Handmade Beaded Jewelry Designs from Bead Euphoria

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Designs – Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Bridesmaid and Bridal Jewelry, Birthstone Jewelry, Personalized Name Bracelets, Little Girls Bracelets, Artisan Jewelry, Custom Orders – from Bead Euphoria by Sandra Brand.

Unique Beaded Jewelry by Sandra Brand

Sandra Brand specializes in making beaded jewelry.

The collections at Bead Euphoria are a medley of artistically handcrafted beaded jewelry designs using semi-precious stones, lampwork beads, crystals, pearls, and other materials.

Here are a few samples of Sandra’s unique beaded jewelry collections:

1. Stone Medley Bracelet

This designer beaded jewelry is artistic, fun and wearable.

This unique beaded jewelry bracelet {adjustable from 7.5 to 8 inches} has been crafted using a medley of what Sandra describes as “leftover” stones in various colors, sizes and textures including:

  • white and green coral
  • turquoise
  • carnelian
  • onyx
  • amazonite
  • rhodonite
  • crystal accents

2. Sunshine Flowers Bracelet

Sandra has combined several summertime beaded jewelry ideas to create this sunny blast of yellow flowers and leaves that includes:

  • seed beads
  • over 50 charms

This piece of handmade beaded jewelry wraps around the wrist 3 times. One size fits all.

3. Bridal – Crystal & Stardust Bracelet Set

This set of hand beaded jewelry is designed for the elegant bride, crafted from creamy Swarovski pearls, clear crystal bicone beads, sterling Bali daisy wheels and stardust beads.

  • The earrings are ½ inch in length and come with leverback closures.
  • The matching necklace is also available from Bead Euphoria.

For other unique beaded jewelry design ideas, view Sandra’s bridesmaid and bridal jewelry collection that includes:

Fashion beaded jewelry for sale through Bead Euphoria, designed exclusively for brides and bridesmaids include:

  • Lampwork and Opal Crystal Necklace/ Earring Sets
  • Shimmery White Drop Pendant Necklace Set

View real-life weddings, and the hand beaded jewelry they chose from Bead Euphoria, by going to Sandra’s “Bridal Gallery”. Danielle’s Wedding is just one example.

Hand Beaded Jewelry for Kids, Little Girls and Fairy-Loving Ladies

Sandra overflows with beaded jewelry design ideas for kids and young ladies in a series of original pieces bursting with colorful imagination.

1. Balloons, Flowers, and Sparklies

This is a piece where Sandra’s beaded jewelry making abilities sparkle with balloon style round balls, frosted white glass daisies, transparent green glass leaves, and sparkling Swarovski crystals.

  • The adjustable bracelet is 7- 7 ½ inches
  • The earrings are 1 ½ inches in length.

2. Forest Fairy’s Charm Bracelet

Fairytale fashion beaded jewelry at it’s best!

This bracelet has three woven stands of color and charm with hundreds of glass flowers, leaves, lucite / faceted glass beads, crystals, and seed beads.

  • The bracelet is 8 ¾ inches with a pewter toggle clasp.

This particular piece of exclusive designer beaded jewelry can be customized using a variety of color schemes. It can also be made to fit any sized wrist.

Note: When measuring your wrist make sure to add 1 ¾ inches extra to allow for the bulkiness of the baubles in this particular fairy design.

About Sandra Brand – One of Oregon’s Top Beaded Jewelry Designers

Sandra Brand, owner of Bead Euphoria, gets her beaded jewelry design ideas from the colors and shapes of: stones, gems, jewelry beads and glass baubles – and from the translucency and swirling formations in pieces of glass art, which she avidly collects.

Living in the town of Ashland, Oregon, where art and drama offers a unique cultural backdrop that attracts tourists and inspires other artisans, Sandra has found inspiration for unique design possibilities that have taken her hobby with handmade beaded jewelry and turned it into a passion that birthed a business – Bead Euphoria.

Now, with hundreds of custom beaded jewelry designs and extensive designer collections, Sandra retails her unique creations through her online jewelry store.

To view galleries of Bead Euphoria beaded jewelry for sale, or to get beaded jewelry ideas for placing custom orders, go to http://www.beadeuphoria.net/


Handmade Artisan Jewelry by Elizabeth Plumb

Handmade artisan jewelry – Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings – each an original handmade design. Unique artisan silver jewelry collections include pieces with semi precious stones such as turquoise, jasper, garnets, coral and pearls. Drop earrings are priced as low as $28. One-of-a-kind artisan crafted jewelry items include bracelets from $22 to $250 – made from silver, gold, brass, wax coated linen and leather, embellished with exotic stones, beads, garnets and turquoise as well as handcrafted charms.

Artisan Crafted Jewelry Features

The making of Elizabeth Plumb’s fine artisan jewelry involves techniques such as:

  1. wire wrapping
  2. unique silversmithing
  3. lost wax casting
  • Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings with individually set stones.
  • Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be ordered in custom sizes.
  • Rings in the sterling silver artisan jewelry collections are only available in sizes listed. Prices range between $35 and $110.
  • Necklaces many have hand bezeled pendants and handmade clasps. Prices range between $30 and $230.
  • Earrings may be crafted with gold-filled wire. Lengths can be customized.
  • Elizabeth Plumb Artisan Jewelry Designs

    Here are some of Elizabeth Plumb’s artisan jewelry designs:

    1. Artisan Jewelry Designer Necklace:

    Wrapped Citrine and Multiple Stones Necklace

    This sterling silver necklace uses a toggle clasp to display a citrine hand-wrapped in silver wire, accented by a faceted garnet and a series of black and white pearls. The necklace can be re-sized or bought with the 17-inch chain. It costs $90.

    Find this piece and other Elizabeth Plumb Artisan Jewelry for sale on her website.

