Silver & Gold Cross Necklace Pendants

Sterling silver and gold cross necklace pendants for men and women; Maltese and Celtic cross necklace deigns; crystal, pearl and wooden crosses; Christian, Catholic and religious cross pendants; baby and childrens crosses; elaborate fashion statements and simple styles – at Jewelry and Accessories we offer suggestions on where to buy the best quality cross pendant necklace styles at affordable prices.

Whether you’re searching for a simple gold cross with religious significance or a large silver cross pendant encrusted with sparkling rhinestones for a fashion statement, we know you will find a design to suite your needs at two of the top jewelry shops online – JewelBasket and Emitations, where solid sterling silver and gold charms and pendants start at under $40.

JewelBasket Cross Necklaces

One of the most popular designs in cross necklaces is the yellow and white gold cross pendant in solid 14k gold that’s reversible. It’s a reversible design with gold on one side and silver on the other, suitable for both men and women for $173.

In a similar price range there’s an Italian gold cross necklace in solid 14kt two tone diamond cut gold that is 1 1/4 x 1 inch and costs $169. This ladies or mens cross necklace is made in Italy and is finely crafted jewelry for a discount price through JewelBasket.

Celtic Cross Necklace Styles

There are many Celtic cross necklace designs available through the JewelBasket. One is a beautiful 14kt yellow gold cross that’s 1 inch long and has the classic circular piece behind the wide crossing bars engraved with traditional Celtic motifs. This is a solid gold pendant for men or women that’s very reasonably priced at $239. This piece is retailing at other outlets for over $300, so the saving through JewelBasket are clear.

This same basic cross pendant is also available in 14kt green gold with glass enamel finish. It’s a delicate piece that’s handmade in the traditional French enamel style that uses silver copper to achieve the greenish hue. The enamel is fired at an intense heat to bring out the color even further. Since this piece is an exclusive hand crafted item, if you order online through JewelBasket, it will take about 10 days for your piece to be shipped. The green gold handmade Celtic cross necklace is priced at $392.

Celtic cross necklaces in sterling silver with a bit of antique accenting are very affordable. For example there’s a piece for just $86 that’s a classic Celtic Cross necklace, 22mm x 15mm, in solid sterling silver with black antiqued areas to highlight the lighter motif. This piece is perfect for hanging from an antique silver chain, for women, men or even children.

White Gold Celtic Cross necklace

For something a little different, there’s a large 14k white gold Celtic cross necklace with a pendant that measures 40mm x 25mm, and features the Celtic knot motif with the traditional circular center behind the wide cross section. The attention to intricate details on this piece is a beautiful recreation of the symbol that was born between the 7th and 9th centuries in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. This piece costs $470, but please compare similar versions at other jewelry shops for over $700. This piece is solid finely crafted gold and is double the size of many other cross pendants. The identical cross pendant measuring 24mm x 16mm costs $180. This smaller version is ideal as a children’s cross necklace, especially for boys, since the design is masculine and bold.

Monogrammed Old English Gold Cross Necklace

There’s a unique gold cross necklace that is personalized with your initials using old English script. This piece is a delicate yellow gold design that includes the 14k gold cross pendant that’s 1 ¼ inches long, your personalized initials, and a 20 inch gold chain with a secure lobster claw closure. The cross is finished with a high polish, and the chain is likewise polished 14k gold to match. The entire set costs $265.

This ladies or mens gold cross necklace is a final sale since the initials will be your own, it may not be returned to the JewelBasket.

Gold cross necklaces with a monogram are extremely popular as gifts at baptisms, christenings, first communions and other Christian or religious ceremonies that celebrate devotion or a commitment. Cross jewelry is ideal for those with whom we share a faith, for like minded coworkers, for children and young adults who commence a path of piety, or for those who appreciate jewelry that has a personal significance. Monogramming a cross necklace pendant gives the piece an added touch of personality and may be ideal to commemorate an event in either a child or an adult’s life. Most designs are suitable for men and women and even kids. It mostly will depend on the length of the chain and the size of the cross whether it will be suited for small children or adults.

