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International Wholesale Costume Jewelry Shows and Trade Fairs

Lists of the top international trade fairs for costume jewelry wholesaler and distributors as well as buyers.

Upcoming exhibition dates and venues.

We provide free detailed information to connect buyers and sellers of fashion accessories and costume jewellery.

Jewelry fairs are annual or biannual, if you’ve missed the most recent events, you should make a note of the exhibition center and the name of the venue or organizer so you can attend the next one.

Milan Italy – Bijoux – Costume Jewellery Exhibition
September 9 to 12, 2010
Organized by Fiera Milano Rassegne
Via Varesina 76, Milano

The Macef space is the venue for Italy’s largest fashion accessories event with a huge range of products that encompasses fashion jewelry, silver manufactured products and handmade or ethnic inspired pieces as well as the latest contemporary gemstone and high-end jewelry designs.

From affordable to designer, the Milan Bijoux Exhibition is the place to connect with European buyers and sellers, to contact wholesalers and retailers that shape the fashion and jewelry trends seen around the world.

The eyes of the jewelry world were on Milan in January, but if you missed it, you may still be able to sign up for the September show. There’s nowhere quite like the Macef center that showcases the glitter glam of Italian designers and where the world comes to trade their high-end and affordable costume jewelry wares.

UK London – International Jewellery London – UK Jewellery Trade Event
September 5 to 8, 2010
Earls Court 2

IJL (International Jewellery London) showcases both international and British jewellery designers, often debuting some of the top lines that will create the trends for the coming year. Get inspiration for retailing products and begin to form alliances with manufacturers and designers from the UK and abroad.

Participate or attend the educational programs that are offered free of charge. Find out how to grow your business, how to recognize future trends and get ideas for merchandising and retailing with new and innovative techniques. Whether you search for classic, traditional or contemporary wholesale fashion jewelry for your clients, or are looking to expand and make contact with those who offer wholesale vintage costume jewelry designs or even rhinestone or really cheap items from china, to make connections to sell or buy wholesale costume jewelry will be ever so much easier after attending the London Jewellery Trade Event of the year.

Madrid, Spain – Giftrends Madrid
Intergift / Iberjoya / Bisutex
September 8 to 12, 2010
Madrid, Spain

The three main shows Intergift, Iberjoya and Bisutex have come together in Madrid under one name: Giftrends Madrid. This all encompassing show offers wholesalers and retailers the opportunity to meet to create agreements in the three sectors that sometimes overlap, fine jewelry, fashion jewellery and gifts.

During 4 days there will be ample opportunities to discover the latest tendencies and the newest designs available in both the Spanish jewelry marketplace and abroad. The IBERJOYA fine jewelry portion of the fair Hill focus on manufactures, importers and designers who have been brought together by the organizer, IFEMA, to create a business collective in the exhibition hall, which will allow direct communication between distributors and those who have a point of sale to the public or retail sectors. The promotions and exhibits are to stimulate the commercial activity of the domestic and international jewelry industry.

BISUTEX offers professionals the opportunity to explore the propositions presented by a totally new and innovative business sector that has emerged in the last decade. This is the crossover entrepreneurial growth that has emerged joining jewelry and textile, accessories and fashion; beadwork and jewelry in clothing, shoes and other accessories such as belts, handbags and eyewear. This is everything that has to do with fashion and jewelry, with trends and style. This is where sellers, producers, designers and manufacturers can show their wares; where everyone can learn about the latest trends for 2011, and where buyers can acquire their collections of fashion accessories and jewelry for the coming year. Buyers from all over the world will be in Madrid to choose the trends that they will promote, and top European designers will show off their creations and entice the world the follow their lead.

The last segment of the celebration of the 59th INTERGIFT fair is about gifts, especially with Christmas and holidays in mind. With thousands of expositions showcasing their wares in 100,000 meters of space, there will be exhibitors covering a varied segment of the gift market including items for decoration and display in the textile and house wares sectors, innovative travel items, and what the Spanish call Fantasia, which is everything from trinkets to costume jewelry, charms and all that glitters but isn’t really gold.

For making European connections with wholesale designer costume jewelry dealers or vice versa, for those who seek to sell cheap wholesale costume jewelry to the European consumer, the Madrid INTERGIFT fair is the place to be in September. And if you can’t make it to Spain this year, put it on your calendar for next year. Plan ahead and get the edge over your competition.