    2. Artisan Jewelry Rings:

    Garnet Labradorite and Sterling Silver Ring

    This sterling silver ring is cast by hand and features stamped oxidized dimples all around the wide adjustable band.

    A vine-like pattern curves around the ring highlighting a garnet and labradorite charm. It’s priced at $65.

    Find this piece and other Elizabeth Plumb Artisan Jewelry for sale on her website.

    3. Designer Artisan Jewelry Bracelet:

    Stamped Sterling and Organic Coral Bracelet

    This 7-inch handmade bracelet brings together contrasting elements – red coral and veined turquoise. It’s accented with a stamped sterling silver central piece and finished with a handmade toggle clasp. It’s priced at $115.

    Find this handcrafted artisan jewelry and other Elizabeth Plumb items on her website.

    4. Fine Artisan Jewelry Earrings: Turquoise Loops and Red Coral Earrings

    These 3 ¼ inch drop earrings are handcrafted with red coral teardrops looped onto oval-shaped hoops covered with heishi cut turquoise, accented with faceted brass beads and set into silver hooks. They’re priced at $60.

    Find this set of handmade artisan jewelry earrings and other items in the collection on Elizabeth’s website.

    Artisan Jewelry Designers

    Amongst artisan jewelry designers, Elizabeth Plumb stands out because she crafts pieces that make a statement with semi precious gems and high quality metals yet the jewelry is wearable.

    Shopping for artisan crafted jewelry from small designers can be a challenge because many are unknown, most don’t have well-publicized websites or online shopping facilities. However, Elizabeth is one of the artisan jewelry designers who has a large selection of items, an online shopping system and the ability to fulfill wholesale artisan jewelry orders. View items that are currently available by visiting her website.

    About Elizabeth and Her Fine Artisan Jewelry

    Elizabeth Plumb is a fine artisan jewelry designer from Sugarhouse, Utah.

    She’s been creating unique handmade pieces since 2003.

    Each piece is a work of wearable art. Elizabeth says that the enjoyment of designing comes from “looking at a bunch of loose stones and/or raw materials…and from that creating something unique to the world.”

    She’s one of the few artisan jewelry designers who’s been successful enough to make it more than a hobby – in fact, it’s what she does fulltime. Although she describes her studio as a “ma and pa operation”, she has pieces in galleries and shops throughout the country and has been a featured designer in the Sundance Catalog {with pieces appearing in the Salt Lake City Sundance Jewelry collection}.

    What’s her secret?

    She says: “I keep three standards in mind throughout the creation of all of my pieces; quality, uniqueness, and beauty.”

    What inspires the unusual design of Elizabeth’s artisan jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets?

    She’s inspired by exotic stones such as turquoise, aqua marine, chalcedony, citrine, labradorite, amethyst, carnelian, garnet, coral, iolite, peridot, fluorite, agate, jasper and onyx.

    She loves Thai silver and buys a variety of beads, pendants and handmade clasps from Thai craftsmen when in Chiang Mai.

    The stones and raw metals inspire Elizabeth to present new collections every couple of months.

    Visit Elizabeth Plumb’s web site at http://www.elizabethplumbjewelry.com/.

Art Deco Jewelry Designs by Top Designers from Max & Chloe

Inspired Designer Vintage Art Deco Jewelry – Rings and Bracelets – Blu Bijoux Crystal Art Deco Cuff for $56; Beyond Rings Art Deco Ring for $55; Ceek Oval Art Deco Ring for $50; Melinda Maria Melted Art Deco Cuff Bracelet for $198; Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Oversized Cocktail Ring for $238; Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Bracelet for $207; Gold Plated Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Bracelet with Austrian Crystal $170; Designer PDB Gold Vermeil Minimalist Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Ring for $145. Shop for these and other art deco costume jewelry pieces at Max & Chloe.

Designer Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Cuff Bracelets

1. Blu Bijoux

Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Crystal Cuff Bracelet – $56; Crystal Flower Cuff – $112; Pearl Flower Cuff – $98

Blu Bijoux is one of the hottest names in art deco jewelry designers with pieces recommended by Oprah. Shop Blue Bijoux vintage art deco jewelry collections made from resin, crystal and wire as well as the latest ultra modern cuff designs, through Max & Chloe.

The Crystal Cuff is a piece of high-end art deco costume jewelry by Blu Bijoux that’s silver plated with 12 prong-set Austrian crystal gemstones intertwined between four twisting bands. The cuff bracelet is almost 3 inches wide and wraps around the wrist. The vintage design is a geometric-type shape that’s rustically elegant. Other recommended Blu Bijoux art deco style jewelry pieces include the wide Crystal Flower Cuff for $112 and the eccentric Blu Bijoux Pearl Flower Cuff with resin and pearl accents for $98.

2. Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria 18k Gold Plated Melted Art Deco Cuff Bracelet – $198

Melinda Maria, another of the top art deco jewelry designers, makes this sophisticated melted Art Deco cuff that features a flat checkerboard-style faceted black onyx cubic zirconia gemstone set in an asymmetrical geometric frame that conceals part of the stone. This bracelet isn’t your average art deco costume jewelry item, but a piece of art with a textured 18k gold plating that’s been molded to give the illusion that’s it’s melting. This cuff bracelet is adjustable but isn’t as wide as it appears – just 1.25 inches, which means it’s delicate enough to accent eveningwear.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane Ivory Art Deco Bracelet – $170 / $207

Kenneth Jay Lane is well-known for high-end art deco jewelry designs that are elegant, yet artistic. This Ivory Bracelet is part of the art deco inspired jewelry collection that’s crafted with Austrian crystal and trimmed with gold plating. It’s 1 ¾ inches wide and has a secure magnetic closure and a hinged opening system.

