Silver Jewelry – Silver Bracelets

If your first bracelet was a tiny red cord tied around your wrist or a charm bracelet to keep you safe from the evil eye (mal de ojo) when you were a baby, then you probably still have a charm bracelet, a set of bangle bracelets or a silver bangle on your wrist right now. Sterling silver rings and necklaces are lovely and silver earrings are a must, but the tinkle of bracelets and bangles is addictive. The dependence may not be only to the sound they make, but the sensual and mysterious way they caress skin as they shift with movements.

There’s something alluring about a woman with bracelets, or a man with a single silver bangle, perhaps because they conjure images of gods and goddesses with serpent head armlets, Egyptian queens on divans raising their jangling wrists to signal for more wine while waiting for their lovers or pharaohs – yes, very Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, but not just the Hollywood version with bejeweled Elizabeth Taylor. Bracelets are an Egyptian legacy to the world that began thousands of years before Christ – with the scarab bracelet – a sacred and pious emblem that exemplified the sun-god’s rebirth at midday, and consequently, the symbol of eternal life.

silver jewel scarab bracelet

It is the Egyptians who brought us the bracelets and jewelry and symbols copied through the ages – the Ankh, the eye of Horus, the lotus and the glorious falcon, worn on arms and wrists until today (with replicas sold at the Tutankhamun Shop and other Museum Shops).

Bracelets are also part of imperial jewelry collections of the Chinese, especially with jade, and of the Greeks with the winding shapes up the arm, and from the ancient Romans who added gemstones to similar spiraling armlets and cuff bracelets, and the Byzantine styles of interlocking link bracelets.

Today, aside from them being a fashion accessory or a statement of personal individuality, they also remain the traditional marriage jewelry for brides in India – 21 red bracelets to be precise, with long dangling karliras charms.

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

The difference between a BANGLE bracelet and other kinds of wrist jewellery is that a bangle will usually be a circular piece of silver (or gold or other precious metal) that is a set measurement and has no clasp or opening. These are then slipped onto the wrist, often requiring the wearer to make their hand as small as possible for the bangle to fit over the hand. They are often worn in multiples and move freely about the wrist making a jingling, jangling or tinkling sound as they touch.


Bangles as we know them, originated in India, and to this day, the best bangles are Indian, Punjabi, Pakistani, Arabian or South East Asian. Sikh men wear a single bangle called a kada which is usually made of iron or steel, and women from the Punjab use chooda bangles for their traditional marriage ceremonies.

Bangle bracelets can be extremely ornate with jewels and gemstones or may have dangling charms and a kind of bell that tinkles, or be painted wood or plain metal. There are also porcelain bangles and bone jewelry with enamel overlays or copper incorporating handcrafted mother of pearl inlays.

Silver and gold bangles are often blended with rubies and emerald jewelry or more recently embellished with fake diamonds known as cubic zirconia. A silver bangle with white sparkling stones is not the traditional style for Hindu, Punjabi or Asian wedding jewellery (since red and gold bangle bracelets are the norm), however many innovative modern jewelry designers have adapted traditional Indian/Asian styles to create magnificent sterling silver bangles embellished with cz gemstones or even add trendy pink diamonds or use pave techniques with pink rubies or pink sapphires or rose garnets to give the entire surface a pinkish or reddish tone.

Curiously, in a reverse twist of evolution, many Indian brides are now selecting these modern pink silver bangles for their wedding instead of deep red jewels set in gold.

Wholesale Jewellery Outlets for Fabulous Indian Bangle Bracelet

There are some discount jewelry centers online where you can find really cheap jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry items in Indian bangle styles, especially for stylish young ladies who like to wear dozens of bangles all at once.

Wholesale jewellery outlets often have retail discounts as well, such as a company called SD Fashions who have an impressive selection of fashion bangles in literally thousands (they claim to have over 5,500 different designs) of totally unique Indian bangles. Their fashion jewelry is cheap but not cheaply made. They offer wholesale prices that are affordable even for the public (although to get the discounts you must buy more than one set). They have genuine kundan bangles and authentic wedding chooras, kundan glass bangles and jhumka bangles, some for as little as $3 or $4 each. And they’re not teeny little pieces of jewelry; some are really wide with charms and delicate inlayed details. Others are more like cuff bracelets because they are so wide, but in fact they’re still called bangles.

The point is that silver bangle bracelets that are genuine, even handmade silver bracelet creations need not be expensive if you buy from the right places (or if you happen to travel to India or Asia and can pay in rupees). Cheap silver bracelets in gorgeous Indian bangle styles and handmade silver bracelets accented with beads and crystals and imitation gemstones can be ubber fun and inexpensive.

And they are NOT just for teenagers! I wear about 29 Indian bangles on my wrists and arms and let’s just say I’ve already had a few non-teen birthdays. As I write this and look at the choices that are available, and see a whole set of Lac Choora bridal bangles with mirrors and studded stone all for just $6.50, I think I’ll take a break and buy a few for myself!

Modern Silver Bracelets Bangles

Contemporary bangles are not just Indian creations any longer. Some of the best jewelry houses that exist, such as Tiffany’s, DeBeers and others top jewelry retailers also have contemporary silver jewelry designs. Here are two extraordinary bangles in totally different price ranges:

    tiffany silver bangle
  • De Beers Flexible Diamond Bangle (sterling silver bangle bracelet) for only – $70,000
  • Tiffany Somerset wide silver bangle bracelet for – $425

Now that bangles have become internationally popular there are many custom jewelry designers who make unique twists on traditional settings like the sterling silver bamboo bangle for $65 or the silver Puka Shell bangle from Seaweed Boutique. There are also some delicate original creations, like the sterling silver Torq bangle by Jing Jewellery for £50 or the Open Twist bangle for £45.