Vicenza Italy – VicenzaOro Choice – Gold / Luxury Costume Jewellery Trade Show
September 10 to 14, 2010
Fiera di Vicenza Spa
Via dell’Oreficeria, 16 – 36100 Vicenza – Vicenza, Italy

This costume jewellery trade show deals with both gold and luxury jewelry items. If you’ve attending this trade show in the past you may have decided you’ve seen it all, but this year there are several events that are being combined to offer a larger variety of both wholesale and retail possibilities for sellers and buyers, first in the gold jewelry marketplace where over 1600 exhibitors are participating.

There will be a section devoted to what is called T-Gold, which is an innovative means for wholesalers, designers and manufactueres (and inventors) to show off and sell their gold production tools and machinery, new items for crafting gold jewelry – a range of new possibilities in tools of the trade.

Then there will be the inevitable, and very welcome, Italian fashion and jewelry blend, which is called Charm. Here the worlds of glamour fashion and jewelry fuse with sensuous and contemporary Italian designer style, from haute couture to affordable costume pieces.

The part of the trade show that is called Choice, is dedicated to being a meeting point for wholesale trendy costume jewelry producers and consumers to join together. This is where international buyers can specify their specific tastes, find out about customer needs and offering service aside from just the product itself.

If you’re involved in the world of fashion, jewelry or accessories, from a retail or wholesale perspective, and you need to expand your selection or offer products to the Italian or European market, you must attend the VICENZAORO fair. This year’s whole new palette of ideas will help you evolve and developing your business, keep up to date with trends, and maintain your edge in this highly competitive sector.

JA (Jewelers of America) New York Jewelry Show
October 24 to 26, 2010 Special Delivery by JA New York
February 27 to March 1, 2011 Winter Show by JA New York
Javits Center, New York

This is one of the world’s premier jewelry shows which has carried the original ANRJA (American National Retail Jewelers of America) traditions of quality and distinction with it for over a hundred years.

The National Jeweler Network (NJN) produces this world-class exhibition, bringing together the best of New York and American design craftsmanship with the crème de la crème of international designers, dealers, manufacturers and retailers. This is also an opportunity to brush shoulders with the who’s who of the Jewelers of America who have contributed their expertise to offer education on environmental and ethical standards and bring to the show a segment of the 11 thousand jewelers who are members of their association.

Together with the National Jeweler Network and Nielsen Business Media, the show will also feature conferences to those who participate and attend, and will also offer media coverage of the event through a massive network of publications that will reach even more industry leaders, both as buyers and sellers and the public.

For great exposure or inspiration to enhance your unique wholesale fashion jewelry experience, attend one of the Jewelers of America New York Jewelry Shows, either in October of 2010 or in February of 2011. Plan in advance for the trends and for your success.

Manama, Bahrain – Jewellery Arabia
The 19th Middle East International Jewellery & Watch Exhibition
October 26 to 30, 2010
Manama, Bahrain

The Jewellery Arabia exhibition is one of the ultimate and largest Middle Eastern jewelry fairs, which has been showcasing the top international jewellery houses for 18 years. It is an unrivalled marketplace for buying jewelry and meeting private collectors with the means to select top quality luxury jewelry and timepieces.

Thanks to His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the exhibits are extensive, and from all around the world. With more than 30 countries represented within the more than six hundred registered exhibitors, the variety of whole and retail opportunities are more than abundant. The world of wholesale fashion costume jewelry and genuine gemstone creations from the top design houses like Cartier, De Beers, Harry Winston and Van Cleef & Arpels is just a taste of what’s offered. But it’s not only about the top designer brand names, but also a place to discover the unknown, the unusual, the bizarre and wonderful creations from those who offer to export/ import their luxury jewelry items from Brazil, India, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany and Italy.

Istanbul Turkey – Bijoux Expo Turkey – Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Fair
November 25 to 28  2010
Istanbul Expo Center
Ye?ilköy / ?stanbul

Whether you attend the 2010 wholesale costume jewelry exposition in Istanbul or catch next year’s exhibits, the Bijoux Expo in Turkey will allow you to connect with buyers and sellers from the near and far east, with a massive range of unusual products from places like Syria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and even merchants with wares from Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. There are opportunities to contact wholesalers and retailers to create trade agreements for affordable fashion necklaces, unique and ethnic fashion accessories and unusual costume jewellery items that will have international appeal. Other countries that often feature their products at the Bijoux Expo in Istanbul are from places as diverse as Greece, Russia, Georgia and even Bulgaria.

