Cheap Silver Jewelry Buyers Guide

Silver jewelry wholesale outlets are abundant online, and many offer a selection of steel products as well as handmade jewelry and replicas of vintage items. For cheap bracelet designs and silver jewellery such as hoop earrings and charms there are some retailers and wholesalers who really stand out.

silver flake

Silver Flake Costume Jewelry

Silver Flake is just one such shop that has men’s jewelry as well as animal jewelry for children. In-between these two extremes they also have anklets and arm bands, breast cancer awareness bracelets and lots of beads. They carry a full line of silver birthstone rings and necklaces and charms, as well as silver body jewelry at discount prices.

Their extensive lines also include childrens and baby jewelry and even Christmas styles that work great for childrens gifts. They offer a selection of cheap clip on earrings and matching jewelry sets.

silver flake jewelry

Wondering where to but great corporate gifts for the ladies and men in your office? Then try Silver Flake for key chains, money clips, pendants and other small items that work wonderfully as corporate gifts.

silver flake ring

Need something to give someone at their first communion? Then try Silver Flake for silver cross rings and other religious jewelry.
How about romantic jewelry and bridal sets at a discount? They have that too. Even cufflinks and tie bars for him and his tuxedo and dangle earrings for her to wear with a gown.

silver flake

Need some fun silver ethnic or regional pieces, like unusual pendants and clips or necklaces with ethnic motifs and symbols? Silver Flake has a selection of such sterling silver specials.

Cubic zirconia rings for $22, silver wedding bands for under $20, designer jewelry replicas for under $25, silver vintage jewellery copies for $22 and rhodium plated cultured freshwater pearl drop earrings in silver for just $21.

silver flake

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for designer jewelry or great silver costume jewellery at affordable prices, Silver Flake has a sterling silver piece for you within your budget, even delicate bridal jewellery and select pieces that may make wonderful bridesmaid gifts that look a lot more expensive than they are. They are genuine silver specials that offer the public discounts on items which include Indian jewelry and accessories and Kanji jewelry for something a little off the beaten track.


They have collections of sterling silver earrings, cubic zirconia earrings, sterling silver necklaces and gorgeous cubic zirconia necklaces as well as matching silver chains, silver bracelets with CZ gemstones and lots of silver tennis bracelets that sparkle. They also have a wide selection of sterling silver rings, some with cubic zirconia and others with imitation stones. They have marcasite pins and brooches as well as toe rings beaded anklets and a selection of sterling silver body jewelry that looks vintage instead of high-tech or modern. They have silver chains for under $7 and Italian charms for under $5. They have religious jewelry for around $10 and fun gifts for young kids for $10 to $20, including birthstone earrings and cute charms.

kamar silver ring

Kamar Silver Retail and Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Another silver jewelry outlet that sells discount products for less, at a wholesale and retail level, is Kamar Silver. They have a 925 sterling silver CZ ring for under $9 and silver hoop earrings for less than $15. They have antique inspired silver wedding jewelry, handmade, pearl and even designer jewellery that replicates the famous brands and styles.

Their jewelry design is unusual and not just another lot of factory produced junk, but really elegant handcrafted jewelry and vintage costume jewellery replicas that have an old world pewter look instead of the modern shiny silver feeling. Many of their costume jewelry earrings are made with real precious stones and Marcasite for the low prices of about $14 to $20, even for pieces that mimic Victorian jewelry. They have items like a 925 silver antique pendant that costs only $7. Discoveries like this are unusual.