Silver Charm Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets with dangling charms or cubic zirconia bracelets in Italian charm bracelet style are all the rage. I sometimes wonder if the difficult economic times we face is not responsible in some way for having spawned a need to once again believe in magic, to hope that a charm or amulet or talisman might bring us out of a troubled economy, or perhaps it’s a way to escape reality and live an illusion – in any case, there is a renaissance of the charm bracelet collecting. These bracelets can be anything from the magical kingdom of Disney and Mickey Mouse fantasia to a princess silver heart charm bracelet or a serious diamond or Swarovski crystal charms bracelets worth thousands of dollars.

silver charm bracelet

Charm bracelets that mimic the noble gentry styles of the Victorian era, or pieces that were popular during the Second World War, or those that became hip in ‘50’s as a means to record events in people’s lives, can now be obtained as vintage or antique jewellery charms.

There are also Venetian or Murano glass charms that will never go out of style and are copied in such new collection as the Pandora charm bracelet and the Juicy Couture bracelets. Although, it must be stated that Juicy Couture charms are a collection unto themselves, with fun and whimsical pieces that vary from diamond studded letters of the alphabet to create your personal name to little dangling Chinese take-out boxes, pink notebook or even pink frosted cupcakes and ice-cream cone charms.

Charming Italian Silver Bracelets

The biggest craze appears to be the Italian charm bracelet, which offers a means to collect trinkets a little different than the traditional ones because the charms usually don’t dangle down from the bracelet, rather they are set into flat icons or soldered onto the interlocking pieces that either snap onto a basic bracelet or are added onto a stretch silver bracelet band. These bracelets are quite expensive; even the ones that are designed for young jewelry buyers, like the juicy Couture Collection, seem rather pricey.

There are a few cheap jewelry options, mostly with tiny enamel charms and usually these bracelet styles will be copper or brass with thin silver plating and not pure 925 silver bracelets or corresponding charms.

The least expensive place for silver jewelry online, which I have found, to buy these Italian charm bracelets is Charms Land, and although they have a great selection, I believe their selection is mostly for children or young adults. For example they have a German Shepherd Dog Photo Charm for $13.55, a State (of the USA) for$4.96, a Star Girl Laser Charm for $6.55, a December Snow Gold Laser Charm for $7.99, and a Wreath and Candle Gold Laser Charm also for $7.99.

For elegant silver charms bracelets styles you’ll have to go to silver jewellery online shops like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Blue Nile, Tiffany, Saks Fifth Avenue, Links of London and even Amazon. Most of these high quality jewelry retailers offer a means for customers to make their own custom bracelets by selecting the base bracelet and then adding whatever charm (or charms) suits their fancy.

Vintage or Antique Charm Bracelets

Since the sterling silver charm bracelet has been around for centuries, and has been an on again off again trend through ancient and modern history, a good place to get something a little different is by searching for vintage costume jewelry shops that carry unusual pieces. Some vintage or antique charms may also fit onto modern silver charm bracelets, and if they are made of good quality silver, these antique jewellery silver charms and bracelets will go well together.

ocean link bracelet sorrelli vintage antique silver

The other thing to keep in mind is that you need not buy the expensive basic or starter sterling silver charm bracelets that are sold for that specific purpose; you can also go with a basic silver chain bracelet and then simply add charms as you find the ones that go with your collection style.

Charm bracelets, as I said earlier are primarily sold in silver these days; however there are some gold charm bracelet designs to choose from if you can afford the price. Most are hundreds of dollars with each charm being $50 to $70 or more, making the total bracelet price quickly add up into the thousands. (There is also a sterling silver ring that has a series of charms you can attach to it, and this option is more affordable but since it isn’t for the wrist really isn’t too satisfactory.)

Silver Bracelets for Bridesmaid Jewelry

When planning a wedding, the wedding rings and bride & groom jewelry are things never forgotten, at least not until the groom arrives at the church and discovers he doesn’t have the ring, but usually they have been purchased in advance of the wedding day. The bride’s earrings, necklaces and little jewelry niceties are usually on the bridal list, and one way or another, a bride will probably have her jewelry selected long before the big day. But one aspect of wedding planning that sometimes gets overlooked is the selection of jewelry for the bridal party.

Yes, the gowns and tuxedos are all arranged in advance, but what will the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear as accessories? What earrings will the maid of honor have to match the dress? Will she have bracelets or bangles or just a pendant and chain around her neck? Will it be silver or gold, chunky, simple, modern or antique? When a bride envisions her wedding day, she often has all these details in her mind, how each bridesmaid will look, and how everything will unfold in fluid elegance, but sometimes the idea of what is elegant to the bride is not what her bridesmaids have in their jewelry boxes.

One lovely touch that many brides have employed successfully is to give a small thank you present to each of her bridesmaids BEFORE the wedding. If this gift is a piece of jewelry that will match the wedding attire, the bridesmaids will wear it and the accessory problem is solved. But what should that gift be? It can be a small chain and diamond or cz pendant, a pair of pearl earrings or diamond (or fake diamond) earrings or even a simple set of solid silver bracelets.

A womens silver bracelet is a tasteful present that can be used for the wedding and also for other events afterward, so a bridesmaid may find it a useful gift as well as a keepsake of the day. It can be a classic design with a bit of sparkle or something wild depending on the wedding theme and colors. Womens silver bracelets are affordable in cubic zirconia and sterling silver settings so there is no need for a large financial expenditure on the part of the bride. A silver bracelet for a bridesmaid can be as little as $20 and will be of relatively good quality.

Mens Silver Bracelets

A mens silver bracelet or a sterling silver cuff bracelet is a piece of jewelry that distinguishes many men, often as having traveled or as having a distinctive personal style. You needn’t be Sikh to wear a bracelet! Men’s bracelets, although less common than womens styles, are far more unique in theme and design, often borrowing motifs from ancient warrior styles, medieval knight themes or natural tribal styles.