Beirut Jewelry Week Joaillerie Liban
July 20 to 23, 2010
BIEL Beirut International Exhibitions & Leisure Cente
Ifp Group Building, Hazmieh, Off Jisr El Basha
Ne – Beirut – Lebanon

This is the 13th luxury watch and jewelry exposition which is organized by IFP group. The Beirut Jewelry Week and fair is called the Joaillerie Liban, and offers a unique opportunity for buyers and those who have luxury goods, both import and export, to promote themselves to buyers. Aside from the exhibits, wholesale costume jewelry sellers and buyers, there will also be a program to educate those in the industry on the latest trends and advances. In fact there will be a variety of seminars, jewelry shows, specialty courses on gemology, and an area where buyers may trade and make special deals for items that are discounted especially for the jewelry week.

If you didn’t already know, Lebanon is one of the top 5 places in the world that produces the most jewelry. The items which will be featured at the show will include everything from fine gold and silver to fashion accessories and affordable wholesale costume jewelry manufactures who deal in products that use semi-precious stones, pearls, jade and even coral. Naturally there will also be the higher end items like diamonds and genuine gemstones, as well as luxury watches. The success of the past shows is evident by the long list of retailers and wholesalers who continue to return year after year, to see what’s new and to offer their own innovations.

With catwalk jewelry shows in a state of the art facility where buyers from the Middle East, Europe and Asia congregate once a year to trade and bargain and form alliances and partnerships, the 2010 BJW and the future shows, are sure to be equally a bonus for those who give themselves the luxury of attending.

Mumbai India – Times Fusion Yatra
Mumbai World Trade Centre
Mumbai, India

We offer the information regarding this wonderful venue for wholesale trendy costume jewelry that’s cheap and fun, although the shows are finished for 2010, you may be able to catch the 2011 exhibit. Check for information on the organizers; Introductions Trade Shows, and Fusion Yatra for next year’s dates. This show is an excellent opportunity to make contact with affordable garment and jewelry manufacturers across Asia and India. It is also a great source for acquiring artifacts, hand made products, ethnic jewelry, Indian jewelry and other handicrafts that can be retailed worldwide. In the higher-end collections, there are some of the top exclusive ruby and pearl dealers and those who have unusual gold and antique jewelry for sale.

Munich Germany – Bijoutex – Costume Jewelry and Fashion Accessories Trade Fair
January 5 to 7, 2011 / July 9 to 11, 2011 (biannual)
New Munich Trade Fair Centre

TrendSet in association with Bijoutex, hosts the International Trade Fair for Living, Dining, Lifestyle, which is a place where the people in the know meet to forge long-term relationships and business alliances in many fields including the gem and jewellery industry. Bijoutex brings the top international professionals in the fields of both high-end gemstone jewelry and cheap or trendy costume and fashion jewelry accessories to Southern Germany. This is considered one of the top fairs to attend.

There will be approximately a thousand exhibitors that are primarily European manufacturers, wholesale costume jewelry dealers, importers, or agents who handle European and international trade. Whether you look to acquire product or promote what you manufacture or design, the Bijoutex fair / TrenSet is the place to be. Some of the exhibitors are importers, others exporters. There are wholesale costume jewelry manufactures and retailers, even large department store buyers who seek to place orders for their retail chains. If you need something or have something to offer in the ready to wear fashion jewellery, accessories, or jewellery making materials, you should be in attendance at next year’s fair (2011).

In 2010, some of the items that were featured included the ever popular cubic zirconia jewelry lines, plated jewelry, the latest enamel costume accessory products, crystal and rhinestone pieces, affordable semi-precious gemstone jewelry and loose gems, as well as beads and all that’s required to craft handmade products. There were also representatives for watches, hair jewelry, handbags and even wallets and ladies purses. Scarves and small accessories also were on offer, often forming part of the collections that wholesale costume jewelry companies offer to retail clients.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – MIJF – Malaysia International Jewellery Fair
July 8 to 10, 2010
KLCC – Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This extraordinary fair is the only one in Malaysia and offers a glimpse of the best costume jewelry wholesalers the region has to offer to the international market.

