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Divers Watch Designs For Real Divers

Top dive watches like the Rolex Submariner, Officine Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible, Breitling Superocean and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms – timepieces used by real divers who choose nothing but the best – here are the specifications for each of these remarkable divers watches, information on the latest designs by these renowned watchmakers, plus suggestions for affordable options from other diver watch making companies.

1. Rolex Submariner – Luxury James Bond Diver Watches

Rolex has a series of dive watches, although the best known one is the Oyster Perpetual Submariner, which is the legendary James Bond watch we’ve all seen in the classic films. Yes it’s a real timepiece and not a prop. Although we may not think of Rolex as a company that makes waterproof sports products, in fact they are one of the pioneers, having started crafting waterproof items in the mid 1920’s, now offering one of the top scuba diving watches of all time. Why? Because aside from being a luxury brand by name, that reputation is based on quality.

For example, the Oyster watch is so painstakingly crafted and engineered that it requires more than 150 processes to get the timepiece from what is the oyster case (a solid block of steel, absolutely impenetrable by water because it’s a stainless steel vault), to being able to withstand the most intense underwater conditions a diver may face, even at a depth of 1000 feet (300 meters). The Submariner design is now available in several models, like the Submariner Date design, with chronometer capabilities, which means it keeps track of dates. There’s a blue sapphire design in white gold and stainless steel, a solid yellow gold variation, and a steel and gold model that offers both style and durability.

How much does a waterproof Rolex diving watch cost? It depends where you buy it, but it’s possible to order online for just over $15,000 through places like Melrose Jewelers, although Amazon retails the same Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date in 18k gold for over $20,000. The Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel classic that just has a little gold accenting is more affordable at just under $9,000 through Amazon.

But be careful when buying these items because the prices are vastly different for different models and through different dealers, For example the excellent quality stainless steel black dial Submariner, which is an authentic Rolex, can be found at Melrose Jewelers for a touch over $4,800, while that same piece is almost double elsewhere. But be sure to compare apples to apples, because the very similar looking stainless steel black dial Submariner that has 3 carats of channel set diamonds around the dial, is not the same price, but rather costs over $7,000.

There’s the same item as above only with baguette cut diamonds and that goes for over $9,000. Then there’s also the Oyster Precision Submariner Chronometer design that’s all stainless steel with no gems and costs close to $6,000 through Amazon retailers like Jomashop.

How To Choose A Luxury Scuba Diving Watch

First. Do you dive for recreation, as a hobby or a lifestyle? Do you need digital information to download to a computer later? Do you just want a dive watch because it reflects your adventurous and risk taking personality?

Here’s the scoop: If you seriously dive on a regular basis and need to know what the water temperature is, how your air pressure is holding up and also have precautionary alarms and safety warning features, then you might want to spend your money on something that does not have diamonds and gold, but computer interface ability. You will also want a timepiece that you don’t have to worry about while underwater in unusual environments where rocks, coral, sea creatures and unpredictable circumstances could cause a great deal of abuse to a luxury watch.

Remember, a real diver will likely use a wetsuit and may even have gloves and boots to cover exposed skin. The timepieces that are then most practical will be the sports models that strap over the wetsuits, may also have larger buttons to press instead of just a dial to view.

If you dive as recreation between boardroom meetings, golf games and yachting cocktail parties, then the luxury watches will be very functional for fun dives in Thailand and the Bahamas and maybe an excursion in Australia. They withstand a certain amount of abuse below water and can go very deep but do not offer guidance, warnings or computer interfacing.

For those who are serious divers and can afford it, many opt to have a luxury dive watch like a Rolex, Panerai or Breitling for sophistication, but also have specialized Navy Seal diving watches or rugged Swiss Heuer models as backups for their computer dive systems. Let’s continue with the top luxury brands before looking at the military watches and Navy Seal alternatives.

2. Officine Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible

Be it for professional divers or for those who dive occasionally but want the best, the Officine Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible Depth Gauge is considered one of the best precision timepieces for divers. These are not just pretty pieces of jewelry, but the instruments previously used by Italian Navy commandos. Combining features that previously required more instruments, the most recent versions of Luminor 1950 Submersible is a measuring and checking instrument for exact depth gauging, not just a watch. It is a chronometer, certified by the Swiss Federal Office for Metrology and has a depth gauging system that is professional, water-resistant to 120 meters, crafted from solid titanium and steel, with unidirectional rotating bezel, with positioning to calculate immersion times, and makes clicks at intervals of 1 minute. Inside, the piece has 21 jewels and required winding only once every 42 hours. The depth gauge is sectioned off into meters, for each meter, up to 120 meters, and the ability to memorize a maximum desired depth. This is activated when pressing the depth push button that is beside the 10 o’clock position and then following the yellow hand around the graduated scale. So there is no problem with the depth gauge, it is backed up by a lithium battery, and also has a warning when the 500 hours of charge are due to end.

Officine Panerai have several strap choices including very practical rubber and buckle designs, and they also have straps for wearing the watch over wetsuits. So attention conscious are they, that the watches even come with a small screwdriver to change straps.

What’s the cost? Luminor 1950 Submersible can range between about $7,500 and $9,000 depending where you shop. Online they are relatively difficult to find from an authorized dealer that can give a certificate of authenticity. In New York you can shop easily at their Boutique on Madison Avenue, and in Los Angeles, at 9490A Brighton Way, Beverly Hills. There are also boutiques in Geneve, Madrid, Florence and across Asia and the Middle East in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Macau, Shanghai and Beijing, as well as Dubai and Beirut.

