James Avery Charms For Bracelets

Solid sterling silver charms for charm bracelets from about $33 to $40, authentic James Avery craftsmanship; the newest designs: “joy of my heart” charm, Avery remembrance charms, with your choice of emerald, aquamarine, sapphire, amethyst, pink tourmaline, peridot, garnet or ruby gemstone for between $66 and $76; choose solid 14k gold charms for bracelets that start at around $100 (some include gemstones); choose affordable items like the “Baby-Tee” charms, which include a name and date engraved on the baby t-shirt, for just $46, and fun styles like “coffee to go” for about the same price. Find out what’s new, what’s hot, where to shop, how much to pay, and get the scoop on who James Avery is and how he began.

The Humble Beginnings of Avery Sterling Silver Charms For Bracelets

James Avery isn’t a famous haute couture designer with a line of trendy, expensive Italian charms for bracelets that only the rich and famous can afford, but rather a simple hardworking man who in 1954 began crafting charms.

He became an artists specializing in Christian jewelry charms after returning from piloting aircrafts during World War II. His desire to offer simple, almost childlike, innocent charm designs to the world, at affordable prices, began is a garage and is now a company with manufacturing facilities, although still family operated. Now with teams of designers, technicians and jewelers Avery is able to fill the demand for the delicate and finely created pieces that form the simple, meaningful collections.

James Avery Charms – Collections For Everyone

Although the religious and Christian collections by James Avery charms are some of the most extensive of any charm jewelry company, there are numerous other styles, for example: letters and numbers, camp oriented designs like canoes, paddles and tents, sorority insignias like the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority charm, or the Chi Omega or Pi Beta Phi, amongst others.

There are also teen charm collections, childrens charms, some specific for him and some for her and there are lots of engravable charms for bracelets from baby shoes and t-shirts to hearts, boxes of chocolates and even silver parchment scrolls.

What has separated the James Avery charms for charm bracelet designs from others is the integrity that began it all, everything being crafted by hand. Even now that the designs are not all forged by hand, they reflect the same good taste, making the items as easy to wear as they are to give and receive. Why? Because there is a design team that creates jewelry that expresses beliefs, lifestyles that are functional as well as highly individual and expressive. There is attention paid to the details, because charms are, after all, a sort of talisman, a symbol of an idea or belief that translates itself into a form that gives the wearer a sense of self and a feeling of protection, albeit figurative.

It’s not that the Avery silver and gold charms for bracelets are revolutionary in design. In fact it’s the opposite. They’re fresh due to their timeless nature, the innocence of their themes and the delicacy of the way in which they’re crafted. While the charms do not try to innovate, they do attempt to reflect a range of ideals, cultural concepts, reasons for wearing charms, be they religious or purely sentimental.

There’s a system, or criteria, by which all Avery charms are judged before going out into the world. That criteria is based on the founding concepts of the entire company, namely: universality, simplicity, integrity to values and symbolic meaning.

Although the Avery jewelry is “jewelry” it’s more about symbols and representations of ideals and philosophies than it is about simply adorning the body with gold or silver. Using metals as a media to transport a simple concept, Mr. James Avery, began with a desire to steer clear of cluttered or cute designs and stick with concepts and designs that were classic, clean and genuinely meaningful. Not only did he achieve that as a designer himself, but has passed that inspiration on to those who work as a team and now craft his products.

The tiny items, which are three dimensional sculptures of ideas and symbols of faith and human ideas, are available for sale online, and are affordable, easy to buy, easy to give, easy to wear.

Gold and silver charms for bracelets are perfect presents, small enough to be affordable, yet packed with symbolic meaning. For those who have just a single charm on a James Avery charm bracelet or for those who collect by the dozens, the Avery lines are truly universal, for everyone, all ages, all lifestyles. Today the clean and crisp fine jewelry designs that Avery crafts are done in solid sterling silver as well as 14K and 18K gold, both white and yellow. There are accents on some that employ a variety of gemstones. Believe it or not, there are over 1000 entirely different designs to choose from within 14,000 items in all the collections.

What makes the buying of a charm for bracelet a unique one? In part because of the selection, but mostly because the operation is a smooth one, from design to retailing. Avery does not outsource but designs, manufactures, and handles marketing and retailing all on their own.

Buying charms for bracelets is not something that should cause sleepless nights, it’s about a little bit of comfort, about giving an idea, a symbol, a small token….and that’s what’s great about Avery. No gimmicks. No hype. No online dealers offering special discounts. Just genuine charms, simple, tasteful, classic.