Categories include Discount Fashion Jewelry items like:

Fashion Jewelry Necklace and Earring Sets

Arranged by style such as Bead Necklaces, Chokers, Chunky designs, Cord styles, Glass Bead creations, Metal Link necklace sets, Multi Strand items, Natural Stone, Shell and Wooden Jewelry, Pearl Necklace and Earring sets and Rhinestone Discount Jewelry.

Categories include Discount Costume Jewelry items like:


Including hundreds of cocktail rings, designer pieces, stretch rings, promise rings, chunky jewelry, stackable rings


Arranged by chandelier, fine jewelry, hoops, pearls and Swarovski Crystal

Pendants and Pins

From pink breast cancer ribbon pins studded with cubic zirconia to cross pendants and vintage replica brooches


Arranged by styles such as choker, cord, multi strand, pearl and rhinestone with featured items such as high-end pink CZ and rhinestone heart pendant necklace designs

Fashion Watches

Including designer ladies watches studded with rhinestones, classic fashion timepieces and sporty designs for teens

Bags and Accessories

Including clutch purses, bridal bags, evening handbags and leather coin purses

Hair Accessory and Tiaras

From rhinestone tiaras and bridal hair pins to colorful feather accents

How to Get the Best Discount Jewelry Prices

Join the FREE membership program to receive the maximum jewelry discount possible.

Here’s How the Jewelry Discount Membership Program Works:

1. Silver Membership

When you enter your basic membership information you’ll be automatically eligible to receive Silver Member discounts, which means a 1% discount on your next order. You’ll also be able to view price lists and be entitled to access the Ruby Special Page.

2. Gold Membership

When you order discount fashion jewellery or gold or silver items totaling over 1, 000 during 3 months {90 days} you’ll become a Gold Member, which will entitle you to a discount of 3% on orders. You also gain access to seasonal specials and discounts offered on the Ruby Special Page.

3. Diamond Membership

After placing a total of 3 orders, spending over $3000 during a 90 day period, you’ll be rewarded with a Diamond Membership. This means you’ll receive a 5% discount on orders as well as gain access to Ruby Specials.

4. Platinum Membership

This is the ultimate reward granted to special customers who are chosen as preferred members. Receiving a platinum membership means a 10% discount on orders.

Shop for Discount Jewelry Online Now

Whether you need to buy a little for a boutique or a lot for a department store, Ruby Imports offers a discount program that will help you save money and pass those savings onto your clients as well as increase your profits.

Start buying discount designer jewelry, bridesmaid and bridal jewelry, gold and silver and the latest discount fashion jewelry items by going to the main Ruby Imports website at: http://www.rubyimports.net/

Below we offer some suggestions for HOT products that we know you’ll love:

Examples of Discount Fashion Jewelry – EARRINGS

  1. Crystal Drop Earrings
    This pair of 2.5 inch drop earrings feature clear and colored crystal stones.

  2. Hoop Earrings with Crystal Dangle Hearts
    These trendy hoop earrings feature 4-inch dangling hearts encrusted with crystal stones.

Examples of Discount Costume Jewelry – NECKLACES

Affordable necklaces that don’t look like they come from a cheap discount jewelry outlet:

  1. Cross Pendant Necklace
    – this cross pendant necklace has a 4-inch cross encrusted with colored / clear crystals and comes on a 20-inch chain.

  2. Chunky Black Multi-Strand Natural Lucite Stone Necklace
    – this 18 inch natural stone necklace features multiple strands of black stones and silver chain. Comes with matching stone earrings.

Two Examples of Ruby Imports Specials for Discount Jewelry Stores

Special weekly discount jewelry store deals include items such as:

  1. Crystal Stone Heart Necklace
    An elegant faux gemstone studded pendant that measures 1 ½ inches and comes on a 24-inch chain. View current discount items by logging in to your account.

  2. Ultra Modern Natural Stone Cuff Bracelet
    This cuff bracelet includes a 3-inch natural gray stone in a silver-tone cuff. To view this item and others on the Ruby Special page, log in to your Ruby Imports account.

Examples of Ruby Imports Seasonal Jewelry Discount Items

  1. Funky Hoop Earrings
    – this pair of 2.5 inch gold-tone hoop earrings are accented with delicate metallic rings and three round disco balls.

  2. Glass Bead Necklace and Earring Set
    – this beaded jewelry set includes an 18-inch necklace and glass bead dangle earrings.

Examples of Discount Gold Jewelry Specials

Discover discount fine jewelry items such as:

1. 14k Gold Pearl Earrings

These gold earrings are crafted in 14k gold with two 8mm freshwater pearls accented by cubic zirconia. They’re called Ribbon Hoop – One Touch Earrings.

Unusual Pieces of Discount Gemstone Jewelry include:

2. 14k Gold Champagne Diamond Earrings

This pair of 14k gold earrings features two 10mm square-cut champagne diamonds in a dangle design.

