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Emerald jewelry sets; necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings; fine emerald gemstones in solid gold and 925 sterling silver; cheap emerald jewelry with lab created stones; antique emerald designs for men and women – Jewelry & Accessories shows you where to buy emerald jewelry no mater what style or quality you need.

2010 Accessorizing with Gemstones


2010 fashion is about accessorizing with rich colors, large cocktail rings both faux and genuine gemstone, retro and vintage designs, but most of all 2010 is about expressing your individual style. Gemstones, both imitation and real, are very a la mode, with amethyst and turquoise and large faux pink diamonds and lots of cubic zirconia rings and emeralds seen on the runways and on celebrities, like the fabulous Angelina Jolie emerald jewelry that made heads turn on the Academy Awards red carpet. Yes emeralds in jewelry sets for eveningwear and daywear, as well as for unique bridal accessories, are trendy yet timelessly classic, so in this article we suggest where to buy fine genuine emerald jewelry as well as give you some options on how to select cheap emerald jewelry items that are of good quality.

We start by selecting emerald jewelry sets from a company called Jewels For Me, who specialize in gemstone creations in white and yellow gold as well as created emerald jewelry that is very difficult to distinguish from the real thing.


Emerald Necklace Jewelry by Jewels For Me

Most jewelry sets that incorporate genuine emeralds are simple necklaces, usually an emerald pendant on a delicate gold chain or chain link. Emerald cross pendants are particularly popular. Unless you go into vintage or antique emerald jewelry or imitation gemstone in silver settings, most emerald necklaces today will not have multiple stones strung across the neck but something simpler.

What is trendy, and not just a fashion statement for the young, but also for women of all ages, is grouping necklaces. For example an emerald cross pendant on a gold chain may be paired with long strands of pearls, diamonds or cubic zirconia, and chain links. It’s also possible to mix white gold and yellow gold. For the pearls and chains you will have to go elsewhere, but to buy the emerald necklace jewelry pieces, like cross pendants and hearts, a good place to shop for emeralds is Jewels For Me.


Emerald Cross Pendants

Jewels For Me has cross pendant designs that are ultra modern with three heart emeralds incorporated onto a 14k gold mounting (white or yellow). This pieces is gorgeous with .9 carats of genuine emeralds, and very affordable at $319.

There’s also a smaller version with four 2mm marquise cut emeralds set in a delicate 14K white gold emerald pendant necklace for just $179. This style may be a good emerald jewelry piece for young girls.


Contemporary Emerald Jewelry Sets with Genuine Emeralds or Created Gems

For a chic contemporary emerald necklace design there’s a 14K gold emerald pendant with 3 large 6mm emeralds for a total of 2.5 carats which costs $989. This particular piece is an excellent example of what could be used to add to a chain, then dress it up with several white gold or pearl strands and wear with a classic suit or dress for eveningwear.


This could be paired with emerald earrings with a similar round cut gemstone and a three stone emerald ring. The earrings are set in 14K gold with two 6mm (1.7 carats) emeralds for $899, and the emerald ring is 14K white gold with 4mm emeralds for a total weight of 0.5 carats and costs $329, so the complete emerald jewelry set would be about $2,200, and that includes 8 large round genuine emeralds in 4 pieces of jewelry all set in solid gold.


The exact same set may be selected using lab created emeralds instead of the real ones, and the set will now cost only a little over $1,100….in other words, half price. At Jewels For Me, this is one great feature of their service. You can give yourself a discount by selecting different gemstones and qualities, but still keep the solid gold settings and designs exactly the same.


My Jewelry Box Emerald Jewelry Set Under $500

For more elaborate designs in emeralds jewelry, necklaces, rings and earrings, there’s another company called My Jewelry Box which incorporates diamonds in some classic creations like an emerald with diamonds on a 10k white gold chain for just $149. There are matching emerald earrings and rings for the same price each, which means a four piece set would cost about $450. The gemstones are genuine and so is the gold. This is fine emerald jewelry and not cheap imitations.


The odd thing is that many quality emerald imitations cost as much as the genuine pieces, the stones may just be a little larger, so it will depend if you are buying jewelry as an investment or merely to have the largest cocktail costume jewelry you can afford. At Jewelry & Accessories, we recommend what is available and leave it up to you to select emerald jewelry rings, pendants and earrings that will enhance your wardrobe the best.


Lab Created Emerald Jewelry Sets by My Jewelry Box

So you can make the choice between genuine and imitation, we suggest a gorgeous discount emerald jewelry option, also by My Jewelry Box, with each piece costing only $149 to $170.