Kenneth Jay Lane also makes another piece of art deco costume jewelry that’s similar but comes in black and costs a little more – $207. The bracelet is part of the art deco inspired jewelry collection that’s accented with a large pearl-like bead in the center and assorted geometric-shaped Austrian crystal gemstones mounted onto a stylized cross-shaped gold-plated platform. Although it’s about 2 inches wide, the bracelet is lightweight, has a secure magnetic closure, and opens with a hinge.

Buy these art deco inspired jewelry pieces from Max & Chloe.

Vintage Inspired Art Deco Jewelry Designs – Cocktail Rings

1. Beyond Rings

Beyond Rings Art Deco Jewelry Ring – $55

There’s a fine line between vintage art deco jewelry and antique pieces, which is especially true of this piece by Beyond Rings. It combines clear crystal gemstones with a blackened background and gold plated accents in a design that captures the flamboyant spirit of art deco jewelry period, which spanned the 20’s and 30’s, with elaborately stylized geometric symmetry mimicking architectural shapes and melding into opulently detailed artistic extravagance.

Learn more about antique, vintage, art deco estate jewelry, reproductions, inspired and genuine pieces, as well as a bit about what is art deco jewelry, in the post entitled:

A Complete Vintage Jewellery Guide by Era

2. Ceek

Ceek Art Deco Jewelry Reproductions – Large Oval Ring – $50

The antique art deco jewelry by Ceek is uniquely made to replicate the elegant extravagance of the period with a smooth brass band and a large oval-shaped area that’s sculpted and embellished with crystal and a large diamond-shaped topaz gemstone. This piece of antique art deco jewelry faithfully duplicates the original styles, which now retail for between five hundred and a thousand dollars through dealers who trade in antique Art Deco ring designs with Old Miner Diamonds in. Compare with genuine art deco fine jewelry pieces such as those listed with Etsy dealers or with Dover Jewelry – a company that specializes in vintage, antique and art deco estate jewelry.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Costume Jewelry – Oversized Cocktail Ring – $238

When it comes to modern art deco jewelry designers Kenneth Jay Lane is one of the best, incorporating fine sculpturing techniques and gemstone placement with art deco jewelry history to replicate pieces that would otherwise be unaffordable to most women. This particular oversized cocktail ring mimics the extravagant creations made by the original art deco jewelry designers in the roaring twenties but replaces genuine emeralds and old mine diamonds with clear / emerald colored Austrian crystal stones mounted into intricate silver plated sun-bursting geometric designs. With a series of baguette-cut and round-cut crystals, and a large faceted green gemstone in the center, the masterpiece, which measures 2×2 inches, is a splendid replication of vintage jewelry.

4. PDB

PDB Gold Vermeil Minimalist Art Deco Costume Jewelry Ring – $145

PDB are not necessarily art deco jewelry designers devoted to replicating vintage pieces, and although most of their jewelry items would be categorized as unique if not somewhat bizarre, for the most part they’re altogether modern. However, they’ve made a couple art deco jewelry designs that aren’t classic vintage but certainly elegant and geometric. Perhaps the best term for the PDB Art Deco Ring would be “sophisticated”. It’s crafted in gold vermeil without gemstones or crystal, just a large smooth globe mounted in a wide textured band that gives the illusion that the globe is floating without support. This minimalist piece of art deco costume jewelry sits apart from other extravagantly embellished pieces, but is no less striking.

Art Deco Jewelry for Sale online

All the pieces featured in this post are available for sale through Max & Chloe at:

More Art Deco Jewelry Suggestions

To read more about art deco jewelry history or to find out where you can buy affordable authentic art deco estate jewelry, refer to the following related articles.:

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  2. Cheap Pearl and Vintage Costume Jewelry
  3. Where to Buy a Quality Antique or Vintage Pearl Necklace
  4. Silver, Gold and Vintage Pocket Watch Guide

White Gold Amethyst Jewelry – Rio Gems Beverly Hills & JE Gem

White Gold Amethyst Jewelry – Genuine Gems and 14K White Gold – Stud Earrings, Briolette Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Huggies, Hoops, Amethyst Pendants, Amethyst Rings with Genuine Diamonds – prices from $59.95 to $399.

Browse Fine Amethyst Jewelry collections from Rio Gems Beverly Hills – stone cuts in ovals, rounds, trillants, pear shapes, emerald cuts and elegant marquise designs. View affordable silver amethyst jewelry including pendants for just $24.95.

Find related gemstones like citrine and lemon quartz {also known as green amethyst jewelry} with pieces priced between $99 and $199.

Create your own Amethyst Jewelry Sets or choose gifts from the top Birthstone Jewelry collections – the amethyst is February’s birthstone.

Affordable White Gold Amethyst Jewelry Pieces / Amethyst Jewelry Sets

1. Three-Stone Amethyst Diamond Pendant

This three-stone 1ct Amethyst and Genuine Diamond Pendant has a series of three prong-set amethysts gems. The first stone is 3mms, the second is 4mms and the third is 5mms. Above the amethysts is a genuine diamond accent. The pendant is mounted in solid 14k white gold and the entire piece measures about 5/8 inch, with the total carat weight of the stones being 1 carat. Order through Rio Gems and pay $59.99.

2. 6mm Round Amethyst Studs

These classic prong-set amethyst stud earrings by Rio Gems have a filigree mounting in solid 14k white gold with a tension closure. Each gemstone is 6mms and the total weight is 2 carats. The pendant is priced at $99.

Create elegant amethyst jewelry sets by adding a pendant with a round gemstone or a ring with the same filigree design.