Examples of Discount Silver Jewelry Sales

1. Silver Cuff Bracelet

-this delicate cuff bracelet is nickel and lead compliant and is available from the silver jewelry collections through Ruby Imports

2. Silver Turquoise Ring

– this exotic adjustable ring features a large turquoise stone set in a sculpted framework that mimics Aztec artisan jewelry. View this piece and others like it in the Discount Silver Jewelry collections at Ruby Imports. You must log in as a member to be able to see prices and find out what additional discounts you may qualify to receive.

Examples of Discount Designer Jewelry Offers

Designer Discount Jewelry Sets include items such as:

  1. Silver Chain Link Necklace and Earring Set
    This necklace and earring set features a silver-tone necklace with large Coco Chanel-type links accented by crystal stones. The set comes with a pair of matching silver / crystal earrings

  2. Pink Multi Strand Necklace Set
    This pink set includes an 18-inch beaded necklace and earrings. Comes in other colors.

Examples of Discount Bridal Jewelry Pieces

Elegant pearl, crystal and rhinestone discount wedding jewelry items include:

1. Pearl and Crystal Bridal Choker and Earring Set

This set of bridal jewellery includes a 16-inch white pearl choker necklace accented with crystal stones and a pair of matching pearl/crystal earrings

Also find cheap discount bridesmaid jewelry such as:

Three-piece Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

This bridesmaid set includes an 18-inch pearl necklace, pearl stud earrings and matching bracelet {8mm pearls}. Available in a variety of colors.

Examples of Discount Pearl Jewelry Deals

  1. Pearl and Crystal Necklace and Earring Set
    this set is one example of the many pearl jewelry sets available at discounted prices. It includes an 18-inch necklace with a creamy colored pearl and crystal accents. Comes with matching drop pearl earrings
  2. Elegant Designer Pearl Necklace Set
    this elegant 18-inch pearl necklace set comes with matching earrings – both with crystal stone accents.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry Manufacturers and Importers

Wholesale costume jewelry starting at $2.50 up to high-end designer jewelry at discount prices; where to start searching for manufacturers, importers and suppliers – at Jewelry & Accessories we have suggestions on where to order your next lot of wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories quickly and easily online.

All the wholesale costume jewelry we recommend is priced under $10, leaving you room for a good profit margin even if you need pieces suitable to display in a bridal shop. This is cheap costume jewelry that looks expensive and is crafted from high quality materials – rhinestones, cubic zirconia, simulated gemstones and set in silver or quality plated settings.

One of the companies we’ve found that we can recommend for costume jewelry earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches (even antique and vintage styles) as well as hair accessories, is called ExtraTrading.

This is a wholesale company based in Los Angeles California who have a good selection of hand picked products, have a small minimum order of just $150, offer free shipping within the continental US and can have your items delivered in 3 to 10 days depending on the shipping options you choose. They even have a special three day, second day or next day delivery option if you’re needing inventory in a rush. They also accept international orders, and these will be sent via Fedex International for between $50 and $100 depending on the size and weight of the order. As with all genuine wholesale companies, you will need a reseller certificate in order to be able to order at the low wholesale prices that they offer.

Rhinestone Costume Jewelry from ExtraTrading

One of the reasons we have chosen to feature ExtraTrading is because they are a company that knows the trends and offers you what your clients are looking for in affordable rhinestone costume jewelry and vintage and art deco and antique costume jewelry designs that are really hot this year.

It’s not your average cheap looking jewelry that sells for a few pennies, but boutique quality. Yet everything we’ve found to show you in this article is priced under $10, in fact some of the rings and earrings and beautiful bracelets are $2.50 to about $5, which allows you to add a reasonable markup and still offer very affordable bridal costume jewelry to your clients if you own a bridal shop, and even complete costume jewelry sets with necklace and matching earrings for as little as $4.25. If your needs are really high-end, then you can also choose elaborate creations that are retailing for over $100, but at wholesale costs only about $11 to $25.

And if you’re just starting out, they can help you with setting up a shop, offering complete costume jewelry accessories displays and merchandising ideas.

Retro, Vintage and Antique Costume Jewelry

Since all things retro and vintage are hot in jewelry this year, you will want to have some affordable costume jewelry necklace, earrings and even vintage brooches in your inventory. Although they may not be genuine antiques or retro pieces, the styles that ExtraTrading offer are authentic looking.

For example their rhinestone necklaces even have the aurora borealis type stones in some of their creations and many of the rings are geometric and reminiscent of the art deco styles. Also their brooches are crafted in the style of pieces from the 30’s and the 50’s when women wore large faux rhinestone and gemstone creations on hats and coat lapels. The really great thing is the price. Antique and vintage style costume jewelry brooches start at just $3.75 and go up to $8.50. The two beautiful items we feature here are just $5.25 each. You can see the potential for a good markup is easy.