This set is entirely lab created emerald jewelry, but as you will see the pieces are more bold and the emeralds larger in the settings. The wonderful feature of all these pieces is that they are set in solid white or yellow gold and not in silver, so this really is fine quality fake emerald jewelry since the rings and earrings alone without gems of any kind are worth the price you pay. The ring and the pendant each have over 1 carat emerald gems.


The thing you will notice about lab created emeralds is their clarity and rich color, sometimes fake emerald jewelry has a better “look” at first glance than the real ones. And while we’re on the subject of lab created gems, we want to present another piece that really shines. It’s a larger cocktail ring with almost 2 carats emerald set in solid gold for just $299. The emerald is lab created, although the diamonds are genuine. What a fabulous cocktail bauble! A set of matching earrings cost only $199 and the diamonds are also real!


Jewelbasket Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

If you have been wondering where to buy Jackie Kennedy jewelry, well it’s at Jewelbasket, like this 24k gold plated ring with a giant simulated emerald replicating the Jackie Kennedy engagement ring that John F. Kennedy made for his bride in 1953. The diamonds are actually marquise Swarovski crystals, but the price on this glorious cocktail ring is very reasonable at just $114.


The matching earrings are genuine emerald, and so, what you saved on the ring will be spent on the earrings, since they cost over $1,000. However, if you want to pair this ring with something from My Jewelry Box or Jewels For Me, you can get a similar pair for under $200, or even cheaper silver versions from Emitations.

Although the pieces for sale at Jewelbasket are mostly new, they do have quite a large selection of vintage emerald jewelry, natural Colombian emerald jewelry and even Celtic emerald rings and more mens emerald jewelry than most other shops.
Just as a taste, here are a few samples:


The first piece is a womens natural emerald ring in an antique style set in 14k white gold and costs $1,554. Antique and vintage emeralds are not cheap!


The second piece is fine simulated emerald stone jewelry in vintage style fro men. Mens emerald jewelry is often simulated but set in genuine gold with real diamonds to allow for a larger gem. The quality of these faux gems are excellent and the price of the ring about $500, which reflects the gold and diamond price. The same ring in sterling silver costs half the price and is also available through Jewelbasket.

Really Cheap Silver Emerald Jewelry


If you’re looking for really cheap simulated emerald jewelry in sterling silver, here are a few recommendations: Emerald cut jewelry earrings by Emitations features a piece called Aubree’s CZ emerald estate earrings which cost just under $50 and have a massive faux emerald with white cubic zirconia accents.


There is a complete matching set which includes a dazzling Hollywood glamour style emerald jewelry necklace, earrings, and the giant emerald cocktail ring. The emerald necklace is priced at $139, but the emerald cocktail ring is just under $40.


You can have the complete emerald lady jewelry set for under $230. Although the entire collection is a synthetic emerald jewelry design, it is all set in 925 sterling silver and the quality is excellent for costume jewelry. This is how to buy emerald jewelry for cheap yet look like millions.

Emitations also has emerald jewelry sale promotions that offer further discounts depending when you order. For good Christmas presents for ladies, young girls and even men, Emitations has a little something for everyone in faux gemstones and celebrity creations to make not just fingers and necklines shine, but to put a glimmer in many eyes.


Hollywood Glamour – Dazzling Sterling Silver Emerald Jewelry Replicas for Cheap

If you want to look like Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor at a night at the Oscars or the Emmys, then you will be dazzlingly delighted by two pieces of emerald jewelry for sale that mimic these outlandish fabulous creations at Emitations.


The replica of the Sophia Loren emerald necklace costs $379 but it has 20 carats of faux gemstones set in sterling silver.

The Elizabeth Taylor emerald replicas cost less, the earrings only $169, and the gorgeous emerald necklace just $225. The original real emerald jewelry pieces were millions so these imitations are cheap fun ways to sparkle like the stars and stay within your budget. They are eccentric pieces, but with the right evening dress and heels, there’s no reason why you can’t be the belle of the ball while wearing this incredible faux emerald costume jewelry.


Emitations has a wide range of emerald jewelry designs as well as other gemstone designs like ruby emerald jewelry pieces that are unusual, and popular opal and emerald jewelry creations so you can look exactly as individual as you are.

Bring in 2010 with YOUR OWN individual fashion statement by accessorizing with gemstones!

For more information on emerald rings and earrings please read other articles in the Jewelry & Accessories emerald series. We also have recommendations for unusual and unique emerald engagement rings.