Tanai Jewellery


For some of the cheapest and best quality rings, fashion earrings, wholesale silver jewelry and pretty much anything you could need in a jewelry supply shop, go to Tanai, who import incredible bargains from Thailand. They have gemstone and rhinestone jewelry, art deco jewelry, pendants, necklaces, sterling silver chain sold by the millimeter, pearl bracelets and inexpensive costume jewelry for just $5 or $6, even for complete cheap jewellery sets that are handmade. Some of their wholesale necklaces and rings are under $1 and are all handmade silver jewelry with gorgeous motifs and even inlays of bone and gemstones. It is perhaps the cheapest place online to order jewelry, however you must become a member. The minimum orders are $100 or 80 Euros or 60 GBP. But the amount of jewelry you can select for $100 is amazing!

tanai bangle

Although they have one of the largest silver collections they also have enamels, ethnic and hand made pieces from bone along with wood and leather in addition to Indian gold jewelry. For pearl bridal sets they don’t have the best selection but for rhinestone costume jewelry and silver they are tops.


Cheap Jewelry Stores Online for Last Minute Bargains

Golden Mine sells gold jewelry, earrings, wedding rings, watches, pearl jewelry. They offer wholesale prices for quality gold.

Pure Pearls pearl jewelry offers Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls at wholesale prices.

Jewelry Vortex specializes mens wedding bands in gold, platinum, titanium, and tungsten. They also have bridal jewelry and engagement rings at a discount.

Baunat Designer Jewellery offers designers collections including engagement rings and bridal jewelry. They are exclusive jewelers with unique products and not solely cheap or discount retailers, but they offer excellent quality at reasonable prices.


Cool Diamonds has diamond jewellery and designer quality. They have 40% discounts on many items such as engagement rings, wedding bands and matching sets. They do not have cheap fashion jewelry because they are diamond experts, but their prices for gold, silver and diamond jewelry is excellent for the equality. They specialize in custom creations that you can put together by selecting your own settings and diamonds.

Erayo is a large wholesale sourcing center where retailers can get deals from over 2,500 designers. They bring buyers and sellers together online for cheap fashion jewelry and gold and silver and every kind of jewelry accessories from all around the world.


The Diamond Store is a huge online outlet for diamonds, gold and fine jewelry at discount prices, with thousands of pieces from under $50 to over $5,000. They operate The Diamond Store from a warehouse in London and do not have a physical shop apart from what is offered online which is why they can offer such great discounts and deals. They specialize in diamonds and gemstones and guarantee that all their diamonds are ethically sourced and non-conflict. Here are just a few of the great bargains they have to offer:

  • Chic Ice Blue Diamond Designer Silver Napoli Ring for £49.00
  • Ruby Earrings Ruby 9K Yellow Gold for £39.00
  • Blue Topaz Earrings Blue Topaz 9K Yellow Gold for £39.00
  • Emerald Earrings Emerald 9K Yellow Gold for £45.00
  • Amethyst Earrings Amethyst 9K Yellow Gold for £45.00

is a Swedish jewelry designer who deals in wood, organic and pearl jewelry that is unique and affordable. They also have a line of cheap gemstone bead jewelry at discount prices. They have very unusual bracelets and necklaces as well as wooden jewellery, shell pearls, horn jewelry and coconut jewelry pieces. For organic jewelry, this is a good place to find bargains. All their products are shipped internationally from Sweden.


Hollywood Body Jewelry has a massive selection of high quality body jewelry who deliver products internationally. Their prices are very competitive for wholesale body jewelry such as HBJ Extravaganza and Cheaper By The Dozen collections. They also have lots of bonus packs and holiday specials and discounts for volume orders. They specialize in dermal anchors barbell and tongue rings and navel rings. they also carry a selection of non piercing navel rings and other adhesive body jewelry. They have a good selection of eyebrow rings, labret, nipple rings, plugs, tunnels and tapers as well as captive bead rings, stainless steel jewelry and a variety of packaging and display options for retailers. Hollywood Body Jewelry keeps up to date on the latest body jewelry trends and sells for less.


JKS Accessories offers quality bespoke jewelry, silver beads, gold beads, Murano beads and a wide election of discount gold and silver jewellery such as gold rings, bracelets and even glass rings all set into 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold, palladium or platinum. They have handmade 9ct gold beads for under £20 and an assortment of sterling silver beads for as little as £13, with many clearance cheap jewelry items for just £5. They specialize in cheap charm bracelets and charms like the Biagi silver beads and jewelry by Fluid , which is a silver jewelry inspired by organic forms in highly polished sterling silver range in the lastest fashion trends. There are nine Fluid collections like that offer charms, bracelets and rings that are all designed with smooth contemporary simplicity in a lustrous silver shine.