Although men’s jewelry is often chunky and wider than the female versions, heavy silver bracelets are not the only choices for men, neither are silver link bracelets the only options. A heavy silver bracelet, or extra large silver bracelet, can give the necessary weight and texture for a masculine wrist while still incorporating sculpted patterns, twists and knots, hand carved or etched motifs or even be partly leather. These masculine mens bracelets, unlike silver cufflinks that are for formal attire, can be a casual piece of jewelry worn every day as a statement of discreet sophistication while not being feminine or even metro sexual in nature.


Mens bracelet options can be as simple as a single uniquely shaped solid silver bracelet with no other adornment whatsoever (like the piece my husband wears), or silver cuff bracelets with a gemstone or a chunk of turquoise or a piece of amber in the centre, or a chunky silver link bracelet for a man with a few charms or talismans collected along his travels.

Silver chain bracelets used to be the male bracelet classic but men’s silver bracelets have come a long from the days of imitation gangster or pimp jewelry that often included fashion styles with huge gold necklaces and unbuttoned shirts. And on the other extreme, mens contemporary fashion and accessories are not the 1980’s Miami Vice creamy suites and t-shirts under Armani jackets or Italian sport coats with white linen pants and sockless loafers, or pastel green and fuchsia shirts with flashes of diamond encrusted gold watches at the cuffs and dark Ray-Ban sunglasses at twilight.

National Geographic Men’s Bracelets

Today’s man can be a Miami man or can be a rugged international word traveler with National Geographic appeal. And speaking of National Geographic, there’s a fantastic company called Novica, in association with National Geographic, which has a selection of truly world-class men’s silver bracelets that are works of art for socially conscious men. All their jewelry is handcrafted and comes from places such as Bali, Thailand and Mexico, featuring jewelry creations by Thai designer Achara, and Wayan Asmana who replicates men’s bracelets once worn by Indonesian knights and warriors.

They also offer bracelets by Gustavo Sanchez and Oscar Figueroa, two Mexican designers, who craft contemporary and urban themes in silver and leather for some of the most fascinating men’s leather bracelets on the market. Here are some of their top mens bracelet designs:

  • Men’s sterling silver bracelet Royal Scrolls –by Achara from Thailand – $65.69
  • Men’s sterling silver bracelet Kingdom—by Achara from Thailand – $73.79
  • Men’s sterling silver bracelet Courage –by Putu Putri from Bali/Java – $79.95
  • Sterling silver bracelet Aztec Sun Glyph –by Africa Barrera from Mexico – $119.95
  • Leather braided bracelet Bold Brown –by Rosa Tomatis from the Andes – $71.99
  • Leather bracelet At Hand –by Rosa Tomatis from the Andes – $71.96
  • Leather braided bracelet Desert Paths –by Rosa Tomatis from the Andes -$103.49

  • Men’s sterling silver bracelet Two Paths –by Kadek Wijanegara from Bali/Java – $99.95
  • Men’s sterling silver pendant bracelet New Classic –by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $119.95
  • Men’s sterling silver pendant bracelet Balinese Warrior –by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $111.59
  • Men’s sterling silver pendant bracelet Balinese Knight – by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $125.99
  • Men’s sterling silver bracelet Wisdom – by Kadek Wijanegara from Bali/Java – $124.95
  • Men’s sterling silver bracelet Dragon – by Kadek Wijanegara from Bali/Java – $119.95
  • Men’s sterling silver cuff bracelet Unity – by Putu Putri from Bali/Java – $80.99
  • Men’s sterling silver braided bracelet Silver Choices – by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $102.59
  • Men’s sterling silver braided bracelet Two Halves – by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $132.95
  • Men’s sterling silver link bracelet Freedom – by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $130.49
  • Leather bracelet Silver Sheen – by Alicia de la Paz from Mexico – $42.85
  • Leather cuff bracelet Challenge – by Komang Widiana from Bali/Java – $82.95
  • Men’s sterling silver braided bracelet Sparkling Brook – by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $73.79

  • Men’s sterling silver braided bracelet Silver Dragon – by Wayan Asmana from Bali – $89.99

All these fabulous mens bracelets can be ordered online, which is part of the Novica philosophy, to be able to bring together international buyers and artisans who create the jewelry all around the world.

Silver versus White Gold Bracelet

  • Hypoallergenic metals and sensitive skin concerns – A sterling silver bracelet is usually 95% or 98% pure silver while white gold is a mix of gold, silver, palladium, nickel or other alloys. To make a piece of white gold jewelry appear brighter, it is usually rhodium plated or enhanced to be more luminous and whiter. This can make a piece of jewelry attractive, however it is good to note that nickel is the metal that often causes metallic allergies, skin rashes and other discomforts for jewelry wearers.

    So, if you have sensitive skin (or the person you are buying the jewelry for has previously reacted adversely to some metals) silver may be the better choice. However, titanium is also a white metal and is hypoallergenic, as is surgical steel or Stainless Steel Jewelry.

  • Tarnishing of Silver and white gold – A white gold bracelet does not look much different than a silver one; however the negative side to silver is that it tarnishes and must be polished or cleaned, while white gold will not tarnish.

    What makes white gold appear to tarnish is the fact that rhodium plating on the surface may wear off and what remains is the pure, creamier colored, white gold, which is not as luminous without the extra outer enhancement.

  • White gold and silver jewellery price differences – If selecting sterling silver cuff bracelets, or other heavy bracelets or chunky jewelry that contains a lot of metal, you will find that the price of white gold is very high – simply because it contains some gold.

    The sterling silver bracelet of equal size and weight will cost much less and therefore may be the better buy if it is for fashion or fun costume jewelry. All that said; white gold is generally regarded as a superior quality metal.

