Ladies White Gold Wedding Ring Designs

White gold wedding ring designs with and without diamonds; plain wedding bands and elaborate creations; eternity ring options, vintage and antique white gold wedding ring styles, wedding ring sets, Russian and Celtic wedding ring designs, settings and mountings for custom gemstone or diamonds; cheap white gold wedding ring styles that fit within your budget – what’s available online, how much rings cost and where to buy them – that’s what Jewelry & Accessories offers.

Have an Engagement Ring and Just Need a Band?


If you have already selected your engagement ring in a white gold setting, and if it did not come as a set with a wedding band, then you are likely searching for a white gold wedding ring to. In that case you will find our suggestions very helpful because we have selected a variety of simple and diamond studded wedding bands in a variety of styles to match most engagement ring styles.


Looking for White Gold Engagement & Wedding Ring Sets?

If you have not yet bought your engagement ring and are looking for engagement and wedding ring sets we offer recommendations on matching white gold engagement ring and wedding bands that are sold together and those that you can assemble yourself. Perhaps you may wish to select a solitaire and add an eternity ring, or choose a three stone engagement ring and pair it with a simple white gold band.


Searching for Mens White Gold Wedding Ring Styles?

If you seek mens white gold wedding rings, then skip this article and go directly to the article which deals exclusively with mens white gold wedding ring styles. There you will find dozens of suggestions in both simple gold band rings and diamond studded men’s white gold wedding rings. We have also found some unique two-tone ring designs as well as mens Celtic wedding ring options. We recommend where to buy high-end jewelry as well as suggest where to get quality cheap wedding ring sets, such as matching bands for Him and Her.


White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

We start our recommendations with ladies white gold wedding ring sets from Jewelry Vortex, who have some very good buys in quality diamond rings. Wedding rings for women are more complex than those for men since they usually consist of a set of two rings, sometimes three if you count a promise ring or a pre engagement ring that may have been given some time before. However, we will focus on the sets that have two pieces, the engagement ring and the matching wedding band.

How Much to Budget for a White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

For two rings with genuine diamonds you’re going to have to budget, on the low side, about $500. If you need to save money, the best way is to go with a cubic zirconia engagement and wedding ring set for $150 to $300, or buy the diamond engagement ring separately for $150 to $300 and then add an inexpensive eternity ring or a plain band for another $100 or $150.


Diamond White Gold Wedding Ring Set by Jewelry Vortex

For a quality diamond white gold wedding ring set we recommend this first piece that is sold through Jewelry Vortex due to the size and weight of the diamonds, the overall design and the price. It’s a 1/2ct round diamond set in a 14k white gold. The best part about this gold ring wedding white setting are the five diamonds in the band that match the engagement ring perfectly, and while having so many diamonds the ring is not heavy or gaudy, but a classic design. It is a piece that’s valued at $900, but through Jewelry Vortex is only about $540.


In a similar price range, there’s another 14k white gold wedding ring set that has two rings with genuine diamonds. This 14k white gold diamond bridal set has .40ct round cut diamonds in an unusual setting. This set appears to have three rings, but in fact the engagement ring has a split shank with two bands covered in pave set diamonds and the white gold wedding ring that matches, is likewise adorned with diamonds, and features a small curve where the larger engagement ring prong set diamond fits perfectly. Again, these two pieces are valued at almost $1,000 but retail through Jewelry Vortex for about $580.


The other option is a simple yet very elegant 3 stone engagement ring with a half eternity ring wedding band. This two piece set is a fabulous deal since it has a list price of almost $1,200, but is offered at jewelry Vortex for $650. And consider what you get for that price: A complete 14K white gold bridal ring set that has a.15 ct round cut prong set diamond in the center of the engagement ring and a series of prong and pave set .10 ct and .12 ct diamonds on the sides. The ladies wedding band is an eternity ring also encrusted with diamonds. It comes in ring sizes 5 through 8, and can easily be ordered online. It comes with free shipping, free engraving and a free jewelry box.


For a contemporary design that’s unusual and still in a medium price range, there’s a princess diamond engagement ring with a matching band in a bridal set that has a geometric square mounting with diamonds in the square shape and along the engagement ring band. The wedding ring is simple, plain white gold, with a square design that fits around the engagement ring to highlight the focal diamonds. It’s priced at just under $700.


White Gold Wedding Band Ring

If you only need the wedding band, then here are some options to match your engagement ring. The first is a total bargain at just under $360. It’s a 14K white gold wedding band with a series of round prong set diamonds in a half eternity ring style.


The second ladies white gold wedding ring is also about $360 and has round diamonds prong set into the 14K gold wedding band, but the 7 diamonds are larger for .25 carats of diamonds in this half eternity ring band.


Diamond Pave White Gold Wedding Ring

For a double row of channel set diamonds there’s a pave wedding ring set in polished 14k white gold that includes .15cts of round diamonds in two rows of sparkle inset along the front of the band. This is an ideal wedding ring to match a round solitaire engagement ring or even a round 3 stone ring. As luxurious as this piece looks, it only costs about $350 at Jewelry Vortex.