3. Amethyst and Diamond Ring

This 1 carat white gold amethyst jewelry item is ideal as an engagement ring, cocktail ring or as part of a set. The 1 carat oval-cut amethyst gemstone is prong-set into a solid 14k white gold band with two small diamonds pave-set into triangle shapes along the sides. The band is crafted to provide comfort due to being knife-shaped on top and tapering to a full-round smooth shape at the back. At the widest point, the ring is about 2mm. It’s featured in white gold, but can also be ordered in yellow gold. Any custom size can be made upon request. The white gold amethyst and diamond ring in 14k gold {in standard sizes} costs $99.95. This is excellent value for white GOLD amethyst jewelry – compare with competitor’s items crafted in silver for similar prices.

4. 1 ct Amethyst and Diamond Pendant

Amethyst jewelry sets can be put together starting with this classic cushion cut amethyst pendant that’s mounted in 14k white gold and accented with real diamonds. The filigree gallery of this pendant matches the 6mm Round Amethyst Stud Earrings suggested in number 2. The entire piece weighs 1.2 grams, has a 1 carat cushion-cut amethyst gemstone that measures 8X6mms, which is prong-set into the gold. It’s a bargain at $79.95. {Create amethyst jewelry sets by selecting the amethyst studs and this pendant. Together they costs $178.95.}

5. Green Amethyst Jewelry – 6 ct Lemon Quartz White Gold Pendant

Green amethyst jewelry is actually citrine or lemon quartz, which is of the same family as the amethyst, but is green or yellowish-green instead of lavender or purple. One of the best buys at Rio Gems {in the green amethyst jewelry collection} is the Lemon Quartz White Gold Pendant that has a massive yellow-green gemstone that measures 12x10mm, cut in a classic emerald-cut design so as to display the full 6 carats majestically, and prong-set in 14k white gold. This piece of green amethyst crystal jewelry is priced at $199. Create a green amethyst jewelry set by browsing the citrine gemstone stud / drop earring collections that start around $99.

Vintage, Antique and Green Amethyst Jewelry Sets form JE Gem

Another place to buy affordable green amethyst jewelry sets is JE Gem. They carry almost every type of gemstone jewelry on the market, but what makes them unique is that their pieces are handcrafted, the stones in most cases hand cut, and the designs exclusive to their collections. In Green Amethyst Jewelry, they offer:

1. Pendants

Green amethyst pendants for around $148

2. Green / Purple Amethyst Bracelets

Green amethyst bracelets for about $124

3. Earrings

Handmade green amethyst stud earrings with silver filigree-style accents for about $87

4. Rings

Unique sterling silver green amethyst bridal jewelry such as exclusive handcrafted engagement rings for around $231

At JE Gem you can also find eccentric pieces:

5. Necklaces

RARE Fossil necklaces that include a variety of stones including green amethyst, ammonite, iridescent pyrite, smoky quartz and tourmaline.

Fossil Bracelets

Choose matching bracelets in the same unusual RARE fossil collection – all set in sterling silver.

JE Gem has vintage inspired and antique amethyst jewelry including:


Unusual filigree brooches

African Amethyst Pendants

10k white gold orange sapphire and African amethyst pendants

Mixed Gemstone Pendants

Rare pieces in their 2012 Winter Collection that include 14k white gold diamond and Brazilian amethyst pendant designs – accented with dangling citrine gems.

Prices for JE Gem high-end exclusive vintage amethyst jewelry and antique / art deco designs range from $459 to over a thousand dollars. Choose a variety of fine amethyst crystal jewelry in green, orange, purple and soft lavender hues.

Eccentric Jewelry Amethyst Gems

Large or unusual, even eccentric jewelry amethyst gemstone pieces are available from JE Gem. Depending on your budget, choose items such as:

  1. Exotic Pendant Jewelry Amethyst from Africa set in 14k white gold

    This wild amethyst pendant has a large central brilliant-cut genuine African amethyst as well as 6 yellow sapphires, 3 blue sapphires, 3 pink sapphires and 59 round brilliant-cut genuine diamonds.

  2. RARE Necklace from the JE Gem Silver Amethyst Jewelry Collection

    This extravagant creation is crafted from 10 drusy quartz, 5 Mexican coconut geodes, 11 faceted green amethysts and 8 Brazilian smoky quartz. This is a handmade design, one-of-a-kind, exclusive JE Gem RARE green amethyst necklace.

Antique Amethyst Jewelry

Antique amethyst jewelry is available in all the collections at JE Gem.

One piece that stands out is the Sterling Silver Brazilian Amethyst Bracelet.

Modern Silver Amethyst Jewelry

Two pieces that are priced so affordably they may be mistaken for amethyst costume jewelry, but are in fact genuine gemstone items in silver mountings are:

  1. The Ultra Modern Sterling Silver Brazilian Amethyst Ring – Square

    This piece of unique contemporary silver amethyst jewelry costs about $87. Act quickly, there’s only ONE piece.

  2. Modern Sterling Silver Amethyst Jewelry Ring with hand-cut gemstones – Round

    This piece of modern silver amethyst jewelry is priced as low as costume items – just $75. This is a low price for a ring with 7 high-grade Brazilian amethyst gemstones in solid 925 sterling silver.

Two Exclusive Pieces of Vintage Amethyst Jewelry from JE Gem

  1. 9k yellow gold Vintage Amethyst Jewelry RING

    This vintage piece has a step-cut African amethyst as well as 6 round brilliant-cut amethysts and 24 diamonds. It retails through JE Gem for about $944.

  2. 9k yellow gold Vintage Amethyst EARRINGS with seed pearls

    This is one of the great bargains on antique / vintage amethyst jewelry through JE Gem because the pair comes with 2 African amethyst cabochons and 20 natural seed pearls in solid 9k yellow gold for just $593.