Metal Pressions features Elisha’s Designs in hand stamped silver which means that you can have custom text on your jewelry that is made by a tool that strikes the metal to leave an impression, be it a letter or symbol or motif. All the work is done by hand and therefore each piece in unique. They ship their jewelry internationally and offer free world wide shipping on any orders over $100.


Jewelry by ABJ is unique fine jewelry for such things as Black Hills Gold, black onyx in silver and gold settings, unique bracelets and even bridal jewelry. They also have a specialty Christmas Shop for holiday jewelry as well as some distinctive Native American and Navajo jewelry in amber and turquoise creations that are one of a kind. They have the singular designs of Nicole Barr and other fine jewelry that is all handmade and signed by the artisans.

Cheap Wedding Jewelry Buyers Guide

anna bellagio earrings

Where can you find the best cheap bridal jewelry for bridesmaids, the top wedding rings, wedding bands, earrings for the bride, matching necklaces and cheap jewelry set designs for dressing the entire bridal party or for gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen? That would be Wedding Sparkles where you can find complete sets for about $40 and lots of rings and pendants and necklaces and bridal accessories for under $20.

Wedding Sparkles Cheap Fashion Jewelry for Brides and Bridesmaids

anna bellagio

Wedding Sparkles is an amazing little online shop that offers the best wedding jewelry sets available, including rhinestone choker sets, rhinestone necklace sets, bridesmaids jewelry that is even organized by color. They also have sparkling bridal tiaras, headbands, clip on earrings and accessories for flower girls. They have a complete line of magnetic jewelry and also sparkling rhinestone studded bridal purses, gloves and even wedding cake decorations. They have retro jewellery styles and wholesale costume jewellery prices that everyone can take advantage of because they have no minimum orders. You can order something for as little as $7 and have it shipped to your door. And since they have ring and bracelet combinations for just $10, this may prove very handy. They ship internationally to most countries, and on orders over $250 the shipping is free.


Anna Bellagio Designer Costume Jewelry

Anna Bellagio is another fantastic place to get wholesale gold jewelry prices on gold-tone and silver-tone jewelry and pieces that replicate antique costume jewelry in vintage bracelets and necklaces and earrings for brides and maids of honor. These creations are not really cheap, but due to their incredible design and quality they are incredibly priced at around $40 to $80. Although they are intricate and have an old fashion costume jewelry feeling they are all mostly under $100. This cheap bridal jewelry looks very expensive and is actually of good quality and therefore is worth the little extra you might pay.


Most of the fine costume jewelry made by Anna Bellagio is rafted from cubic zirconia, pearls and crystal and is specifically designed as bridal jewelry, bridesmaid, flower girl or prom jewelry. For earrings, bracelets and necklaces, not many other manufacturers have the kind of quality and distinctive designs at such incredibly low prices. Since this website is dedicated to brides and weddings, primarily, there is a lot of useful advice regarding selecting pieces that match your outfits and face shape and neckline, as well as useful tips on getting jewelry for all the bridesmaids that will match and finding the right shade of pearl, should pearl necklaces and jewelry be what has been chosen for a wedding.

Cheap Pearl and Vintage Costume Jewelry

For some unusual pearl and stone jewelry try the collections of Miriam Haskell Jewelry, unusual pieces, many made from pearl and organic materials in tribal and stone creations that are a cut above most costume jewelry necklace designs. Some pieces have a gypsy flare or even a native Indian costume jewelry feeling, but in fact are intricate creations that incorporate beadwork and the use of semi-precious stones like blue opal, fluorite, aquamarine and even European glass beads to create imitations of ancient Egyptian and even Etruscan style jewelry.

