High Fashion Jewellery

Fashion and costume jewellery; the top designs, the hottest sellers; affordable Swarovski crystal collections; simulated diamonds and unusual diamante jewellery items like sparkling bra straps; wedding and bridal collections; fashion accessories like purses and handbags, belts, key rings and even hair decorations including tiaras; freshwater pearl rings and necklaces in creative new designs; vintage replicas of brooches, cross pendants and popular bangles and bracelets – if it’s in magazines, on television, featured on wrists or necks or fingers of Hollywood and international stars, or if it’s in the news, it’s high fashion and we’ve got the scoop!

Frustrated While Searching For Good Fashion Jewellery Online?

YES! Finding fashion jewellery online is easy; junk jewellery that is, but high quality, stylish, trendy, funky and affordable, that’s quite another thing. It seems every man, woman and child who strings some beads together and puts them online for sale thinks their creations are high fashion, and therefore it’s hard to weed through the sites to get to just ONE that actually sells top notch products by designers, or at least well-made celebrity replicas and the hottest items that are shown in the fashion magazines. So where do we recommend you shop? The best fashion jewellery suppliers online are Jewellery Cave for traditional looks, and for high quality replicas and fashionable items that anyone can afford it’s Mad About Jewellery who offer trendy items that are very hot, very NOW!

The Most Innovative Fashion and Costume Jewellery Items

Let’s have a peek at some of the newest and funkiest ideas that have hit the world of fashion and cross over into jewellery and accessories. The number one item: Diamante bra straps. Bra straps, really?

Yes. Forget about covering up your black or red or plain white elastic straps, and don’t worry about feeling uncomfortably naked without undergarments, or spending the evening pulling up a strapless bra that slides down. Instead, go glitzy and glamorous and let your straps show! What? If your bra straps are sparkling diamante creations that look like jewellery, there’s no need to hide them. Wear a backless, strapless dress for a gala event, for your prom or any formal occasion and wear any bra that has removable straps – exchange the fabric or elastic ones for a set of diamante ones that fit perfectly onto most regular bra loops. The best part is that they’re not very expensive. How much?

Let’s look at the cheapest one which costs just £13 called the Fontainebleau Bra Straps, which like the others, come in sets of two. This set is has a series of diamante sparklers and a heart shape, also covered with sparkling faux gems, and hooks that allow you to slip the new straps into the bra loops and wear without hiding anything and still have support.

The second item, which is the most expensive, is the Stratosphere set that costs about £25, and offers 3 rows of sparkling diamante gems that are 70mm in length. This is a very chic style if you want silver-tone. If you need gold-tone, then the Tropicana set will be better. It costs the same and is also available in silver. It’s a great design because it has forty-four crystals inset into bars and an adjustable chain to get the length you need.

Third are the Palazzo straps, which are funky and a little more youthful, ideal for wearing with prom dresses because they have a series of small hearts and diamante crystals interspersed. Very sassy for young ladies. The Palazzo set of 2 costs just under £20.

Crystal Fashion Jewellery Necklace Designs

Made from diamante crystal, things like the Night On The Town Necklace are excellent examples of quality high fashion statements that go with eveningwear or prom / graduation gowns. Wear a necklace and the matching earrings and pair with the sparkling bra straps mentioned above. The gorgeous necklace creations like the one we feature is available through MAJ (Mad About Jewellery) for just £50, however there are many necklaces, pendants and earring sets that cost even less.

One of the hot, hot items that’s very trendy is the Crystal Madonna Choker, which is made from a billion Czech crystals and beads that have been hand strung into a lace-like creation. This is a fun item, but it isn’t really cheap since it costs almost £100. But WOW, what a impression you’ll make when you walk into a room .

Another fabulous silver fashion jewellery ensemble is the Diamante Marquise Set which is equally elegant but more affordable at just under £35. It’s an item that was featured on This Morning TV and it’s obvious why. The diamante choker is adjustable from 31cm to 35cm, but it can also be custom altered when ordering if you need a specific length for a particular neckline. The set comes with a matching bracelet. This is a great deal for something so luxurious.

Trendy and New – Bangle Bracelets with a Zippy Edge

Not all high-end jewellery designs are about sparkle and dazzle, in fact some of the newest and funkiest creations are vibrant colors and great additions to casual jewellery collections. For example one very chic item is a wide bangle that comes in bright cherry red, lemon yellow and denim blue. It’s called the zipper bangle and you can easily see why it’s been named that way. Casual, fun, trendy and sassy, as well as affordable at just under £25. Dress up jeans and Ts, dress down summer dresses, add some color to white or neutral coloured ensembles. Have fun in a zippy sort of way.

And while we’re on the topic of zippers, take a look at the zipper earrings that cost just £9 and come in the same funky colors as the bangles. Mix and match for extra color.

Lucky Clover Pendant

If you haven’t heard about the Sex and the City craze over Carrie Bradshaw’s four leaf clover pendant then you must be living in a cave, because this is perhaps one of the hottest fashion jewellery trends of the year!

The twist that MAJ offers is the creation of a real 4 leaf clover necklace pendant…what do we mean by “real”? It’s a clover, hand-picked and set in a copper base that’s later plated with gold or silver. It’s very similar to the one Carrie wears in the latest movie but only costs about £50. It’s simply called the Lucky Four Leaf Clover Pendant and can be ordered through MAJ…but be quick! How many four-leaf clovers are there left to pick…?

Gemstone High Costume Fashion Jewellery By Cave

If you’re looking for fashionable jewellery items that are crafted in gold and have genuine precious and semi-precious gems, then you’d do well to check into the collections offered at Jewellery Cave. Prices range from about £40 to over £100 and are more classic, but offer gemstone lovers a chance to own some real 9 carat earrings and necklaces that have topaz, peridot, pink sapphires and even diamonds. The creations are unique and imitate the top designer pieces and use the latest trends in gem colors, like blue tanzanite, white and orange topaz, amethyst and even emerald. Fashionable jewelry needn’t be faux.

Need More Ideas On What To Buy and Where To Shop?

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