Elegant Costume Jewelry Earrings at Wholesale Prices

Costume jewelry manufacturers that make cheap earrings abound, but the problem is that may of the product lines look very similar and if you have a boutique, a beauty salon or a bridal gown center, you don’t want to be caught offering the same collections as what’s available at little discount kiosks at the local mall. To give you an edge and the products of distinction you must offer your clients, you need costume jewelry suppliers who deal in high quality rhinestone and cubic zirconia earrings, stud earrings, and even pave encrusted hoops that match the demands of your clientele.

ExtraTrading has exactly that, but with prices you can live with very comfortably without investing too much in inventory.

For example a set of rhinestone earrings costs only $2.50. For $50 you can have 20 pairs. Add a few necklace sets at $6 and bring your order to $80, then add some matching bracelets and a couple brooches and you have a complete bridal display with dozens of items for the minimum $150 order.

Choose the free ground shipping opting and save even more. You can probably makeup the items at least 100% to 150% and still offer affordable jewelry to your clients.

From designer and antique to trendy costume jewelry, ExtraTrading has such a selection that your boutique or salon or shop will be enhanced no matter what other items you offer for sale. For example a pair of dangle earrings in black or white rhinestone are just $2.25 to about $6, and stud earrings suitable for a bride are just $3.25 and rhinestone encrusted hoop earring are just $3.50. You can still offer bargains to your clients even if you add a 200% makeup. Remember that even at exclusive boutiques, bridal costume jewelry that retails for under $10 is a real find, in fact anything under $20 is quite a find.

Costume Jewelry Importers

The other way to get unusual pieces of cheap costume jewelry is to use an import company that brings in quality and unusual pieces form abroad, most notably, India and Thailand where fabulous jewelry is crafted by hand in unique styles and is priced very affordably.

Tanai is one good place to get pieces form all over Thailand at prices so low it’s almost embarrassing to tell you. There are earrings and rings for just over $1 and beautiful gemstone and rhinestone and pearl and mother of pearl creations that are just $3 and $4 or $5.

Tanai has every category of fashion costume jewelry and have an online catalogue that allows you to select jewelry type and price ranges. Their catalogues are so extensive that it can take an hour or two just to browse their collections, but if you need a variety of unusual and unique gold, silver, gemstone or pearl costume jewelry items, then it will be well worth your time to look at what this importer has to offer. They don’t have run-of-the-mill items, but really fine hand crafted items that have turquoise, coral and other genuine gems set in solid 925 silver.

For Indian costume jewelry you should try a place called India Mart, which is an online trading center that’s B2B and has many costume jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters and importers listed with their specialty items, primarily from Bombay and Delhi. You can browse without being a member. You can contact distributors and manufactures directly.

For example you can find such wonderful things like a manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India who sells handmade beads and silver jewelry in creations that are so unique they are nothing like what any of the manufactures in the West are selling. Their clients are based all over the world, and they are expert handlers of orders for those who are located in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy and Spain. The company is called Spectrum Gems Jaipur, but they operate online under the name of name of Fine Beads Manufacturer. They offer gemstone beads, natural gemstone beads and semi precious gemstone beads as well as solid silver jewelry that is expertly hand finished. They have everything from ethnic beaded jewelry to elegant trendy silver jewelry that’s chunky and fun.

Another company from India that has elegant and unusual wholesale costume jewelry is Derewala Jewels Inc who offer some creations that are so distinctive it’s doubtful you’ll find many shops in your area that carry their lines.

Handcrafted designer gemstone and gold and silver creations that are regal and fit for a Maharaja or Maharani but affordably priced and exported to wherever you may be in the world. For exact prices you have to contact the costume jewelry importers and exporters directly since the prices will depend on the quantity of the orders and often there are great savings on volume orders when dealing with Indian dealers.

Even if Spectrum Gems Jaipur or Derewala Jewels Inc don’t have what you’re looking for, you will likely find costume jewelry suppliers and wholesalers to your liking by searching through the India Mart directories. We have just offered a sample of what you might find, but remember there are everything from scarf and clothing manufacturers to cheap costume jewelry accessories suppliers all listed in dozens of categories. Remember that if you’re looking for costume jewelry bracelets and bangles, India is your best place to find unusual creations since Persia and India have long since being the rulers of such jewelry items. Indian bangle bracelets and anklets, and even nose rings and nose studs, for those looking for beautiful ethnic body jewelry, will find that India is the best source. But keep in mind that you can get items that are not ethnic, but very modern as well, like hoop earrings and gemstone creations that use real semi-precious gems to craft costume pieces that are not really fashion jewelry, but fine gold and silver jewelry with affordable gems.

