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White gold rings – white gold promise rings, ladies rings in 14k and 18ct white gold, ruby rings in white settings; garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, topaz and gemstone rings in white gold mountings; diamond solitaires; promise rings, white gold wedding bands and engagement rings; antique styles, modern & contemporary designs; cheap white gold rings and high quality affordable white gold jewelry – we help you buy what you need at the prices you can afford and that’s what jewelry & Accessories is all about!

We present the top white gold rings for women, and some of the best places to shop online, but first….


What is White Gold? Is it Cheaper Than Yellow Gold?

A white gold ring is not cheaper than a yellow gold one of the same style, in fact both yellow and white gold used for jewelry is not PURE gold, but an alloyed blend of metals. Gold jewelry is a particular color, be it yellow, white or rose, due to the amount of nickel, palladium, silver, platinum, or copper that has been used as an alloy. In the case of white gold, the white color is achieved by the presence of nickel or silver or a blend of white metals. However, in its raw state, white gold is not pure white, and is therefore rhodium plated to give it that lustrous white shine we have become accustomed to seeing.


What’s the Difference Between 14k & 18k White Gold Jewelry?

The difference between a 14k white gold ring and 18ct white gold rings is the weight of the “gold” in the particular piece based on “pure gold” being 24k – so naturally 14k white gold could also be expressed as 14/24, meaning 10 parts of the metal is an alloy, or in the case of 18k gold it is also 18/24, which means 6 parts are an alloy metal. Alloys are created to give a ring strength or hardness or to cause a different color to be dominant. 24k gold is very soft and therefore not durable, however for gemstone settings 18k is often used for its malleability, and plain bands may be 10k or 14k. In the case of white gold rings alloyed with nickel, the drawback is that the nickel content sometimes causes an allergic reaction, and is therefore not hypoallergenic.


Many companies now advertise nickel free white gold and that means that it has less than 0.05% nickel as an alloy – usually the main metal is palladium or silver, in rare cases, platinum. White and yellow gold are almost the exact same price because the ratios 18/24 or 14/24 or 10/24 denote the exact same amount of pure gold in either color. The slight variance is only the alloy used, but copper, silver, nickel and palladium are all fairly inexpensive, so the price is set based on the weight of the gold in any particular piece.


Where to Buy White Gold Rings

The best place to buy white gold ring designs will depend on whether you want the ring to be a gemstone or diamond ring, a mens ring, a ladies cocktail ring, a pearl ring, a simple promise ring or a set of white gold engagement rings and wedding bands. But to simplify the thousands of options available online down to one good source for all these categories, we recommend Goldenmine who have a good selection of gemstone rings as well as simple white gold bands at reasonable prices and a whole range of wedding and engagement pieces to choose from.We offer a small sample of their product line so can see for yourself.


They have a good selection of white gold engagement ring and wedding ring styles and even mens white gold rings, however we will present our recommendations for these items in other articles. In this article we offer suggestions for white gold promise rings, ladies cocktail rings and a wide variety of gemstone rings in white gold settings.


White Gold Promise Rings by Goldenmine

For a simple, delicately designed diamond CZ promise ring that could double as a pre engagement ring, you needn’t spend more than about $190. This is a piece that is solid 14k white gold with a fine AAA grade cubic zirconia that weighs .85 carat. It’s a classic design that’s very affordable.


In a slightly higher price range, there’s a similar piece set in 14k white gold that’s a quality cubic zirconia promise ring with a .85 CZ as the central stone, accented by smaller stones on either side.


Benchmark Promise Ring

For a very simple band style promise ring with a small genuine diamond there’s a “comfort fit” promise ring in 14k white gold with a polished finish that sells through Goldenmine but is in fact a famous Benchmark ring. It costs about $240 for the 3mm white gold band with a .02ct diamond. The same ring in a wider 4mm band costs about $415.


Princess Cut White Gold Rings

Continuing to move up in price and quality, in their princess cut white gold rings collection we find a diamond solitaire promise ring with a .25 carat genuine diamond for about $385. This is also a 14k white gold ring with a polished finish and quality craftsmanship that can be easily ordered online and should arrive at your door in just 2 or 3 days.


Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring

In a three stone diamond promise ring, Goldenmine has an excellent piece. It’s a 14k white gold ring with three round cut diamonds, .4cts, set in the classic, and symbolic style, with a diamond for the past, another for the present, and the third for the future. This is perhaps the ultimate promise ring for a lady to receive. It costs about $420.


If the above three stone ring is a little too expensive there is a cheap white gold ring for under $110 which has cubic zirconia instead of diamonds. Goldenmine has several good alternatives like this, where you can have a cubic Zirconia ring for a quarter of the price of the diamond ring, but with a very similar style set in white gold.


Five Diamond White Gold Promise Ring

A promise ring need not be simple as a solitaire or a plain white gold band. So if you have your heart set on something with a few more gemstones, then the five stone ring that resembles a half eternity ring may be just the sparkle you’re after.

This piece has 5 brilliant cut round diamonds, each weighing .75 ct set in a polished 14k white gold ring. As a promise ring it’s exquisite, but it may also be a diamond wedding band to pair with any solitaire engagement ring. For being solid 14k white gold and having 5 genuine diamonds, the price is reasonable at about $480.


