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Eternity rings come in two basic styles: a full eternity ring, which has gemstones all around the band, and a half eternity ring which has stones only on the top portion with anywhere from three to five or more stones. Don’t confuse this with three stone rings, which may also be referred to as trilogy rings, that have three raised gems, not inset, bezel or channel set like eternity ring designs.

Gold eternity rings tend to be less popular than white gold eternity rings and it’s not about price. The cost varies for both depending on the alloys used since neither white or yellow versions are actually pure gold. Platinum and palladium bands have also become very popular and the white metal often offsets the diamonds better than yellow gold settings. However there are plenty of choices in gold or white metals, including silver, to satisfy every taste and budget.


White gold and platinum tend to be the best choices considering the amount of diamonds in an eternity band, and the investment in the diamonds is really where the cost lay. For inexpensive rings, there are CZ eternity rings, but this article will not deal with imitation diamond rings. See the articles on Cubic Zirconia Rings and the series on Cheap Jewelry Buyers Guide for more information on less expensive options.

An Unbroken Ring of Diamonds That Goes On Forever


Many companies that specialize in eternity wedding ring designs will label them ‘diamond wedding bands’, since that is one of their primary uses, however a diamond band may not be an eternity band unless the diamonds are set close together and the ring is flat, what is meant by ‘flat’ is that there is no shank or central gemstone that is larger or rises above another; instead all stones are equal in size and go part way or all around the band. The idea, naturally, given the name, is to represent continuity, or eternity, by being an unbroken ring of gems that go on forever.


Online Jewelry Shops that Specialize in Eternity Rings

There are three excellent online jewelers we recommend where you can get some of the best quality full eternity rings, half eternity rings and diamond wedding bands that will match your engagement ring or may be used as what some call ‘eternity engagement rings’ all on their own. Many styles are quite elaborate and may double both as an engagement and wedding bands.

Cool Diamonds Eternity Rings


The first place we recommend is Cool Diamonds, who do not have a wide selection of diamond eternity wedding rings, but the two they have are exquisite and must be seen to be fully appreciated because the quality of their gemstones and craftsmanship is excellent. They are not cheap eternity rings, but very fine pieces of jewelry.

0.5 carats of Diamonds

For example the first piece is a half eternity ring with 0.5 carats of diamonds set in polished white gold in a 4 mm band and costs £975.


0.7 carats of Diamonds

The second piece is also a half eternity ring with 0.7 carats of diamonds in a polished white gold setting as well and costs £1,320.

These two simple, yet elegant, designer eternity rings are also available in 18k yellow gold or platinum. The price for either a gold eternity ring or a white gold design are the same. However both these eternity band rings with the same diamonds set in a platinum setting cost a bit more. The 0.5 diamond eternity ring costs £1,235 and the 0.7 version costs £1,640.


A Trilogy Ring

They also have a trilogy ring, similar to diamonds eternity rings, which is a stunning creation with three gemstones. The price is determined by the size of the stones you select from 0.3 carat to 0.32 carats, but the setting only comes in platinum.

The price ranges from £2,200 to £2,900. Yes they are not cheap eternity rings at all, but considering the diamond clarity of either vs2 or vvs1 in premium cuts all set in platinum, it’s actually a good price. If you need to see these pieces for yourself instead of just selecting them online, you can go to their London showroom.

White Gold, Yellow Gold and Platinum

The other thing to keep in mind is that if you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring, Cool Diamonds has a huge selection of gorgeous options in white gold, yellow gold and platinum, and these can be matched with one of the eternity rings they have to make a timelessly elegant wedding set.


The Best of Two Rings

There’s also a third option that Cool Diamonds offers and that is a diamond ring that has a solitaire appeal by having only one large central diamond, and then having an eternity band ring in white gold or platinum with a series of diamonds set into the band, in the same style as a half eternity ring. It’s called the Juliet engagement ring. It blends the best of both rings together and could very well be one ring for engagement and the marriage. Engagement ring settings like this may seem similar, but the quality may be not be the same. This ring was awarded top 10 ring status by Marie Claire Magazine.