Miriam Haskell Jewelry

There are pieces that use European filigrees, and incorporate vintage chain, plated in Russian gold to form pieces that are so unique there can be no mistaking Miriam Haskell Jewelry for any other. If you seek retro jewelry or vintage jewelry creations that are delicate and intricate they are not sold through cheap wholesale jewelry outlets but through distinctive shops like Annie Sherman Vintage Jewelry and Antiques Art Collectibles and there are some pieces that go under $100.


Win Pearl

Win Pearl is another pearl jewelry specialist that has items for as little as $30. They specialize in pearl jewelry sets including multi-strand freshwater pearl necklace and earring sets. They also have black pearl earrings and pearl bracelet and earring sets with freshwater pearls which can be bought online.

Trifari Jewelry

Trifari Jewelry

For some of the most unusual pearl jewelry creations there’s Trifari Jewelry that is not ordinarily very cheap. However, there are select pieces through Ruby Lane that go for as little as $28 and one select pearl ring that is exquisite for about $40. In fact, if you seek unusual pearl or rhinestone jewelry bracelet designs, vintage costume jewelry necklaces that are rare and inexpensive, vintage rhinestone jewelry that is unavailable through any manufacturer or regular outlet, or if you need antique vintage jewelry that is from a specific designer or era, or vintage silver jewelry that doesn’t cost a fortune, then Ruby Lane and Morning Glory Jewelry are two of the best.


Ruby Lane Vintage Jewelry

For rhinestones, costume pearls, topaz and the vintage jewellery that just isn’t easy to find try Weiss Jewelry which is the most incredible costume necklace designs and vintage jewelry styles for between $30 and several hundred.

Again Ruby Lane is the best place to find these unique vintage style jewelry creations at discount costume jewelry prices. Pearl costume jewelry that has a twist of class from the past may be a Weiss brooch jewelry item that is both great as a gift or as collectible jewelry item for yourself. You need to be a little careful with hunting for antique jewelry for sale online because not all of it real. I’d recommend sticking to places like Ruby Lane who offer authenticated and signed

bug jewelry

Miriam Haskell vintage jewelry and Weiss Jewelry that you can be sure is real. These pieces are not your average cheap wholesale designer jewelry or items or pieces that come from cheap costume jewellery shops but are exclusive and unique pieces that usually are one of a kind and must be authenticated even if they only cost about $30 or less. The value of art deco antique jewelry is that it has a history.


Morning Glory

For unique designers jewelry like the line of Ciner jewelry made in New York in the late 1800’s,Morning Glory Jewelry (based in Albuquerque, New Mexico) has a fine selection at an affordable price. Vintage jewelry online is becoming more and more popular with some wholesale vintage jewelry outlets cropping up, but I still prefer to recommend the places that are smaller and less known that carry unique pieces of antique rhinestone jewelry and pearl creations that have not yet been overpriced by auctions or too many middlemen. Morning Glory Jewelry is the online store for Antique Connection Mall, 12815 Central NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87123 USA. They can be contacted online by e-mailing: Some of their fine pieces include designers like Boucher, Carnegie, Ciner, Coro, DeMario, Eugene, DeRosa, Eisenberg, Hobe, Joseff, Juliana, McClelland Barc., Miriam Haskell, Regency, Reja, Rosenstein, Schiaparelli jewelry, Schreiner, Shultz bakelite jewelry, Signed, Staret, Stephen Dweck, Swarovski, Swoboda, Trifari, Vega Maddux, Vendome, Vrba and Weiss. You may also inquire into the availability of vintage Hollycraft jewelry from the 1950’s, although you may also find these exclusive pieces at a few other specialty vintage jewelry shops online.

Vintage Jewelry Dealers

If you’re looking for Hollycraft jewelry you may find some at Collectors Index where they have a few rhinestone brooches and bracelets. They sell quite quickly so you have to check their site often. Most Hollycraft jewelry does not have pearls. It’s most famous for the Christmas Tree jewelry, rhinestone bracelets, necklace and earring with multi color stones. Sassy Classics sometimes has a few Hollycraft jewelry sets, and you can also check out Broad Water Rose Jewels, as well Jennifer Lynn’s Timeless Jewelry that sells online.