Silver Christmas Bracelet Gifts

pandora Christams Charm Bracelet

A silver bracelet as a Christmas gift may not be what you’re thinking about in September or October, and maybe not even in November, but come December you’ll be happy you took the time to plan ahead and find some special jewelry pieces for those on your list.

Okay, when it comes to Christmas shopping, early or last minute, you don’t want to spend hours and hours reading about what to buy, you want to make your list, find the items and check them off! So, here are some very specific items that might help you cross off a few items on your list:

  • Sterling silver 12 Days of Christmas Charm Bracelet, is a 7 inch long sterling silver charm bracelet suitable for adults or children, with a charm for each of the 12 items listed in the famous holiday Christmas song, which naturally includes: twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, ten lords a-leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maids a-milking, seven swans a-swimming, six geese a-laying, five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree! All this Christmas charm costs about $108.
  • White on Silver Snowflake Bangle is bright white-enameled snowflakes scattered across a polished bangle for under $13. Perfect for a teen gift.
  • Multi Christmas Lights Bracelet is a stretch bracelet with green faceted beads, enamel Christmas charms and multicolored Christmas lights. This is a fun little piece ideal for children for under $15.
  • Merry Christmas Heart Bracelet is a hammered silver bracelet with red and green crystal hearts and Merry Christmas spelled out along with snowflakes, Santa Claus and snowmen links on a stretch bracelet – all for just under $13. Great little gift for a young girl.

Upscale Christmas bracelets for those who aren’t on a tight budget might include:

  • The Christmas Pandora ready-made bracelet has a Pandora Christmas tree in the center together with a genuine diamond flower charm and snowflake charm with cubic zirconia, which also has a 14kt gold clasp. This tasteful bracelet is ready-made for about $700 or you can select a few Pandora charms that you like and create your own personalized gift. Each charm is about $70, like the gorgeous silver and gold Christmas tree charm.

Here’s a good Christmas gift idea:

If you know someone on your list is collecting Pandora charms or Juicy Couture charms, then you needn’t go to the expense of buying a complete bracelet. Just buy them one single charm to add. Here are some gorgeous little charms I recommend:

  • Pandora Sterling Silver Christmas Tree Bead with Gold Star
  • Pandora Sterling and 14 Karat Gold I Love You Bead
  • Pandora Sterling Present or Gift Box Bead
  • Pandora Sterling Silver Present Bead
  • Pandora Sterling Angel of Hope Bead
  • Pandora Sterling Silver Snowman Bead
  • Pandora Sterling Silver Boy Bead
  • Pandora Sterling Silver Snowflake Bead
  • Juicy Couture Christmas Tree Charm Limited Edition
  • Juicy Couture Limited Christmas Santa Charm
  • Juicy Couture Christmas Ice Skate Limited Charm
  • Juicy Couture Christmas Tree Stocking Charm
  • Juicy Couture Christmas Stocking Bracelet Charm

For a unique Christmas bracelet, you can also select a series of silver beads or charms from Pandora or Juicy Couture, like the Christmas tree, snowman, a present bead and a few red and green Murano glass pieces as a final detail.

Silver Heart Bracelet

Silver heart bracelets are perhaps best known as jewelry for little girls, but there are women’s styles that make good gifts from an admirer, lover or friend on Valentines Day. Some are very expensive and incorporate diamonds and other gemstones; often a pink diamond or a soft rose colored ruby or even a tinted CZ gemstone or a garnet. Others are so affordable they can be given even to children and young ladies who may be prone to losing jewelry.

  • Sterling silver heart bracelets like the one for sale at JC Penney is tasteful, elegant and good value at just under $45.
  • There’s also the sterling silver Marcasite Heart Bracelet for about $41, or the sterling Silver 1/2 carat cubic zirconia heart bracelet for under $60.
  • How about a simple and chic cubic zirconia tennis bracelet with hearts or a silver heart links bracelet by FMC for about $26?
  • There’s also a heart bracelet made by Zina, which is about 7inches long and costs about $70.
  • On the lower price range, try a Relic Silver Heart Bracelet for less than $15, and has a delicate toggle clasp. A perfect little girls silver bracelet!
  • In a similar price range there’s a lovely silver kid heart bracelet for less than $30 which has some colorful jewels set in polished 925 sterling silver link chain with a lobster claw closure.
  • For a really great deal, try a Walmart silver multi-chain open heart bracelet for just under $20.

Silver Ankle Bracelet – Anklets

The world of anklets, ankle bracelets and toe/foot/ankle jewelry has spread throughout the barefoot world from India, Egypt, Bedouin communities and the Middle East, where women wear bracelets on both ankles. In India, some are called paayal, pajeb or jhan-jhar and may be chain link bracelets or circular bands of metal which may or may not also have tinkling bells or jangling charms that chime as women walk.

Ankle bracelets are also part of the traditional jewellery worn for Indian marriages along with bracelets and red silk saris. In Middle Eastern culture, some of the ankle bracelets that are worn on both ankles are joined together by a short piece of chain, which forces the woman to take small, feminine strides thought to be a more modest way for women to walk. Although this practice has not caught on in the western world, for obvious reasons, it is still quite a common practice in the east.

Ankle bracelets have had mythical and practical significance throughout history, in some cases denoting slavery, women who are loose or available, or may even be prostitutes, but sometimes an ankle bracelet denotes exactly the opposite, marking a woman as being taken or married. In modern history, an anklet once denoted a woman who was a swinger, however this connotation and symbolism has fallen by the wayside, and anklets are primarily, in western cultures, a form of decoration, another place to wear jewelry, like piercings and body jewelry of all kinds.