Unique Green Amethyst Jewelry Set – 5 BUTTONS

For a unique gift for a man or woman who has everything and loves green amethysts, get a set of 5 sterling silver buttons crafted with round Brazilian citrine gemstones which are commonly called green amethysts. This green amethyst jewelry set can accent a shirt, blouse, jacket or be used for cuffs. The complete set of 5 buttons costs about $180 through JE Gem.

Amethyst Jewelry for Men

Amethyst jewelry for men isn’t easy to come by and is often labeled as citrine or lemon quartz because the green amethyst varieties are of the same family, however, if you’re looking for something purple that resembles amethyst one alternative is Alexandrite or lab created versions of this blue-purple stone. JE Gem has a singular piece – a BELT BUCKLE for men – in silver with a lab created stone. It’s priced at $339.

Contemporary Mens Amethyst Jewelry by Gemvara

For ultra chic, modern pieces of mens amethyst jewelry go to Gemvara. They offer one of the largest selections of polished bands with amethyst gemstones set in unique ways and designed exclusively for men.

Prices for mens amethyst jewelry, especially RINGS, range from $200 to over a thousand. One piece of amethyst jewelry for men that’s clean, elegant and affordable is the Slot Ring – a Men’s Round Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring that retails for $223 from Gemvara.

Amethyst Bridal Jewelry

Amethyst bridal jewelry is available in engagement rings and wedding bands or as accent pieces for the bride such as studs, drop earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets that can be worn on the day of the wedding.

One of the best buys in amethyst bridal jewelry at JE Gem is the Sterling Silver African Amethyst Tennis Bracelet for just over $100. Pair the tennis bracelet with some stud earrings, a delicate drop-style amethyst pendant or a simple necklace to create a complete amethyst bridal set.

Amethyst Crystal Jewelry by Mystic Merchant

For spiritual purposes, amethyst crystal jewelry is usually less refined, polished, cut or faceted –left in it’s crystal state.

For specialized pieces of rare amethyst crystal jewelry like the Shamanic amethyst talisman pendant, or a rare sceptered amethyst crystal from the Godo mines in Kaduna Nigeria used for shamanic energy, healing and meditation, browse the large selection of crystal gemstone specimens and jewelry creations at Mystic Merchant.

Where to Shop for Amethyst Jewelry Featured in this post:

1. To order white gold amethyst jewelry by Rio Gems go to: http://www.riogems.com/

2. To order the silver amethyst jewelry by JE Gem go to: http://www.jegem.com

3. To order mens amethyst jewelry by Gemvara go to: http://www.gemvara.com/

4. To order Mystic Merchant amethyst crystal jewelry go to: http://mysticmerchant.com

Dahlia Jewels Pearl Drop Earrings

Dahlia Jewels drop pearl earrings from $29 to $80 – lustrous silver, lavender, peach, white and black pearl clusters. Elegant cultured pearl jewelry for brides and bridesmaids crafted in sterling silver with platinum overlays. Genuine freshwater pearls – top AAAA grades, quality mountings – free shipping within the US.

Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings in Lavender

Four lavender oval pearls, in sterling silver mountings, make up this delicate pair of dangling earrings. Falling 1.25 inches from the lobe, these are ideal medium length drop pearl earrings for accessorizing special ensembles or bridesmaid gowns because they’re not overly distracting yet aren’t so small as to disappear.

The hint of lavender color and art deco styling separates these earrings from classic cream or white sets, offering a contemporary element to traditional pearl elegance. Even for those on tight budgets, these earrings are affordable. Buy them alone or pair with drop pearl pendant necklaces and other pearl accessories for a total look.

Buy now and qualify for free shipping within the United States.

42 Pearls in Cluster Earring Designs

Some of the most affordable Dahlia designs are the cluster pearl drop earrings with a total of 42 genuine cultured pearls dangling in groups from sterling silver French hooks overlaid with platinum.

These earrings come in natural white or with tiny black pearls that have a somewhat purple tinge of color. Dahlia Jewels calls these creations Carefree Bunch Earrings, which is appropriate since they resemble bunches of grapes.

Although the quality of craftsmanship is excellent and the pearls are genuine freshwater varieties, the cost of either the white or black drop pearl earring designs is just $29.50.

Outstanding Pearl Jewelry Value

In the same Dahlia Jewels Carefree pearl collection with sterling silver findings overlaid with platinum, are the peach pearl and crystal ones that include quality (AAAA grade) large 8 – 9 mm pearls (and a small crystal accent) and cost $39 (when on sale).

Since these earrings are made with genuine pearls, the colors vary – from soft peach to a deeper pink with iridescent highlights. Don’t let the low price of these creations fool you – these are authentic pearls in quality mountings. Expect excellent craftsmanship and you won’t be disappointed.

Bridal Pearl Drop Earrings for about $50

Another recommended pair in the Dahlia collection is the Isabella Rose. These classic white pearls are large (about 10mm), beautifully set in sterling silver with a small rosebud above each dangling pearl. These teardrop pearls are mounted on leverback findings for a more secure closure. No one would imagine they cost only $52.50 a pair.

These are easy to match with a pearl necklace, bracelet and other accessories in the Dahlia Jewels series, and since the prices are so affordable, it’s not difficult to add these small luxuries to almost any bridal budget.

Simple Drop Pearl Earrings for $29

The simplest Dahlia drop pearl jewelry set is called Pearl Essence and includes a pair of white 7 – 8 mm pearls on sterling silver French hooks with a platinum overlay. These classic earrings are ideal gifts or bridal accents and cost only $29 (when on sale). Pair the earrings with single pearl drop pendants and have a complete set for less than you might imagine.

Why are the Dahlia sets such a good buy? Why do so many customers consistently rate their products as the best quality and value for the price? Because each organic gem is genuine, carefully selected from top grade AAAA freshwater, high luster pearls that are rated 95% flawless, then set in sterling silver findings, rhodium plated, to offer a platinum-like sheen that doesn’t quickly tarnish.

