Guide to Buying Diamond Studs Online

Genuine diamond studs for $99; black diamonds studs for under $130; real diamonds, gold studs in all your favorite diamond cuts: round, Asscher, trillion, oval, heart, brilliant and emerald cut studs — Jewelry & Accessories offers you suggestions on where to buy discount diamonds, gold stud earrings and how to buy the best quality diamonds jewelry online.

The Top 3 Diamond Stud Earring Shops for Certified Diamonds Online

There are three top shops for buying high quality certified diamonds online. One is Diva Diamonds, the second is Sea of Diamonds, and the third is Diamond Studs Only. Each of these shops offer a wide selection of diamonds stud earrings and jewelry with certified conflict free diamonds in solid white or yellow gold and platinum settings. They have pieces that are affordable, including some stud earrings under 100 dollars, which are small, but still certified diamonds in genuine precious metal settings.

The Cost of Diamonds

The price you pay for your diamonds stud will depend on the cut and size of the diamond you select. Top grade diamonds with the best fire and brilliance can be very expensive or quite affordable. For example Sea of Diamonds has a pair of 4.00 round brilliant-cut diamond studs set in platinum that cost over $39,000, but the exact same G-H color and VS clarity diamonds in the same cut weighing 0.25 cost just over $400. And a beautiful pair of 0.25 princess diamond studs set in 14k white or yellow gold cost as little as $195, while the full 1.00 version of the exact same cut and quality cost over $1,700.

How much you spend on your diamonds stud earrings will largely depend on your own budget since you can select a slightly lower quality diamond, or a smaller size high quality gem and pay anywhere between around $99 to $300.

The shop called Diamond Studs Only has certified diamonds in a J-K color grade and a I2-I3 clarity in a 4 prong setting in solid 14K white gold for just $139, and Sea of Diamonds has 1/4 carat diamond stud earrings set in 14k white gold for just over $110., while Diva Diamonds has a single pair of 14k white gold earring studs, .10 ctw in a J, K, I color grade for just $99.

Yellow and white gold settings are about the same price, platinum is the most expensive, silver is the cheapest, however most diamond jewelers do not set high quality genuine diamonds in sterling silver settings. Sterling silver studs often feature cubic zirconia, white topaz or other clear gemstones and are considered high-end costume jewelry. Our recommendations in this article will focus on genuine stones set in gold and platinum. For suggestions on where to buy cheap costume jewelry and silver earrings and cubic zirconia earrings, please see related topics below.

A Closer Look at Buying Gold Stud Earrings with Certified Diamonds

Let’s take a closer look at the top three shops that sell diamond studs online. We start with Diva Diamonds who have an online store with incredible savings and a New York showroom where you can view jewelry by appointment.

Diva Diamonds

Diva Diamonds is one of the largest online diamond jewelry retailers and have operated since 1996. Their catalogue includes more than 25,000 items including diamond and gemstone earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and other fine jewelry and accessories. They specialize in high quality diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and diamond studs set in solid gold and platinum, which they design and manufacture themselves, allowing them to present unique pieces for savings of up to 80% off what other retail outlets can offer. They have a website that is easy to use with individual categories and diamond cuts and sizes clearly laid out and easy to navigate. They take orders online and shipping is free on all order of $150 or more within the USA. It takes about a week to receive your shipment. International orders are welcome, and the cost is a flat rate of $55. They offer little extras like a certificate of authenticity, free gift wrapping and message service as well as a complimentary black velvet jewelry box or storage pouch and a jewelry polishing cloth with each order.

Diva Diamonds collections include brilliant cut diamonds, princess studs, yellow and white gold diamonds earrings, as well as platinum settings that are made with non conflict diamonds. They offer useful information on how to buy diamonds, how to select the best cuts and make it easy for you see the cost of diamonds as you browse their categories. Compare their best sellers with their new arrival stud earings and view savings on buying diamonds direct.

Sea of Diamonds

Sea of Diamonds has 25 years of being in the jewelry industry and their expertise is reflected in their excellent selection of high quality diamond and gemstone jewelry in precious metal settings. They guarantee their prices and ship to more than 48 countries worldwide. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee and pride themselves on top quality customer service. This is evident by their comprehensive descriptions of different cuts of diamonds and their many free articles on how to buy diamonds.

If you need a useful guide to buying diamonds and selecting the best earrings studs you can afford, then Sea of Diamonds will be very helpful. You may purchase their ready made diamonds stud earring, with prices starting at $100 to $150, or you may go directly to their certified diamonds section where you will find a list of conflict free diamond shapes and cuts, including round, princess, emerald, Asscher cut diamonds, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart and cushion. Then select your price range, and a list of suggested diamonds studs will appear for you to select the one that suits your taste and budget. It’s a very user friendly system that allows you to refine you search by moving sliders to select the exact cut, color, clarity and diamond carat weight based on your specific budget. Their diamond stud collection is done a chart form where you can see at a glance the price differences between diamond studs with round brilliant and princess-cut diamonds set in gold or platinum based on the diamond weight and cut. Having to buy studs online has never been so easy, no matter what your price constraints.

If you seek investment quality jewelry, you can compare quality at a glance based on the grade of each diamond. View large images of specific stud earrings and a detailed description of each available cut, clarity and weight. You will notice details of their settings, such as the high polished 14k yellow gold and the post and screwback closures for security, and the finely crafted prong settings and clearly see the difference between white gold and platinum.

Sea of Diamonds offers free insured shipping, a 30-day return policy, a beautiful jewelry box and a certificate of authenticity. They also offer little extras like gift boxes and personalized cards for no extra charge.

