Sterling Silver and Gold Stud Earrings

Silver, white gold and yellow gold stud earrings; black diamond studs; cheap crystal and cubic zirconia earrings; emerald, tanzanite ruby, amethyst, garnet, turquoise, peridot, white and blue topaz gemstone studs; heart and flower designs; small diamond stud earrings and large square styles; pearl or rhinestone bridal stud earrings – at Jewelry & Accessories we’ve found the earrings you’ve been searching for and we show you where to shop and how much to pay.

Stud earrings – they may be a small item, but with the right gemstone or diamond, they may be the one piece of jewelry you wear day and night, or the single accessory you need for your wedding day, or even that one little piece of jewelry that pulls your entire cocktail or evening look together for a special event. Studs are a timeless classic earring that may be tiny for newborn babies, heart or flower shapes for young girls and large sparkling square or round diamond designs for women of all ages.

A genuine diamond stud earring set in gold will not be a small purchase. They start at around $149 and go all the way up to over $10,000. They are one of those classic elegant pieces of jewelry like a tennis bracelet that most women dream of having but, despite their delicacy and simplicity, are an investment that requires some thought.

Building You Own Earring Studs

To get exactly what you want, a setting that is perfect, the metal color you will wear the most, a diamond that’s the size and cut you really love, and the backing you find most comfortable, be it post or screw and ball, the best option is to build your own stud earrings in three simple steps with online companies like Diamond Studs Only.

First you pick the diamond shape, either round or princess. Then decide the setting and metal. The setting will be either a 4 prong basket style, a 3 prong basket style or a 3 prong margarita design. The metals you can choose are 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold or platinum.

The last step is to decide the diamond quality and carat, from a quarter of a carat all the way up to a full 2 carat masterpiece. In that process you will also be deciding the clarity and gem color that will determine the grade and therefore the price of the diamond. The cheapest are I2 Clarity with J-M Color, the next best are I1 Clarity with G-I Color, third is SI2 Clarity with G-I Color, forth is SI1 Clarity with G-H Color, and the very best and most expensive will probably be VS2 Clarity with G-H Color.

So how much will a pair of white gold stud earrings actually cost?

Okay. We select a princess cut, which is the most popular. We choose a four prong basket style setting because that will hold the square shape of the princess cut diamond secure. Now we choose a .25 carat diamond in the I2 Clarity with J-M Color. The price is $139. The same exact set, with the same .25 carat diamond in a top grade VS2 Clarity with G-H Color will cost $275. But the variations you can select will allow you to create a set that is anywhere between $199 and $7,950. You are totally in control of the design, the metal, the setting, the diamond cut, shape, quality and clarity, and therefore you set your own price. For example, if you choose to go with platinum instead of white gold, the very cheapest small stud earrings you will be able to design will cost $225 in a princess cut and $275 in a round and the cheapest margarita set will be at least $299.

Enlarge Your Studs

If you don’t know what a margarita stud is all about, it’s really quite simple. It’s a smaller diamond in the center and 15 smaller diamonds all around it to make it look larger. It’s one smart way to get more sparkle for a very affordable price. As an example, a small margarita stud with the lowest quality diamonds will cost $299, but the extra 15 little gems make the small central stone appear 300% larger. It’s a good option.

Black Stud Earrings

Black diamond stud earrings that are between $100 and $500 are usually genuine diamonds that have been enhanced to be a richer black. If you want some elegant choices, we suggest shopping at Diamond Studs Only.

How much will a pair of black diamond gold stud earrings cost? That will depend on the weight of the diamond you choose.

Here is a basic overview to give you a general idea.

  • A half carat, about 3.75mm, set in 14k white or yellow gold will cost $110.
  • A full carat stone, equals about 4.70mm, in a gold setting will cost $175.
  • A 1.5 carat gem, about 5mm, in a gold setting will be about $250.
  • A 2 carat that’s about 6mm, in yellow or white gold will cost about $300.
  • A 2.5 carat stone that’s about 6.5mm in gold will be $350.
  • 3 carats that are about 6.75mm in white gold will cost around $400.
  • 4 carats that are about 7.5mm will e priced at about $475.

