Cheap Body Jewelry Buyers Guide

There are many cheap body jewelry wholesale companies that also offer deals to the public. The top shops are Painful Pleasures, Funky Town Mall, Body Candy Hollywood Body Jewelry, 99 Cent Body Jewelry, and Body Art Forms who all specialize in body jewelry, especially surgical steel, titanium and silver for ear piercing and those who need ear piercings supplies, as well as offering a huge selection of belly rings and cartilage earrings to name just a few of their body jewellery categories.

Painful Pleasures Body Piercing Jewellery

Cheap body piercing jewelry can be found at the top online retailers and wholesalers, one is called Painful Pleasures and carries body piercing and tattoo supplies as well as some unique natural organic cheap body jewelry, and a wide selection of belly button rings including some of the officially licensed MLB and NFL belly rings, customized picture logo belly ring styles, PTFE or flex belly rings. They also stock surgical steel rings, titanium naval rings, lots of very unique naval jewelry, Venus hoops, opal and vintage belly button jewelry, as well as barbells, BlackOut body jewelry, captive bead rings, eyebrow rings, holiday body jewelry, labret studs, microDermal Anchors, nipple rings, nostril rings, piercing retainers, plugs, a selection of Prana Gioia (which is quite expensive since this line has genuine gemstones), Prince Albert wand, suspension hooks, tribal jewelry and toe rings.

blinking body jewelry

Newest Cheap Body Jewelry

Painful Pleasures features products by the best body jewelry manufacturers such as Elementals Organic, Gorilla Glass, Kaos Softwear, and their own line of Painful Pleasures body jewelry, tattooing and piercing supplies, as well as medical supplies, with a long history of quality products since 1999.

Some of their newest body jewelry available is very trendy, good quality and reasonably priced like:

  • double flare tunnel plugs in 925 sterling silver for just under $23.
  • filigree plugs in sterling silver for under $345.
  • wood plug tunnel with silver star in the center, which is part of their organic body jewelry collection for just under $10.
  • soft acrylic lip labret retainer, which is a flexible lip piercing retainer, for just $2.
  • crushed turquoise inlay horn plug, also part of the organic body jewelry line, for just under $10.
  • dermal implants for single point piercing, which are titanium skin anchors, for under $9.
  • vibrating tongue ring
  • ear barbell body piercing jewelry that has a heart and wings juts under $5
  • Ear barbell body jewelry with fleur-de-lis motif for $5.
  • gothic cross ear barbell for $5
  • bent barbell with top and bottom gem ball for $2
  • vibrating captive bead ring for $13
  • barbell capsule, vibrating tongue ring for $13
  • vibrating tongue ring, also a barbell capsule in rainbow colors for $13.

They have a complete selection of tongue bars, tongue rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, eyebrow bars, and industrial piercing jewelry. They also offer complete information about tongue piercing aftercare. They are considered one of the best cheap body jewelry online sources.

Funky Town Mall Retail and Wholesale Body Jewellery Superstore

For body piercing jewelry, belly ring designs, tongue ring creations, jewelry for eyebrow piercings, unique and sturdy items for industrial piercings and even all that is needed for those who want septum piercings, one of the best sources is Funky Town Mall. They have a wide selection of stainless steel jewelry, rainbow pride jewelry, belly button rings, tongue rings and barbells. They also carry an impressive selection of lip labret jewelry, nose piercing jewelry, plugs and earlets and even nipple rings.

vibrating tongue ring

Cheap Vibrating Tongue Ring and Micro Dermal Anchors

Funky Town Mall have specialty items like the newest vibrating tongue ring and other vibrating body piercing jewelry as well as specialties like the Helix cartilage jewelry, tragus ear jewelry and micro dermal anchors. They guarantee to find the hottest body jewelry from around the world and to deliver them at unbeatable prices, even for eyebrow piercing jewelry, body piercing retainers and industrial ear jewelry.

