Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets and Cuffs

Swarovski Intervalle Bangle – wide design $220; thin style $165; choose colors: silver, gold, blue, black and red; compare silver bangles, silver cuff bangle bracelets and stainless steel designs.

Search for a silver bangle in a shop or online and you’ll probably find rhodium, silver plated, brass and cheaply coated items and all sorts of fun faux bracelets that will jingle for a short while on your wrists and then turn into junk. When you do, at last, find real sterling silver bangle bracelet sets, they’re not very cheap and often they’re plain. It seems the fun exotic styles are cheap (like the great fashion jewelry sets for under $6 from Forever 21) which unfortunately don’t last a really long time, while the real ones are a bit dull or downright boring.

Yes, Tiffany has a zillion silver bangles, very chic, crisp and clean, like the new geometric shapes by Frank Gehry; for example the funky Torque collection where there’s a genuine silver bangle in a contemporary octagonal design for about $650.
You can also find the intricate styles by Paloma, like the Marrakesh bangle, sold through Tiffany’s, for over $1,000, and while it’s gorgeous and not at all boring, actually quite exotic, not everyone has that kind of a budget.

Between the really affordable sets from places like Forever 21, and the designer sterling silver bangle bracelet creations sold through Tiffany’s, there are fun designs by Amrita Singh sold through places like Couture Candy that retail for about $70.

Amrita Singh is in fact our favorite bangle bracelet designer (and we’ve talked about her previously in silver jewelry and bangle bracelet articles). We totally recommend her creations for anyone with a medium budget and an eye for exotic, somewhat ethnic jewelry.

But if your budget is medium, and your tastes are less ethnic, tribal, Indian or less inclined toward stacking sets, but you want something more refined, contemporary, chic, clean, yet not boring or unadorned, then the very best thing you can do is to take a look at the series of Swarovski stainless steel bangles called the Intervalle that come in silver-tone, gold-tone and also red, blue and black.

Take a look at each style and see for yourself why these stainless steel bracelets are in fact a great alternative to silver. Why choose stainless steel over silver. Because it’s tarnish free! But do sterling silver bangle bracelets still tarnish? Yes, they do. Not as much as previously before certain tarnish-resistant finishes came into being, but silver generally will tarnish if it comes into contact with any solution that contains bleach, chlorine and acids of a variety of types, even lemon juice or vinegar will turn silver black. Silver can also be damaged really easily, and when it comes to bangles, the thing is that they are in a place where banging on desks and bumping in general in taken for granted, and they do get scratched and dented really easily. Sometimes it’s just much easier to wear stainless steel and forget about all the fuss. Titanium is even better, but Swarovski doesn’t use titanium yet. Anyway, the Intervalle collection from Swarovski. Which we are featuring in this post, is an excellent buy, in terms of quality, price, design and color choices.

Even if you had your heart set on real silver bangles bracelets, the difference between stainless steel and silver, in this case, is almost none because the finish is done in such a way so as to look like silver. However, there’s no reason why not to choose a set of three smaller ones and have a little more sparkle. Mix and match colors and create your own style.

Any of the Swarovski Intervalle stainless steel cuffs are better than a cheap silver cuff bangle for several reason. First, stainless steel is strong, doesn’t dent easily and won’t tarnish, therefore it will last a long time. Second, the zillion genuine Swarovski crystals are set in a crystal mesh so they won’t be prone to getting damaged or falling out of a silver setting. Third, the second half of the bangle is covered in calfskin leather to match any of the color choices for a textured detail that still retains the sleek contemporary look. This design is great for formal or casual ensembles, because whether you’re wearing a strapless gown for a black tie event or a pair of jeans and a white blouse, this singular item will take on the casual or formal look of whatever outfit you choose. It’s one of those all purpose accessories that merits investing in. Match with the corresponding Swarovski earrings and you’re set for anything!

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet from Ice

Sterling silver bangles can be worn with care when dressing up, or for formal occasions, and there are some good choice that are reasonably priced, at around $150, through ICE. One is the lacey geometric mesh design that’s simple yet elegant. In fact Ice has a silver bangle set of several sizes, although sold separately, in different widths and slightly different motifs. Prices range from $150 to $250 depending on the pattern chosen and the width of the bangle or cuff.

If you’re really on a tight budget, Ice offers a payment plan to make purchasing easier.

Once again, no matter where we go to shop, the best deals are on high quality stainless steel designs, like the wide cuff that costs just $50 and is tarnish free, which means you’ get years of style instead of just a few months.

And if you think that stainless steel won’t match your other sterling silver jewelry, take a look at the color difference, really there’s very little if any.

Mens Silver Bangle Vs. Stainless Steel, Tungsten, or Titanium

If you’re about to buy a mens silver bangle or cuff, stop a minute. Please consider that men are harder on jewelry than the ladies.

A silver bangle or link bracelet will cost you about $195 (in genuine solid sterling silver) and about $175 in tungsten, titanium or stainless steel. Some items are even more affordable, but that’s not really the point. You can get the same design, or better ones, in stainless steel than in silver and they will take a considerable beating and last a lot longer than a silver one. The choice is up to you. Here are some options we recommend:

  1. For $125 a stainless steel and black carbon fiber combination bracelet with accents in 14k gold. Retails through Ice. This blend offers the best from all worlds, durability, strength and style.
  2. For $85 a Tungsten mens bracelet through Ice. Remember that titanium and tungsten are the hardest metals on the planet and will wear well; even athletes who swim, perspire while wearing their bangles or bracelets during training, continue to rave about the strength and durable nature of the masculine metals. Tarnish free, hypoallergenic, chemical and chlorine resistant…what more can you ask from a bracelet for an active man.
  3. A silver bangle for a man is not the obvious best choice, as we’ve stated. However, for a young man, who isn’t going to wear his jewelry for training, sports, swimming, showering or while fixing a car engine, then there’s an affordable and fun design that blends silver with black rubber. It’s cool, it’s sleek, it’s contemporary and it’s a mens silver bangle bracelet that costs only $85 through Ice. It’s mostly black rubber with silver accents.

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