It is feminine jewelry loved by ladies who appreciate going barefoot, ideal for sunbathing and beachwear. In the west, ankle bracelets in 925 silver jewelry settings are the most common due to the price, however in India and other places, gold is still the preferred metal. A simple anklet can be as little as $20 for a solid sterling silver chain or as much as several thousand dollars for ankle jewelry with diamonds or gemstones.

Ankle bracelets, even in cosmopolitan settings, carry with them a casual or rebellious attitude, and many professional women refrain from wearing them in office or corporate settings, not only because they are difficult to wear with certain types of footwear and impossible to wear with hosiery or nylons, but because they reflect a lax or casual approach to life. They are primarily the jewelry of beach goers and sun worshipers and those who have the luxury of walking the earth with bare feet.

Silver ID Bracelet

ID bracelets have many uses aside from being personalized jewelry that’s fun because it has your name on it. The main reason people have gold or silver ID bracelets made is for medical purposes, especially if it involves a child or someone who may not be able to give adequate information to doctors in an emergency.

A simple name bracelet, in such cases may not be enough, and therefore there are bracelets and necklaces that not only have a person’s name but will also have a symbol or some information pertaining to that person’s known medical condition, such as Alzheimer’s medical IDs, asthma ID, diabetes medical bracelets, epilepsy medical alert jewelry, or other Ids for heart conditions or allergies to medications. There are the standard links silver bracelet styles that have a chain bracelet and a silver plate for name and information, but there are also other designs that are less clinical.

Here are just a few:

  • Stainless Stretch Medical ID Bracelet

  • Brown Leather with Surgical Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet
  • Italian Leather 5 Strand Medical ID Bracelet in Pink
  • Leather and Hemp Diabetes ID Bracelet
  • Red Stone Bead Bracelet with Sterling Loop for Medical Id Charm
  • Pretty in Pink Silver Bead Bracelet
  • Turquoise and Sterling Bead Bracelet
  • Purple Passion Glass and Sterling Bead Bracelet
  • Sterling Ball Beaded Bracelet
  • St. Patty’s Green and Silver Bead Bracelet
  • Sapphire Blue and Silver Bead Bracelet
  • Chunky Silver Links of Hope Bracelet
  • Beach Escape Links of Hope Bead Bracelet
  • Moulin Rouge Links of Hope Beaded Bracelet

Most Medical alert or medical Id bracelets are inexpensive, between $12 to under $60, even for solid sterling silver bracelets, and even a gold plated Id can be less than $30 or $40.

Aside form medical purposes, a silver Id bracelet is great for children, especially if their name, address or telephone number is engraved on the bracelet incase they wander off or are lost in a crowd. There are similar bracelets that are made of fabric with Velcro closures and the child’s information written with an indelible marker on some area of the bracelet.

These are good and inexpensive, however, a silver bracelet will be stronger, less likely to be taken off, and the information engraved into silver will not be smudged or destroyed as easily. For a wonderful selection of unique ID bracelets, go to Sticky Jewelry, where you will also find a selection of medical alert charms, confirmation and holy communion, first communion and baptism charms that can be added to necklaces and other jewelry bracelets.

Silver Beaded Bracelet

Silver Bead Bracelets can be purchased ready made or they can be bought as bead bracelet silver pieces that you add to your own creations. Since some silver beads come with letters or numbers engraved into them, some fun ideas are to create little poem bracelets or name bracelets or even scripture bracelets for those who want to remember their favorite biblical or religious quote.

Silver beaded bracelets are also good to make mommy bracelets (that say MOM or MUM for mother’s Day) and beaded bracelets with birthstone colors. Some beaded bracelet names are Fruit of the spirit, Purity, Generations, Adoption, Initials, Message, Grandmother Bracelets, and even cancer awareness bracelets are often made from silver beads.

Make your Own Beaded Bracelets

Because bead bracelets are fun to make and personalize for those we care about like mother’s sisters and teachers, these handmade bracelets are often more than just the sum of the silver or crystals or decorations from which they have been made. Personalized bracelets from silver beads represent an effort of love, a gesture that even young children can make even if they have almost no money of their own to buy jewelry as gifts.

Uncommon Beads

Naturally the most common types of bead bracelets are the initial and birthstone designs which are created from sterling silver alphabet beads and letters, numbers and/or Greek letters and intermittent Swarovski crystal beads to add the personalized birthstone color accent. Silver beads come in many shapes, not just round or oval, but also bicones and cubes. To finish it all off, and have a great bead bracelet to give, all that’s needed are some sterling silver clasps that can be bought from most jewelry beading supplies companies online.

Silver Toggle Bracelet

A toggle bracelet is really NOT a style or a design of a bracelet but the way it closes, the clasp or TOGGLE. A toggle is a type of closure whereby a small peg is inserted into a circle. It’s a very simple yet secure closure used even for the most classic and expensive diamond bracelet creations in silver and gold. It’s also very elegant because even if the bracelet is turned with the closure to the top of the wrist, a toggle looks finished and clean, almost as if it were a charm. Links of London, Tiffany’s and other fine jewelry shops are famous for having toggle bracelets.

Vintage Silver Bracelets

Antique silver bracelets and handcrafted silver jewelry that is now considered vintage can be one of two things: really cheap and undervalued, or really, really expensive. Although most silver jewelry of quality, even modern works, is handmade in part or in full, there is an added spirit about antique or vintage pieces that have already lived a life or two on someone else’s wrist. Bracelets and wrist cuffs are a very old form of jewelry and so there is, and probably will always be, a huge selection of handcrafted bracelets from estate sales and auction houses as well as companies that specialize in making replicas of historic or unusual pieces of jewelry.

Odd Antiques

Although we often think of antiques as coming from imperial China, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire or the Victorian, Edwardian or medieval eras, the fact is that there is much jewelry, especially silver bracelet designs that have of even more unusual origins, such as Aztec, Mayan, Incan and Native peoples around the world. Some wonderful creations in bracelets are made by the Navajo Tribes in what is now the USA.

