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Cheap piercing body jewelry; ear gauges and plugs sold by size; stainless steel, acrylic, silicone and organic materials; bone, horn and natural stone; scorpion, spider and beetle inlays; star, gemstone, cubic zirconia and bullet casing plugs; cute gauges, tapers, tunnels; stasher plugs; cheater plugs – everything you need for piercing and body jewelry starting at just $1.99 – See the latest New Body Jewelry, Top Sellers and Hottest Trends at Jewelry & Accessories.

Top Sellers and Hottest Trends!

Seen the stainless steel puzzle plug ear gauges? They’re fun and funky and cheap – just $10.99. They come in a variety of gauges from 6 gauge to 9/16 inch.

How about a Multi Color Acrylic Marble Plug for just $2.99? These cool plugs also come in a range of gauges to stretch your piercing.

Another new arrival is the stainless steel single flare biohazard plug. It’s surgical grade steel and comes with 2 O-Ring. It costs $11.99.

These cool new ear gauges body jewelry are all available at Body Candy where you can order online quickly and easily. Just How easily?

One of the biggest problems with buying online is selecting the size gauge you need without flipping through page after page of items that are cool but not the right size for where you’re at. With Body Candy you can go right to starter ear gauges or the biggest gauges for ears by selecting from 28 categories of sizes – from 1.6mm or 14 gauge plug to 38mm or 1 ½ inches. And there’s everything in-between, like 0g ear gauges, taper ear gauges and even some really cool spiral ear gauges.

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Organic Ear Gauges

Some of the most popular pieces are the organic and tribal wooden ear gauges. Body Candy has a huge selection of natural ear gauges made from bone, horn and wood. Select a variety of gauge ear plugs in some of the most unusual styles like the organic double flare coconut wood tunnel for $13.99 or the 2 gauge organic wooden tunnel for $12.99. There’s many ear gauge sizes and lots of other unusual pieces like the 2 gauge organic palm wood studded plug that looks like an arrowhead. It cost $13.99.

Ear gauging jewelry that is natural and tribal looking is a way to make a personal statement that reflects your very own way of life.

Some other unusual pieces in ear gauges are the black horn and white bone Tornado organic ear plugs gauges for $24.79 in a variety of sizes.

Some very cool ear gauges extend out of the ear in a horn shape, some have mother of pearl inlays, some are solid bone. These pieces are the ultimate tribal jewelry. Bone ear gauges are eccentric and personal with ancient roots that stem from tribes who created similar ear adornments as rites of passage.

About Ear Gauging

What is called ear gauging today may sound like a new trend, but in fact it’s not. For centuries the practice of gradually stretching a pierced hole has been done throughout the world. What appears to be a very large hole in the earlobe may actually not have been cut out, so to speak, but simply stretched over time. This is done by getting a standard size piercing and then stretching the hole using different ear gauges plugs, starting with small ones and gradually working up to big ear gauges. The beauty of stretching is that if you decide you don’t want a large hole, it’s possible to return to smaller size earring, and eventually your large ear gauges can be replaced with small ones once again.

Don’t Rush the Process of Ear Gauging

Get a standard eighteen or twenty gauge needle piercing to start, then insert tapers. To start you may want to insert them slowly using oil, a sterile lubricant or petroleum jelly, and slide your tapers in one at a time without forcing too much. Care is required so as not to tear your lobe. You will need to disinfect your tapers and lobes with alcohol on a regular basis during the processes. You will know you’re your holes have stretched to the size you desire when you can move the tapers around without feeling pain.

Each stage takes approximately two weeks and you may stretch with larger and larger tapers until you have the desired size hole, and then you may begin to wear fancier plugs and large ear gauge sizes.

You may choose to wear spiral ear gauges or curved tapers during the process, or plastic or acrylic cheap ear gauges. Some of the cheap styles are funky in neon colors and styles that let you look hip even while stretching the piercings.

Do not pierce your own ears, or attempt to create large holes in your lobes without the supervision or help of a trained piercing professional. You may get infection or have a scar that will never be pretty. Take it slow and do it right. Start with small ear gauges sizes and move from one gauge size to another with patience, allowing time for each stage to heal completely. Half the fun is the process. It’s a ritual, so enjoy it!

Start with tapers and do it gradually. If you notice cracking around the hole you may be going too fast. Slow down. Gauging ears should be done by a professional or at least under some supervision. It’s tempting for younger piercing fans to want to see the results faster, but we cannot stress the importance of patience and professional help in getting the piercing and selecting ear gauges jewelry in the right size at the right time. Do not jump sizes…go from 14 ear gauges to a 12 to a 10 to 8 and so on….you cannot get size 0 ear gauges immediately.

Scorpion Inlay Poly Resin Saddle Plug

Once you have the size you desire, try some funky insect or bug ear gauges with scorpions and other creatures like spiders and beetles set in clear resin for under $12. They come in 18mm to 24mm sizes and have actual scorpions and other insects set in the resin saddle plug. They are categorized as organic ear plug gauges and the one we like the most is called the Scorpion Inlay Poly Resin Saddle Plug. For a set you’ll need to buy two, so it will cost about $24.

Feminine Girl Ear Gauges

Once you have started, have fun and use a variety of jewelry options. The best selection is available at the online ear gauges store called Body Candy. You can have fun selecting lots of different ear lobe gauges and tapers so you don’t get bored while going through the process. There are fun girl ear gauges in purple and pink, some with sparkling cubic zirconia and gemstones and lots of cute ear gauges for all ages and tastes.

Not all ear piercing gauges are black or daunting, some are delicate and feminine. There are stainless steel plugs in every color with and without gems, and even rainbow colored titanium designs that will match your modern outfits.

There are fun and feminine girl ear gauges that start at just $2.99 and really funky glitter acrylic saddle plug gauging ear jewelry pieces that start at just $1.99. Choose a few different colors and styles and have fun stretching your piercings. For star ear gauges to the cutest and smallest ear gauges you can find them all at Body Candy. Shop ear gauges easily by size, style or color with their well organized selection of products for girls and guys.

Black Ear Gauges with Sparkle

For very hip sparkling black ear gauges with cubic zirconia accents, there are several styles to choose from. One is the saddle plug with a series of clear CZ gems on the front, and another is the anodized titanium hollow saddle jeweled plug. For $13 to about $15 you can choose the piece you like the most. They come is a variety of gauges, from 8 gauge to 1 inch. Buy cheap gauges and plugs that suite YOU at Body Candy where you will save and still have the hippest trendiest gauge ear jewelry that’s available for sale.

Check out their newest arrivals and trends to keep your jewelry up to date. Be the first to share the newest style with your friends. And if you’re interested in setting up your own piercing business, you will find all you need to get started in piercing and jewelry supplies at discount prices. There are also starter sets and packaged discounts.

Shop now for all your cheap ear gauge body jewelry at Body Candy.

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