For more information on bangle bracelets, bridal jewellery, vintage and antique broches, cubic zirconia earrings, vintage jewelry, cheap jewelry and wholesale jewelry including cheap costume jewelry suggestions from various manufacturers, then please read related topics specific to your needs.

Cheap Jewelry Online Buying Guide

Cheap Jewelry – It’s all about YOUR personal style; a little something to jazz up an outfit; a bangle or bracelet or a pair of dangle earrings that won’t last forever but will pull your look together at an affordable price.

Body Jewelry, Christmas Gifts and Funky Cheap Jewelry for Travel

Perhaps you’re looking for body jewelry to accent your newest piercing, and although there are lots of choices, you may need pieces that are hypoallergenic, made of surgical steel or titanium because you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions from pieces that contain nickel or other non biocompatible metals.

hollywood body jewelry

Maybe you’re looking for costume jewelry for Christmas gifts, especially if you have young ladies on your shopping list who would love to find something really cute in their stocking on Christmas morning, maybe a pink heart ring or some animal jewelry.

cheap belly rings

But possibly you just need something fashionable to wear to a party or a special event, or casual pieces to accent your wardrobe everyday at the office, or funky jewelry you can take on a holiday or wear while traveling or at the beach; something that won’t make you loose sleep if it gets lost.

A Concise Guide on How to Buy Cheap Jewelry

On your quest for a little fun bling or cheap jewelry accessories, you might already be finding yourself frustrated within the millions of items available Online, which is why you’re glad to have come cross this guide on how to buy, offering you a list of supply outlets as well as some ideas on where to buy designer jewels and the most popular dealers who carry celebrity jewelry as well.

bling jewelry

Here, at Jewelry & Accessories, you will also find a list of places to get discounted GOLD jewelry for your wedding day and how to select the best quality affordable BRIDAL jewelry that will look great with your gown during the formal ceremony that doesn’t look inferior while still sticking to your budget. We present a list of stores for retail customers and also wholesale shops that sell in bulk for those who are resellers.

Ideas for Wedding Jewelry

Our findings are presented free of charge and are unbiased since we do not represent any one jewelry shop or designer or dealer or online outlet, but create reviews that highlight the latest trends as well as presenting some solid suggestions for classic jewelry buying.

wedding jewelry

When it comes to jewelry and accessories, we review a little of everything, but especially have advice for those seeking cheap SILVER jewelry that is unusual, original or handmade by small jewellery designers or craftspeople. We offer ideas for WEDDING jewelry, like cubic zirconia rings as an alternative to diamond solitaire engagement ring and wedding sets; for sparkle without making you spend a fortune.

In keeping with the modern tendency to buy good quality cheap sterling silver jewelry, we have done research on the many trades people and silver jewelry dealers who have a selection of MENS jewelry; not just wedding rings and bands but a variety of matching sets for him and her and even cufflinks and bracelets that men will adore.

Pearl & Cheap Crystal Jewelry – Shimmer or Sparkle Without Diamonds

cheap pearl jewelry

We have researched cheap PEARL jewelry that can be used at weddings, for the bride, the bridesmaids or for that classic touch of pearl you may need to wear to work or to business functions. We also know how popular CRYSTAL jewelry has become, especially the Swarovski beads that make excellent inexpensive drop earrings, dangle earrings or can be added to bracelets and necklaces that are worn by young ladies or women who need just a touch of shine without diamonds. And if you’re into making your own for fun cost efficient gifts, we recommend the best places to buy beads and where to get the best supplies you need to be creative.

The Best Jewelry for Cheap


The selection of rings and necklaces that are offered online is extensive and therefore confusing for those who already have an idea of what they want and just need to get to the ONE right source. That is why we have compiled lists of where you can buy the best jewelry for cheap, and what really cheap products aren’t worth even the few pennies it might cost, and where to go for the top band name and designer labels that sell the top cheap FINE jewelry items that may be sold through discount shops that specialize in end of season items or overstocked products that used to have higher price tags. We also have scoured the Internet for the best jewelry set creations, like Indian bangles with complete wedding sets that are very affordable and yet unique, hand crafted and shipped from dealers around the world.

Fine Jewellery Designers From Small Studios

fine jewellery designers

We do not limit ourselves to fashion and costume jewelry selections but also have a variety of WHITE GOLD jewelry sellers on our lists and titanium jewelry retailers who offer alternatives that perhaps you may not have thought about. Some of our store findings may not be on other lists because they are too small or unknown to appear on regular Internet searches, but these outlets have unusual and unique earrings, necklaces and rings that regular stores or local malls and department stores don’t even know exist.

Many fine jewellery designers work from home or from small studios and don’t advertise in conventional places and therefore are almost unknown, and yet sell their creations online for less than the pieces made by conventional manufacturers.

How can you find these designer craftsmen and women who offer such deals?