Other people who created jewelry in silver and precious stones are the Mexicans and even Tibetan monks who incorporated deep sea coral (found on Tibetan Plateaus) and turquoise into silver bracelet designs that are extraordinary. Some of these original antique designs are now in museums and not for sale at any price, but the native people of these regions often continue making replicas based on the traditional and historic antiquities.

Some great places to find unusual silver bracelets in ancient and vintage designs are Quirky – a Peruvian silver jewelry distributor, and Michelle’s Vintage Jewelry who has a little bit of everything – from a Navajo onyx cuff bracelet, a Mexican Aztec bracelet, a Taxco hinged cuff wrap bracelet, to a retro vintage Givenchy Baguette Bracelet.

Newer Vintage

Other vintage bracelets are of newer and less exotic beginnings. Vintage bracelets these days need not be hundreds of years old, it’s enough for them to have been made in the 60’s or ‘70’s or even as late as the 80’s for them to be considered vintage.

Silver Cancer Bracelets

Buying silver and pink awareness bracelets are a way for you to support the cancer research foundations and to keep this disease foremost in women’s minds, since it is a disease which need not be fatal if found in time. By using silver bracelets women love is a means not to minimize the seriousness of cancer, but to act as a reminder that awareness may equal a check-up and a check-up may equal a life.

Silver bracelets for women with the small pink ribbon have been around for some time, and now there are new creations in these beautiful, feminine ladies silver bracelets and silver charm styles that still have a ribbon, but aren’t always pink. There are also survivor and Co Survivor bracelets and Faith, hope and Love bracelets in many new styles.

Here are a few newly designed cancer awareness bracelet options to consider:

  • Rhodochrosite Survivor Bracelet in sterling silver with a sterling silver ribbon charm
  • Faith Hope Love Breast Cancer Bracelet with sterling silver letters and Swarovski crystals
  • Faith Hope Love Bracelet with silver letters, Swarovski crystals, and sterling flower bead caps
  • Faith Hope & Love Bracelet with block letters, Swarovski crystals, silver beads and lobster clasp
  • Pink and Silver breast cancer bracelet with sterling corrugated smooth round beads and pearls
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet with Gold Ribbon Charm –silver with 14K Gold-filled Ribbon
  • Breast Cancer Charm Bracelet for cancer survivor with pink crystals and family birthstones
  • Sterling Silver Cancer Bracelets with simple Swarovski crystals and a charm – also in gold
  • Round Pink Crystal Bracelet or Pearl & Crystal cancer Bracelet
  • Cosurvivor CO Survivor Bracelets with Swarovski crystals, pearls and silver ribbon charm
  • Tube Breast Cancer Bracelet with silver letters/ gold beads and Swarovski crystals
  • Large Breast Cancer Bracelet –custom made with pink crystals and lots of silver Bali style beads
  • Antique Pink Message Bracelet with the word FAITH and a sterling silver crystal dangle
  • Gold Name Bracelet with 14k gold-filled or sterling silver name or a word and a ribbon charm.

Gemstone Bracelets

sterling bracelet with gemstones

A gemstone bracelet can be purely a matter of personal taste as to what gem will suit you or the occasion for which it will be worn. However silver gemstone bracelets, since they are affordable, are often created as gemstone jewelry specific to birthstones that match the astrological sign of each month. A birthstone bracelet may be fun for young women or children but they can also be meaningful pieces of jewelry that contain a set of family birthstones.

For example, a mother may have her birthstone and those of her children set into one bracelet, or a grandmother may select a series of stones to create a sort of jewel family tree that includes her children and grandchildren. These types of bracelets can take the form of a tennis bracelet, because there are many stone setting places available, or it can be a simple silver bracelet with some crystal charms attached in the appropriate colors.

Here are some of the most popular bracelet and gemstone mixes these days:

  • Amethyst silver bracelet – The amethyst bracelets that are being made are stunning, sometimes with a series of pave set amethysts and sometimes with just a central stone in birthstone bracelets or cuff bracelets.
  • Amber silver bracelet – this has gained popularity because amber is surprisingly inexpensive compared to other gemstones. Amber stones make for exquisite bracelets because the pieces of amber can be very large and show a full fossil inside, something difficult to obtain in small amber rings or earrings.
  • Garnet silver bracelet – Aside from being a birthstone, the garnet is a remarkable rich red that resembles a ruby and yet is much more affordable. There are also silver garnet tennis bracelets with a mix of garnets and cubic zirconia that replace the more traditional diamond and ruby creations that are often very pricy. Garnet bracelets are also popular with young girls because there is a variety of garnet that is light pink and very suited for little princess gals.
  • Pearl silver bracelet – This is an old classic, however an example of a new version would be the cancer awareness pearl bracelet designs that intermix silver, fresh water pearls and small ribbon charms. Pearl bracelets are also an inexpensive bracelet choice because the price of cultured pearls is usually less than most gemstones. Although pearls are not mineral gemstones, it is interesting to note that they categorized in the jewelry industry as organic gemstones.
  • Turquoise silver bracelets – Turquoise jewelry is nothing new, but the way in which it is set in art deco silver bracelets is magnificent. Since turquoise is also a precious stone that is not too expensive, people can indulge in having larger stones in their bracelets than they would if it were tanzanite or lapis lazuli or sapphire for instance. There are also many antique replicas that use turquoise in their silver creations, especially from Mexico, Tibet, Nepal and Thailand.
  • Jade silver bracelet – Being the traditional lucky stone of the Chinese, it is no wonder the world is seeing an increase in this marvelous green gemstone in bracelets and other jewelry. Although the best quality jade is very expensive, medium qualities in this gemstone are still exquisite to the untrained eye and permit many more to enjoy its magical properties. The only down side to jade is that it is heavy, and although you may be able to afford a solid jade bracelet, they are often cold and heavy to wear and therefore many ladies are choosing silver and smaller jade stone combinations. Hinged filigree bracelets with a single jade stone gem in each hinged or square section is a classic bracelet style that is elegant and affordable. Emerald jewelry creations, which are also on the rise in the green gemstone collections, may prove much more difficult to purchase due to the cost. Some transparent jade is polished in such a ay so as to resemble the luster of an emerald.
  • CZ bracelets – are the all time best sellers because the quality of cubic zirconia has become a rival to the diamond, of which the famous tennis bracelet is usually made. There are now tennis bracelets that sparkle as much as their diamond cousins and instead of costing $10,000, may be only a few hundred or less than a hundred for a high quality designer bracelet in silver or gold.

