Silver Charms for Charm Bracelets

Solid sterling silver charms for charm bracelets; gold and silver plated charms; heart, cross, angel and silver baby charms; the latest designer items like Disney, Juicy Couture, DKNY, Giorgio Martello and Italian charms; discount and cheap silver pieces; antique silver; starter bracelets – where to buy silver charms online at the best prices – This week Jewelry & Accessories brings you the very best suggestions to start, or complete, your collections.

For gifts, or adding to your own bracelet collections, we recommend JewelBasket and Treasure Box and we feature sterling silver charms from these two jewelry shops. We start our tour with the top designer items from Treasure Box, where the latest designer silver charms for bracelets are very reasonably priced and easy to order.

Juicy Couture Sterling Silver Charm Designs from Treasure Box

Although the majority of the Juicy Couture line of charms are gold-tone, they are in fact silver with gold plating, which accounts for the low price of these small charms that have become all the rage amongst girls and young ladies.

From flying pink pigs, double-decker buses, London phone booths and Queen’s Guard charms to pink notebooks, jewel encrusted mushroom caps and high-heel stilettos, Juicy Couture charms have a little something to jingle and jangle on your wrist no matter if your taste is trendy chic or funky with a humorous twist.

The most recent additions to the Juicy Charms are the following:

A limited edition gold plated mushroom Juicy Couture charm is a finely crafted piece with brown enamel with faux pearls with clear crystals accents. If you already have the gold plated silver charm bracelet that goes with the Juicy line, then you will find this single charm is very affordable at about £60 or just under $100.

Most of the new silver charm pieces are about that price range, however there are other ways to buy Juicy Couture charms and charm bracelets for a lot less.

Juicy has some prepackaged sets which include five charms and a simple starter bracelet for about £77 or about $125. This is a great way to get started. Some of the sterling silver charms sets have one particular theme, such as a musical topic with instruments or a high fashion ensemble with faux diamonds, high-heels and bows. Some of the sets are silver charm bracelets, others rings and still others charm necklaces with 4 to 6 charms that can be added.

If you are just begging your Juicy sterling silver charm bracelet collection, then you’ll need this silver 14ct gold plated starter charm bracelet that includes the signature Juicy Couture heart charm and the chain where you can add other charms you desire. For £45 or about $73, you get the bracelet, or for just a little more, the same style charm necklace.

One of the other newest to the Juicy range is the Queen’s Guard charm that comes complete with the oversized black hat and red enamel with clear crystals to give a little sparkle. It’s priced at about £59 or $95 through Treasure Box. For the same price, you can also choose the cherry red enamel London telephone booth to start a travel theme collection.

The great thing about ordering through Treasure Box is that your silver bracelets and charms come in gorgeous jewelry boxes of their own, ready to be given as a gift, or to have a private jewelry storage for each of your charms. The soft pink lining in each custom jewelry box is perfect for girls.

Juicy Couture is always coming out with new silver charms for bracelets to be added slowly. Let everyone know you collect them and surely you will get a few on your birthday and Christmas.

DKNY Charms and Bracelets

Although the majority of charms are silver or gold-tone, the DKNY collection we present is not about silver charms bracelets and necklaces but something that looks similar – stainless steel. We mention them because many buyers at first glance believe they are silver and are searching where to buy them at an affordable price. Treasure Box has two pieces that are very reasonable because they come as sets, with the bracelet and 4 to 7 charms already included for between £120 ($194) and £135 ($217) for each complete charm set.

One of the bracelets is elegant well suited for women, including a watch charm and sparkling gemstone studded locks and tags.

The other piece is more youthful and trendy with fun charms that include a Champaign glass, a high-heel shoe and a small clutch purse charm, amongst others. All the DKNY charms ordered through Treasure Box are authentic and come in the official DKNY signature jewelry box ready to be given to a lucky girl or lady.

Continuing with designer and high-end sterling silver charm bracelets and silver charms, we next focus on a the collection of Giorgio Martello silver charms

Silver Charms Charm Bracelets & Designer Jewelry by Giorgio Martello

The sterling silver charm collection by Giorgio Martello can be sophisticated and sparklingly elegant for women or fun, frivolous and trendy for girls.

There are gleaming crystal charms, personalized letter charms, zodiac signs and lots of fun novelty charms, starting at just £19 ($30) through Treasure Box. Create complete bracelet sets with a series of charms that include flags, shoes, dolphins, keys, balls, architectural monuments or simple silver heart charm designs with crystal or red enamel or create a personalized charm bracelet with letters of your name.

There are heart charms encrusted with crystal and plain silver heart charms, there are key charms with gemstones and simple styles with no sparkle.

Select locks and pearls or zodiac charms. The one thing you can be assured is that they are high quality solid silver charms that will dangle on your bracelets for a long time.

For example the sterling silver padlock charm encrusted with white pave stones also has a clip so the charm can be removed or interchanged with other pieces easily. Some of the lock and key designs are made in the antique silver charm style, with darker silver and crystal detail to mimic aged pieces.

Most of the Giorgio Martello silver charms for bracelet designs are about £25-£35 ($40 – $56) and will be shipped from Treasure Box in 1 or 2 days in the official jewelry boxes from Giorgio Martello.

These are cheap silver charms that are genuine designer creations and not fake imitations! You needn’t buy copies of discount silver charms when you can have the real deal for almost the same price as really cheap costume jewelry.

