Cubic Zirconia Rings

If you follow the stars and their diamond purchases, or their sparkling carat-topped gold rings, or their not always eternal eternity ring exchanges, you may look at what jewelry you can afford in some miniscule sterling silver rings or costume jewelry concoctions (with diamond chips swept up from the celebrity jeweler’s floor), and hang your head in despair. It’s just not fair!

Dreamy Celebrity Diamond Rings

You want a marquise-cut diamond engagement ring like Victoria Beckham or perhaps something like the 10 carat diamond on Catherine Zeta-Jones’ finger. Alas you don’t have 2 million or Michael Douglas or David Beckham to buy them for you. You NEED some round brilliant-cut diamonds like the three gems Matt Damon selected for his lady, or at least a Tia Mowry style 5-carat round-cut diamond engagement ring, or maybe just a teeny yellow rectangular radiant gemstone like Heidi Klum, but …you say to yourself, “Self…You must live in the real world!” Or must you? If you want the glitter and the glamour of the square emerald rings and the pearl rings mounted into gold and surrounded by diamonds, and if you’re going to dream, why not dream big?

Marie Antoinette to Tom Cruise


Why not have a Marie Antoinette version of a heart diamond, or something like the rock from Kid Rock that Pamela Anderson sported while they lasted? In your dreams choose between white gold rings with 4 carat diamonds and platinum eternity rings that bedazzle with genuine stones instead of choosing between miniscule and microscopic chips or gold plated and silver bathed.

Sure! Go all out with your day dreams, perhaps you can conjure a pear-cut sparkler set in platinum like Jessica Simpson’s pear diamond engagement ring… but oops, you haven’t found your very own Nick Lachey yet. So why not imagine an oval diamond from Tom Cruise, or the soft shimmer of a curvaceous cushion-cut diamond, or a royal Asscher-cut diamond ring?

Diamond Carats from Donald Trump to Ashley Judd

You know your finger’s more suited to the elegant square emerald-cut diamond ring like the one selected by Donald Trump for his Slovenian model bride Melania Knauss, or perhaps Reese Witherspoon and her 4 plus emerald-cut carats inspire you with diamond hopes, or Kate Hudson’s 5 carat engagement sparkler that keeps you checking for art deco diamond designs. Go on, go ahead. Think BIGGER.

Are you a Victorian lady like Melissa Akey and Marsha Thomason Sykes who know the subtle splendor of the restrained glitter in an antique rose-cut diamond ring? So what you’re not rich or famous! The fast diamond lane can still make you switch into high gear like it did for Dario Franchitti and the cushion-cut engagement ring he chose for Ashley Judd.

Three-in-one Rings and Celebrity Gossip

jennifer lopez engagement ring

Prefer three in one? Go on, top your mental charts like Toni Braxton with her oval diamond and heart ring, or a round diamond dazzler like Jocelyn Maldonado’s, or a three-stone diamond setting like Backstreet Boys’ gal Leigh Boniello.

Still reading celebrity gossip? And all the while you read you’re thinking about…DIAMONDS…like American Idol Katherine McPhee and her brilliant 3 carat gem, and Madonna’s 5 carats of round diamonds. And perhaps it’s old news, but the ring still remains (somewhere) – the 6 carat pink solitaire in the Ben Affleck /Jennifer Lopez affair. Or how about the hopeful glitter of 20 diamonds from Brad Pitt’s designing mind to his now ex Jennifer Aniston? And what about the Hollywood gem present of all time…even I’m still gasping at…the 182 carat Star of Bombay that Douglas Fairbanks gave Mary Pickford!

The Reality of Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia Rings and…uhhh…Love Actually

So you read and you dream and then you wake up to reality: where it seems LOVE, not diamonds, are most girl’s bestest friends because almost all of us choose lifestyles and men who are not in the fast lane, who do not give single or double digit carat pink diamond engagement rings, and yet…still love us and (usually) make us happy.


That doesn’t mean we must go through life without sparkle or rings or gems on our fingers or twinkling earrings or necklaces or bangle bracelets, because, happily someone invented cubic zirconia – fake diamonds – to satisfy all our glistening dreams.

