Pink Pearl Necklace and Bracelets for Flower Girls

A pink pearl necklace is ideal for a flower girl, and for just $22 or less you can have the perfect piece for a child and a matching ensemble for the bride or bridesmaids. And little matching bracelets start at just under $10, and pearl earrings around the same. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about cheap costume jewelry but real pearl necklace and bracelet designs that come direct from where pearls are harvested – China. Freshwater pearls are surprisingly affordable when you cut out the middlemen and buy direct and use online jewelry shops that specialize in these things, like Shecy Pearls.

The Color of Pink

Pink is a color that, when talking about pearls, can be anything from a pinkish-brown to a golden yellow peach or even white with soft pinkish undertones, or deep colors that have reddish pink or even violet irradiance. Pink also touches the champagne and ivory tones , giving them just an extra bit of blush, or may be pearls that are almost golden south sea varieties that have just a little more red than black. So what we’ve tried to do is offer you a variety of choices, but sticking with the lightest tones possible, keeping in mind that flower girl jewelry shouldn’t be too heavy or too dark, and that you may wish to match bridesmaid jewelry in the same color range.

The designs that are choker style are available through Shecy Pearls for about $91, while the strung designs with one strand and a little dangle pearl accents are about $58.

For about $39 you can have a full set of unique baroque pink pearls that look like mini cones and have lots of texture. These may be best for bridesmaids since the necklace is a little heavy for a young girl’s neck, but that depends on the child’s age, naturally.

The next fabulous option we’ve found for you is the single pink pearl floating on a silver or gold chain. This option may be cheap or expensive depending on the size of pearl you choose and if you go with a silver or gold chain.

We also show you some bridal pearl options that range in color from champagne to pink lavender or violet in tone, that go with champagne and ivory gowns.

If the entire bridal party is going to have matching pearl jewelry, then you can select similar yet not identical pink or peach or champagne and ivory tones that will compliment each person best.

Keep the lightest pinks for the flower girl and give the bride a pink that tends toward champagne, and have bridesmaids in lavender pink pearl necklace styles that are each different. There’s no need to have everyone identical. Give the necklaces or bracelets as bridesmaid and flower girl gifts and let them wear your wedding pearls for many years to come.