Silver Charm UK

For silver charms UK customers can order with ease, priced in GBP, go to the Treasure Box website specific for UK residents and select overnight shipping options for rush gift delivery and lots of gift voucher and discount options specific for UK shoppers.

Official Disney Silver Charms for Bracelets

There’s hardly a child who doesn’t have a favorite Disney character they’d love to have dangling on their wrist, from jewelry styles like Pooh and Piglet to Cinderella silver bracelet charms filled with fairytale dreams. That’s why the silver charm jewelry collection by Treasure Box has included a complete line of Disney Couture fairytale charms for all those who are young or at least young at heart.

Since gold is often the color of dreams, many of the Disney silver charms are in fact plated with 24ct gold. For example one complete set is the Cinderella Charm Collection, which comes complete with a 24ct gold plated Cinderella charm bracelet featuring and the matching charms: a castle, a white carriage, a dove, a mirror, a pink locket with a clock, all packaged in a storybook for just £75 or $120. If you’ve been looking for detailed childrens antique silver charms with gold plating, you won’t find any pieces better quality or more affordable than these. And any girl will be delighted to open her book and find a complete set of 4 Disney charms and the bracelet ready to wear. For birthday or Christmas gifts this is a small price to pay to see little eyes twinkle with delight.

To add single charms to an existing bracelet, there are pieces for as little as £17 to £20 ($27-$32) like the fun teacup and saucer, or Disney Peter Pan Black Treasure Chest Charm. All these Disney Couture cute charms are gold plated and enameled and come in small Disney storybooks. 

There are so many options you can select, but if you want to get started there’s a very affordable solution. The Disney Couture 20cm gold plated charm bracelet is ready to add charms to, and comes with one included with the starter bracelet – the Cinderella’s Castle charm. The bracelet and first charm is very reasonably priced at just £25 ($40) and comes in the official Disney storybook jewelry box for no additional cost.

JewelBasket Disney Charms

For additional Disney charms suitable for boys and girls, the JewelBasket has nearly every Disney character ever created. From fun frolicking Pluto to delicate little mermaid heart charms for girls. Almost all are priced under $50, some much less, and all are solid .925 sterling silver with rhodium plating and come packaged in the official Walt Disney jewelry boxes. Cut jewelry doesn’t get better!

JewelBasket Silver Baby Charms

The top designs in baby charms at JewelBasket are in white gold with genuine diamonds and can be upwards of $100, however there are some silver charms that are very reasonable at under $40 and some for just $20 to $30 like the 925 sterling silver baby cup charm that comes with a ring so as to attach to a charm necklace or bracelet.

There are so many designs of silver charms for babies and moms that we can’t name them all, but one design that is unique is the twin baby charm, in solid silver, that features two babies facing each other. There are also similar designs with an area for engraving a name or a date.

The silver charms sold through JewelBasket are high quality silver that has been rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing so you can wear your charms for many years without need of scrubbing, just a quick polish from to time will suffice.

JewelBasket Silver Charm Bracelet Charms in many styles

A solid silver charm from the JewelBasket is not just about a piece of jewelry for children or girls, there are styles for every taste and budget, for kids and women. From sterling silver baseball charms to silver heart charm designs and even the popular silver angel charm styles that have a variety of shapes.

There are silver cross charms that work as charm necklace silver pieces or for bracelets and even silver charm ring ideas. There are #1 Mom, candy cane, and lots of I LOVE YOU charms with personalized areas for engraving a message or a date or a name. Engravable charms are the most versatile pieces of jewelry, for lovers, friends and even school children, to give on Valentines Day. And these are all really affordable at about $20.

Jewelbasket has some very fun pink enamel silver baby charms for about $35 and lots of fun animals, stars, and motifs like the silver ice-cream charm.

Cross and star charms are two of the favorites, and JewelBasket has some very good choices, like the 18mm sterling silver star charm which is a five point star with a jump ring so it may be easily attached to any charm bracelet or necklace. This is a piece that is quite large and is a very high polished rhodium plated silver so it will not tarnish.

In silver cross charms there are simple modern designs and more traditional ones, but the prices are excellent since, for example, this contemporary cross (part of the large silver collection) sells for just $22, as do most of the designs at JewelBasket.

Some other 925 silver charms that are for sale are the St. Christopher, musical charms, male and female symbols, ying yang and Buddha charm, sports and horse charms as well as fairies, ballerinas and animal charms. There are also birthstones and the famous Rona K. kids charms in 14k white gold.

Whether you are looking to buy simple silver charms that are handmade, designer, or discount silver heart charm bracelets, you will find all you need at JewelBasket and Treasure Box.

Italian Charms by Silver Flake

For Italian charms, there is another place you can shop, it’s called Silver Flake. They have a large assortment of ladies jewelry silver charms for bracelets in the popular Italian style for under $10 each, and complete silver bracelets and charms for as little as $25 to $50.

Heavenly Treasures Italian Zoppini Charms

For really cheap charms and bracelets there are many more designs in costume and fashion jewelry styles at both JewelBasket and Treasure Box, but there is yet another place called Heavenly Treasures that has a fine selection of Italian charms and Zoppini Italian jewelry at prices below $25.

If you would like to explore more silver charm bracelets and other bracelet and bangle options and get more suggestions on where to shop for silver jewelry online, please see the other articles that Jewelry & Accessories has featured over the past weeks.