All orders can be placed easily online (using a secure system) and will be shipped for free within the United States (orders over $25). Choose what color pearls you desire, be they peach, lavender, classic white or even black, and indulge!

As an added bonus, Dahlia Jewels purchases come with a gorgeous gift box – ideal for personal jewelry storage or for giving as a gift.

For jewelry purchases of $149 or more, take advantage of free six month financing. Make monthly payments and pay no interest for six months. Find out more details while shopping by clicking any image where you’ll be taken to a secure shopping site.

For more pearly suggestions browse the post entitled Single Freshwater Drop Pearl Pendants that features pearl jewelry items by PearlsOnly.

Dahlia Jewels items recommended in this post:

1. Silver Deco Rose Drop Cultured Pearl Earrings, Lavender
2. White Cultured Pearl Platinum / Sterling Silver Bunch Earrings
3. Black Cultured Pearl Platinum / Sterling Silver Bunch Earrings
4. Platinum Overlay Carefree 8-9mm AAAA Drop Pearl Earrings, Peach
5. Isabella Rose White 9-10mm Pearl Drop Earrings, Silver
6. Pearl Essence 7-8mm Drop Pearl Earrings Platinum Overlay

Buying White Gold Hoop Earrings from The World Jewelry Center

Classic hoops in white gold from $34 to $100. Earrings for everyday wear; huggies and medium hoops with secure closures; fine gold jewelry, low prices, easy online shopping.

14k White Gold Hoop Earrings – .5 inch diameter

Comfortable hoop earrings for everyday wear should be yellow or white gold, not silver or plated metals, but since gold jewelry is expensive, many ladies end up settling for cheap hoops that irritate their ears, tarnish quickly, don’t have proper closures, and in the end may cost more due to having to buy several cheap pairs instead of one good set that lasts. That’s why the pieces for sale through The World Jewelry Center are of special interest. The hoops are well crafted, 14k gold, and have closures that actually work. The best part is that most of their huggies and medium sized hoops are priced affordably between $35 and $100.

One pair of white gold hoop earrings that stands out are the 0.5 inch designs with hinged / notched post closures. Being solid 14k white gold these earrings won’t tarnish or irritate pierced ears, and can be worn daily without worrying about the electroplating wearing off. They’re a nice size and cost under $50.

Another pair of affordable 14k white gold hoop earrings that are practical are the same size as above (.5 inches) but have an endless hoop deign, which can be worn day and night without worry.

1 Inch Gold Hoops

If the above pair is too small, then choose the 1.1 inch size, also solid 14k white gold, with an endless hoop closure system.

These are lightweight but with a little more pizzazz.

CZ White Gold Hoop Earrings

Speaking of pizzazz, not all hoops need to be plain to be comfy and practical. One good option is a huggie hoop with CZ gemstones.

Consider this pair of 14k white gold hoop earrings with seven channel-set cubic zirconia gems in a high polished huggie-style that offers both practicality and a bit of glamour.

There are similar items with a double tier of gems in the same sized huggie style, 14k white gold, that cost little more, or smaller huggies that are .4 inch and cost about $50.

Whether you need CZ white gold hoop earrings, plain endless styles or small huggies that fit snug on the lobe, they’re all available in the fine jewelry collections of The World Jewelry Center, where gold and affordable prices go hand in hand.

For more ideas on where to shop for white gold earrings, hoops as well as studs, browse related posts with suggestions on 10k pieces that are even cheaper. If gold isn’t in your budget, then have a look at tarnish free sterling silver earrings you can buy online.

Items from The World Jewelry Center recommended in this post:

1. 14K White Gold Classic Hoop Earrings (0.5 inches in diameter)
2. 14K White Gold Endless Hoop Earrings
3. 14K White Gold Huggies with 7 Channel-set CZs (0.5 inch)

10K and 14K White Gold Earrings – Hoops and Studs Under $100

Duragold 14K white gold earrings; classic small hoops with a secure click-top closure for $52; large 1 inch hoops for $78; delicate ball studs with post-friction-backs in solid 14K white gold for just $29; genuine diamond hoops for $90 and gold diamond studs for $50. Free Shipping – No Interest 6 Month Financing – Shop Now!

Need multiple pairs on a tight budget? Create an order of $149 and qualify for 6 month free financing with no interest on balances paid in full within six months.

Why Buy Duragold White Gold Earrings?

If you’ve been thinking about buying cheap silver earrings, upgrading to white gold for just a few dollars more could save you money in the long run. Pure silver or electroplated fashion jewelry won’t be as durable, whereas 14K yellow or white gold will last a lifetime. Good quality hoop earrings and studs need only be purchased once – so choose gold and benefit from quality craftsmanship, like closures with click tops or friction posts that won’t easily slip off.

The Duragold yellow and white gold jewelry collection is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Many who can’t wear silver earrings can wear these pieces because of quality alloys and lustrous polished finishing. Stud / hoop posts in gold won’t tarnish or turn the skin green.

The small 0.59 inch white gold earrings, in the polished hoop designs, are ideal for wearing everyday. Many ladies find it’s not necessary to remove them at night. However the 1 inch hoops may be removed and a sleeper inserted for nighttime – the ball studs are for day or night and cost only $29 (solid white gold).

Elegant 10K White Hold Hoops with Genuine Diamonds

Add genuine diamond sparkle to your look with these huggies that are delicately polished 10K white gold with a quarter carat of round diamonds prong-set around the hoops. There are a total of 50 genuine diamonds on these earrings, and the snap posts keep them securely in place with a hidden closure. These are sleek elegant white gold earrings that will never go out of style, and are affordable – just $90!

Modern 14K Oval Hoops in White Gold

For some texture and diamond-like sparkle without gemstones, get the oval geometric hoops in solid 14K white gold for under $100.