It comes with free shipping and a gorgeous little jewelry box.


Plain White Gold Wedding Ring

For a cheap white gold wedding ring you needn’t spend more than about $85 for a 2mm band. There’s one for that price at Jewelry Vortex that’s a solid 14k white gold band and nothing else. Sleek, clean and simply elegant. Match this with almost any engagement ring or wear it alone. A mens matching band is also available.

Plain or Milgrain


When it comes to choosing a plain white gold wedding ring, the choices are quite simple: decide what width of band you desire and then select if you want a plain rounded edge or a milgrain detail.

Wedding band Widths

A plain band that’s wider than the one above from about 4mm and up will cost between $199 and $260 depending on the width.


A milgrain wedding band will cost about the same, except for an 8mm which will cost about $350, which comes in sizes 4 to 12 so can be bought as His and Hers wedding bands. However, a ladies white gold ring wedding piece is usually not as wide as the same men’s band, so as long as you select the same metal, white gold, and decide on rounded edges or milgrain, you can buy different widths.


White Gold Celtic Wedding Ring Options

If you are not going to select diamonds but instead use matching wedding bands, one of the most traditional Celtic designs is a 14K white gold Celtic wedding ring in the Claddagh style with the hands and heart carved or engraved into the band. This ring comes in sizes 5 to 13, so it’s no problem fitting His and Hers rings. Each piece costs about $390.


For under $400 there’s a gorgeous sculpted 14K white gold Fleur de Lis wedding ring, also available in sized 5 to 13 to have the right size for matching wedding bands.


There’s another white gold Celtic wedding ring from Jewelry Vortex that’s very reasonably priced and is the classic Celtic weave or knot. The band is 6mm wide and it has a high polished finish in solid white gold, designed for Him and Her. It costs about $320.


18k White Gold Wedding Ring Set for Him & Her

Jewelry Vortex has a wide variety of 18k gold and white gold rings, including many two-tone designs that are beautiful for wedding sets. However, one piece that is perfect for Him & Her is an 18K white gold cross wedding ring with a textured finish that sells for about $565. This piece is appropriately detailed with modern geometric crosses around the band, with the inner part of each cross being polished and the outer part textured for contrast. The band is 6mm and comes in sizes to fit both ladies and gents. Remember this piece is 18k white gold, not 14k, so the price reflects the gold content.


The other classic ring design that’s 18k white gold for Him & Her, is the Celtic wedding band, also available at Jewelry Vortex for about $735. This is a high quality gold ring, and it comes with free engraving so you can have the date or a few words etched inside the bands. But remember: after you have the bands engraved they can’t be returned, so if you’re not sure about ring sizes, we recommend buying the bands, making sure they fit perfectly, and then having them engraved at your local jewelry shop, just to be safe.


White Gold Wedding Ring Settings

There are dozens of white gold wedding ring settings at Jewelry Vortex from just over $400 to about $1,600 depending on the complexity of the design and the number of smaller accenting diamonds on the band.

In the $460 to $480 category there are two unique designs just waiting for you to add a gemstone or diamond of your choice and make them into your own personal custom wedding ring.


One is a princess and baguette setting in 18k white gold and the other is a pave diamond wedding ring setting also in 18k white gold. Now just select your diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire and create the wedding ring you have always dreamed of.

Remember: custom wedding rings are much more expensive than buying a ready made styles. Unless you are planning on mounting a faux or imitation gemstone or a cubic zirconia instead of diamonds, most of the wedding ring styles we have selected will cost over $2.000 once completed.


Antique White Gold Wedding Ring

Antique white gold wedding ring styles that are “new” based on originals, tend to be expensive like this replica of an antique 18K white gold diamond engagement and wedding ring with almost 1 carat of diamonds that sells through Jewelry Vortex for over $2,000.


Affordable Genuine Antique & Vintage Wedding Rings

For between $600 and $800 you can get an antique white gold wedding ring or select art deco and vintage white gold wedding ring styles from a company called Adin Antique Jewelry. They have a vast selection, and some have a bit of platinum or yellow gold as accents, but the styles are one of a kind.


The piece we feature here is from France circa 1930 between art deco and retro, solid 18k white gold with a rose cut diamond as the central stone and other smaller diamonds as accents. This piece is priced at $795, however there are pieces even more affordable for around $600, and others….in the thousands.

There’s another exquisite piece for $4,250 that is set in 18k white gold and has a total diamond weight of 1.24 carats, which includes a large brilliant cut diamond in the centre, about .92 carats, and 32 smaller diamonds as accents around the shank and down the sides of the wedding band. This is one fabulous wedding ring if it’s within your budget.


White Gold Russian Wedding Ring

If yo are searching for something symbolic in a wedding ring then the rolling rings, or what sometimes are called Russian wedding rings, may be just the thing. These are three simple bands that are linked together, somewhat like a puzzle ring. They are most popular in tri-colors, with white, yellow and rose gold all together. There is place that sells all three in solid white gold and they are gorgeous!

We’ve found a place called Rolling Ring Store which sells a white gold Russian wedding ring set for $277.


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