Shopping For Affordable Faux Pearl Necklace Jewelry

If you want a cheap pearl fashion necklace then you’ll want to stay away from genuine antiques and vintage pieces and stick with places like Emitations, Overstock, QVC, and even Heavenly Treasures.

Although we recommend some beautiful designs that these places have in their many pearl costume necklace collections, we must tell our readers that many of the styles are priced between $25 to $100 and for about the same price you can have a genuine freshwater necklace from Shecy Pearls.

The difference will be that buying some of the Emitations pearl faux necklace designs, for example, will offer you longer strands, larger pearls or perhaps a larger range of designer styles, but as far as cost goes you won’t save a lot buying imitations. It will end up being about style and not price in the end because cultured pearls are not expensive if you choose Akoya or freshwater pearls instead of Tahitian or South Sea varieties.

Cheap Fashion, Costume and Faux Pearl Necklace Alternatives

We’re not sure how much cheaper it can get when genuine cultured pieces are selling for under $10, but there are really cheap items at Spiegel, Newport News, Lane Bryant, and even Amazon.

Why A Faux Pearl necklace?

Perhaps the reason you’ll choose costume pearl necklace designs over the real ones is because you can have more elaborate creations for about $20 to $30, whereas that may be a very simple string of real pearls.

A Trendy Spiegal Pearl Special

In order to help you get what YOU want, we suggest Emitations, Heavenly Treasures, JewelBasket and Spiegel as well as the ones mentioned above. As an example, take a look at an elaborate faux pearl necklace from Spiegel for just $39. It has three strands of pearls plus sparkling rhinestones and black gems all intertwined in a contemporary design that can accent eveningwear or semi casual outfits. This is a long ways from a single strand or string of pearls, and is by no means going to make your trendy outfits look classic or traditional.

Emitations Faux Pearl Necklace for $25 to $30

For some drop pearl necklace designs that are ideal as bridal jewelry or suitable for young ladies, try Emitations, an online shop that specializes in costume jewelry and celebrity inspired replicas. They have pearl jewelry that starts at around $20, but the best silver and pearl necklace creations cost between $25 and $30, and there are more elaborate creations for up to $70 and $100.

What can you get for $100?

Well there’s a variety of options, but the necklace we recommend is a stunning piece that you’d be hard pressed to find in genuine pearls even for double or triple the price. The piece is called Mary’s Layered Faux Pearl & Ribbon Necklace and it actually sells for just $90. It’s a designer inspired faux pearl necklace with three strands of pearls and a contrasting black ribbon on either side. This is accented by a rhinestone studded crown and a lobster claw closure. This piece is very versatile, since it made in such a way that it can worn as a necklace or a hair accessory or a belt. It’s 30 inches in length, so the belt option will only work if you have a slender waist.

Black Pearl Necklace Under $20

If white isn’t right, then try a really cheap alternative like the Emitations black Faux pearl necklace that costs just under $20. It’s a rich color with chunky pearls to match this seasons large accessory trend. Accent a suite or dress up a t-shirt and jeans. This is very chic faux jewelry that’s sold as a set with the necklace and matching black pearl earrings. The backside of the necklace is a thick silver chain that comes with an extender so you can adjust the length. The pearls are deep purple-black and they are mostly round except for ten baroque pearls that are the central focal gems.