Designer Silver Jewellery

Designer silver bracelet creations are not just the designs that appear in Vogue or the high fashion magazines of the west. They are the exquisite and exotic designer silver bracelets made by talented artisan and craftspeople around the world such as the Balinese, Thai, Mexican and Peruvian jewelers who use silver to create masterful pieces that could not be attempted in gold.

Scarab bracelet tory burch designer

Hammered silver bracelet designs and leather silver bracelets for men and silver jewelry bracelets from antique traditional patterns are now, more than ever before, within the reach of buyers because the internet allows even the small jewelry artists to offer their works for view. Cuff bracelets with nasca line patterns etched into silver and Aztec pattern carved into metal are only some of the choices such designers offer.

Small, almost unknown contemporary designers from Los Angeles and New York also have a chance to show their work and sell online, and all you have to do is look. It’s fun to flip through the magazines and see the high-end fashion houses and their trendy creations, but it’s also a breath of fresh air to see a nobody live off their magnificent designs.

Here are three nobody jewelry designers that I think are really somebodies:

  • Laurie Stetzler
  • Lesley Furber – La Luna de Plata
  • Marie Cristine Jewelry

Childrens Silver Bracelets

A first child’s silver bracelet is something to select with care because they must be comfortable and not constrict their movements or be a danger to the child. Often baby silver bracelets will be made of small round silver beads or pearls or may have tiny block letters with their name. Although a baby bracelet with a charm is common as a talisman, it is good to be sure they will not be able to suck or pull off the charm and cause themselves harm.

Childrens silver jewellery bracelets are some of the most exciting to choose, as a gift or for your own child, because they may be heirlooms or prized items later in life. There are many shops that offer beautiful baby and children jewelry but Just for Angels has some outstanding and inexpensive designs, like a bracelet with white Swarovski faux pearls, clear Swarovski crystals and Bali spacers with a delicate silver cross charm. And totally different, but fun and colorful is the yellow, white, orange, rose, aqua and green cat’s eye beads, with a clay clown and a birthday cake charm. Most of the bracelets they offer are under $30, many are as little as $20.

Cuff Bracelet

A cuff bracelet is a wide fixed size metal or mesh bracelet that fits quite snuggly on your wrist like a cuff. It usually does not have charms and does not move about the wrist very much. It can be a bangle style or have an opening at the back through which you slide your wrist into while holding it on an angle. Most cuff bracelets and tend to be more dramatic in style than other bracelet designs. Because they are large and require a lot of metal, they are often in iron, stainless steel, brass, sterling silver and other less expensive metals.

nasca designs on silver cuff bracelet

This bracelet cuff silver styling takes many forms, from bejeweled center stones to etched or carved embellishments. Because the area of the top portion of the bracelet is large, it is often decorated handsomely and that is why these are often thought of as engravable silver bracelets, although almost any style can become engraved silver bracelets if there is a space for it. But these cuff styles are truly a wide silver bracelet that will leave little room for multiples or stacking. Cuff bracelets are usually all a lady or gent will need in the way of jewelry to accessorize an outfit completely. Silver cuff accents a simple white blouse or dress shirt or may be the only jewelry needed to wear with a little black dress for cocktails. When it comes to jewellery bracelets are often underestimated as an accessory, when in fact they can be the only jewelry required to bring a look together.

Men often wear a single cuff bracelet to make a personal statement, however the best pieces will be those collected through a journey or travel. Some of the most famous wide bracelets in this style are those handmade in India and Nepal. Some of these have large turquoise stones set into the upper portion of the wrist. There’s a wonderful shop online called Ten Thousand Villages that has artisanal work from members of a fair trade group called TARA Projects which stands for Trade Alternative Reform Action. They have artists work from a 125-mile radius of Delhi, and their creations are better than any cuff bracelets I’ve seen in Vogue or Cosmo or Elle. They have a beaded cuff bracelet with teal, green and silver stones on a spiral metalwork band. And another gorgeous piece is the buffalo horn cuff bracelet made by the Asha Handicrafts Association in India. Both of these sumptuous designs are only $18.

Celtic Silver Bracelets

Silver cross bracelets in Celtic designs are nothing new; in fact they may be one of the oldest bracelet motifs in Europe. The Celtic cross is unique in that it combines a cross with a ring, and this design is etched or engraved or even sculpted into or onto bracelets of many styles, for both men and women. Many Celtic jewelers mix their metals to create gold silver bracelets so that the cross or braid or Celtic Knot may be highlighted or offset by a two-tone effect. The best way to get these fantastic bracelets is to go to Ireland or Scotland or to log onto the internet and search for silver bracelets UK; since these handcrafted silver bracelets come from that general geographic region.

Silver Celtic jewelry is not just the old knots and twists we’ve all seen. Many contemporary designers are reinventing the traditional styles and adding to them to create designs I cannot even attempt to describe except by saying they are loopy and curvaceous and almost filigree they are so complex and delicate at all once. There are also versions of the traditional claddagh bracelet (actually originally a ring) that has now developed into intricate hearts and hands and crowns and knots with an eastern or Turkish-like intricacy.

