Crystal Necklace Designs for Brides & Bridesmaids

Genuine Swarovski crystal necklace for $75; complete sets for $100; antique and vintage styles for under $200, delicate crystal bridesmaid or flower girl necklace sets for $70, crystal y necklace for $90; black crystal necklace creations, pendants, necklace sets and more – Jewelry & Accessories suggests the hottest and most affordable authentic Swarovski crystal jewelry for brides and bridesmaids. Buy crystal necklaces online!

Bridal Crystal Pendant Necklace

One of the most elegant ways to accent a wedding gown is with a simple crystal pendant necklace and earring set. It’s a classic way to add sparkle without investing in diamonds. Genuine Swarovski jewelry creates high quality crystal jewelry necklace designs that can be worn long after the wedding day. Swarovski crystal pendants and earring sets are not as expensive as you might think. For example the Brilliance Set, which has the pendant, a chain and the set of shimmering double crystal earrings cost only $100, or the delicately dangling crystal necklace is only $90. Pair them with earrings for $60 to $90 and create a bridal set of your choice.

Blue Crystal Necklace

For a touch of “something blue” a unique bridal set called the Gloria Light Sapphire Set has a crystal pendant necklace and earrings in a light sapphire crystal color bezel-set in a rhodium-plated chain. All four pieces, the pendant, chain and earrings cost only $100, and are genuine Swarovski crystal quality sold directly from the creators of this famous brand. Although it may not be traditional, blue crystal necklaces for brides or bridesmaids, may be just the touch of color you need to make your wedding attire uniquely your own. If blue isn’t your color, choose from yellow, black or red crystal necklace styles.

Black Crystal Necklace

For a stunning piece of bridal jewelry, how about something really different like a black crystal necklace, made with an assortment of gemstones, like jet hematite, black diamonds and silver and clear Swarovski set in 4 rows that rest as a little more loosely than a choker, being 15 inches around. It’s not a cheap creation at $500, but even if you can’t afford it, this gorgeous piece of jewelry may be the inspiration you need to choose something just a bit different for your wedding. Choose less elaborate black crystal necklace designs and pair with matching earrings for under $170, or black crystal hoop earrings for just $150. Blend silver clear or gunmetal antique crystal necklace styles to create a look that is contemporary with a touch of retro or vintage elegance.

Modern brides are not limited to pearl and rhinestone jewelry when there are artistic creations such as brown crystal necklace designs that mimic the popular, and very expensive chocolate diamonds.

Crystal Heart Necklace Set

For bridesmaids, colored crystal bead necklace designs in lavender, purple, teal, green or even yellow or red may be matched to the shade of the gowns or dresses, or be a contrasting or deeper or lighter color. For just $70, add a little color with the Swarovski crystal heart necklace set that has genuine crystals in different settings, some clear crystal pave, others light pink and blue in a separate heart pendant. The set comes with a pair of crystal stud earrings to match. This delicate jewelry set is ideal as bridesmaid jewelry or even as a flower girl gift..

Crystal Choker Necklace

A crystal choker necklace may be a ribbon or piece of lace with a crystal drop or cluster, or it may be a slightly looser style worn lower like the brilliant Diamanta Necklace from Swarovski that has an innumerable amount of crystals woven into a criss-cross design to form a crystal pave necklace of dreams, set in white rhodium plated metal and expertly finished with silver-tone findings. The crystal choker necklace costs $380 and has matching earrings, bracelets, brooch and even watches and other accessories in the same style.

For affordable crystal choker necklace styles, try buying any crystal pendant of your choice for about $100 from Swarovski, and then slip it onto a velvet or satin ribbon or cord and create a custom design to match your bridal or bridesmaid ensemble. Pair with the earrings that match the pendant and a complete set may be created for about $170, including the pendant and earrings.

Antique Crystal Necklace

Red beads, colored and clear crystals and antique rhodium metal settings give the illusion of being antique crystal necklace designs and are very affordable. For under $200 you can have a classic y necklace with matching stud earrings. This is much more reasonable than the genuine antique creations which usually have rubies, garnets or other gemstones and diamonds.

Alternative antique crystal necklace styles are those that incorporate quartz, amethyst, rhinestones and bits of antique silver or gold chain. These are available through antique and vintage specialist like Adin Antique jewelry but are often several hundred dollars. The crystal quartz necklace designs by Swarovski are good value and high quality and replicate vintage classics that go well with bridesmaid outfits with a retro theme. The amethyst crystal necklace designs by Swarovski are tasteful, elegant and affordable high-end jewelry at just $170. Most are sold in sets with dangling crystal earrings or studs to match.

Gold Crystal Necklace

Silver or rhodium plating is the most common and affordable crystal necklace setting, and is used because clear crystals are best offset by white metals, however, if you have your heart set on gold or gold-plated or gold rhodium settings, there are a few styles to select from at Swarovski.

One is the Mini Parallele Bordeaux Necklace which has a double gold-plated chain and would make a lovely bridesmaid jewelry piece. It costs just $140, and features a large colored crystal and a 15 ¾ inch gold chain.

Another gold crystal necklace that would be lovely for bride or bridesmaid is a gold-plated design with a series of topaz and golden crystals mixed with clear crystal accents. The chain is 13 ¾ inches in length and the whole creation sells for $170. Matching earrings are $70.

For a unique crystal chain necklace in gold, there’s a stunning, eccentric design called the Fantasy Large Necklace, that could be a unique piece for a modern bride. This gold-plated necklace features bezel-set clear Swarovski crystal chatons and antique silver crystals all set on a 15 3/4 inch chain. If you want a necklace that fills the décolleté of a strapless gown, this piece will do the trick, and how! For such large crystals and gold plating, the necklace is reasonably priced at $180.00.

Cheap Bridal, Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Jewelry

If the suggested Swarovski crystal jewelry pieces are beyond your budget and you need handmade crystal necklace designs that cost between $10 and $50, then we suggest that you continue reading other articles on related topics where you will find cheap silver jewelry, discount crystal beads necklace and earrings and ideas on where to shop for rhinestone crystal necklace styles that are very affordable. There are many more suggestions under bridal jewelry sets, bridal jewellery and even flower girl jewelry.

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