Be it simple gold cz tennis bracelets or an all out dazzler diamond cz ring in as many carats as your dreamy celebrity creations –you’ll have it if your want it! There are imitations of your favorite celebrity promise rings and extravagant diamond gold rings and 20 or 40 diamond set eternity ring and sterling silver rings with glitter galore, as tasteful or as dramatically outlandish as anything in the gossip magazines of the stars.

Cubic Zirconia More than Costume Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia jewelry—it’s not totally costume jewelry, because zirconia rings are now set into all the precious metals, its just that the prices are almost within everyone’s reach. You CAN indulge in peridot rings, emerald rings, pearl rings, white gold rings and even those totally exquisite full eternity rings you’ve been dreaming about… so long as the stones (or those that surround these genuine but less expensive gemstones) are cubic zirconia. And your silver jewellery no longer need be just silver, and titanium rings need not be just bands of aero-grade titanium alloy, and a peridot ring needn’t be just one stone – anything can now be encircled or enhanced or clustered with lab created diamond gems.

CZ Jewelry Enhancements and Accessories

Cubic zirconia earrings can be twinkling accents for your cocktail dresses. Wedding rings for men need not be plain bands any longer. Antique rings can be new cz rings designed to look old. Even those Victorian ruby rings you’ve always wanted can now be encircled by diamond cubic zirconia and set in real gold bands. Tanzanite rings can be enhanced with zirconia and given as bridesmaid jewelry and your wedding jewellery can be crystal or cz encrusted to suite any bridal wardrobe.

Fashion rings can be baubles if you desire but they can also be serious jewelry for your wedding day; and if your fiancé has his heart set on tungsten wedding bands, there’s no reason why yours can’t have some sparkling cubic zirconia diamonds, even if his tungsten band remains plain.

Price and Selection of Cubic Zirconia and other Stones

You can stop worrying about price and check out some wholesale costume jewelry outlets that carry a huge selection of everything from cubic zirconia bracelets to your perfect fake diamond solitaire ring and even mens gold rings with diamond look-a-like stones. And if cubic zirconia isn’t quite right, there are so many options besides genuine diamonds, like the newly popular moissanite engagement rings and wedding rings that also resemble the clearness and sparkle of diamonds.

Ring settings with moissanite or cubic zirconia or even crystal (like the famous Swarovski crystal) are no longer considered just cheap jewelry for kids, but are now even used by name brand designers to create jewelry that mimics modern celebrity designs and older vintage rings in elaborate cz rings (even with imitation pink diamonds by enhancing the color of otherwise colorless zirconia).

There are many white gold engagement ring options that can scarcely be differentiated (by a quick glance or an untrained eye) from genuine diamond engagement rings and beautiful imitation diamond cocktail rings and gold wedding rings with yellow diamonds and all sorts of combinations for cubic zirconia engagement rings and matching cz jewelry sets with princess cut diamond (or copies of original masterpieces). Lab created diamonds and simulated diamonds are of such good quality that even the best jewelers are adding these diamond imitations to genuine turquoise ring and garnet ring designs, blending real stones and simulated diamonds into gold and silver and white gold settings that astonish.

Heidi Klum Replica CZ Ring

For example: a Heidi Klum Inspired CZ engagement ring with an 8.5 carat canary color cubic zirconia, with a prong set oval-cut center stone, surrounded by tiny pave set cubic zirconia and set into a rhodium electroplated sterling silver band will cost you not thousands or millions but exactly $65!!

For Pamela Anderson Yellow, try the 5 carat oval cut canary colored CZ stone with clear colored bezel set side stones in a 3mm sterling silver band and prong settings polished to look like platinum, which won’t cost you $750,000, but merely $70.

And a replica of Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring, which was designed by Brad Pitt (now her ex hubby), set in .925 sterling silver rhodium electroplated with 20 CZ diamonds and the same spiral design, including a bezel set, round cut cubic zirconia center stone, will cost you a whopping $34.99!

Or how about a 2 carat cubic zirconia round-cut diamond Katherine McPhee engagement ring replica for $55, or a Jlo inspired simulated pink diamond engagement ring with 5 carats of pink cubic zirconia in an emerald cut surrounded by 0.5 carats of lab created diamonds, and all prong set in .925 sterling silver, for how much? $30!

Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings

You don’t have to go to an estate sale and bid on costly antique ring jewelry to have an antique creation or vintage engagement rings. Many designers and jewelers are offering replicas of these original creations for a fraction of the cost. And what about an antique Victorian or medieval princess cut diamond ring? No problem. All the cuts and shapes of genuine diamonds are also available in gold cubic zirconia rings and used in mens ring and diamond wedding band creations as unique as anything the stars have given each other.

Antique engagement rings and matching earring sets are made from cubic zirconia since the mid seventies and therefore it is possible to find some real vintage (almost antique) cubic zirconia rings for sale. There are also some genuine antique emerald rings with fake diamonds and/or crystal stones in sterling silver and white gold settings that make great anniversary rings. For just over $50 you can have antique style CZ rings in sterling silver with a 1.75 carat solitaire in a delicate lace-like .925 sterling silver rhodium electroplated band. Or perhaps a Victorian deco ring set in sterling silver with a total of 1.25 carats of cz diamonds, including a large round brilliant-cut center stone and carved details on the band all for $48.

Unusual Engagement Rings with CZ

Unusual engagement rings are not the property of the rich and famous because fake diamonds have made it possible for anyone to design their own unique ring to give the man or woman they love. Mens silver rings that are often used as wedding bands can now also have fake diamonds, and a man wedding ring and titanium wedding band sets, or even an antique engagement ring, can be made from cubic zirconia by a jeweler. If you quest for designer rings, or if you are looking to shop for wholesale rings, there will be a zirconia dealer or designer with just what you’re after. Even the ladies all-time favorite solitaire ring is now available in whatever carat cubic zirconia her heart desires and in any cut and shape.


Custom made cubic zirconia rings set in white gold or gold settings are still a bargain although they are not as inexpensive as the manufactured ones. A very fine custom designed, totally unique and highly unusual ring will cost about $500 to $1,000 depending on the number of stones and how intricate the design, but what you get for that price is all set in genuine metal and if it were real diamonds would be thousands of dollars.

There are some very unusual creations by Hawaiian and Russian jewelers who have online shops that ship internationally. There are also some yellow citrine and cubic zirconia combinations that are set into sterling silver settings and look very much like yellow diamonds. The price of these rings can be anywhere from $20 to $100 or more.

There are also many designers and jewelers who make art deco engagement rings using zirconia, both in clear or white/ transparent or colored versions that look like other gemstones. Engagement rings and wedding rings have never been more accessible as they are today, and never so large and dazzling. An engagement ring made with a cubic zirconia will save a lot of money so that a newly engaged couple can spend their money on life instead of paying for a ring. A set of rings for $100 or even $200 is a long way from $1,000 or $2,000 that many spend on diamonds. For that price you can pay for almost the entire wedding.

Mens rings, promise rings, gold or silver rings and even wedding ring sets are all priced for people to be able to stop dreaming about diamonds and actually having them, or at least a very reasonable facsimile of them. Mens wedding rings have changed from being simple gold bands to being titanium rings or tungsten rings or white gold rings or any variation of these mixed together and set with cubic zirconia. For as little as $15 a man can have a gold band with a cubic zirconia or a three-stone cubic zirconia ring that can be an elegant wedding band. The gold band will last the same as any other wedding band, although the zirconia will not remain as perfect for as long as a diamond. However, CZ stones can be replaced quite easily in any wedding set if the glimmer begins to less brilliant through wear.

Matching Jewelry Sets

Along with silver rings, wedding ring sets and traditional gold rings that will be the wedding bands there are also other accessories to match, such as tear drop cubic zirconia necklaces, chandelier or drop earrings and delicate matching bracelets. One of the best pieces of cz jewelry is the tennis bracelet that can come with emeralds or rubies intermixed. In many cases the rubies or emeralds are real, just of a lesser grade, and therefore a bracelet or ring with a genuine ruby or emerald and some zirconia will still be relatively cheap. For between $80 and $200 you can have a genuine ruby and cz tennis bracelet in sterling silver 9and the rubies are genuine).