These are larger 0.75 inch contemporary earrings for casual or semi-formal occasions.

10K White Gold Diamond Studs just $50!

One of the best buys when it comes to genuine gold jewelry is this delicate pair of diamond stud earrings for $50. These 10K solid gold earrings have a genuine round diamond (a tenth of a carat) set in a polished mounting with a secure friction-back closure. These are ideal everyday earrings and you simply can’t beat the price.

Shop now for these excellent buys on white gold earrings and take advantage of free shipping within the United States. (Orders are shipped through Amazon)

Suggested Items:

1. 14k White Gold Round Hoop Earrings (0.59″ Diameter)
2. 14k Gold 5mm Ball Stud Earrings
3. 14k White Gold Hoop Earrings (1″ Diameter)
4. 10k White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings (1/4 cttw)
5. 14k White Gold Oval Shape Design Hoop Earrings
6. 10k Gold, Round, Diamond Stud Earrings

Affordable Tanzanite Earrings by JewelzDirect

Genuine tanzanite earrings in sterling silver between $19.99 and $21.99 for small studs, and large studs for $39.99. Three-stone drop designs, with 2.70 carats of tanzanite gemstones, for just $99.99. Shop for genuine tanzanite jewelry and receive free shipping within the United States on order of $25.

Delicate Tanzanite Earrings for Budget Shoppers

Tanzanite studs with genuine gemstones are affordable. Why? The reason that companies like JewelzDirect can offer stud earrings with almost a full carat of real tanzanite set in silver at reasonable prices is partly due to the fact that they use heat treated stones.

Does this mean they’re not natural? No. The stones are genuine. When it comes to gemstone jewelry, heat treating is considered an acceptable practice, especially for smaller pieces, because it allows less perfect stones to become brighter, clearer or have richer color. Although investment quality tanzanite gemstones will not be heat treated, most affordable jewelry pieces, even those with rubies, will likely be treated with heat. This doesn’t make the stones any less real or beautiful, and for those who would otherwise not be able to afford authentic gems and would be forced to buy fashion jewelry, the heat treated items offer good value.

  1. An example of an affordable pair of tanzanite earrings that has treated stones is the pear-shaped set of studs with 0.30 carat tanzanite stones set in sterling silver.
  2. Another good buy that’s cheap is a slightly larger pair of studs with 0.40 carat oval tanzanite gems, also in sterling silver mountings. These earrings are 3mm high by 4mm in length and have a post / nut back.
  3. A pair that stands out, having almost a carat of tanzanite, is the oval-cut (0.09 carat weight) set in silver. These two faceted gemstones are ideal for ladies who want studs that get noticed yet are very affordable.
  4. A more dramatic pair of genuine tanzanite earrings is the three-stone design with a series of oval-cut gems for a total weight of 2.70 carat set in sterling silver with posts and friction backs, for around $100.

Although a bit larger than studs, these earrings aren’t going to get confused with fashion jewelry because they’re delicate – 21 millimeters in length (just under an inch long).

White Gold and Diamond Tanzanite Earring Elegance

JewelzDirect has a special offer (at the time of writing) for a pair of tanzanite earrings with real diamonds set in 14k white gold. This pair has 0.85 carat tanzanite gems and small round diamond accents for under $200.

Each light blue gem is cut in a pear-shape that look like teardrops below three small round diamonds.

Order recommended items and receive free shipping on orders within the United States (on orders of $25 or more), and find out about the 6 month interest free financing for purchases over $149.

In this post we’ve suggested the following tanzanite earrings by JewelzDirect:

1. Pear-shaped studs / 0.30 Carat / Genuine Tanzanite Earrings
2. Oval-cut studs / 0.40 carat / Genuine Tanzanite Earrings
3. Oval-cut / 0.90 carat / Silver / Genuine Tanzanite Earrings
4. Three-stone / 0val-cut / 2.70 carat / Silver / Genuine Tanzanite Earrings
5. Diamond Tanzanite Earrings / 14k gold / 0.85 carat tanzanite / 0.06 carat diamonds
6. (top image) Very small 3-stone earrings with 1 carat tanzanite in silver

For more jewelry suggestions view posts that highlight other blue gemstone pieces like aquamarine earrings and collections in gold and silver. Find out where to get affordable stud and hoop earrings in the post about 10k and 14k White Gold Earrings and where to buy quality Tarnish Free Sterling Silver Earrings that will last a little longer than most costume jewelry items.

For those interested in pearl jewelry, get shopping advice on Pearl Drop Earrings from Dahlia and Pearl Pendants from PeralsOnly as well as Pearl Jewelry Sets from the freshwater Bucasi collections. For Tahitian Pearl Earrings find out what special offers are available from Amour and discover some of the most affordable Bridal Earrings from a company called Jankuo.

Amour Collection of Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Tahitian pearl earrings between $150 and $200. Chocolate brown, unique pistachio colors and rich black hues; genuine Tahitian cultured gems set in gold and silver mountings. Shop online for pearl jewelry by Amour; distinctive styles, affordable prices, and free shipping within the United States.

Black Tahitian Pearls and Diamonds

Although owning a pair of genuine black Tahitian pearl earrings may have been an unaffordable luxury in the past, today’s pearl farm technology has brought the prices of genuine pearls down to an affordable level – not jus for the small Japanese Akoya or freshwater varieties, but also the large (previously elusive) black, grey chocolate brown, pistachio green and golden South Sea ones.

One pair of black Tahitian pearls (that have a silvery gray luster) are part of the Amour collections and cost just under $148. These pearl earrings are accented with diamonds in a motif where a single pearl falls below diamond-encrusted circles and crescents.