It’s difficult because it takes time to find them and that is why our reviews are so useful. They offer you ideas for men’s, body, handmade and even vintage jewelry choices you didn’t know were available. We bring together the best costume jewellery and gold jewelry suppliers to give you the power to choose what YOU need.


  • Cheap Body Jewelry – a selection of suggested products online specific to body piercing such as navel jewellery, belly button rings, nose rings, tongue barbells and many options for discount items.
  • Cheap Costume Jewelry – this is all about finding really cheap items that are not too serious; fun party baubles, Christmas gifts, simple charm bracelets and shiny bling for young ladies.
  • Cheap Gold Jewelry – where to buy cheap jewelry that’s yellow gold, rose gold, gold electroplated, gold-tone and cheap white gold at discounted prices.
  • Cheap Silver Jewelry (and cheap sterling silver jewelry with and without gemstones) – this is a broad category that includes silver hoop earrings, silver bracelets and silver rings at the most affordable prices possible.
  • Cheap Wedding and Bridal Jewelry – all about wedding rings, bands, earrings for the bride, matching necklaces and jewelry set designs that include rings, earrings and necklaces that match, and suggestions that the bridal party can wear, and ideas for gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Cheap Wholesale Jewelry Outlets – this is specific for those who have businesses who want to buy in large quantities to resell to their clients.
  • The Best Cheap Jewelry Stores on the Internet – these findings primarily focusing on the retail sector where individuals can buy from a store without having minimum order restrictions. It is a broad overview of the best stores that have consistently good prices.
  • Cheap Mens Jewelry – a broad overview of what’s hot and what’s not, including a selection of inexpensive mens titanium rings and where to get the best deals.
  • Cheap Pearl Jewelry – offers suggestions for those who love imitation, freshwater, and cultured pearl jewelry, including necklaces, earrings and pearl rings at the most affordable prices.
  • Cheap Jewelry Accessories – jewelry goes hand in hand with other small ladies and mens accessories like scarves, shawls, mens ties, belts, and even jewelry boxes. There are suggested retail outlets that offer the best prices and specific suggestions for gifts.
  • Cheap Jewelry Rings for Him & Her – this offers some suggestions regarding selecting unique matching wedding set and wedding bands in silver, gold and titanium.
  • Cheap Celebrity Jewelry – this is about where to find the best replicas of celebrity engagement rings and copies of famous gemstone designs at affordable prices and features some selected items that are hot and inexpensive, such as ladies cocktail rings and even some engagement ring suggestions for those would like to imitate the jewelry of the stars without paying the price.
  • Cheap Designer Jewelry – features a list of the top designers and where to pay less for cheap fine jewelry with designer names that are usually very expensive.
  • Cheap Jewelry Beads – this section gives advice on where to buy cheap crystal jewelry that’s ready to wear as well as a list of where to get the famous Swarovski crystal beads and where to find supplies to make your own creations from companies that carry assorted precious beads and loose gemstones.
  • Cheap Cute Jewelry – this is all about very cheap discount items especially for young ladies, children and babies as well as funky products for teens with an emphasis on trendy charm bracelets, simple promise rings and cute animal jewelry.

Cheap Costume Jewelry Buyers Guide

Cheap costume jewelry or cheap fashion jewelry is for having something fun to wear to parties, for crazy baubles that sparkle, for sparkling fake diamonds that are too large to be taken seriously, and for Christmas gifts that put smiles on young girls and boys faces. It’s all about charm bracelets and lots of bling for young ladies who want to shine!

bling jewelry

Bling Jewelry – Cheap Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

Fashion jewellery includes silver rings, silver earrings and charm bracelets and some of the best jewelry stores for this type of costume jewelry is Bling Jewelry who have a great variety of sterling silver jewelry at discounted prices. They have trendy styles and classics in cubic zirconium rings, sterling silver bracelets, pearl jewelry and Swarovski crystal. They also have cheap cz stud earrings, cubic zirconium bracelet styles, and lots of great ideas for costume jewelry gifts. You can even get rings engraved. They also have a great supply of the newest celebrity jewelry trends.

bling jewelry

Cheap Mens Jewelry

They have mens jewelry with sports themes and cufflinks and money clips and fashion jewellery and accessories that can be great gifts for the man in your life who love silver jewelry. For example there is a men’s diamond cut 925 sterling silver band for under $30.

bling earrings

Ladies Earrings, Necklaces and Rings

Bling Jewelry has ladies earrings and necklaces for $20 to $40 and many discounted specials for less that make wonderful cheap gifts. For example in their gold jewellery they have items that are 14k gold for as little as $25 and silver jewellery for less than $20. This is an online jewelry store that also carries antique jewelry replicas that are great as anniversary gifts, and small pendants that are wonderful for bridal jewelry, especially bridesmaids gifts. Their selection of rings in their sterling silver jewelry lines are from large costume CZ rings to costume celebrity cocktail rings and even a few distinctive pearl rings, with some eternity rings for as little as $25.

bling ring

Much of what they sell can double as wedding jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry like their fashion bridal chandelier earrings that retail for under $30. They bring together the best of pearl jewelry with cubic zirconia and sterling silver and crystal jewelry and gorgeous promise rings for as little as $35 replete with cubic zirconia gemstones all set in silver. And when it comes to fashion necklaces they have everything from religious necklaces with crosses to vintage strands of pearls. Discount jewelry for gifts and special occasions and fun party baubles of this quality are hard to find. Bling is fine jewelry at wholesale fashion jewelry prices to the public.