14k Gold Belly Rings and Organic Body Jewelry

gold tongue bar

Funky Town Mall have inexpensive, high quality 14k gold belly rings, nose rings and even lip labrets and many surgical steel, stainless steel and titanium surface barbells, circular barbells and captive bead rings.

organic wood plug

For the latest in organic wood carved plug hangers, organic ear spiral taper designs (some made from mother of pearl or buffalo bone), and other piercing stretchers and tapers in wood, horn or steel. They also carry a line of Pyrex body jewelry, lots of hypoallergenic titanium body jewelry options and a wide selection of organic body jewelry which includes turquoise, bone, hardwood, palm wood and natural stone plugs. They also offer matching steel Rings, stainless steel pendants and bracelets as well as mens cufflinks and belts.

body candy body packs

Body Candy Discount Body Jewelry

Body Candy is exactly that, something sweet for everyBODY including jewelry for belly piercings, lots of dangling navel rings, belly button jewelry and nose piercing jewelry in surgical grade stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, 14k gold and titanium. They have such unique items as anodized titanium interchangeable barbell packages where there are 5 different titanium barbells in each set or 10 pairs of spiral belly jewelry, and each ack is between $6 and about $12.

Body Jewelry for $2

Body Candy also carry body jewelry for as little as $2 and a bit more expensive creations in their line of 14kt gold body jewelry. They have everything from barbell tongue rings to belt buckles, with such things as belly button navel rings, belly chains and even blinking body jewelry. They also carry a selection of body jewelry parts in case you loose a small piece. Some of their newest arrival items include such gorgeous pieces like the purple glitter half ball belly ring for just under $2, and in that same price range is the silver glitter barbell tongue ring.

From CZ Dangle Belly Ring to Temporary Tattoos

More expensive is the delicate crystal cubic zirconia dangle belly ring for just under $10, or the pink CZ dangle belly ring for the same price. It’s also available in an aqua cubic zirconia and a tanzanite CZ gemstone design.

titanium belly ring

Body Candy also carries eyebrow Rings, jewelry for intimate piercings, labret Monroe, nipple rings, nose rings, plugs, pride jewelry and lots of styles of BCR’s and titanium body jewelry. They naturally have retainers, tragus cartilage earring styles and a selection of temporary tattoos.

As well, Body Candy features vibrating tongue ring like the Punisher LIX vibrator tongue ring for under $24 or the vibrator tongue ring 10526 LIX model for the same price, which also comes in rainbow titanium color.

glow stick belly ring

Glow Stick Belly Ring

For some of the most popular navel ring and piercing jewelry styles, they have the blinking light barbells and stainless steel glow stick belly ring light stick in neon colors. Naval rings can’t get more colorful than this!

Bioplast Tragus Earring Stud

For body jewelry they have eyebrow ring selections like the pink Austrian crystal eyebrow ring for about $11, or nose jewelry like the blue anodized titanium nose hoop for about $3. They have tragus jewelry like the pink CZ Bioplast tragus earring stud for about $12 and the cartilage piercings jewelry like the aqua cubic zirconia circles cartilage earring for about $11, or the labret jewelry such as the rainbow titanium plated labrets for about $8.

emerald nose ring

Body Candy from $8 to $50

Body Candy is a body jewellery shop that caters to all styles and colors and budgets, with such items as body jewelry plugs like the bullet casing flared expander plug for just $8 or on the other extreme with gold body jewelry like their 14K yellow gold genuine diamond nose ring for about $50.


For Female Piercings

Body Candy has a wide range of jewelry for female piercings too, like the cubic zirconia Bioplast intimate piercing designs and the Bioplast male and female logo barbell tongue ring or the silver double sword female nipple shield. Most of their pieces are under $15, so their super affordable.

Hollywood Body Jewelry – Wholesale Body jewelry and Piercing Supplies

Hollywood Body Jewelry is one shop that should not be overlooked on your quest for the cheapest jewelry online. Although they have a minimum order of $100, you can get a ton of jewelry for that price. If you are a reseller, a tattoo shop, a hair salon or aesthetician, or if you need a good selection of really cheap body jewelry for your clients then Hollywood Body will have what you need. They have dermal anchors, barbells and tong rings, navel rings and even some great pieces of non-piercing navel rings like the non piercing belly button ring made from surgical steel with Swarovski crystal and CZ shield in a dangle style that includes non toxic glue for sticking to your naval that can be used about 20 times. The whole deal costs only between $4 -$5 depending on how many you order.