MJIF is helping to develop connections for businesses within Malaysia and abroad, showing the world the upcoming Asian trends and what’s current in the jewellery industry. There are many gemstone and pearl dealers, precious metal traders, local and international designers who display over 10 thousands different kinds of jewellery and accessories. In Asia, making contact with strangers to form business alliances for buying or selling is not always a simple matter for westerners, and that is why the pioneering efforts of the organizers of the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair is a very important step toward developing better east/west relationships and trading partnerships. The emphasis is on he;ping importers and exporters, fashion and costume jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers in Asia who need international distributors through retail and department stores and larger chain stores.

The world goes to Kuala Lumpur, and there you will meet those who have come in search of something or offering their goods from even more difficult regions to connect with like Brunei. Also represented at the show ware the manufactures and dealers from Singapore, Thailand, Mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The show held in the spring of 2010 saw over 18 thousand visitors who browsed the collections and made trades and deals. The main products include items that contain silver jewellery, antique and new enamel jewellery. There are also features with amethyst, crystal, cultured and fresh water pearl jewelry and accessories. There is also a section that has jewelry publications. Tools and production equipment for those in the wholesale manufacturing jewelry business, and finally there is a wide selection of packaging choices to view.

Mumbai India – Indian International Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show
February 4 to 7, 2011
Bombay Exhibition Centre
Mumbai, India

IIFJAS is where it’s all at if you want to start off the year (2011) by making contact with the top cheap wholesale costume jewelry dealers in the business. The show will offer space for about 400 exhibitors that will come from all across India and also from across Asia, such as Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, and even from Dubai and Afghanistan. There will also be featured pavilions for those who Spain, Germany, the United States, Canada and Australia.

If can only make it to one international jewelry event in 2011, make it the one in Mumbai India since it will be showcasing the top trends for the year as well as featuring the newest innovations in jewelry making techniques and offering a massive selection of affordable jewellery & accessories to buyers. If you want brand names or need cheap manufactured goods, such as CZ jewellery and unique silver handcrafted items, then you need to be at the business hub of Asia, India. From raw materials to finished products and even the necessary machinery and packaging, the India International Fashion Jewellery And Accessories Show 2011 has what you’re looking for all under one roof.

If you need to network with other jewelry professionals, source materials or product manufactures that offer affordable items and timely delivery to international destinations, or if you’re looking to outsource, expand your brand or partner with other entrepreneurs, or simply get inspired, the IIFJAS is the most professional way to get started. Although there will be features that highlight the traditional and contemporary Indian costume and silver jewellery, there will also be a wide variety of sources that offer non-Indian specific items to choose from. Some of the fashion and costume jewelry will be handmade, plated with gold and silver or be crafted from other affordable base metals. For both men’s and women’s jewelry and accessories, as well as handbags, fashion silk scarf creations, purses, wallets and other items, don’t buy until you’ve seen what’s available through the top retailers and wholesalers in India and abroad. Registering to attend can be done through biztradeshows.

St. Petersburg Russia – Junwex
January 2 to 6, 2011
Lenexpo Fairgrounds
103, Bolshoy, St. Petersburg
Petersburg, Russia

New sources for buying wholesale costume jewelry from manufacturers in the Russian jewelry and watch industry – that’s what JUNWEX in St. Petersburg is all about.

The fair is strategically timed to coincide with the latest designer collection launches and the start of the buying season for those who come from abroad. Making new contacts with those in the jewellery and watch industry will allow for a multicultural exchange of wares and ideas and offer the 600 Russian, as well as foreign, companies who are participating, to negotiate profitable business contracts to buy or sell their unique products.

The features of the show will include assistance in finding business Russian and foreign business associates, finding distribution channels previously not ventured into, meeting with manufactures to negotiate price points and finding out about the newest production techniques to help bring the costs of jewelry down to a level consumers can more easily afford.

The main areas of the fair include:

  1. fashion jewelry and watches
  2. diamonds
  3. International Trade
  4. Tech for the jewelry industry

The extensive Lenexpo Fairgrounds will also be a fabulous venue for presenting fashion shows, auctioning jewellery, presenting equipment and jewelry creating tools, and even exhibiting the latest jewellery packaging options.