Each of these dealers carries a selection of vintage designers jewelry that retail for a variety of price ranges depending on the age, quality and designer popularity. However, many of these creations are truly bargain jewelry findings. There are pieces for $30 just as easily as there are some for $300 or more. But if you want pearl or rhinestone jewelry that’s unusual and one of a kind, vintage jewelry is where it’s at!

kirks folly

Kirks Folly Jewelry

As noted previously, some of the best rhinestone and pearl jewelry is vintage, like Lisner jewelry, but there’s also some newer creations like the kirks folly jewelry that incorporates magical themes into mother of pearl creations with rhinestones and lots of dangling charms. They also have pieces that could work well for avant-garde wedding costume jewelry and select pieces that are fantasy beaded jewelry with a feeling of being like the old collectible costume jewelry that is now sold at Ruby Lane. However Kirks Folly Jewelry is NEW. But still it falls into the category of cheap fashion jewellery since it retails for under $40.

Best Cheap Wholesale Jewelry Outlets

Wholesale fashion jewellery is big business and there are so many outlets around the world that offer deals, but here are some of the top wholesale outlets where you will be able to choose wholesale rhinestone jewelry, bridal costume jewelry, cheap silver jewelry, vintage bridal jewelry and even high fashion jewelry pieces at very affordable prices to be able to, in turn, offer your retail customers a good price.

Costume jewelry manufacturers are often based in China, Thailand and other Asian countries and have representatives in the USA and Europe. If you would like to be added to this list please send us your information and we will review what you have to offer and consider adding you to our top jewelry wholesalers list.

the silver box
  • Diva Designs USA is a company based in Los Angeles that offers fashion jewelry from importers. They have been in business since 1987 and have a minimum order of $50.
  • Wholesale Fashion Jewelry by Cool Jewels is a company based in Hallandale, Florida USA who offer lots of rhinestones and glitz as well as children jewelry. They have been in business since 1977 and offer very cheap wholesale jewelry.
  • Ruby Imports Costume Jewelry is a company based in Memphis, Tennessee USA and offer a wide selection of costume jewelry and accessories.
  • ruby imports
  • Judson & Co. is a company based in Alabama USA who offer a varied selection of cheap fashion jewelry and watches including sterling silver jewelry.
  • Ur Eternity Fashion Jewelry is a jewelry shop in New York that import and manufacturer wholesaler fashion and costume jewelry as well as handbags, African jewelry, bridal tiaras and offer the public prices that are factory direct.
  • Buck Wholesale is a from Atlanta, Georgia USA who offer fun and inexpensive fashion jewelry, handbags and accessories for distribution to dollar stores and discount retail stores.
  • silver box
  • Pampered Princess is located in Rochester, New York USA that features the hottest wholesale costume jewelry and scarves especially for holiday gifts.
  • The Silver Box is a wholesale and drop ship outlet that sells sterling silver jewelry from Inman, South Carolina USA. They have a minimum order of just $50, and offer a wide selection of costume rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings at discount prices.
  • Wholesale Jewelry Direct is a company that operates from Los Angeles and features fashion accessories like rhinestone necklaces, bracelets, charms and have only hypoallergenic, nickel free jewelry that will not tarnish easily. Their minimum order is also just $50.
  • glitz
  • American Jewelry Manufacturing, Inc. is a New York, manufacturer of costume and fashion jewelry for all your retail needs.
  • Bajul Imports, Inc operates from Missouri USA and specializes in Pandora charms that mix and match with European charm beads, Biagi bracelets and Troll bracelets. They have a wide selection of bead jewelry, religious and Christian jewelry, birthstone jewelry and animal charms.
  • Unique Wholesale Jewelry is a company from Louisiana USA that carries a large selection of unusual jewelry designs and also offers displays and unique gift items for retailers.
  • glitz
  • Cruz Accessories is a company that has been operating from South Carolina USA since 1986 offering wholesale jewelry at discount prices.
  • Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Co. specializes in peace jewelry, Rasta jewelry, knot bracelets, anklets and sterling silver toe rings by designer jewelry makers such as Earth Elements, Allure, Dreamlets and Nature’s Bandz. They have a toll free ordering line at: 877-651-2772.
  • sun fashion designs
  • New Age Jewelry and Gifts is a wholesale jewelry company that drop ships from Staten Island, New York and offers gemstone and unique jewelry, including pieces evil eye charms, Feng Shui and lucky charms.
  • 316 Concepts from Miami, Florida specializes in bracelets, bangles and necklaces for as little as $3, as well as la variety of cheap stainless steel jewelry.
  • Glitzs from Brooklyn, New York has been a jewelry manufacturer for the past 10 years, and is part of Leo Baum & Co which has been operating since 1994. has a large selection of costume jewelry that is of high quality.