Lippy Loops

lippy loop

They also have curved eyebrow rings, labrets, monroes and lip loops like their Lippy Loops that are made from surgical stainless steel with steel balls for as little as .32 cents each. There are also horse shoes, captive bead rings, hoops, plugs, tunnels and tapers like the unique marble swirl black taper with double o-rings for as little as .50 cents per piece, or the original organic taper made from horn, abalone and bone inlays for between $5.27 to $6.59 (depending on quantity).

Hollywood Body Jewelry also features a wide selection of unique nipple rings, nose rings and retainers, as well as body jewelry parts and piercing tools. For the professionals who need displays they have a full line of body jewelry displays and packaging solutions like countertop display racks and boards, trays and even rotating racks in acrylic or cherry wood

Free Worldwide Shipping

All the discount products sold through Hollywood Body Jewelry is high 316L stainless steel, 14K gold or gold plated, solid titanium or anodized titanium (which menas it is colored titanium), or acrylic, bio flex, PTFE, and also organic horn, bone, or wood. They also offer free worldwide shipping on orders of $300 within the USA and on order of $700 for international buyers.

Industrial Ear Piercing

Hollywood Body Jewelry has everything you need for industrial ear piercing as well, some of the pieces may be sold separately under body jewelry parts and others can be found under barbells, like the anodized titanium 14G triple notched industrial barbell that sells for as little as .87 and comes in black, blue, green and rainbow colors.

If you are considering an industrial ear piercing, this is not just a regular piercing for wearing earrings, but requires two holes be created in the ear cartilage with some distance between the two holes so that these two holes can be connected by what is called a barbell, which is just a straight tube of titanium or steel with a bead closure on either end.

Surgical Steel, Stainless Steel or Titanium Jewelry

99 cent body jewelry industrial barbells

Industrial piercing is not a procedure to get done a whim because it may take up to a year to heal fully. Industrial ear piercing jewelry may be something like the cobalt blue anodized corkscrew industrial barbell or may be a steel industrial barbell with diamonds or gemstones. The term industrial does not actually refer to the jewelry having to be industrial in appearance, but more about the way in which the piercing is done. Naturally, there are many industrial stainless steel body jewelry pieces that are also industrial looking like the machined groove industrial ear barbell.

surgical steel barbell earring

Most wholesale companies have a selection of these pieces in their cheap jewelry lines for about $3 to $12. Its inexpensive but the quality is not cheap being always surgical steel, stainless steel or titanium to minimize infections and allergic reactions.

If you can buy through Hollywood Body, the surgical steel and titanium pieces you will need may be less than $1 each, but you will have to buy at least $100 in each order, so this may not be an option for individuals who have one industrial piercing, but great for those who have a retail shop or do piercing as a business.

Navel Jewelry

Perhaps the most popular cheap jewelry (when it comes to piercing jewellery) of our time is the navel jewelry that the ladies wear to accentuate their tummies. Usually this is done with a simple captive bead ring or a circular barbell or a dangle drop naval ring. Navel jewellery for naval piercings is extremely cheap often for as little as $2 to $7 and sometimes you can buy cheap belly button rings in packages of dozens to have a variety. These packages may contain an assortment of curved barbell styles or dangles and other assorted belly jewelry styles. Hollywood Body Jewelry has gorgeous surgical steel fancy dangle belly rings with top down triple heart prong set CZ gemstones for just .75 cents, and there are also an assortment of simple sparkling naval rings for between .22 cents and .99 cents. Body jewelry doesn’t get much cheaper.

99 cent body jewelry

Labret Studs

Labret studs are for lip piercings, ear piercings and even Madonna piercings and can sometimes be customized with accessories that thread onto the labret. Labret rings may be something like a 5mm threaded steel ball with a captive ring or what some call slave jewelry or they may be a regular labret stud body jewelry design with a slave ring captive hoop that rests in front, which is most popular for lip ring usage.

If you are just starting out in the piercing business you may want to seriously consider getting set up with some starter kits from Hollywood Body Jewelry. They have 480 pieces of labret studs made of surgical steel that comes with a free display tray all for just $120 per package. They have larger start up kits for over $500 and an option for about $1,700 for those who can use 720 pieces of assorted body jewelry and a complete Versa display center. This is a great buy, and no matter where you are in the world, the shipping is free.