Another pair, in a similar price range, is the huggie design with a single chocolate brown Tahitian pearl dangling from a solid 14k yellow gold French clip. This pair costs just under $165. This is an excellent buy for genuine pearls of the Tahitian variety. Notice how the earring encompassed the whole lobe and the secure closure makes it difficult for these to slip off inadvertently.

Here’s a pair of Tahitian pearl earrings in a simple stud design but the beauty of them is in their color – they’re pistachio Tahitian pearls. These pieces are crafted with genuine pearls set in 14k yellow gold and cost just $149.99. That’s the beauty of Tahitians, they come in a wide variety of colors so that the term “black” can mean anything from a rich brown or copper to a silvery gray or greenish pearl.

The pearl stud earrings in the pistachio color are large, between 8mm and 9mm, which is normal for the South Sea gems that are known for growing much larger than freshwater ones. Although studs are usually quite subtle, these are dramatic pieces due to the color. If you’re looking to match these studs with bracelets, pearl pendants, strands of pearl necklaces, bracelets or even rings, the Amour collection has an outstanding series of exclusive pistachio colored pearls to choose from.

For something a bit more affordable than the Tahitian pearl earrings that start at around $150, take a look at the pistachio freshwater pearl earrings in the Amour collection that start at around $35. The pearls are set in 14k gold mountings, but they’re smaller (being freshwater) so they only measure between 6mm and 7mm. The matching pearl pendants are priced at around $90 (for the pistachio ones) and are set in 14k gold.

The most expensive Tahitian pearl earrings are the ones that are really black, or at least as dark as pearls get while still being lustrously iridescent, and the most affordable ones we can find to recommend are just a teeny bit over $200. The black Tahitian stud earrings by Amour are mounted in 14k white gold, and the gems are about 8mm or 8.5mm – simple, classic and very elegant. They’re regularly prices at around $225, but are often on sale for about $202. Check special offers that Amour has on assorted pieces of fine pearl jewelry.

For suggestions on pearl jewelry sets, browse the post about Bucasi pearls, and for a look some unusual designer pearl drop earrings, view the ideas in the post about Dahlia Jewels. If you need affordable, freshwater single pearl pendants to match earrings or necklaces, try the recommendations we have in the article about items form PearlsOnly.

Amour Collection Tahitian Pearl Earrings Featured in this Post:

1. Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings with Diamonds set in silver
2. 14K Gold Huggie Tahitian Pearl Earrings (8-9mm) Chocolate Brown
3. Pistachio Tahitian Pearl Earrings 14k Gold (8-9 mm)
4. Deep Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings 14k Gold (8-8.5mm)

Tarnish Free Sterling Silver Earrings

Tarnish-free sterling silver earrings form $13 to $33; small huggies for kids and teens; larger hoops for ladies; flat, polished, twisted and tube hoops – affordable 925 silver jewelry and free shipping within the US.

Kids and Teens – Non-tarnishing Hoops

These small sterling silver hoops, which won’t tarnish, are ideal for little girls and young ladies. They’re called Knife-Edge Hoop Earrings and they measure just 0.7 inch in diameter. These little earrings are a nice gift at the price. (Not recommended for adults because they’re really small.)

Although some of the cheap silver hoops for kids bend easily and are quite flimsy (especially those priced under $20), this pair of tarnish free sterling silver earrings is a good buy. They’re a twisted hoop that measures 0.8 inch in diameter, so they’re small and great for little girls, but stronger than many of the tube or hammered ones. The silver is tarnish free and the closure clicks and locks into place, so they won’t get lost so easily. Compared with other cute jewelry for children this pair is very affordable.

For a wider hoop, the flat polished earrings in this no-tarnish silver collection are good and priced under $25. They’re small (also just 0.7 inch in diameter), good for teens and children, but some ladies who wear studs or silver balls appreciate having something a little larger for certain occasions. These may be just the ideal pair for having handy when a stud just isn’t quite enough. (These earrings are like huggie hoops for women and drop only a little below the lobe on children.)

Ladies Sterling Silver Earrings

One of the best buys on sterling silver hoops are the hammered ones that measure 1.2 inches in diameter (also tarnish resistant). These are a pair of nicely crafted earrings for women of all ages – ideal for casual everyday wear. Compared to other designs, these tend to stand up better than tubular hoops. The hammered detail adds a nice bit of texture. For the price, these hoops are good value.

A pair of classic 1 inch twisted oval hoops in 925 sterling silver that can be worn anywhere anytime cost under $40. These are highly polished pieces with a click-top closure. They’re strong enough not to bend easily because of the twisted design. Yes, they’re tarnish resistant so they’ll last a little longer.

Basic Silver Hoop – Medium

For basic tube hoop earrings in sterling silver, the 1.6 inch pair is a good size – not too large or too small; they can be worn with casual or semi-formal outfits. These aren’t going to hold up like gold earrings, but for the price they’re good value.

Tarnish free sterling silver earrings are resistant to tarnishing because they’re coated / polished, but they don’t last forever, and the coating will eventually wear off.

If your budget allows, we suggest upgrading to white gold. Have a look at some of the best deals priced between $50 – $100 in the post about 10k and 14k White Gold Earrings.

In this post the suggested items have included:

1. Sterling Silver Tarnish-Free Knife-Edge Hoop Earrings (0.7″ Diameter)
2. Sterling Silver Tarnish-Free Twist Hoop Earrings (0.8″ Diameter)
3. Sterling Silver Tarnish-Free Flat Polished Hoop Earrings (0.7″ Diameter)
4. Sterling Silver Tarnish-Free Hammered Hoop Earrings (1.2″ Diameter)
5. Sterling Silver Tarnish-Free Twisted Oval Hoops (1.0″ Diameter)
6. Sterling Silver Tarnish-Free Tube Hoop Earrings (1.6″ Diameter)

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