Jewelry and Cubic Zirconia Rings Around the World

Many onyx ring, jade ring and citrine rings are now enhanced with cz stones and made more elegant. Since many of these stones are used in Mexican jewelry settings, many call these rings an anillo and wedding rings are often called alianzas de oro. Traditionally alianzas de oro or argollas de compromiso o argollas de boda are gold bands or silver engraved bands without stones. However, alianzas de oro are now being enhanced with cubic zirconia to be sparkling anillos for many types of marriage ceremonies around the world.

In many countries it is popular to have jade or ruby or emerald stones mixed with diamonds for marriage jewelry and not just diamonds. Now with cz lab created diamonds, natural stones are being used alongside the best possible cubic zirconia to create unique high quality rings, earrings, engagement rings and settings for sterling silver earrings and gold ring designs for bridal sets form Bangladesh to Patagonia. Some wonderful unique styles can be had by going to ethnic jewellery shops in your area, especially, Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Moroccan and Mexican/ Latin-American.

The most Popular CZ Ring Trends

Pearl, ruby and fashion rings of all kinds are being designed with cubic zirconia as accents especially using titanium, sterling silver or white gold as the base metal. The most popular gemstones that are mixed with zirconia for cluster settings are in an aquamarine ring, tanzanite rings and turquoise rings. Mens ring settings, especially ruby rings, are now being enhanced by zirconia also.

Ruby cubic zirconia ring

Princess cut engagement rings are the most popular diamond cut also used for cubic zirconia rings, but there are many other cuts available with engagement ring settings based on all the best famous designer engagement rings. CZ rings that have been copied from celebrity engagement rings are some of the best sellers today and there are online jewelers dedicated to nothing else.

It is also possible to design your own engagement ring, be it a drawing of your own or based on a model of antique wedding rings you’ve seen or some designer rings that are well known. Try some small shops that advertise online and get unique creations by artists who specialize in working with cz from their studios. There are some funky creations at a place called pret-a-beaute and the prices are quite reasonable for the odd and unique designs they have for sale.

Engagement ring designs specific for cubic zirconia rings is now a huge industry that rivals the genuine diamond trade like never before. There was a time when imitations were just laughed at by REAL jewelers, but that has changed. Custom rings and jewelers who design engagement ring settings in zirconia are no longer delegated to the outer regions of “discount engagement rings” and “junk jewelry” categories. CZ designers who create cz engagement rings and mix gemstones with zirconia are now famous and well recognized even by the elite and wealthy, and by the jewelry industry as a whole.

Even DKNY has a line of cubic zirconia rings – one very popular one is the grey with white CZ ring, and it’s under $50. Another gorgeous DKNY ring is the Glamour silver and white cubic zirconia ring, which is somewhat like a half eternity ring with long pave cz diamonds, and it’s only $40. Dolce & Gabbana also use a lot of stainless steel for their jewelry creations, but often add sparkle with cubic zirconias. Their designer creations range from $55 to $100 for simple cz’s set in stainless steel. CZ wedding rings, gold cz rings and cz eternity ring sets are as popular as any diamonds will ever be.

So stop dreaming and reading gossip magazines about Hollywood stars and what they’re buying and wearing and who’s marrying who with what sized ring, and start setting Cubic Zirconia Ring trends for yourself.

One Final Note:

Please note that although cubic zirconia rings have come a long, long way and offer a wonderful and fun solution to having inexpensive sparkling gems on our fingers, and also offer a practical solution to wedding rings and engagement rings, they are NOT diamonds and never will be. They DO NOT last as a diamond would and they DO lose their sparkle and Do get scratched and dull looking over time. If you are investing next to nothing in something to sparkle a little there is no reason to indulge, but please use caution when paying hundreds or close to a thousand dollars for a custom ring that uses cubic zirconias as the main gems.

Be sure that the base metal is genuine and that the cz stones can be replaced. Also take care to not wear your cz rings for every day to wash dishes or do manual labor. The rings will become dull very quickly. That said, if you care for your rings and cz jewelry and store them in jewelry boxes or a protective storage case and do not abuse them, they will last a long time and will allow you to enjoy the look of diamonds without the price. So enjoy!