Many jewelers are mixing gold jewelry with silver and titanium and white gold and platinum and creating interesting tones for a twist on the basic gold bracelet or white gold bracelet of before. Many white gold bracelets have a base of silver with only the sculpted part in white gold or yellow gold due to the fact that it’s a softer metal for sculpting, while the band will be silver for hardness.

A place called Celtic Jewelry is a real discovery. It is part of Reflective Images, a company comprised of a husband and wife team Helen Chantler and Marc Choyt, who design and retail bracelet jewelry, handmade silver jewelry and gold over silver designs that are not only unique, but founded on the basis of being fair, responsible and ecological. Their bracelets & jewelry need to be seen to be appreciated. Their pieces are not cheap but all the metals and stones are genuine, and the prices start at just under $200.

Cheap Silver Bracelet

If you need to quickly fill your inventory with some wholesale bracelets then you will need to go to a wholesale silver warehouse or buy online from the many wholesale silver jewellery outlets that offer incredible discounts on orders by the dozen. Purchasing wholesale silver jewelry can be a little tricky because you may not be able to tell the quality by looking at pictures and reading descriptions. One way to avoid being stuck with a lot inventory you don’t need is to first order some wholesale silver rings and bracelets samples. Yes, you will have to pay for these samples. They are seldom free, but in a day or two you will have the items and you can decide if the quality is right for your clients or not.

super cheap genuine Indian silver and amethyst bangle

Many distributors who have high quality and cheap silver jewelery are from Asia, primarily India and China, so you may have to check that the silver jewelry has the right stamp and can be exported and imported with little hassle.

Usually, the merchants who sell silver jewelry at wholesale prices online have a system for sending and tracking orders, so you don’t have to worry, but make sure that you don’t have to pay taxes or duty when the package arrives. If you do, then you should know this is in advance and calculate the duty or taxes into the costs of the silver earring and necklace sets or bangles and bracelets or other items.

Silver jewelry may be inexpensive in India, but you must be sure it will still be cheap once it arrives at your door on the other side of the world, after duty, shipping and repackaging.

Silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver pendants and sterling silver chains, as well as colorful bangles and delicate silver anklets are all available through Krivi International or SD Fashions or through Alibaba global trade or Vk’s Beaded and Tribal Jewelry who have a super big selection of wholesale costume items, fashion jewelry, Indian and African jewelry, tribal jewelry, pearl and beaded bangles and bracelets, belly dance accessories, bone and natural hand carved items and even women’s apparel, costumes, handbags, shawls, stoles and silk scarves.

Buying Wedding Jewelry Wholesale

You may also find that buying a few pieces of silver jewelry at wholesale prices solves buying expensive retail priced wedding jewelry for a large bridal party. If you pay half price or less for a silver bracelet and need 3 or 4, perhaps you can mix and match an order at wholesale prices even if it’s for personal use. Just check to see if the wholesale company you buy from requires you to have a business permit before you can order or not.

For example at AENOL, a wholesale bridal Jewelry company, the minimum order is $75, and for that price you could probably accessorize the entire bridal party and the bride and groom and probably have a few gifts for mum, dad and new in-laws. Here’s why: a complete bridal set that includes pearls or silver CZ earrings and necklaces or a bracelet set or other items can cost as little as $7.

You could order a dozen different sets and be within the $75 minimum and have everything you need. And by the way, the jewelry they sell is beautiful, elegant and tasteful. It would retail for more than double. On most orders within the US and Canada they also offer free shipping. You just can’t lose. But there are other companies that offer similar wholesale jewelry options on silver bracelets and earrings and lots of jewelry creations.

Another example is Light in the Box, which is a Chinese wholesaler that offers everything from silver bridal tiaras to simple silver chain bracelets. Their minimum order is $65, and on top of that they will give an additional 10% discount. They have complete bridal sets for under $30 and pearl bracelets with silver clasps and silver CZ bracelets in pave settings for as little as $10.

If you don’t mind waiting for the shipment you could save yourself hundreds of dollars on wedding jewelry that could be better spend on your honeymoon.
Silver Bracelets, silver earrings or rhinestones and CZ jewelry can be very affordable no matter if you search for accessories for your own bridal party or for your clients who will appreciate your carefully selected silver jewelry items.

Here is a small sample of what you can expect to find at wholesale silver jewelry outlets online:

  • White Pearl Bracelet $ 7.74
  • Clear Swarovski Crystal and Imitation Pearl Wedding Bridal Jewelry Bracelets $12.99
  • Swarovski Crystal Bridal Bracelets $9.99
  • Swarovski Crystal Wedding Bridal Jewelry Necklaces $12.99

  • Crystal Wedding Bridal Jewelry $ 20 – $24
  • Crystal Wedding Bridal Jewelry Set $27.99
  • Swarovski Crystal and Imitation Pearl Wedding Bridal Jewelry Set $ 22.99

  • Swarovski Crystal Wedding Bridal Jewelry Set $ 17.99
  • White & lavender pearl necklace $2.60
  • Pearl flower girl necklace with daffodilly pendant $6.60
  • Austrian Crystal 3 row rhinestones bracelet $9.00
  • Cubic Princess Bracelet with Cubic Zirconium square Baggett $17
  • Bangle Bracelet with Austrian Crystal $10.00
  • Vintage Victorian Bracelet and Victorian Chandelier earrings $12.00
  • Dainty Pearl Silver Bracelet with pearls  and crystal rhinestones $ 4.00

Even if you didn’t started life with a baby bracelet or an amulet to keep you safe from the evil eye, or if you never had a teeny little piece of red string tied around your wrist or ankle when you were a child, it’s likely you still love bracelets and silver jewelry and long to have cool silver metal caresses your skin.