Diamond Clarity and Price

Check their diamond certificates which they post online beside each ring and compare the quality with other offers online. Gemstone rings from Cool Diamonds may not all be IF diamond clarity, but an IF diamond will cost a lot more.

For example, a D grade diamond with IF clarity costs about $27,000 per carat and VVS1 cost about $20,000 per carat, and VS1 costs about $15,000 per carat.

You can check what quality and weight will equal a good price for the diamonds you select in your eternity engagement ring or wedding band.


The Diamond Store for Eternity Engagement Rings

The next place we recommend for eternity rings online is the Diamond Store, also based in the UK, which has 31 pages of gemstone eternity rings that start at $125 and go up to $6,000.


The most expensive ring is a genuinely magnificent piece of jewelry with 3.75 carat of G/V quality diamonds in an 18K white gold pave setting. That’s 7 rows of diamonds in a 10 mm eternity band fit for royalty.


Cheap Eternity Rings

In more affordable ladies eternity rings, The Diamond Store has lots of styles under $200 for princess cut eternity rings, emerald eternity ring styles that mix diamonds and emeralds together, ruby eternity ring designs as well as yellow and blue sapphire pieces, and some recreations of antique eternity rings like the Amelia diamonds full eternity ring set in platinum or yellow gold. They may not be vintage eternity rings, but they may be better because you can select the type of precious metal. They also have pave eternity rings like the Jasmine diamond full eternity ring with a full carat of diamonds all pave set into 18K gold.


High-end or Discount Eternity

They have so many eternity engagement rings with diamonds and eternity bands to match any solitaire, as well as anniversary rings that I cannot name even a fraction of what they offer. But if you are looking for discount eternity rings or high-end designer rings or simply some affordable engagement rings or wedding bands, then The Diamond Store probably has a piece you’ll love within your price range.

Mondera’s Beautiful Engagement Rings & Eternity Bands

Another online jewelry shop with diamond ring eternity bands, wedding rings and a selection of eternity wedding band designs is Mondera, where you an also custom make beautiful engagement rings or eternity bands in white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver.

They have a large selection of pave engagement rings gold rings solitaire engagement rings and eternity rings in channel settings, bezel sets and unique tension settings.

Their white gold rings with .26 point diamonds all around a full eternity ring start at about $700 and go up to $8,000 for over 3 carats of diamonds in a glorious line of channel set princess cut diamond in platinum.

Emerald Engagement Rings


They also have a fine selection of emerald engagement rings like the 14k white gold diamond and emerald engagement ring with 2 round brilliant pave set diamonds and one round 4 mm emerald, that could be paired with an eternity wedding band to make a unique set. They also have a variety of pre engagement ring designs that are very tasteful and could be made into sets with a wedding ring later on.

Forbes Best of The Web


For jewellery eternity rings, diamonds rings, wedding band rings, anniversary or even promise rings, Mondera is a good choice, and it’s not just us who have noticed their success. Their thousands of satisfied customers, since 1999, have made it possible for them to be voted a Forbes-Best of The Web.

Jewelry & Accessories is an independent reviewer of jewelry products and are not affiliated with the jewelry companies recommended in the articles. The eternity rings suggested are based on our own investigations and customer comments. If you desire to purchase an engagement ring, wedding band, diamond jewelry, eternity band or any item we’ve recommended you must visit the specific online jewelry shops where they are sold. We hope we have been helpful in guiding you toward a purchase that is good value. If you have recently discovered other jewelry shops or a specific jewelry products, we welcome your comments and will consider adding your recommendations to this site.


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  1. Be sure to keep in mind to research all of the popular metals that are used for wedding bands today – platinum, palladium, gold, titanium and tungsten. Platinum is the most expensive, but also the most durable, so you get excellent value for your money. When you scratch platinum, the ring does not lose mass, and it can be refinished to look like new over and over. Gold will scratch off, and white gold isn’t naturally white, so it will turn yellow over time. If platinum is not an option, then I would consider palladium. Palladium is the better choice over white gold if platinum is not a possibility.

    And while I like the look of tungsten and titanium wedding bands, they can not be sized. So keep away from the pizza and beer, and make sure you renew that gym membership, too!

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