Discover Gold and Silver Dangle Earrings

The hottest gold and silver dangle hoop earrings; pearl dangle earrings; gemstone designs with trendy red garnets and rich blue turquoise; cheap heart and star dangle styles and inexpensive rhinestone and sparkling cubic zirconia accessories – at Jewelry & Accessories we have the scoop on the seasons hottest earring trends and show you where to buy the latest designs at prices you can afford.

If you read fashion magazines, follow haute couture designs from Paris to Tokyo and watch Fashion Television, then chances are you already know about Emitations, a fabulous online jewelry shop that has all the top jewelry designs, even the ones that replicate the red carpet and Hollywood glamour jewelry we only get to glimpse from afar.

Hoop and dangle and gemstone earrings have been spotted under Hollywood lights and Emitations has masterfully been inspired to create similar earring designs without always revealing who inspired them. However, if you have a particular actress or celebrity whose jewelry you wish you could own, then click on the Emitations celebrity face page and find out who wore what to which event and see if there’s a replica or coy for sale. If there is, chances are it will cost under $100, because even some of the most elaborate dangling earrings and gemstone imitations have been priced from about $30 to $80…the odd piece is priced over a hundred, but it’s not the norm.

Let’s have a look at what’s available, in styles that imitate jewelry seen on and off the red carpet. We’ve chosen a selection of items that are both elegant and affordable:

Versatile Dangle Hoop Earrings

The first piece falls into the hottest style category this season, dangle hoop earrings, which come in several styles like hoops with dangling charms, or hoops with chandelier style dangles, or odd shaped hoops that dangle from French hooks. This featured pair is a black CZ charm dangle hoop earring that has a small hoop completely pave set with sparkling clear cubic zirconia and from the center dangles a black teardrop CZ briolette charm. The unique thing about this pair is that the black briolette charm is removable, so it can be added to other hoop earrings or simply left to the side. You can wear these hoops with just the faux diamonds and then change their look by adding the black charm. In fact you get two pairs of earrings, one hoop and one a dangle for the price of one. All this is priced very affordably at just $84

Hoop Style Gold Dangle Earrings with Turquoise Charms

Gold dangle earrings need not be real gold, especially if they’re little accessories to accent your everyday wardrobe. The pieces we’ve selected to show you are flexible hoop earrings with a turquoise charm dangle. These are bendable hoops that are gold plated with a faux turquoise teardrop stone. It’s a real bargain because it costs just under $25. They’re available through Emitations.

Turquoise Dangle Earrings

While we’re on the topic of turquoise, we also found some more decadent versions of turquoise dangle earrings that are set in silver.

There are two gorgeous pairs we really love and go so well with this season’s trends. The first pair are simple silver dangle earrings with a delicate motif and a teardrop turquoise charm that can be worn with casual jeans or summer dresses and even for everyday work at the office. They’re very affordable at just $39. Order them easily online and have them delivered right to your door.

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale and elegant, then the second set we’ve chosen may be just the piece. It’s a glamorous eveningwear accessory encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconia and a light blue faux turquoise gem that’s polished to a sheen and dangles below 4 chain-like circles and squares. They are called Tracey’s CZ Chain and Faux Turquoise Dangle Earrings and are sold online through Emitations. They are post back earrings that are about 1.5 inches long and are inspired by the earrings Eva Longoria wore at the Golden Globes. This pair is a little more expensive but well worth it at just under $69.

If you’ve been searching for high quality sterling silver dangle earrings with gemstones and cubic zirconia that can pass as the real thing, but haven’t been able to find a place that sells a good selection for affordable prices, then we are sure you will find something at Emitations. Their earrings are well made and very elegant, so much so that their designs are often featured in the top women’s magazines. They even have some of the best pearl dangle earrings that are featured in brides magazines, which is why we next want to show you some of the beautiful bridal creations you can select from that incorporate cubic zirconia sparkle and pearls.

Pearl Dangle Earrings For Bridal Sets and Elegant Eveningwear

Emitations has far too many gorgeous pearl drop earrings for us to be able to show you all of them, so we’ve selected a few choice pieces just to give you a taste of what you can order. The reason we believe they are ideal for wedding jewelry is twofold. First they are good quality, which is important to a bride who has spent a fortune on a gown and accessories and doesn’t want a cheap pair of earrings to detract from her ensemble. Second, many brides need affordable accessories because there are so many expenses associated with a wedding that buying costly jewelry needn’t add to the total. The affordability factor allows a bride to have the glamour and sparkle without sacrificing other little niceties she couldn’t otherwise afford, perhaps some bracelets or a matching necklace, or even nicer bridesmaid jewelry sets for her attendants.

So the top picks in pearl dangle earrings are the following: There’s a pair called Kyla’s Faux Pearl Earrings and they are a basket or cage-like design a 10mm white faux pearl surrounded by 4 curved bands of cubic zirconia encrusted sterling silver. These are unique earrings that can be paired with either pearl or cubic zirconia bracelets and necklaces or pendants and made into part of a complete bridal set. The earring cost just $99.

