Designer and Replica Wholesale Handbags

Wholesale Fendi handbags with full paperwork (including sanitized invoice) for genuine Fendi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Bottega, Veneta, Ferragamo, Armani, Versace, Dior and others direct from Italy; wholesale designer inspired handbags and replicas; elegant and trendy fashion bags; purses, clutches, hobos; wholesale leather handbags, fabric and faux designs in all the top colors and textures – at Jewelry & Accessories you’ll find wholesale handbag distributors, importers and suppliers who have the items your clients are looking for.

Wholesale Designer Handbags

If you’re frustrated trying to find a wholesaler who sells authentic designer handbags at wholesale prices, we understand because if you search online for an importer or buyer or dealer all you can find are millions of cheap wholesale replica handbags and knockoff handbags wholesale companies that try to pass off fakes for designer products.

If you want DESIGNER handbags, chances are you don’t want unknown designers or cheap replicas, and you don’t want to join a buyers club and pay a monthly fee to get a list of contacts, and you certainly do not want to buy a REPORT of outdated supplier lists. But, you may have already discovered the hard way that you can’t just telephone Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana or Versace and deal with them directly, since that’s not how it works in the haute couture wholesale world. So, there you are, pulling out your hair wondering how to buy real designer handbags and feeling like you’re being forced to buy knockoffs. Here is what you need to know that no one is willing to tell those in the retail handbag industry:

Wholesale designer handbags are sold to retailers through middlemen who act as buyers on your behalf. Haute Couture houses DO NOT deal directly with retailers.

The buyers are usually trading companies with offices in Italy or main European cities. Finding them is very difficult since they don’t advertise except in trade directories that are usually not promoted and do not come up in regular searches. It takes a lot of research to find a good buyer for authentic designer luxury goods, but we’ve done a little of the work for you.

Here is one trading company who buys directly from all main European fashion and designer houses: ItalTrading. They have a buying office situated near Florence. Their address is:

Via A, Martini 6, 59100 Prato – Firenza Italia.
Tel: 39 (0) 574-053-625

They are professional buyers who act as brokers for international clients who need wholesale handbags and other designer luxury goods that are made in Italy by the top design houses. They have contacts with the top brand name designers and facilitate the buying and exporting process, from selecting the goods to documenting and exporting the items, and assisting you until the product arrives at your shop. For top brand wholesale leather handbags and all related luxury products, contact ItalTrading directly and see if they can deliver what you need.

Even if you’re looking to purchase liquidations and discount inventory, ItalTrading can help. And if you want the latest designer handbags from the collections that are not yet in the shops, they can facilitate placing your preorders with the couture houses to secure inventory in advance.

If you need more suppliers and buyers you can go to a place called TradeBoss which is a worldwide B2B marketplace for luxury and designer traders. Read the offers carefully because many who advertise say “wholesale designer inspired handbags” and then use the words Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana and Armani and Versace and others, but in fact are not genuine. Knockoff handbags wholesale dealers abound, but you will know very quickly because there is no way a genuine Fendi is $5 or $10…even at wholesale and liquidation prices, authentic designer bags are expensive.

Wholesale Replica Handbags

There’s nothing wrong with selling replica handbags so long as you don’t try to pass them off as the real thing. Trustworthy designer replica handbags wholesale companies clearly state that their products are imitations. If you want to offer your clients affordable fashion handbags and designer replicas you may want to get in touch with a company called Best Handbag Wholesale, who have a massive inventory, a very user friendly website catalogue and a full line of designer inspired bags at affordable prices.

Naturally we can’t give you the price lists because that will depend on the quantity you order and which collections you choose, but we can tell you that there is a $150 minimum order. You absolutely must have a valid seller’s permit to place orders, and shipments are made only within the United States.

DHGate is also a wholesale trading center with many wholesale handbag suppliers listed with offers that ship internationally. Keyjeweler is another source for wholesale fashion handbags. All their wholesale purse handbag, wallets and luggage are affordable and can be ordered with only a minimum expenditure of $100. They accept orders from clients in the US and Canada as well as Spain, France, Germany and Japan, and have a multilingual website to facilitate such international client’s needs.

Hundred Percent Wholesale is also another outlet where US and international clients can order discount wholesale handbags, designer replicas, hobos, totes, backpacks and almost every conceivable variation like rhinestone and faux fur bags or simple practical wallets.

If you need to buy wholesale handbags quickly and easily, be they designer or replicas or cheap fashion creations, stay away from wholesale directories and do not join clubs that charge a fee, and certainly do not buy reports on international suppliers.

Spend an hour or two and go through the marketplace B2B and trade organizations that are reputable and make contact with dealers in the US, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Italy on your own.

Establish lasting relationships with real Italian haute couture buyers who know how to handle the exportation of luxury goods. Deal only with wholesale handbag distributors who do not charge you for information or services or lists or reports because real distributors earn their money through a small percentage, or markup, that is included as part of the wholesale price you pay for the merchandise.