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Ancient Greek Jewelry Designers – The Vaphiadis Family Tradition

Handmade Authentic Greek Jewelry Replicas from the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop in Athens – Greek Coin Jewelry; Byzantine and Greek Orthodox Cross Jewelry; Goddess and Mythology Reproductions; Fine Sterling Silver and Gold accented items; affordable Greek Costume Jewelry – Greek Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Brooches, Bracelets, Cufflinks and Collectable Museum Reproductions.

Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop

Ancient Greek Jewelry Designers Just a Click Away

The Vaphiadis Workshop is one of the oldest Greek jewelry design centers with a tradition spanning generations and a modern track record of excellence since 1928.

After decades of supplying hundreds of Athenian jewelry shops with high-end silver and gold museum reproduction pieces, their celebrated creations have are also carried by Greek Museums and Museum shops around the world.

Vaphiadis not only provides Greek costume jewelry items to retail outlets across Greece, from Delphi, Crete, and Rhodes to Olympia, Corfu and the Cycladic islands, but also offers extensive collections of fine ancient Greek jewelry reproductions to online buyers with thousands of items in dozens of catalogues in easy to view online galleries.

For retail and wholesale buyers, the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop offers traditional quality and modern accessibility.

Contact this Greek jewelry designer through their website called The Greek Jewelry Shop, to buy select items or make wholesale buying arrangements by contacting A.N. Vaphiadis in Athens or through the UK telephone.

The Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop

Address: Patroou 8-10, 105 57 Athens, Greece

Telephone in Greece: {30} 211-780-1230

Telephone in the UK: {44} 208-133-3266

Examples of What the Vaphiadis Greek Jewelry Designers Offer

Here are some examples of the most popular items in the Vaphiadis ancient Greek jewelry museum reproduction and costume jewelry collections.

1. Greek Key Jewelry

One of the most famous of all Hellenic patterns is known as the meander or meandros design, which in English is commonly referred to as the Greek Key motif. It’s formed by a repetitive design that resembles ancient interlocking keys in a somewhat twisting or “meandering” way, which is indeed what “meandros” means and from where the English word “meandering” is derived.

It is thought that the endlessly twisting pattern, found on Greek pottery, architecture and ancient Greek key jewelry, represents unity and infinity.

There are many variations of bracelets, pendants and other Greek key jewelry pieces that use the meandros pattern as part of a bordered edge or as an accent and others that use it as the main design element, such as the bracelets and necklaces where each link is a key.

There are hundreds of Greek key jewelry designs in the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop collections such as hoop earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sets all handcrafted in sterling silver and priced between $90 and $300. Many of the pieces feature the key link chain motif with Greek mythical gods on central pieces, such as on bracelets and necklaces, others are medallions such as the ones with a helmeted Athena head on coin-like pendants edged with the Greek key design.

2. Replicas of Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry

Amongst the items crafted by the Vaphiadis Greek Jewelry Designers for museum shops around the world are the Greek coin jewelry collections that feature an array of mythical and historical characters .

It’s impossible to name them all, but here are a few of the Greek coin jewelry items crafted into affordable pendants in sterling silver:

  1. Syracuse dekadrachm
  2. Thassos tetradrachm with Dionysus & Hercules
  3. Ainos – Hermes the messenger god & goat
  4. Larisa Coin with nymph & horse
  5. Amphipolis coinage with Apollo
  6. Delphi coin with ram & dolphins
  7. Sinope with eagle and dolphin
  8. Athenian Didrachm coin with Goddess Athena and a lion
  9. Shield Amphora
  10. Argos Wolf coin
  11. Corinthian pegasus and Swastika coin
  12. Apollonia cow and calf
  13. Alexander the Great of Macedonia coin
  14. Alexander the Great with helmeted Goddess Athena & Nike

Stylized Byzantine Greek Cross Jewelry and Traditional Greek Orthodox Jewelry

The Greek cross jewelry collections are a medley of historic and religious pieces encompassing a wide range of styles and religious cultures.

These diverse styles include Byzantine Crosses {since Byzantium was originally a Greek colony named after Greek King Bizas} as well as traditional Greek cross jewelry in Orthodox designs.

There are adaptations of various cross-type symbols that include the Byzantine Baptism Cross, stylized geometric crosses, replicas of the Byzantine Knights Templar Cross Patée, heavy Reliquary Cross Pendants, Bar Cross designs and even Double Sided Greek Orthodox Baptism Cross Pendants with rubies and emeralds.

View hundreds of pieces in the traditional Greek orthodox jewelry collections crafted in sterling silver, some with gemstones and others with decorative sculpted motifs.

Greek Crosses Jewelry Prices

The designs, with and without gemstones, handcrafted by the Vaphiadis traditional Greek jewelry designer team and sold online come in different price categories.

On the low end there are delicate Greek orthodox jewelry items for as little as $38.

On the high end there are Byzantine masterpiece replicas in museum quality sterling silver, accented with gemstones, that retail for over two hundred dollars.

For both retail and wholesale buyers, the best way to view the designs is to download the Vaphiadis Jewelry catalogue which is available from their website in a convenient PDF format.

Two Classes of Greek Goddess Jewelry

There are two distinct types of what might be termed Greek goddess jewelry.

  1. The first category includes jewelry items that feature goddesses {or at least their heads}on pendants, medallions, coins and rings. The most common pieces of female Greek mythology jewelry depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire and sexuality. The jewelry collections include every imaginable Aphrodite design – carved, etched, sculpted or otherwise depicted – on bracelets, charms, coins, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings.
  2. The second category of Greek Goddess Jewelry doesn’t have anything to do with engraved or carved goddess designs that depict a mythical figure or their heads, but pieces crafted in the style of jewelry that a goddess would wear. This means upper arm bracelets, bangles with sculpted animal-head motifs and various jewelry sets that come as goddess-style ensembles that include dangle earrings, bracelets, twisting rings and armlets. There are dozens of sets available from the Vaphiadis Family Greek jewelry designer collections and each of them are available to view in online galleries and the extensive catalogue that’s downloadable from the website.

Order eccentric goddess style Greek mythology jewelry pieces or recreations of what artist’s and sculptor’s believe goddesses might have worn.

Sets are available in sterling silver or accented with 14k gold.

Greek Gold Jewelry Sets

Solid gold jewelry in the Greek style isn’t very practical or affordable because the designs are intricate and often heavy.

The best buys in Greek gold jewelry items are those that have been crafted in high quality silver but are accented with gold.

View the designer collections that include bracelets, rings and necklaces some with gemstones and some delicately accented with twisting bands of 14k gold.