Cheap Right Hand Rings for Women

Cheap CZ right hand rings for women; antique and vintage inspired cocktail rings; celebrity replicas; right hand bling in silver and gold tone; fun and elegant ladies right hand rings at very affordable prices – at Jewelry & Accessories we show you where to get the rings that make fashion statements without a commitment!

If your left hand is already taken with an engagement ring or a wedding band then your fashion statements must be made on your right. And if your left hand is free, perhaps your heart is also, and so you may wish to keep one hand open for the diamonds you may one day receive. In the meantime, express yourself with glamorous right hand rings that sparkle and accent your wardrobe.

Where to Buy Elegant, Affordable Ladies Right Hand Rings

The best selection of glamorous CZ right hand rings, celebrity rings and elegant vintage and antique gemstone ring replicas can be found at Emitations. One of their most beautiful creations is the Chantilly Art Deco CZ right hand ring that’s a silver antique inspired cocktail piece; bold geometric shape yet classic, with filigree style detailing, and sparkling faux gems that withstand the test of time. This is a large, dramatic piece of high-end costume jewelry, and customers who have purchased this item say it is indeed as large as it appears in the picture and even more brilliant. For just $69 this right hand ring offers a whole lot of bling! Pair it with a CZ tennis bracelet or a sparkling stackable set of bangle bracelets and watch the heads turn as you enter a room.

Or how about some regal sparkle on your right hand with the Crown CZ Right Hand Ring and all it’s 1.4 carats of cubic zirconia for just $65.

If you’ve been shopping around for replicas of antique right hand rings, then you’ll know that the Athena’s Fleur De Lis CZ Antique Ring is a bargain at $90. The delicate lace-like band, totally encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconia gems, is a cross between antique filigree and vintage with the classic fleur de lis motif repeated around the open lattice that’s wide enough to be the only piece of jewelry you’ll need on your hand. Compare this gorgeous item with stackable CZ eternity rings that cost about $50 or $60 each, and will require two or three to create a similar wide effect. Emitations has Moxie’s Silver Stackable Ring sets with faux diamonds for $55.

There are other eternity rings that can be stacked to create sets of brilliant CZ right hand rings, and some cost about $38 each., so you can buy 2 or 3 and have a wide band of your own.

As an alternative to buying rings separately and stacking them, try Ananda’s 3 Ring Stackable CZ Eternity Band Set that comes all ready to slip onto your right hand and go out on the town. All three rings cost only $155 and fit together perfectly. For two eternity rings and a third central decorative band, this is a very good price. Customers who have purchased this piece have given it rave reviews and have been delighted with the high quality of the stones and the setting.

For an eccentric piece that’s crafted in white metal with sparkling cubic zirconia, there’s a design by Emitations called Mona’s Marquise CZ Right Hand Ring, which is a dramatic design with two winding bands splitting into four and sprouting a marquise cut clear gem at the end of each stem. It’s a vine-like floral masterpiece that will fill your finger with old world romance for just $35.

On the subject of marquise cut gemstones and silver right hand rings, there’s a piece by Emitations called Sylvania’s CZ Marquis Cut Right Hand Ring which has no less than 8 carats of cubic zirconia stones for just $39. It’s a celebrity replica that has all the Hollywood glamour a lady could ask for. Although the prices are incredibly cheap, the Emitations rings are well known for their quality and have been frequently featured in the top women’s fashion magazines. Far from being a bauble for one night, many women wear their Emitations jewelry year after year. These may not be thousand dollar gold right hand rings to put in a bank vault, but they won’t gather dust in jewelry boxes!

Although a vast majority of cheap designs are silver to mimic the white gold right hand ring designs that are very popular, and many have clear cubic zirconia as gems, there are fashion pieces that imitate the rich tones of colorful gemstones. Emitations Alaina’s Sapphire CZ Right Hand Ring is in fact a replica of a famous ring worn by Princess Diana, and has a cubic zirconia in a regal blue color that duplicates the lustrous sapphire blue of the genuine gem. The allure of this piece is the central oval stone that’s prong set. It’s accented by a crown of petal-like pear shaped faux diamonds that give a floral illusion. The band is further embellished with three rows of clear CZ stones that extend down both sides of the ring. This beautiful creation costs only $99, but if that’s too much there’s a similar version with just a few less cubic zirconia, which costs only $45.

If a red sapphire or ruby ring is more your style, then you’ll love Kayla’s Fancy CZ Right Hand Ring from Emitations, which has an oval red sapphire CZ gem surrounded by clear round diamond cubic zirconia. This romantic classic is finely crafted for just $75. Give yourself a well deserved gift.

Although some of these pieces may double as engagement rings, if you are single, live in the US, and wear rings on right hand instead of left, it’s usually clear you are unattached. However, in some countries wearing a right hand engagement ring is the norm, and the left hand is free for fashion. Whichever hand you choose to wear your rings, we are sure that Emitations has a design that’s right for you and within your budget. Shop Emitations now and save.