Remember that chain lengths can be customized, so the most important part to decide on is the size of the pendant. The gold cross necklace pendants with a monogram, which we recommend is solid 14k gold and measures 1 ¼ inches. The necklace comes with a matching 14k gold chain that’s 20 inches ling and can be shortened as needed. It can be personalized with any two initials from the English alphabet and is a delicate curled script design. It costs $275. The cross itself is stylized with a rounded three point design on each cross bar. This is a very elegant piece of cross jewelry.

There’s also a similar medallion style gold cross necklace that would be ideal for a lady.

Cross necklaces for women in 14k gold with circular outer edges and a personalized monogram with the cross are retailing for around $500, but at JewelBasket, this exquisite and delicately crafted design is just $307. Due to the monogram that is personalized, please remember that all sales of this item will be final.

Modern Cross Pendant Necklace

For a sleek modern style cross pendant, there’s the 14k gold piece that is stylish and yet pious. It’s a slender 1 ¾ inches long and can be attached to a heavy or delicate chain for either a woman or a man. It’s simple and yet elegant with a high polished finish, and is very affordable at just $112.

For $133 there’s a wider braided cross that’s 2 inches long, also in solid gold, and for $132, you can have a very elaborate piece that’s a diamond cut 14k gold cross necklace with two tone gold, white and yellow mixed.

A white gold cross necklace that’s a crucifix design and can be used as a charm or a necklace pendant, is the piece that measures 3/4 ” x 7/16. This delicate piece of religious jewelry is perfect for even a child, and makes a wonderful gift and it’s very affordable at just $98.

If you’re looking for a piece that’s more decorative, yet still quite simple, there’s ladies pearl cross necklace set in 4kt yellow gold that doubles as a pin or a pendant and has ten 2mm cultured in the cross that measures 1 x ½. This delicate piece is stylish but still a classic design and costs $312.

Another stunning piece of jewelry that is ideal for Sunday church is the garnet cross necklace with six red garnets in a 14 k gold antique cross necklace design. Thiis an authentic reproduction of an antique. The cross measures 1 1/2 inches long x 7/8 inch wide and is delicately crafted with swirling motifs. Since the gemstones are real and the piece is solid gold it cost $426.

Cross necklaces for wearing to church or religious events may be simple or elaborate, however most of the styles with gemstones, rhinestones, cubic zirconia and other dazzling decorations are often worn as fashion statements paired with other chains or necklaces. Although gold may be nice, it is often not affordable for fashion jewelry ensembles that incorporate a cross pendant. Some alternatives are wooden cross necklace designs and sterling silver or even antique style pewter cross necklace designs that can be paired with pearls, silver chains or even antiqued jewelry that’s inexpensive.

Affordable Fashion Cross Necklace Pendants

Some very affordable silver cross necklaces that are perfect for fashion statements are those that are for sale at Emitations. They have many pieces for $30 to $50, lots with cubic zirconia and sparkling gems that start around $45. For fun big cross necklace designs as well as children’s cross necklace styles that are ultra cheap and kids heart cross pieces that can be worn as pendants or charms, visit Emitations and save.

There are beautiful designs with cubic zirconia and two tone cross necklace styles that incorporate pearls and other gemstones. There are several pieces that may be used for a wedding necklace and can be paired with matching earrings or other gemstone designs with or without crosses. Many Christian brides are choosing a religious cross necklace as wedding jewelry, and also selecting cross wedding rings to give an extra touch of piety to the marriage ceremony.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing unusual cross necklace designs and Emitations has a few replicas of famous pieces, some for under $40, encrusted with cubic zirconia and full of trendy Hollywood bling!

For fabulous fun costume jewelry, visit Emitations and for outstanding cross jewelry in solid gold, visit the JewelBasket.