Some additional benefits of attending the fair in St. Petersburg, aside from making valuable contacts with costume jewelry wholesalers, is the ability to see what’s new in jewelry tools and gem-cutting equipment and techniques, and viewing demonstrations of items perhaps previously unseen. As a final bonus, the show will also offer some unique and high-tech solutions for jeweler’s security systems, a must for many modern jewelry companies.

For more information on where to buy wholesale jewelry and wholesale handbags, please see related topics that deal with designer and affordable items. We also offer suggestions regarding fashion jewellery in the UK, and ideas for crystal fashion necklaces designs as well as fashion accessories like silk scarf creations that can be worn year round.

If you are looking for ideas on where to buy Vintage jewelry, which is not always found at trade shows, then consult our articles that deal with retro, vintage and antique products.
We hope we’ve helped you find and buy wholesale costume jewelry that’s elegant or funky and just what you’re looking for – priced right for you and for your clients.

Wholesale Jewelry Supplier Guide

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry; body jewelry; fashion jewelry; lists of wholesalers around the world; where to buy jewelry supplies; wholesale dropship jewelry; gold and pearl products at wholesale prices; jewelry boxes and designer jewelry; wholesale beaded and gemstone items; stainless steel, turquoise, amber and crystal wholesale jewelry – from manufacturing companies to Asian distributors – Jewelry & Accessories offers a guide on where to find the products that your customers want.

Wholesale Body Jewelry

Jewelry wholesalers that specialize in body jewelry often sell wholesale and retail, but if you want prices in lots and the cheapest packages and starter kits you will want to go to the top three places: Body Candy Body Jewelry, 99 Cent Body Jewelry and Hollywood Body Jewelry.

Hollywood Body Jewelry has such things as 89 cents Bulk Pack Jewelry where you can buy wholesale barbells and tongue rings, eyebrow rings, labrets, navel and belly rings, stainless steel body jewelry, retainers and even piercing needles and supplies.

You will find a wide selection of wholesale 14k jewelry for the body in all styles, and cheaper gold plated styles as well as white titanium and colored or anodized titanium body jewelry. You will also be able to select packages of wholesale acrylic and Bio Flex jewelry and even organic products specific for your most trendy client’s needs.

Silver Jewelry Wholesale

For silver jewelry wholesale prices that are excellent and yet offer a high quality product in unique designs from Thailand, try 925e Jewelry Wholesalers who offer the following lines of merchandise to choose from: casual, silver jewelry, glass and crystal, wholesale silver cubic zirconia, a red coral collection, seashell and mother of pearl.

In their newest 2010 collections you will find a variety of sub collections like the new silver products, the Valentine collection, a series that is called Beads Story, a new line of the hottest CZ gemstone creations, a complete wholesale pearl jewelry line and a cheap beaded jewelry collection.

They also have wholesale gold jewelry in their Vermeil collection and wholesale bridal jewelry in a variety of lines like the crystal glass collection and the vermeil and others. You can create your own retail theme by selecting items from their ChicPlay and semi precious gemstones collection and mix and match lines like the ones with marcasite, wood or in the wholesale amber jewelry line.

They have a fun Beach Line with costume jewelry wholesale pricing on funky, chunky seashell and mother of pearl items that are unique but easy to sell with the new summer feminine beach trends.

Even if you are looking for high-end cubic zirconia or wholesale rhinestone jewelry that’s very elegant for a bridal shop or for an exclusive boutique, there are delicate and expensive-looking pieces that are very affordable. Their complete catalogue is so extensive we can’t show you all the possibilities, but we believe you can find everything from wholesale designer jewelry to the cheapest wholesale costume fashion jewelry all at 925e Jewelry Wholesalers. They offer jewelry at production line prices and send direct from Thailand.

Fashion Jewelry Wholesalers

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is also available through a company called Tanai.

Another company called DHGate has a unique way to categorize and make buying from costume jewelry wholesalers easy. They have special features and dozens of categories so you can go direct to the exact types of jewelry you require. They have almost 9 thousand items catalogued under the main headings as follows:

Wholesale Body Jewelry which is then subcategorized into anklets, belly chains, body piercing and toe rings.