  • Unique Jewelry by Fay based in Indiana USA has a selection of earrings, charms, pins, pendants, fashion jewelry, chains, Christmas jewelry, and religious jewelry at great prices.
  • glitz
  • Sun Fashion Designs in Arizona USA is a manufacturer of 14kt gold overlay jewelry, sterling silver overlay that costs only 9 cents per gram, and also specializes in white gold, and silver chains, sliders, pendants, CZ fashion jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, earrings and a variety of jewelry for men, women and children.
  • Vousi Wholesale Fashion Jewelry is a wholesaler in California that specializes in wholesale rings, earrings, and sterling silver jewelry with wholesale bulk purchase and volume discounts. They have a $150 minimum order.
  • glitz
  • Dragon Gifts based in Orlando, Florida specializes in wholesale Murano glass and wholesale fashion jewelry like anklets, body jewelry, and Hematite & Magnetic J. Hemp Magna Flex Magnetic Jewelry.
  • Fashion Jewelry Mart Los Angeles, is a wholesale fashion jewelry outlet jewelry sold in packs by the dozen, offering an affordable way to buy wholesale necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings.
  • Silver Oasis Inc., Chicago, Illinois has wholesale body jewelry, glowstick jewelry, sterling silver rings and lots of dragon pendants!
  • glitz jewelry
  • Trendy LLC, Massachusetts has a selection of wholesale jewelry and accessories
  • Ceri Jewelry California is a wholesale distributor of fashion jewelry with a large selection of rings, earrings, bracelet styles and necklaces. They ship internationally.
  • Silver Wholesale of Myrtle Beach South Carolina are silver wholesalers who import fashion and sterling silver jewelry, including religious jewelry, watches and do drop shipping on wholesale orders.
  • glitz ring
  • Lancy NY Inc. is a wholesale cstume jewelry outlet for cheap charm bracelets, earrings, rings and only requires a $50.minimum purchase.
  • Body Jewelry by is a company based in Bangkok, Thailand that ships for free on retail orders of $25 and wholesale with $500 on any body jewelry and silver jewelry which they specialize in. They have lots of belly rings and navel piercing jewelry.
  • Bizarre Jewels North Carolina specializes in Austrian crystal and rhinestone jewelry, crystal jewelry, fashion accessories and all at great affordable prices.
  • glitz necklace
  • Accessory Concert, Inc. New York, New manufacture and import costume jewelry, fashion scarves and hair accessories. They offer discounts for large volume orders when buying jewelry online.
  • Bellagio Jewelry California specializes in rhinestones crystal bangles, Swarovski crystal bracelets, earrings and necklaces. They are a jewelry wholesale company.
  • Designer Jewelry Miami Florida has sterling silver, fashion jewelry, rhinestone jewelry and lots of CZ costume jewelry as well as Swarovski and designer jewelry brands at discount and wholesale prices.
  • Coastal Distributors and Wildwear California specializes in fake body piercing jewelry, body jewelry, and temporary tattoos, as well as magnetic body studs, hoops, no piercing tongue balls and belly button hoops.
  • Paradiso, Inc. LA, California has the line of Fashion Forward Silver & CZ jewelry and also their own handmade sterling silver and silver with gold jewelry at discount prices.
  • Inca Territories Co., Ltd. Dallas, Texas ( has sterling silver jewelry, fashion jewelry, and amber jewelry with more than 10,000 items for sale.
  • Hip Hop Jewelry and RC Jewels Maryland specializes in Hip Hop, Iced Out, Bling Bling jewelry and designer jewelry like Grillz, Hiphop and offers bracelets and chains for good prices and best quality.

