Buying Freshwater Pearl Necklace Jewelry

Buying a freshwater pearl necklace is easy. Freshwater cultured pearls are affordable and available online at places like Shecy Pearls and even great online jewelry shops like JewelBasket, Heavenly Treasures, HSN, QVC and Max & Chloe. You can get a long pearl necklace from Heavenly Treasures for as little as $69, and it will have 5 mm round white pearls and a gold clasp. Or you can get something very similar from Shecy Pearls for between $16 and $22.

Why are Shecy Pearl necklaces so cheap?

Because they come directly from the source in China where the freshwater pearls are harvested. By ordering through Shecy you don’t pay the middlemen. They carry everything from the most perfect round white pearls to the flat coin pearl necklace styles to the oddly shaped baroque designs that are affordable and beautifully dramatic.

What can you get in a freshwater pearl necklace for about $25?

You can get a lot. Don’t think you must stick with white pearls because there are almost every color of the rainbow and some can be mixed to create wild contemporary designs, or they can be perfectly matched to be one general tone. They can even be funky blends of peach, pink and white, or lavender and purple and even blue.

Even multiple stands needn’t cost more than about $35. And yes they are real pearls. Some of the sets they sell with freshwater pearl necklace designs and bracelets and matching earrings are ideal for weddings and bridesmaids, even pearl bridal sets to match a gown. And for bridesmaids the color options are endless. There’s no need to buy cheap costume jewelry sets or faux peal necklace and earring sets when you can have genuine freshwater gems for almost the same price.

For about $40 you even have the coveted lavender pearls, and they need not be the traditional string of plain pearls, but can be enhanced with cubic zirconia accents and even contemporary black or colored accent gems or beads. All these pearl necklace options are offered at Shecy Pearls where you can custom design just about anything you desire or buy beautiful freshwater pearl creations all ready to wear.

It doesn’t matter what you’re after, be it seed pearls in knotted or twisted and braided necklaces, or baroque or coin pearl necklaces or even the multicolored creations that match the latest trends, it’s all available at Shecy and most of their designs are under $50, in fact lots are just $44.

If you’re hesitating buying pearls because you think you can’t afford them, it’s time to think again and go to the source. Buying direct from the people who harvest and craft the jewelry is the way to make pearl jewelry affordable. For freshwater pearl necklace styles that are inexpensive and adorable and for elegant bridal sets, bridesmaid accents and even flower girl bracelets, don’t hesitate to shop at Shecy. Make your pearl dreams come true.

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