The second set we’ve chosen to show you is a more elaborate called the Pearl Wedding Bell Dangle Earrings, which are also sterling silver dangle earrings with cubic zirconia and pearls, and cost just $55. The top portion is a sort of heart shaped crown and the long oval hoop below has a suspended dangling round white pearl clasped by two delicate leaves. This is a pair of bridal earrings that will match stackable CZ bracelets or pearl strands and is so affordable you’ll be able to match it to a pendant necklace, which by the way is also available through Emitations for about $65 and is the exact same bell bridal designs.

Long dangle earrings are ideal for bridal accessories for several reasons. One reason is that a veil or a hairdo with curls about the face and neck may completely hide huggie style or stud earrings. The second reason is that most bridal gowns have a low or open neckline, often off the shoulder or strapless, which tends to elongate the neck and make it look bare.

Even if you choose not to wear a necklace or pendant in the décolleté, a pair of long dangle earrings will create a less bare look and accent the upper bodice of the gown even if has lave or beads. Remember, it’s not essential to wear a necklace or pendant even if your gown has a low or open neckline. A very chic elegant look is to have slender dangle earrings and nothing else except perhaps a tennis bracelet or some stackable bangles on the wrist.

When it comes to bridal jewelry, dangling pearl earrings, cubic zirconia or crystal dangle earrings and teardrop style jewelry is the most popular and best suited to accenting wedding ensembles. Don’t over accessorize. Keep it elegant and simple.

Garnet Dangle Earrings

One of this season’s hottest trends is gemstones, and garnet is one of the favorite gems for dangle earrings because it’s affordable and has a rich elegance that’s reminiscent of the retro and vintage styles that are becoming more and more popular. For elegant eveningwear, bridesmaid jewelry and everyday elegance, there are garnet dangle earrings in silver and gold that make femininity fun to flaunt. Emitations has some excellent options in both real garnet and faux gemstone designs, some that mimic the rich red of rubies, others that are antique or vintage imitations or inspired by celebrities.

One pair of dangle earrings that has a vintage flavor but would be an excellent choice for bridesmaid jewelry is Valkyrie’s drop dangle earrings that sell for $120. This pair is a dazzling yet delicate contrast between the pearl and gemstone, with just enough color to and just enough white pearl to be all the jewelry a maid of honor will need. If your wedding theme is pink or red or a shade in-between, these earrings are the ideal accent.

For a wild pair of vintage dangle earrings with pearl and gemstones and sparkle in an art deco design, try Aada’s Vintage CZ earrings that are absolutely stunning for about $175.

If you’d rather a more Victorian antique look then the garnet dangle earrings called Helena’s Faux Garnet Briolette Drop Dangle Earrings from Emitations will be perfect. They are dramatic with long slender orange-red garnets set around antiqued silver shield style hoops, accented by cubic zirconia for a little extra sparkle. This pair cost $115 and is also available from Emitations. And while we’re showing you gemstone and vintage and antique pieces, we can’t forget to tell you about some other popular gemstone and faux gem dangle designs that are not red, but green, a very hot color for the fashion world this year.

Green Dangle Earrings

The very best are those that imitate emeralds and peridot stones, and the loveliest of all are Angelina’s Oscar inspired simulated emerald drop dangle earrings that are set in gold plated metal. These are dramatic earrings that are favorites as eveningwear accessories, but also work wonderfully as bridesmaid jewelry.

For something totally outrageous in the green dangle earring category that is nothing like anything you’ve seen before, comes Adel’s Peacock earrings that have feathery lines of cubic zirconia encrusted metal and a teardrop green gem at the bottom. This pair is amazing, but a little more expensive than the other green dangle earring designs since it retails for about $250. But if different and unique is what you’re after, these are just about as eccentric and dramatic as you’ll get.

Although these earring creations we’ve presented are all high quality and wonderfully crafted, they may not be exactly what you’re looking for if you have your heart set on genuine 14k gold earrings. So, we’ve decided to show you some more expensive items that are still affordable and sold through another company.

14k Dangle Earrings from JewelBasket

Gold dangle earrings in 14k settings tend to be less dramatic and more classic like the hammered 14k dangle earrings from JewelBasket that are crafted in two tone yellow and white gold. They are 1 and a half inches in length and have two gold rings and a circular white gold dangle at the bottom. Very chic, all Italian gold, and they cost $522.

14K Gold Dangle Hoop Earrings

Since dangle hoop earrings are the number one hottest trend, we present a pair of multi- circle hoop earrings that are 2 inches long and have one hoop in 14k white gold and the other in 14k yellow gold. They are totally movable and dangle freely from a lever-back clasp. They are high-end Italian gold with a polished finish that gleams. They are available through JewelBasket for $324.

JewelBasket has hundreds of earring styles in genuine gold and faux metals and have a very easy system to select price and style to suit your budget. All their products are high quality and come directly to your home in a lovely jewelry box or pouch depending on the piece.

For more information on 14k gold, hoop earrings, clip on earrings, silver earrings, stud earrings and even cheap costume jewelry and bridal sets, please read other related topics.