Drop Pearl, Pearl Pendant Necklace and Single Pearl Necklace Designs

The most contemporary designs for pearl jewelry are drop pearl necklace creations and the styles that are simple with a gold or silver chain and just one pearl.

Another popular option is a pearl pendant necklace that is versatile and can be on a string, ribbon, leather cord or on a delicate chain. These styles are also good for bridal jewelry sets where you want just a touch of a pearl accent but not a whole string to detract from the bridal gown bodice decoration.

The options are varied, from ultra casual leather, to chokers with ribbons in the Victorian style, to simple contemporary pear shaped teardrops for matching with drop pearl earrings.

There are also designs that bring both a string and a pendant together, like the one from Shecy pearls that is a choker or princess length necklace with a subtle drop pendant with 3 small white pearls and touch of sparkling diamond accent. All these designs are very affordable and come in variety of colors.

Believe it or not the gorgeous freshwater pearl design you see pictured here with the 3 pearl drops costs only a little over $50. The black Tahitian pearl designs on the other hand are simple but the one in white gold is over $400 and the one in yellow gold with a large pearl dangle costs about $1,400.

Heavenly Treasures has some unique 14k gold single pearl necklace styles with drop pearls. One is very delicate with pink pearls in a Y necklace design with oval 7mm pearls and costs just $149. It also comes in black and white pearls for a more classic look.

There’s also a classic necklace with one white round pearl that’s strung through a delicate 14k gold chain (the 7mm pearl is stationary not floating) and costs just $99. This piece is a real freshwater pearl, so it’s a good price.

Perhaps the best buy of all is a Shecy Pearl creation. It’s a white cultured freshwater pearl pendant, just one single pearl that’s between 6mm and 7mm, and is AAA quality, on a silver chain, and costs just $18!!!

This is a full round white pearl of the highest quality, high luster, almost 100% blemish free, totally smooth and with a nice thick nacre, send directly from the freshwater pearl farms in China, for under $20. This is one item that can’t be overlooked if you need a simple necklace. Ideal for bridal jewelry, for bridesmaids, even flower girls, or can be a darling little present for any young lady. Drop pearl and single pearl pendant necklace designs with high quality gems and fine craftsmanship are not usually this affordable. But you can pair this with a set of pearl stud earrings and a bracelet and still be well under budget. Have fun shopping for genuine pearl jewelry at Shecy Pearls.