Organic Body Jewelry of Wood and Horn

Organic body jewelry has become very popular with plugs that are made of wood or some kind of horn or bone. Plugs are large flat tubes that fit into large stretched piercings. Organic jewelry often is used for plugs, spirals, tunnels, pendants made from buffalo horn or bone or black hardwoods or palm. Hollywood Body jewelry has some unique pieces like the hand carved organic Chinese Dragon taper made of water buffalo horn, and costs only $7.54or $9.42 depending on quantity.

Tragus Rings for $3

Tragus rings are inserted into the ear cartilage and therefore often fall under the category of cartilage piercing jewelry which may be curved barbell, circular barbells or straight barbells. Cheap body jewellery outlets usually sell tragus rings and barbells for about $3 and up. For wholesale prices as low as .46 cents per piece, try Hollywood Body Jewelry. They also have gemstone styles for as little as .99 cents and these are all surgical steel and cubic zirconia. Sparkling bits of color or a wide variety of symbols and shapes.

Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium body jewelry is one of the best metals for piercings along with stainless or surgical steel, especially for tongue jewelry, especially vibrating tongue rings and eyebrow jewellery which are places that must be hypoallergenic metals as well as of surgical quality. Although the metal used in these tongue barbell designs or eyebrow piercing jewelry styles is expensive and of high quality, the jewelry is small and therefore not expensive.

naval dangle

Titanium and surgical steel body jewelry manufacturers must use the top grade medical and surgical metals even to make really cheap body jewellery because of the nature of piercings and the way they are more invasive to the body than say rings or necklaces or bracelets. Anything like nose ring jewelry, tongue barbells, tragus piercing jewelry, captive bead rings, tongue studs etc., that enter the body in some way must be of high quality hypoallergenic metals, organic materials, glass or acrylic to avoid problems.

Piercing retainers are often categorized as acrylic body jewelry, but they are merely retainers or place holders for the real jewelry. Hollywood Body Jewelry has grade 23 solid titanium curves with spikes and rings and labrets and monroes, even nose screw pieces for as little as $1.09 per piece. Just order $100 of product to receive these ultra cheap body jewelry prices. The great feature of these titanium metal products is that they can be grey-white, black, pink, blue, green or a rainbow of colors and still be of great titanium quality.

Piercing Information

It’s easy for young people to indulge in body jewelry online when the prices are so reasonable, but it is important to note that before getting piercings everyone must get the adequate body piercing information and know body piercing prices and be aware of ear piercing aftercare or what to do in case of an infected navel piercing. It’s not just about the cheap belly rings that cost $1 or $2, but about understanding how to care for the piercings so they do not become infected or leave scars.


Body Art Forms

If you prefer to buy from a small family run company then you will love Body Art Forms who sell body jewelry online and have a huge selection of unique pieces. They do not sell wholesale but their prices are low enough to be completive with the wholesale sellers, although their products are genuinely unique. They ship free to Canada and the USA on orders over $25 and can be contacted by calling Phone: (512) 246-0984 or Toll free: (877) 223-5005. They have some very unusual pieces like the golden horn gale hoops, copper gypsy queen design, zebrawood maxa design and others all in their Tawapa and Maya Organic Collections. These unique pieces range in price from just over $40 to about $80.

Although they are not the cheapest body jewelry you’ll find, they may well be the most unique handcrafted pieces online. They naturally have barbells and belly rings and navel decorations and all you can imagine for piercing and most of their regular jewelry is priced affordably at around $3 to $5 even for their designer jewelry lines like Half Tone, Anatometal and Industrial Strength. Although there are pieces for $30 and $40, these pieces will incorporate genuine gemstones of high quality. For unique body jewelry that is above average and distinct, Body Art Forms will be a great choice for organic ornate and sculptured designs, talons and claws and even spirals, complex coils, twists and nose screws that are a notch above other manufacturers.