They have other main categories of costume jewelry wholesale items like bracelets, bangle bracelets, beaded, strands, tennis bracelets and even charms and charm bracelets.

Children’s wholesale jewelry lots that are then divided into separate sections with over 200 items in several fun collections.

The costume jewelry wholesale lines are divided into over 5 thousand styles of earrings, such as dangle and chandelier as well as hoop earrings and little huggies.

Part of their wholesale gold jewelry supplies include gemstone and pearl creations in precious metals as well as a selection of simulated diamond jewelry sets.

For wholesale jewelry boxes, just click on that category to find almost a thousand.

Their wholesale jewelry supplies collection includes almost 5 thousand items like loose beads, cord and wire, crystal and glass beads, and even wholesale jewelry findings and metal spacers.

DHGate’s jewelry at wholesale prices does not leave out men’s items like cufflinks, mens bracelets, necklaces, pendants, mens rings and other wholesale stainless steel jewelry items like money clips.

Wholesale jewelry accessories includes some items other products like healthy necklaces, lockets, brooches and chain.

For more information on where to buy cheap wholesale jewelry see related topics below.

Best Cheap Wholesale Jewelry Outlets

Wholesale fashion jewellery is big business and there are so many outlets around the world that offer deals, but here are some of the top wholesale outlets where you will be able to choose wholesale rhinestone jewelry, bridal costume jewelry, cheap silver jewelry, vintage bridal jewelry and even high fashion jewelry pieces at very affordable prices to be able to, in turn, offer your retail customers a good price.

Costume jewelry manufacturers are often based in China, Thailand and other Asian countries and have representatives in the USA and Europe. If you would like to be added to this list please send us your information and we will review what you have to offer and consider adding you to our top jewelry wholesalers list.

the silver box
  • Diva Designs USA is a company based in Los Angeles that offers fashion jewelry from importers. They have been in business since 1987 and have a minimum order of $50.
  • Wholesale Fashion Jewelry by Cool Jewels is a company based in Hallandale, Florida USA who offer lots of rhinestones and glitz as well as children jewelry. They have been in business since 1977 and offer very cheap wholesale jewelry.
  • Ruby Imports Costume Jewelry is a company based in Memphis, Tennessee USA and offer a wide selection of costume jewelry and accessories.
  • ruby imports
  • Judson & Co. is a company based in Alabama USA who offer a varied selection of cheap fashion jewelry and watches including sterling silver jewelry.
  • Ur Eternity Fashion Jewelry is a jewelry shop in New York that import and manufacturer wholesaler fashion and costume jewelry as well as handbags, African jewelry, bridal tiaras and offer the public prices that are factory direct.
  • Buck Wholesale is a from Atlanta, Georgia USA who offer fun and inexpensive fashion jewelry, handbags and accessories for distribution to dollar stores and discount retail stores.
  • silver box
  • Pampered Princess is located in Rochester, New York USA that features the hottest wholesale costume jewelry and scarves especially for holiday gifts.
  • The Silver Box is a wholesale and drop ship outlet that sells sterling silver jewelry from Inman, South Carolina USA. They have a minimum order of just $50, and offer a wide selection of costume rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings at discount prices.
  • Wholesale Jewelry Direct is a company that operates from Los Angeles and features fashion accessories like rhinestone necklaces, bracelets, charms and have only hypoallergenic, nickel free jewelry that will not tarnish easily. Their minimum order is also just $50.
  • glitz
  • American Jewelry Manufacturing, Inc. is a New York, manufacturer of costume and fashion jewelry for all your retail needs.
  • Bajul Imports, Inc operates from Missouri USA and specializes in Pandora charms that mix and match with European charm beads, Biagi bracelets and Troll bracelets. They have a wide selection of bead jewelry, religious and Christian jewelry, birthstone jewelry and animal charms.
  • Unique Wholesale Jewelry is a company from Louisiana USA that carries a large selection of unusual jewelry designs and also offers displays and unique gift items for retailers.
  • glitz
  • Cruz Accessories is a company that has been operating from South Carolina USA since 1986 offering wholesale jewelry at discount prices.
  • Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Co. specializes in peace jewelry, Rasta jewelry, knot bracelets, anklets and sterling silver toe rings by designer jewelry makers such as Earth Elements, Allure, Dreamlets and Nature’s Bandz. They have a toll free ordering line at: 877-651-2772.
  • sun fashion designs
  • New Age Jewelry and Gifts is a wholesale jewelry company that drop ships from Staten Island, New York and offers gemstone and unique jewelry, including pieces evil eye charms, Feng Shui and lucky charms.
  • 316 Concepts from Miami, Florida specializes in bracelets, bangles and necklaces for as little as $3, as well as la variety of cheap stainless steel jewelry.
  • Glitzs from Brooklyn, New York has been a jewelry manufacturer for the past 10 years, and is part of Leo Baum & Co which has been operating since 1994. has a large selection of costume jewelry that is of high quality.

