Custom Photo Engraved Jewelry by Face 2 Face

Personalized Photo Engraved Jewelry PENDANTS and TAGS on 9k, 14k and 18k white or yellow gold, silver, stainless steel or rhodium plated items. Order lockets, Card Holders, KEY RINGS, Seasonal Gifts, Custom Engraved Jewelry Boxes and CHARM Bracelets direct from the high-tech professionals at Face 2 Face Photo Engraving.

State-of-the-art Techniques Behind Photo Engraved Jewelry

At Face 2 Face Photo Engraving the techniques involve a high-tech process that converts your photographs into engraved images in solid gold, silver, stainless steel or other metals.

Step One

Precision Engraved Photo Jewelry Starts with Transforming the Image

It all begins with high definition equipment to digitally enhance the pictures that will be engraved with a dot by dot technique.

Skilled technicians manually work with each picture, first cropping them to fit onto the chosen jewelry item and then working with the image’s shapes and the light and dark areas to create contrast and provide the right amount of depth so the engraving will stand out once etched into the metal surface.

Step Two

High-Tech Picture Engraved Jewelry Software

The exact depth of each piece of custom photo engraved jewelry will depend on the metal chosen.

Once the image has been digitally prepared, it must then be further enhanced and transformed into a high definition grey-scale piece of artwork.

Specialized software reads white, grey and black in different ways to creates dots that will represent each area as follows:

  1. White becomes a deep point {or dot}.
  2. Black doesn’t receive a point.
  3. Grey gets a soft dot.

Step Three

Diamond Head Equipment for Personalized Engraved Jewelry Quality

Once the transformation has been completed, the image is sent to a precision diamond-head engraving machine that uses approximately 8000 dots {points} to engrave an average sized pendant with a detailed likeness of the picture.

Step Four

Quality Inspection of Custom Engraved Jewelry Items

The photo engraved jewelry is inspected manually to ensure a high quality final product.

Only after careful inspection is the piece packaged and shipped by FedEx Express or DHL International.

Beware of Cheap Engraved Jewelry by Impact Printing

Fine precision quality cannot be achieved by impact printing.

Genuine photo engraved jewelry will provide a meticulously sculpted image in gold, silver or other metals. The results of high quality engraving are outstanding.

Top Quality Engraved Photo Jewelry Requires:

  • high-tech digital equipment
  • specialized software
  • state-of-the-art diamond engraving machines
  • technicians with an artistic eye and attention to detail

Example of Photo Engraved Silver Jewelry by Face 2 Face

  • Rectangle Sterling Silver Pendant

Photo Engraved Silver Jewelry {925 sterling silver} in a pendant style piece, measuring 14 x 20, costs $35 and includes the pendant and engraving one face.

The cost to add a second face is $9.50. Photo engraving can also be done on the back side for an additional $12.50 and text may also be added for $3.50 per line.

Example of Gold Engraved Jewelry by Face 2 Face

  • Oval, Round, Square or Heart – 18k Gold Pendant

High-end engraved photo jewelry on solid 18k gold pendants, with a lifetime guarantee, cost between $450 and $460, and includes expertly engraving one face.

Additional faces as well as text on the backside cost the same as when done on silver pendants.

Personalized Photo Engraved Jewelry Boxes

  • One of the most unique personalized items that Face 2 Face offers is the collection of heat-shaped engraved jewelry boxes made from chrome with brass bases. They measure 110x107x45 mm and costs $55 each. The price includes the box and engraving one face.

Extra faces and text engraving is available for $9.50 per face and $3.50 per line of text.

Picture Engraved Jewelry for Men and Unique Gift Ideas

Ideas for engraved mens jewelry include:

  1. stainless steel pendants and military tags
  2. father’s day special sets such as photo engraved card holders, travel clocks, pill boxes, key rings and chrome Zippo lighters
  3. chrome Flash USB Discs with 2Gb of space and a photo engraving on the front for as little as $50.

Consider another of the latest pieces of unique engraved jewelry for men: it doesn’t have a face, but instead, a set of footprints on a pair of silver cufflinks. Photo engraved mens jewelry doesn’t get better than this funky Square Sterling Silver Cufflink Set. They measure 20x20mm and have a set of engraved footprints on each. The cost: $115/pair, which includes the cufflinks and precision engraving of one image.

Custom Engraved Jewelry for Women

Some of the cutest items in the Face 2 Face collections are found in the series of engraved jewelry for MOMS.

Choose a sun-shaped pendant or a heart, oval, rectangle, square or other shape, and have baby’s picture etched in silver, gold or stainless steel.

The pieces of engraved jewelry for moms that offer the best overall value are the pendants in SILVER such as the Sun Pendant that’s 925 sterling silver, measures 22x22mm, and includes one engraved baby face for $48.

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