Young Ladies Bracelets

For young ladies there are pieces like the sterling silver emerald cut blue topaz CZ tennis bracelet for under $30 or the 14K gold vermeil marquise garnet CZ tennis bracelet for under $20.


Jewelry She Has – Jewelry from $5 to $50

There is another great online shop for inexpensive baubles and fun fashion jewelry. It’s called Jewelry She Has and it’s based in California. They have sterling silver necklaces and lockets, dangle and drop earrings, chandelier earrings, hoop earrings and stuff earrings with many pieces selling for less than $5 retail! There are bracelets, rings, jewelry sets and even insect and animal jewelry for fun gifts. Need an angel? Jewelry She Has, has them! Angel jewelry, fairy jewelry and even owls and hearts and locks and keys, or for those pirates at heart, there are lots of styles of skull jewelry and even coin jewelry. Need ready made bead jewelry? Voila! It’s all made with Swarovski crystal or semi-precious gemstones beads.

They also sell pearl creations and glass jewelry not to mention that of course they have every kind of cubic zirconia design you might be after. In unusual jewelry pieces they have some wooden jewelry, and even platic pieces just for a laugh. Most of their products are from $5 to $50 and there are even some pieces for less, like the crystal Tinkerbelle necklace for just $4.

European Bling

european bling

There’s another discount fashion jewelry outlet called European Bling who sell their jewelry online through europeanbling.com and are based in the USA at: 2658 Augusta St.
Eugene, OR 97403. They can be reached by telephone at: 541-255-2224.

european bling earrings

Jewelry From Around the World

European Bling has unique fashion and costume jewelry from around the like the Byzantium Sunset Earrings for under $50 and the Celtic Triple Goddess Black Onyx Earrings for just under $30. They have a unique eternity ring with blue imitation sapphires called the Islandic Journey CZ Ring for just under $35. and the very unusual Lhasa Temple Braid CZ Ring for under $40.

European Bling not only offers wholesale costume jewelry prices to the public but also has some of the most unusual styles online made by exclusive jewelry designers with a wide selection of imitation gemstone jewelry, specialty handcrafted jewelry from around the world and even beaded and rhinestone jewelry that is delicate and feminine yet affordable. This is cheap jewellery that really doesn’t look or feel cheap.

Pandora Charm Bracelets

european bling ring

Some of their featured collections are birthstone rings and jewelry for all ages, and their Around the World collection with earrings, pendants and rings that are unique. They also have the Amelia Collection and the Mad Glam which has lots of charm bracelets and charm necklaces for young ladies.

european bling charm bracelet

In their European Beads Collection they offer beads, spacers and dangles as well as locks, chains and clasps. They also have the famous Pandora charm bracelets and lots of alphabet, numbers and animal charms, as well fairy tale and fantasy collections with flowers, and even holiday jewelry and some skull rings and other spiritual symbols. They have collections of fashion jewelry that is selected especially for travel and vacations, like international charms to add to your travel bracelets and special holiday charms to give as gifts. Their charms are selling for as little as $12. European Bling has everything to create wonderful charm bracelets as gifts for the holidays and for the young ladies. You can select individual pieces or buy complete jewelry sets. For trendy jewelry and for all your charm jewelry needs there’s no need to shop anywhere else because all the pieces mix and match and get sent in one order.

Amelia Collection

european bling amelia ring

In their Amelia Collection they have promise rings with CZ gemstones, perfect for young ladies, from $15 to $20 and they are not plain bands, but come in every imitation gemstone imaginable and in every color. There are ruby rings and sapphire rings and pink rings made with cubic zirconia. They also have yellow imitation diamond rings for just $20. Some are bezel set others are set with prongs, but no matter which cheap rings you choose, they are all costume jewelry that will sparkle at a party and make you look good.

Mad Glam Collection

In their Mad Glam Collection you’ll find really gorgeous cheap necklaces set with cubic zirconia and plated with silver and gold. You’ll find cheap bracelets in sterling silver for under $30 that can be decorated with an endless assortment of charms. These online jewelry options are well worth buying as gifts or as a treat for yourself

j-genuine fashion jewelry

J-Genuine Fashion Jewelry

Another unique outlet for jewelry design, including hand made jewelry pieces with distinction without a high price tag is Jonathan N.Y., Inc. also known as J-Genuine who sell online through j-genuine.com, but are physically located at 27 West 47th Street #16 New York, NY 10036, and can be reached by telephone at 212-221-0004. They also have an outlet called Genuine TenTen located in New York at 1012 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10018 and can be contacted by phone at 212-221-1173.