  • Unique Jewelry by Fay based in Indiana USA has a selection of earrings, charms, pins, pendants, fashion jewelry, chains, Christmas jewelry, and religious jewelry at great prices.
  • glitz
  • Sun Fashion Designs in Arizona USA is a manufacturer of 14kt gold overlay jewelry, sterling silver overlay that costs only 9 cents per gram, and also specializes in white gold, and silver chains, sliders, pendants, CZ fashion jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, earrings and a variety of jewelry for men, women and children.
  • Vousi Wholesale Fashion Jewelry is a wholesaler in California that specializes in wholesale rings, earrings, and sterling silver jewelry with wholesale bulk purchase and volume discounts. They have a $150 minimum order.
  • glitz
  • Dragon Gifts based in Orlando, Florida specializes in wholesale Murano glass and wholesale fashion jewelry like anklets, body jewelry, and Hematite & Magnetic J. Hemp Magna Flex Magnetic Jewelry.
  • Fashion Jewelry Mart Los Angeles, is a wholesale fashion jewelry outlet jewelry sold in packs by the dozen, offering an affordable way to buy wholesale necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings.
  • Silver Oasis Inc., Chicago, Illinois has wholesale body jewelry, glowstick jewelry, sterling silver rings and lots of dragon pendants!
  • glitz jewelry
  • Trendy LLC, Massachusetts has a selection of wholesale jewelry and accessories
  • Ceri Jewelry California is a wholesale distributor of fashion jewelry with a large selection of rings, earrings, bracelet styles and necklaces. They ship internationally.
  • Silver Wholesale of Myrtle Beach South Carolina are silver wholesalers who import fashion and sterling silver jewelry, including religious jewelry, watches and do drop shipping on wholesale orders.
  • glitz ring
  • Lancy NY Inc. is a wholesale cstume jewelry outlet for cheap charm bracelets, earrings, rings and only requires a $50.minimum purchase.
  • Body Jewelry by is a company based in Bangkok, Thailand that ships for free on retail orders of $25 and wholesale with $500 on any body jewelry and silver jewelry which they specialize in. They have lots of belly rings and navel piercing jewelry.
  • Bizarre Jewels North Carolina specializes in Austrian crystal and rhinestone jewelry, crystal jewelry, fashion accessories and all at great affordable prices.
  • glitz necklace
  • Accessory Concert, Inc. New York, New manufacture and import costume jewelry, fashion scarves and hair accessories. They offer discounts for large volume orders when buying jewelry online.
  • Bellagio Jewelry California specializes in rhinestones crystal bangles, Swarovski crystal bracelets, earrings and necklaces. They are a jewelry wholesale company.
  • Designer Jewelry Miami Florida has sterling silver, fashion jewelry, rhinestone jewelry and lots of CZ costume jewelry as well as Swarovski and designer jewelry brands at discount and wholesale prices.
  • Coastal Distributors and Wildwear California specializes in fake body piercing jewelry, body jewelry, and temporary tattoos, as well as magnetic body studs, hoops, no piercing tongue balls and belly button hoops.
  • Paradiso, Inc. LA, California has the line of Fashion Forward Silver & CZ jewelry and also their own handmade sterling silver and silver with gold jewelry at discount prices.
  • Inca Territories Co., Ltd. Dallas, Texas ( has sterling silver jewelry, fashion jewelry, and amber jewelry with more than 10,000 items for sale.
  • Hip Hop Jewelry and RC Jewels Maryland specializes in Hip Hop, Iced Out, Bling Bling jewelry and designer jewelry like Grillz, Hiphop and offers bracelets and chains for good prices and best quality.