Black Onyx Stud Earrings

A less expensive alternative to black diamonds would be black onyx stud earrings. For example there’s a pair at Heavenly Treasures that are 7mm black onyx and have solid 14kt gold posts for just under $40. The same exact style is also available in lapis, coral and turquoise stud earrings that sell for the same price.

Another choice would be a pair of oval cut black onyx studs set in 14k gold that have an accent diamond and sell through heavenly Treasures. These earrings are large cabochons, and the diamonds are .02 carats, and they are for pierced ears and cost $149. Heavenly Treasures has a variety of other choices, from oval or round pearl to square, There are also many different gemstones to choose from— prices range from about $59 to just under $200.

Garnet Stud Earrings by Heavenly Treasures

There’s no end to gemstone delights when it comes to earring studs, but the 8mm garnet stud earrings set in sterling silver sold through Heavenly Treasures really stand out. These are beautiful genuine stones, 3.8 carats in a gorgeous 6 prong setting and post backs for just $45.

Affordable Gemstones – Amethyst Stud Earrings for $25

When it comes to gemstones there’s nothing like the amethyst for being beautiful and affordable. Heavenly Treasures has 6mm amethyst stud earrings set that sells for just under $25. The gems are set in solid sterling silver and the amethysts 1.5 carats, with a 4 prong setting and post backs.

The other affordable genuine gemstones are the lovely green peridot. Crafted in the same basic styles as the amethyst design, the 6mm sterling silver peridot stud earrings, cost just under $25 as well. If you didn’t know, this gem is the August birthstone, so these studs would make a wonderful gift for a young lady born in that month.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl stud earrings come in so many variations that it might require a book to describe them all. There are flat mother of pearl styles, round mother of pearl designs that mimic round cultured pearls. There are flower and heart and star stud earrings that have been made from pearl or are enhanced or accented by seed pearls. But the classic round pearl earring is a mainstay and will forever be loved by women the world over. That is why they come in price ranges that are so varied, such as the creamy white ones set in 14k gold for $69 at Heavenly Treasures, or the chocolate round pearls studs for the same price, while there are others that are Tahitian black pearls that sells for hundreds, even thousands. For genuine cultured pearl earring sin a variety of designs including studs, you can also shop at Shecy pearls where there are freshwater, South Sea, Tahitian and Akoya for good prices and in all the colors and sizes you can dream up.

Where to Shop for High End Diamond, Pearl and Cheap Stud Earring Sets

Whether you seek sterling silver stud earrings, gold studs, diamonds, gemstones or pearls, the places to shop online are Diamond Studs Only, Heavenly Treasures and Shecy Pearls. Between these three places you’ll find the cheap designs you need for gifts, the high-end ones you buy for investment, the fashion fun sparklers to match the trends, or even the little ball stud earrings you want for your baby.

If you want blue and yellow diamonds worth thousands, black studs or white dazzling sparkle, you won’t find an easier way to decide what you want and what you can afford then working online with the jewelers at Diamond Studs Only.

If you want the cheapest gemstones in high fashion, then Heavenly Treasures will give quality and fun styles for cheap and lots of designer creations that go way beyond a simple one stone earring but may include things like coral bead studs and black and white diamond combinations and even floral a new design called a flared diamond stud that even comes in rose gold for under $200. And how about a pair of Hershey Kiss stud earring for under $90 that have been crafted in …no, not chocolate, but sterling silver!

And naturally you’ll find the very best lustrous studs if you go direct to Shecy Pearls and order straight from Asia where the cultured pearl farms abound. If you want rich blue or black or golden or even pure white pearl stud designs, you’ll find them for a lot less than may imagine.