Cheap Jewelry Accessories

There are lots of places that sell rhinestone and there are even more silver jewellery wholesale outlets and lots of importers of vintage Mexican silver jewelry, but there’s no place quite like Deep Sea Treasure amongst unusual costume jewelry stores. Their creations are more than jewelry, they are complete accessories for almost any wardrobe. They have pearl styles, tribal jewelry, gold costume jewelry, silver costume creations, blue and purple and pink costume jewelry and even strange chain necklaces. They are all about cool trendy jewelry and accessories like the popular hoop earrings, drop earrings and chandelier earrings that come in every imaginable style and color for under $20.

deep sea treasure

They also have pearl earrings and beaded earrings and even a few drop chain earrings. In necklaces they offer a wide selection of choker, beaded, chain and pendant necklaces. They have cheap silver bracelets, gold bracelets and many rhodium bracelets as well as cuff bracelets and cuff bracelets and bangles. They have a selection of watches, brooches and even hair accessories. What they all have in common is a great low price!



Need more than just bling and jewelry, then try Peacocks, a shop that sells everything from lingerie to jewelry for $2. You can get yourself dressed from head to toe and jeweled and accented for under $50.

Accessories Online

There’s another shop that has just about everything in cheap jewelry accessories, designer jewelry, bridal sets, necklaces, earrings, cheap rings, silver bangles and bracelets, vintage brooches, hair jewellery, purses, travel accessories, mens wallets, watches, key rings and even handbag charms for great little holiday gifts.

Anna Lou of London Jewellery

The shop is Accessories Online, based in Liverpool and they have fashion and costume jewellery that you can shop for by designer, such as Alex Monroe Jewellery, Angie Gooderham Jewellery and Anna Lou of London Jewellery. They also carry Billy Bag Accessories and Butler & Wilson Jewellery products, as well as some of Cath Kidson Jewellery. They have the popular Catherine Weitzman Jewellery, Jackie Brazil Jewellery and a selection of the well known Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry pieces.

French N2 Jewellery

Accessories Online also have a few pieces of the cultish French N2 Jewellery that’s fantasy and retro kitsch in trendy colorful designs. Also there’s a collection of Les Nereides Jewellery which perhaps should be categorized cute cheap jewelry because it’s all about trendy flowers and butterflies in bright colors. They also have the unique, one of a kind collection by British designer Leandra Holder Jewellery characterized by each piece having a message making it, in fact, wearable art jewelry while still being inexpensive and fun. Many of Leandra Holder’s jewelry is worn by famous stars.

sukie lau jewellery

Also they carry the Lola Rose Jewellery collection with pendants, earrings and bracelets that incorporate semi precious stones, and Mary Frances Jewellery from San Francisco who offers a line of jeweled handbags that are exotic and colorful and have been made popular by Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson. For unique jewelry they also carry the oversized wacky colored Sukie Lau Jewellery collection for those who want candy bright beads and purple jade cubes for playful fun accents to their trendy wardrobe. And for delicate hearts and bows with sparkling rhinestones in silver-tone and gold-tone metal mixes, there’s the Ted Baker jewelry collection, also from Accessories Online. Ted Baker is high-end elite jewelry without the high price.


If you want the jewelry and accessories featured in the top fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle, Tatler and Look, then Accessories Online has what you need at affordable prices.