Antique and Beaded Jewelry

J-Genuine Jewelry has ready to wear genuine jewelry and also a selection of loose pearls and gemstones to make your own creations. They carry turquoise jewelry, jewelry chain and supplies to add to beads and charms as well as jewelry charms and clasps and hooks and all you need for handmade silver jewelry that you cab make on your own or put together. They also have cheap earrings that are ready to wear and some copies of antique jewelry, pendants and necklaces and lots and lots of pearls that makes great bridal jewelry or loose pearls for beaded jewelry creations of your own design.

j genuine pearls

Genuine Pearls

J-Genuine has gorgeous pendants for as little as $14 and complete pearl jewellery creations like freshwater pearl necklaces for as little as $20. They also sell loose genuine south sea pearls at about $100 for each. But these may be set into rings or earrings in sterling silver or gold and be very inexpensive options for genuine pearl rings and necklaces that could be unbelievably expensive if bought ready made from a jewelry shop.

j genuine amethyst

Genuine Gemstones for the Price of Imitations

J-Genuine offers wholesale discounts on orders over $100, but they have no minimum order restrictions and the public can buy freely. Although at first glance their prices appear higher than other wholesale jewelry outlets of fashion jewelry centers, but when you take into account that all their jewelry actually uses gemstones or at least genuine stones, pearls and real precious metals, the price is unbelievably cheap. Where can you get crystal, agate or amazonite stone bracelets for $12? And where can you find genuine ruby dangle cluster earrings in18K Vermeil for under $100? The answer is simple: J-Genuine has genuine gemstones made into dazzling costume and fashion jewelry for the same price as imitations.

Cheap Designer Jewelry from Discount Resellers


Designer jewelry is not cheap! And it’s most expense when the designer collections have just been launched at the start (or before) each season. Gradually the prices may come down on last season’s styles, but often the differences in styles are minimal. Jewelry is a little different than fashion clothing by designers. While designer fashion trends my dramatically change from season to season when it comes to dresses and shoes, jewelry changes less, and the differences are often less noticeable. I’m not talking about buying jewelry that’s years behind the trends but just a few months, giving jewelry wholesalers and discount retailers a chance to offer a collection that may be discounted merely because the newest line has just debuted. One place to consider buying cheap designer jewelry is Treasure Box.


Treasure Box

Treasure Box offers the latest in designer names like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabanna, Disney, DKNY, Diesel, Gatik, Juicy Couture, Karen Millen, Lucas Jack London and Moschino, which is all original designer costume jewelry but retailing at discount prices.


Can you afford to pass up a stainless steel glamour ring by DKNY with rows of sparkling cubic zirconia stones for under $40? Or what about an authentic Calvin Klein ring with Swarovski crystals for less than $50? Need some Juicy Couture charms? They’re also under $50. And Disney jewelry Cinderella rings are just $45!

Considering some Gatik designer mens jewelry? Stainless steel jewellery, bracelets, cufflinks, cross pendants and more…at Treasure Box there’s items by Gatik under $30!


Treasure Box also has discount Diesel jewellery and watches for men, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings, all under $70. And they have Fred Bennet bracelets for under $30, and yes, they’re the original silver men’s jewellery in the original packaging ready for giving to your man.



Blueluxe.com carries discount jewelry on designers such as Anne Koplik, Catherine Weitzman, Eva Sachs, Flying Lizard, Indulgems, Kevia, La Contessa by Mary DeMarco, Marlyn Schiff, Misha of New York, Pade Vavra, Pyrrha, Sheila Fajl, taj taj, Wasabi by Jill Pearson and others. They have exclusive Sheila Fajl pieces for between $40 and $100, in some cases more than $50 off a single item. They have Misha designs for $68 and some hot Wasabi for less than $30.


BlueLuxe has a large selection of What is in Your Heart? charms (WIIYH?) for more than half price in some cases, some under $9. They also have some Flying Lizard creations, with earrings for under $40. Fancy some Anne Koplik but can’t afford it? Well, maybe you can now, BlueLuxe has a pair of drop earrings by Anne Koplik for about $30 and a pair of topaz glass and Swarovski crystal earrings also for about $30, some upside down horseshoe and glass raring for about $15.

Glam and Style from The Fashion Mags


Who are BlueLuxe? They’re a company that offers handmade and cheap designer jewellery, and not just any old pieces of jewelry, but all the great glam you’ve seen in fashion magazines and on the hands and wrists and necks of your favorite celebrities. They’re jewelry has been featured in InStyle and InStyle Weddings as well as on Oprah and in Latina Sports Illustrated as well as in People (in Spanish).