Ladies white gold rings with diamonds retail for $600 to well over $1,000, so this piece is a top pick for style, quality and affordability. And there’s one more thing: You can have this ring packaged in a beautiful rosewood jewelry box for just $18.


Nine Diamond Promise Ring in 14k White Gold

The most expensive promise ring option that’s still affordable and high quality is the piece that Goldenmine offers for about $760, which is a 14k white gold promise ring with 9 prong set diamonds. This is a piece that also resembles a half eternity ring, but the diamonds are raised slightly higher so they are more pronounced. This is a good price for a 1 carat diamond gold ring. It’s sold as a promise ring, but we suggest it could be a diamond wedding band or even an engagement ring, or it can easily be a promise ring that later becomes part of a three piece diamond wedding set.


Womens Gemstone 14 and 18ct White Gold Rings

Ladies white gold rings, if not an anniversary or engagement or wedding ring, are mostly fashion statements like cocktail rings, or large rings that can be worn with suits and are also ideal for the office or day time luncheons and afternoon cocktails.


There are several very popular gemstones, most notably emerald, garnet, amethyst, blue and white topaz, citrine, peridot, opal, tanzanite and pink and red ruby rings.


The other item that us once again back in style are pearl rings in white gold mountings.

Goldenmine has a vast selection of gemstone rings in all these styles, set in 14k and 18k white gold. Here re some examples of the top designs:


Tanzanite White Gold Rings

Tanzanite white gold rings make excellent cocktail jewelry, like this piece with diamonds and a marquise cut tanzanite stone, accented by inlaid opal. This is a very unique tanzanite ring design and for such a rare stone the price is excellent at just under $320.

Tanzanite is a gem found in only one part of the world – in a specific region of Tanzania, Africa, and the color is singular deep bluish purple which makes for a regal yet contemporary accessory, especially when combined with the crisp setting of white gold.


White Gold Amethyst Rings

Continuing with a similar color theme, Goldenmine has a unique cocktail ring set in 14k Italian white gold. This is a white gold amethyst ring that blends Prasiolite for a white contrast. The gems are large and perfect as an eveningwear accessory, and costs $395.


Blue Topaz White Gold Rings

Topaz is a very versatile gemstone that often comes in white and replaces diamonds, however the most chic modern creations are being set with the rich blue topaz gemstones to accent the rich, vibrant colors that have become popular again due to a return to retro, vintage and antique styles. This piece of jewelry by Goldenmine is a stunning blue topaz ring in 14k white gold that’s sleek and clean-lined with a giant topaz as the focal point, priced at $450.


White Gold Emerald Rings

A white gold emerald ring may take on a variety of shapes, such as emerald eternity rings and emerald cut emerald rings in solitaire designs. However, as a unique cocktail ring, there’s one piece that is neither, instead it’s a geometric floral pattern with 9 emeralds accented by diamonds in a solid gold band.

White gold emerald rings can be very expensive, especially if the emeralds are genuine Colombian stones, and that is why this ring by Goldenmine is such a find, since it has genuine emeralds in a stunning designer creation for under $420.


Garnet White Gold Rings

Many antique white gold rings used garnets to accent diamonds and other gemstones. It is still a trend today. The most popular garnets are green or red and Goldenmine has a piece with 40 green garnets. Garnet white gold rings with so many gemstones may cost a fortune, especially when set with 24 additional genuine diamonds in a white gold setting. But this garnet ring is excellent value for under $300. It could be a lovely promise ring since it has a diamond encrusted heart set atop the green gemstones.


Womens 14k White Gold Rings with Mixed Gemstones

For mixed gemstone rings there’s an unusual butterfly ring in the Goldenmine collection which is a bluish-lavender and pink white gold ring made with pink and pale blue sapphires and 87 diamonds as accents on this masterful cocktail bauble. White gold ring settings like these are often a lot more than $1,000, since all the stones and diamonds are genuine, but at Goldenmine you can have this gorgeous butterfly fluttering on your finger for about $580.


White Gold Pearl Ring

The final piece we recommend by Goldenmine is a magnificent Tahitian pearl ring set in white gold. This creation is styled after a vintage art deco design, with a crown-like setting that includes 10 diamonds around a 12mm black Tahitian pearl. This white gold pearl ring is a bargain at just under $460.


White Gold Ruby Rings

For white gold ruby rings we recommend Jewelbasket because Goldenmine doesn’t carry many items to choose from and the pieces they have are set in yellow gold. But Jewelbasket has two different price ranges in ruby jewelry, such as the cheap white gold rings for young girls, such as birthstone rings and simple promise rings. For example there’s this 14K white gold July birthstone ring that has a heart shaped simulated ruby for just $155.


White gold ruby rings for women that make good cocktail rings tend to be more expensive, like this sumptuous piece of jewelry from Jewelbasket that has 24 genuine diamonds and 5 emerald cut natural rubies in an 18k white gold setting for $2,385.


Need More Gold Ring Suggestions?

At Jewelry & Accessories we review white gold jewelry products and make suggestions on what items are good value and where to buy the exact pieces you want at the prices you can afford to pay.


To continue exploring what styles and options there are in white gold jewelry, please follow the other articles in this series that include: White Gold Engagement Rings, White Gold Wedding Ring Designs & Mens White Gold Rings.