Cheap Jewelry Beads Buyers Guide

Kira Designs may be unknown, but it’s a good place to buy cheap crystal jewelry that’s ready to wear as well as where you can get Swarovski crystal beads for some of the best and least expensive bridesmaid jewelry. Each item is made to suite your specific wedding needs. They have bridesmaid necklaces and bridesmaid earrings with posts lever back or clip-on styles. They design custom crystal jewelry and delicate feminine wedding earrings and matching bracelets and even creations for flower girls.

Wire-sculpture is an online company that specializes in cheap jewelry beads, Swarovski Crystal and all the supplies you need to make beaded jewelry. They also have loose gemstones and cubic zirconia in a variety of colors. They have a complete selection of jewelry supplies like Bali beads, copper Bali style beads, sterling silver Bali beads and even designer beads. In their gemstone line they have obsidian, agate, amazonite, amber, amethyst, aquamarine. They have other semi precious stones such as aventurine, black onyx, bloodstone, blue quartz, blue topaz, carnelian, cherry quartz, chrysocolla, citrine beads and even coral, garnet and jade. They also have a few other unusual pieces like lapis, malachite and moonstone, as well as the more common opal, opalite, pearl and peridot.

bead gems

For making distinctive costume jewelry pieces you may also select glass beads or gold filled beads and also sterling silver beads. If you want to make chunky jewelry they also offer a selection of cabochons, amethyst cabochons, garnet cabochons even very unique mother of pearl cabochons. They also opal cameos and porcelain cameos and all you need to complete your creations like earwires, hooks, clasps, toggles and hoops. They offer a complete series of birthstone gems as well as genuine faceted gemstones in sapphire, ruby and many other gems. To finish your jewelry designs they have all the tools you could require and the wire to put it all together.

Fire Mountain Gems

Fire Mountain Gems is also a good place to buy acrylic beads, bone and horn beads, Celestial Crystal®, Czech glass beads, Czech fire-polished beads, gemstone beads, metal beads, pearls, porcelain beads, shell beads, turquoise beads and even wood and nut beads.


Beadaholique also carries everything you need to create your own jewelry like Swarovski elements that include crystal beads, pearls, crystal stones, rhinestones, pre-made pendants and even crystal sew-on stones. They also have a selection of Cinnabar beads, Miyuki beads and Pandora style beads for making Pandora charms. To finish they have bass and copper chain, gold filled bulk chain, stainless steel chain and even sterling silver chain. In jewelry findings they have bracelet findings, clasps, earring findings, jump rings links, connectors and ring findings. They also carry the necessary adhesives, beading wire, glazes and resins as well as a complete selection of tools. If you want to shop for some ready to wear bead jewelry, they have a selection of items like bead bracelets, crystal bead earrings, beaded necklaces and bead rings all ready to give as gifts.

atlanta bead gallery

Atlanta Bead Gallery also carries freshwater pearls, turquoise beads, mother of pearl and gemstone beads and a wide selection of ready made pendants to add to necklaces.

swarovski crystal jewelry

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Online is the best place to buy the Swarovski crystal beads you need. Buy the official Swarovski crystal charms, Christmas decorations and add them to your home or jewelry creations. They’re not as expensive as you might think. There are small crystal charms and ornaments for as little as $25.


It only takes one piece of genuine Swarovski crystal to make a stunning piece of jewelry or as an accent to a bracelet or as an ornament on a tree. And did you know that you can have a pair of ready made Swarovski crystal earrings for under $50? It’s true. Why settle for imitations when you can have the real thing at an affordable price. You can actually buy a gorgeous crystal ring or eternity band for about $100. Their crystal pave is set into rhodium plated metals and their bezel-set crystal stones in their eternity bands are set in silver or gold tone metals to suite your style.

swarovski crystal ring

Just one note: the new crystal eternity rings offered on the official Swarovski Crystal Jewelry site is called an Honestly Ring. It sells for just over 100 euros. It’s gorgeous, high quality and really cheap for being genuine. Highly recommended!

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