All of their handmade jewelry is shipped in lovely gift boxes, and they do ship internationally to most countries as well as offering free priority mail on orders over $150.


Amazing Vintage Jewelry is another source for unbelievably cheap costume jewelry items by vintage designers. For example, if you have $10 to spend, you can get a pair of Lisner earrings or a complete sets of earrings and necklace for just $14, or some Sarah Coventry pearl earrings for $16 or some Trifari jewels for $5. If vintage jewelry bargains are what you’re after give Amazing Vintage Jewelry a browse!

International Jewelry Designers

If you are looking for a specific designer product and are wondering where to get the best possible deals on a particular piece of discount designer jewelry, we will be adding more information in the future.

Cheap Jewelry Beads Buyers Guide

Kira Designs may be unknown, but it’s a good place to buy cheap crystal jewelry that’s ready to wear as well as where you can get Swarovski crystal beads for some of the best and least expensive bridesmaid jewelry. Each item is made to suite your specific wedding needs. They have bridesmaid necklaces and bridesmaid earrings with posts lever back or clip-on styles. They design custom crystal jewelry and delicate feminine wedding earrings and matching bracelets and even creations for flower girls.

Wire-sculpture is an online company that specializes in cheap jewelry beads, Swarovski Crystal and all the supplies you need to make beaded jewelry. They also have loose gemstones and cubic zirconia in a variety of colors. They have a complete selection of jewelry supplies like Bali beads, copper Bali style beads, sterling silver Bali beads and even designer beads. In their gemstone line they have obsidian, agate, amazonite, amber, amethyst, aquamarine. They have other semi precious stones such as aventurine, black onyx, bloodstone, blue quartz, blue topaz, carnelian, cherry quartz, chrysocolla, citrine beads and even coral, garnet and jade. They also have a few other unusual pieces like lapis, malachite and moonstone, as well as the more common opal, opalite, pearl and peridot.

bead gems

For making distinctive costume jewelry pieces you may also select glass beads or gold filled beads and also sterling silver beads. If you want to make chunky jewelry they also offer a selection of cabochons, amethyst cabochons, garnet cabochons even very unique mother of pearl cabochons. They also opal cameos and porcelain cameos and all you need to complete your creations like earwires, hooks, clasps, toggles and hoops. They offer a complete series of birthstone gems as well as genuine faceted gemstones in sapphire, ruby and many other gems. To finish your jewelry designs they have all the tools you could require and the wire to put it all together.

Fire Mountain Gems

Fire Mountain Gems is also a good place to buy acrylic beads, bone and horn beads, Celestial Crystal®, Czech glass beads, Czech fire-polished beads, gemstone beads, metal beads, pearls, porcelain beads, shell beads, turquoise beads and even wood and nut beads.


Beadaholique also carries everything you need to create your own jewelry like Swarovski elements that include crystal beads, pearls, crystal stones, rhinestones, pre-made pendants and even crystal sew-on stones. They also have a selection of Cinnabar beads, Miyuki beads and Pandora style beads for making Pandora charms. To finish they have bass and copper chain, gold filled bulk chain, stainless steel chain and even sterling silver chain. In jewelry findings they have bracelet findings, clasps, earring findings, jump rings links, connectors and ring findings. They also carry the necessary adhesives, beading wire, glazes and resins as well as a complete selection of tools. If you want to shop for some ready to wear bead jewelry, they have a selection of items like bead bracelets, crystal bead earrings, beaded necklaces and bead rings all ready to give as gifts.

atlanta bead gallery

Atlanta Bead Gallery also carries freshwater pearls, turquoise beads, mother of pearl and gemstone beads and a wide selection of ready made pendants to add to necklaces.

swarovski crystal jewelry

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Online is the best place to buy the Swarovski crystal beads you need. Buy the official Swarovski crystal charms, Christmas decorations and add them to your home or jewelry creations. They’re not as expensive as you might think. There are small crystal charms and ornaments for as little as $25.


It only takes one piece of genuine Swarovski crystal to make a stunning piece of jewelry or as an accent to a bracelet or as an ornament on a tree. And did you know that you can have a pair of ready made Swarovski crystal earrings for under $50? It’s true. Why settle for imitations when you can have the real thing at an affordable price. You can actually buy a gorgeous crystal ring or eternity band for about $100. Their crystal pave is set into rhodium plated metals and their bezel-set crystal stones in their eternity bands are set in silver or gold tone metals to suite your style.

swarovski crystal ring

Just one note: the new crystal eternity rings offered on the official Swarovski Crystal Jewelry site is called an Honestly Ring. It sells for just over 100 euros. It’s gorgeous, high quality and really cheap for being genuine. Highly recommended!