Buying earring studs for yourself or as a gift is very simple at Sea of Diamonds and with prices under $200 to over $30,000, there’s nothing your heart can desire that they can’t deliver. For international orders to Canada and Mexico, your jewelry, no matter its value, will be shipped by USPS Global Express for a flat rate of $29.95 or by FedEx for faster delivery for $39.95. To other international destinations your order will be sent by USPS Global Express for a flat charge of $34.95 or by FedEx International for $49.95.

You will receive free shipping if you live in the USA no matter the value of your order, but you may upgrade to overnight delivery for rush shipments for $24.95. Quality diamond studs and delivery to your door – that’s what Sea of Diamonds offers to each customer.

Diamond Studs Only

The history of Diamond Studs Only is not a new one, in fact they have been manufacturing high quality diamond and gemstone jewelry for over 30 years and selling to retailers and jewelry shops throughout the United States. They offer savings to their customers both online and off, giving wholesale prices to the public because they do not have middlemen, just expertly trained gemologist who select the best loose diamonds and the best craftsmen who set the diamonds into fine gold jewelry. They offer reduced prices on real diamonds in part because of a decision to forgo their fancy offices in New York and set up headquarters in Tulsa. They buy diamonds direct from Antwerp and Tel Aviv.

Due to their outstanding customer service they have received the 2009 Better Business Bureau award and pride themselves on offering the information you need about diamonds to make an informed choice on the jewelry you select. They have an in-house toll free customer service center where live people attend to your concerns and not an outsourced service department that does not understand how to be a guide to buying diamonds.

Diamond Studs Only will also mount your diamond creations on their own premises, with all work done by their own jewelers. That is why they can offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products. They go one step further by offering to repair your jewelry free of charge should it ever be damaged or in need of repair.

Diamond Studs Only operates online in order to offer savings of over 40% over their competitors, however they welcome clients to schedule appointments for personal service at their offices in the Mapco Plaza Building in Tulsa. That is one service few online diamond jewelry shops offer.

Buying Diamonds Stud Earrings in Unusual Designs

If you are searching for elusive black diamonds studs or pink diamonds, or gold studs with unusual diamond cuts or set in a style or design that is uniquely your own, don’t hesitate to contact either of the three jewelry shops we recommend, Diva Diamonds, Sea of Diamonds or Diamonds Studs Only. However, Diamond Studs Only offers black diamonds studs starting at just $110. These diamonds stud earings are finely crafted pieces in distinctive styles that are unusual and personalized to your specifications.

Stud earring designs that use colored diamonds are all the rage for 2010. At Diamond Studs Only you will find a section devoted entirely to their variety of diamond colors. They are treated diamonds that have all the strength, durability and brilliance of the clear gems, but with blue or yellow tones and start at just $250 for a pair of round brilliant cut set in solid 14k white gold.

Their natural white diamonds which have been color enhanced to be yellow are set in 14k yellow gold for a stunningly rich effect. You may choose 3 or 4 prong mountings and also select friction or threaded backs. These ear studs start at just $200 for ¼ carat, and are as finely crafted as the brilliant cut diamonds studs that in the 2 carat weights and sell for almost $7,000. Choose different cuts of diamonds and reduce the cost of diamonds by selecting different qualities and clarities to have the piece you can afford.

For some truly unique earing studs that stand out, try the refreshing new Margarita earrings with diamonds. These are white gold diamonds earrings with a circle of 15 diamonds that surround a central diamond. From a distance these unique diamond stud earring creations appear to be one solid gemstone. The beauty of these designs are that you can achieve a sparkle that’s 300% larger and more brilliant than going for solitaire princess cut studs because of the multiple cuts on the numerous diamonds. Since smaller diamonds are less expensive, you can have the look of larger carats without the expense.

Margarita 14k studs start at just $299 for 1/3 carat, and go up to about $6,000 for 2 of round brilliant diamonds of VS2 clarity and G-H color with a 3 prong basket style setting in solid 14K white gold.

If you have been dreaming of 2 carat princess studs but have a limited budget, try a ¾ carat round brilliant cut studs in the Margarita collection and that looks like 2 carats and yet only costs about $550. As you can see by the images we offer as examples, the 1/2 carat of I2 clarity and J-M color diamonds with the circular accents all around the stud, makes the entire piece appear much larger and more brilliant than your average single diamond studs earings.

If you are searching for non conflict diamonds for emerald cut studs, you may be looking at a very expensive piece of jewelry. To reduce the prices diamonds studs of this nature will cost, try a simple ¼ carat princess cut diamond and choose a 4 prong basket setting to accent the stone. The princess cut is square and therefore gives a similar shape as an emerald cut, but you may save thousands, because prices for elegant stud earrings with .25 carat of princess diamonds with I2 clarity and J-M color start at just $139 through Diamond Studs Only and come with a lifetime warranty. This is very good value for your diamond dollar! Or upgrade to a larger diamond and pay just $199, $299 or $350 depending on the grade and color.

For all your diamond and gemstone jewelry needs shop online and save time and frustration. Choose the quality and prices that fit your budget by shopping at one of the three top diamond studs dealers who offer discounts on diamond earrings and deliver right to your door. Diamond Studs Only offers the top colored and black diamond studs.

Sea of Diamonds offers the best diamond buying charts and comparison of quality and cuts with a low price guarantee that starts on products for just $195.

Diva Diamonds offers a wide selection of styles with simple studs starting at just $99 in solid gold.

Diamond Stud Earring Alternatives

If you find that diamonds are still a dream for the future, don’t despair, affordable imitation diamond studs are also available online. Choose cubic zirconia earrings and other cheap jewelry alternatives from related topics right here at Jewelry & Accessories where we suggest where to buy the cheapest and best quality jewelry no matter what your taste or budget.