Gold, Pink or White Akoya And Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

Freshwater pearl bracelet designs for $8 to $12; two-tone pink pearl bracelet styles for young ladies for under $15; unique cultured pearl drop bracelet styles with sterling silver for under $13; chocolate baroque pearls bracelet for under $50; crystal and freshwater pearl bangle bracelet or cuff designs for just under $20 – cheap pearl collections with designer flair – not your average single strands but trendy creations for all ages.

The Problem With Pearls

Although feminine and retro lady-like delicacy from the 20’s and 30’s is the newest trend in fashion and jewelry, from haute couture to bargain basement thrift styles, not every fashion aficionado is a pearl enthusiast. At least when it comes to the little pearl bracelets that are not much more than a single strand, and tend to be a conservative statement rather than trendy glamour. That’s the basic problem with pearls, be it a necklace or earrings or a bracelet. The typical styles are too classic and unadventurous.

It’s not the fault of the pearls themselves, which are in fact exciting organic gems, with color and luster and smooth surfaces from which jewelry designers should be able to get inspired to craft funky creations. And they do, often adding gemstones, diamonds and gold, and then…who can afford them?

So, the two problems with pearls are as follows:

  1. the designs being too conservative
  2. the price being too high when set with diamonds and gold

Then we discovered some pink pearl bracelets that are trendy and affordable and nothing conservative. Where?

Oriental Pearls

It’s not an original name, but that’s where you can find fun, fashionable, funky and affordable creations for ladies of all ages. Here are some of the fun finds that Oriental Pearls offers and we share with you.

Dangle Pearl and Sterling Silver Chain

1. set on a dangling silver chain bracelet are a zillion two-tone pink pearls, yes dangling somewhat like little pink charms, from the chains that are finished with a fine toggle closure. There’s a mix of small 3mm and large 7mm or 8mm pearls that make up the bracelet. Not at all boring or conservative, but certainly feminine. The pearls are genuine so they’ll ;ast with proper care. The price: just under $15. Choose other colors like white, pink or even golden (although the gold is actually a greenish tone).

Crystal Clusters and Freshwater Pearls

2. clusters of crystals and white freshwater pearls, in three layers, create a cuff bangle style that’s wide and trendy hot. Wear casually with jeans and Ts or dress up a summer dress. Sparkle and genuine oriental pearls that cost just under $20. Wow!

Twists of White and Orange Pearls

3. three different types of fresh water pearls are used in the bracelet that’s white and orange-pink. Yes orange or rather salmon color which is readily available in pearl. There are baroque and coin and small pearls mixed with a few odd shaped pieces that are shimmering pearly-orange. A fabulous splash of color for those who appreciate chunky. The price: $19.

Colored Pearl Bracelets

4. multicolored Keshi pearl bracelets are all the rage and very funky. Crafted with a blend of shapes and styles, these pearl bracelets are wild mixes of purple and pink and silver and white or single groups of complimentary colors, all genuine pearl and costing just $22 to $25. Fun, Fabulous and very funky. These are anything but conservative or dull. Full of color and unusual shapes.

Twisting Pearly Designs

5. akoya pearl bracelet with a twist, literally twisted together, are three strands with silver accents. A sexy elegant design that’s not your average single strand, but offers a touch more classic design than the other items mentioned. Ideal for eveningwear. Very affordable at just under $50.

More Information Regarding Pearl Jewelry

To see what these great designs look like you’ll have to go visit Oriental Pearls.

If you ask why their prices are so affordable, it’s because they have their own farms, as well as retail and wholesale outlets direct from China to clients in the US, although their warehouse facilities and offices are located in California.

There are other companies that deal in pearls direct from the farms in Asia, and where you can get some unique designs. Shecy Pearls is one, although their designs tend to be more classic, there are some funky styles that may be suitable for mixing and matching with youthful and more chic fashions. If you’d appreciate information on other pearl jewelry, like unique pearl rings, antique pearl engagement rings from the Victorian and Edwardian era, or pearl bridal jewelry, please consult other related topics.

We offer some very specific information on pearl necklace set designs that are great for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls, and also suggest what kind of pearl pendant necklace styles are available and how much is reasonable to pay. If you’re curious about Tahitian pearl rings or south sea pearl jewelry or what the differences are between freshwater and salt water pearls and how cultured pearls measure up to natural ones, please continue reading all about the history of pearl farming and the making of a Pearl Ring from scratch.