Body Piercing Jewelry Wholesale

belly ring

For those who wish to have a wide selection of cheap body jewelry and good body jewelry display items for their clients, two of the best wholesale piercing jewelry companies are Painful Pleasures and Pierce Body. Both offer discounts on volume purchases of gold body jewellery, silver body jewelry, bioplast body jewelry, curved barbells, eyebrow barbell designs and glass body jewelry as well as titanium belly rings, navel body jewelry, large gauge body jewelry and labret retainers as well as steel body jewelry that is of high quality and also the popular wood body jewelry styles.

body jewelry captive bead ring

If you want to offer your clients inexpensive body jewelry that is unique and high quality contact Pierce Body Jewelry in the USA at Post Box No:5532,Bloomington, IL – 61702, U.S.A, Tel : 1-786-2313789, or in Thailand at 296,Charoenkrung Road Soi 43 Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand, Tel : + 662-6391427, 6394920. To contact Painful Pleasure write to 7410 Coca Cola Dr. Unit # 214, Hanover, MD. 21076, Tel: 410-902-7254.

colored tapers

Hollywood Body Jewelry also has high quality products for just a few pennies and offers worldwide shipping on wholesale orders. Their minimum order is $100. They can be contacted in the US (Toll Free) at 1-866-425-2665 or for international orders at 1-310-532-2225. They also have a physical shop in California at 16858 S Main St., Gardena, CA 90248, USA.

flared expander plug

There wholesale selection is the same as that describes in the retail section of this article, the only difference is the price. There are additional discounts based on volume orders. Check out their sections called Cheaper By The Dozen and Bonus Packs and Perks.

blue sapphire nose ring

99 Cent Body Jewelry

Another company that offer cheap body jewelry deals is 99 Cent Body Jewelry with items ranging in price from .19 cents to about $3. They have a huge selection of tongue barbells, UV and glow jewelry from as little as .7 cents and lots of piercing packs for starters at wholesale prices like the Super-Mix belly packs with items for as little as .66 cents a piece and dermal anchors for just .60 cents.

They also have skin divers for just $1.25 and dangling belly rings for just .66 cents. They have some beautiful gemstone and double gem naval rings and dangles for just .40 cents and lots of plugs with CZ gemstones for really cheap. Their tungsten band rings are only $7 and their titanium ones are just $3. They have a selection of fun stars, fairies and butterflies collection as well as flexible items from just .10 cents. For logos and dice, there are styles from just .19 cents and for lovely organic plugs there are many styles for just .47 cents. They also carry eyebrow micro barbells as well as industrial barbells, surface barbells, segment rings, chin labrets and monroes for just .11 cents.

teardrop nipple ring

They have the popular blinking body jewelry as well. They carry a full line of anodized titanium and solid titanium plugs, tunnels, and expanders for as little as .20 cents, cheater plugs for .22 cents and lots captives, horseshoes, spirals, nose bones and screws as well as nipple barbells and even toe rings. They have a few selections of 14k gold plated body jewelry and even 14k solid gold from $3 to $30.

labret hedgehog

99 Cent Body Jewelry is a one stop shop for discount jewelry, for amazing last minute sales and lots of displays and starter packages for those in the piercing business.

99 Cent Body Jewelry is a division of L.A. Silver Inc., located at 330 Golden Shore , Suite 230, Long Beach, California, 90802, USA. They can be contacted by phone at 1-800-624-8669 and internationally at 562-432-6776, or by going to their website.


Their pricing is based on minimum orders and additional discounts of 5% are offered on individual orders of more than $495 and a 10% discount is offered on orders of $990.

In general, their minimum individual order is just $99 when ordering from the USA and just $297 for all international buyers. They charge a flat rate for shipping and it’s not based on how much you order. Within the USA shipping costs start at $12, Canadian jewelry orders start at $20 and international product orders start at $50 depending on your country and the shipping option you choose.


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  1. Hello Nena,

    I have been a body piercer since 1994 and have worked very hard to serve my public in the safest, fairest way possible. I have always felt honored to be in a position which entrusts me to play an intimate part in the safety and welfare of another person and provides me with an income. I feel that you fulfill a similar role in that you are providing a solution for the same segment of people and your writing reflects your sincerity to help them with an area of frustration. Perhaps, an area causing more pain than the piercing itself! As my occupation has provided rather meager monetary rewards, I am sympathetic to the burden caused by the cost of jewelry. I am, by the way, a practitioner using high end jewelry, providing the needed time to my clients to perform a procedure correctly and fully inform them of all aspects of their consideration. I charge what I believe to be a fair fee for my services and jewelry used based on my time, experience, and cost. I have been chastised more than once by partners and employers for giving away the shop, as I tend to overly charitable by nature (some experts use the descriptor “enabler”). The disparity of retail pricing for my industry has been an enormous headache. I realize that a piercing is essentially a luxury. To perform this service in a way which is honest and respects the health and safety of a person requires more than many people fail to consider. I don’t think that one should have to give up a week worth of groceries to indulge in it, however!

    Aside from the acceptance of some – that it is acceptable to rush a person in and out in an effort to meet the volume required to make a $10 shop profitable – this is where I believe much of the conflict begins: I think you have failed to gain a complete understanding of what makes body jewelry safe to wear. While the choice of metal alloy is certainly important, the end product is not going to be appropriate for wearing in the skin, unless certain manufacturing requirements have been met.

    There are two main deficiencies I’ve noticed. One concerns design flaws such as rough threading and gaps between sections which may cause damage and risk with wear and/or insertion, as well as, allow the build up of filth, bio-slime, dead skin, soaps, etc.

    The other is the polish. If one were to take a 10X magnifier along, while shopping for jewelry, it would likely become apparent how shoddy the bulk of body jewelry truly is. Uneven surfaces contribute to the leaching of harmful ions, such as nickle, into the skin and create sanctuaries for microorganisms.

    Buyers of body jewelry would do well to demand more for their money, as for the most part they are being ripped off!

    Shoddy surfaces, in my nearly seventeen years of observation as a piercer, are the primary reason many people experience poor healing and excessive complications. It is maddening that a majority of shops are willing to exploit the ignorance of the public by using jewelry, which should be worn by no one, for new piercings. The sad reality is, while it may seem like a real bargain to purchase a piece of jewelry and even receive a piercing with it for $10, A better bargain would be realized if the shop took the $10 and threw the jewelry in the trash.

    The only winners in that scenario, if you want to call it winning, are the shop owners making a thousand percent markup by treating people like fast food and the manufacturers. Do you think the factory workers can possibly be earning a living wage by making a product wholesaling for pennies?

    Meanwhile, the handful of companies that produce jewelry which meets quality standards sufficient to use for piercing are charging exorbitant prices. If the same markup is used for these products as the cheap crap, plain stainless steel barbells would start at around $80 to $100 dollars minimum. Getting more than a keystone markup (2 times wholesale cost)is difficult. Typically, jewelry enjoys a three to five time markup in the retail arena.

    This makes some shops greedy and uncaring, while appearing affordable. The others appear greedy, while they struggle to afford the overhead required to care for their clients in the safest possible and only appropriate manner.

    It is ironic, I think, that it seems common for a consumer to purchase athletic shoes, costing in excess of a hundred dollars. An item worn outside of their body for maybe 6 months to a year. Meanwhile balking at the expense of an item which meets the standards necessary to safely in the body. An item which may be worn for a literal lifetime!

    I sympathize with the sentiment leading to your attempt to solve the sore spot in so many pierced peoples wallets. I feel however that you have, in essence, missed the mark. In today’s arena of body jewelry, cheap does indeed mean crap and crap is not something healthy to wear inside of the body. Honestly, I wonder if it might in fact be healthier to wear literal crap instead!

    The solution, in my eyes, will occur when the consumer begins to be more discriminating in the purchase of these items. Only then will manufactures have to raise their quality standards, will retailers cease to swindle their clientele, and will the quality producers have competitive pricing.

    I appreciate the obvious effort that went into your presentation. I think you sincerely care about the needs of your readers and have tried to offer them the best solution. I hope, however that you will continue to work towards a more complete solution which involves the education needed to make a safe and truly cost effective purchase.

    I have been working toward that end for nearly two decades and can tell you it has been a long, bumpy road. A road that is absolutely worth taking. After all, I would surmise that the most valuable compensation, for you and I in our seemingly unrelated endeavors, is the offering of trust by a public having no intimate knowledge of the true intentions in our hearts. So much like lambs. I have chosen to be a shepherd, many do not recognize the wolves.

    Thank you,

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