3. Breitling Superocean

Breitling is well known in the dive world ever since they came out with their first waterproof dive models in the 1950’s. The Superocean Heritage is even better, made from solid steel, with power for about 40 hours and a choice of brushed steel link strap or the rubber Ocean Racer strap designs, these Swiss watches compete with Panerai and Rolex, for precision, and classic styling.

The stainless steel Breitling design called the Aeromarine Chrono Superocean features a domed blue, brown, silver or red face with iridescent hands, and day and date displays. It is relatively affordable considering the league in which they play, retailing for just over $3,000.

The problem with the most recent diver’s watch modifications by Breitling is that the color choices are only a small accent and many of the features that precision watch fans loved about the older versions are no longer present for example the bezel has been coated with rubber which takes away from the original class of the piece, and the pearlescent notches that were illuminated previously have disappeared. Some people believe that this newest Superocean release was a big mistake and a slide downward, and away from real dive watches, and in fact not recommending it for diving. However, since a vast majority of diver’s watches never get wet, aside from a splash in a pool, a rain shower or a bath, the actual dive features that have changed may be of less concern than the fact that it looks somewhat cheap, when in reality a Breitling dive watch is anything but cheap when it comes to price.

Military, Navy and Precision Swiss Army Watch Choices

For a much more affordable price, divers and diver “wanna bes” can have timepieces that offer functionality as well as the cool dive watch designs that can be worn as fashion or lifestyle statements. For example the Swiss Army Dive Master 500 comes in a cool design with a silver dial and also has a functional rubber strap for around $525. It offers quartz movement and a stainless steel case an unidirectional bezel as well as luminous hands and hour markers. It is waterproof to 1650 feet (500 meters) and is a Swiss analog device.

Within the same price range there are several models of Swiss Army creations that have slight differences like orange or blue faces, stainless steel chain or link bracelets instead of rubber ones and a few small details that may make a difference such as the size of the face and the visibility of the numbers on the dial.

Perhaps one of the funkiest designs is the one that comes in orange and the most classic ones are those that have are solid stainless steel and have bracelets instead of sports straps.

The authentic Navy SEAL divers watch designs are quite varied in style but are very affordable, priced around $220 to $240. One of the most popular series is the 3000 and is part of the collection that made the original Navy SEAL watches famous since they are in fact the ones supplied to the US Navy SEAL teams and have undergone the extreme tests required to meet the standards of official US Army and Navy specifications.

They have very strong cases that are reinforced with fiberglass and polyester. All offer Swiss quartz movement and unidirectional bezel that s easy to see due to the bright dot that is protected with a glass window. Some models have a yellow face that is easy to view and an illuminating system that glows without stopping for 25 years. Navy Seal scuba watches are also waterproof up to 660 feet (200meters) and have scratch proff rystals and Arnitel style straps with secure buckles made from stainless steel. These watches are intended to be used under severe conditions and to take abuse.

EVO has a Navy SEAL divers watch called the 6102 model that costs between $620 and $700 and offers some excellent features for real divers. The multi jewel design precise Swiss quartz movement inside a solid stainless steel case set on a link bracelet that’s PVD coated and is secured by a fold-over clasp. Also the unidirectional bezel is PVD plated. It can be used to depths of 660 feet (200 meters) and is constantly illuminated. The battery is said to last for 10 years, but also has an indicator to alert the wearer that it is about to end, however the illumination system, as with the other Navy designs, is guaranteed for 25 years. By the way, the company that makes the top Navy designs is called Luminox.

Citizen Dive Watch Specialties

When it comes to divers watch designs that are functional and computer friendly, used by divers who really need to keep track of their measurements after multiple divers, are using things like the Aqualand Eco-Drive, which is a dive computer and dive watch that offers useful features, durability and costs under $500, in fact is often just over $450 when on special. Although Citizen may not be a luxury timepiece, it is considered a very practical solution for quality scuba diving watches that make sense in the real world.

Here are some of the features you can expect:

All the Eco-Drive series are light-powered watch designs that do not runout. They are said to have a lifetime supply of energy that is stored by simply being in the light, therefore a battery is unnecessary. However, the light can be stored for about 180 days, that is assuming that it is inside a black box and recharging. Like most of the high-tech watches for divers these models are waterproof to 660 feet (200 meters) and offer depth display up to 300 feet. The design includes a case that is asymmetrical, very practical for divers who may have a lot of other instruments or equipment as well as a dive suite.

Some of the features that the Citizen watches offer for divers that other precision timepieces do not are such things as measuring the depth of a dive all through the duration of the dive and also has a memory to record up to twenty different dives. It can also be set with a maximum dive depth limit and will also show water temperature and compare to other dives for lowest temp. It has 2 time zones and a calendar with date and day display as well as travel. All this is attached to a sturdy rubber strap and comes with the Citizen 5 year warranty. It’s quite obvious why the Citizen dive watches are very popular for those who really spend their lives below the surface.

The fact of the matter is that if you’re a real diver these days, you will not be diving without a personal dive computer. A watch, as a time piece will be an extra or a backup. The best wrist computers are both, and offer a safe diving experience as well as a record of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Divers need to know depth, dive duration, air supply and even calculate absorption rates of nitrogen etc, and all this must be done underwater where visibility and optimum conditions may not exists. Therefore it is important that the dials are clear to see, that displays are illuminated, buttons easy to touch even if they have gloved hands. Anyone who is in the industry, such as a dive master or those who dive regularly will have dive computers. An automatic dive watch will be part of any system, such as the Citizen one just mentioned.

What About A Tag Watch?

Actually a Tag watch is a Heuer Tag creation with a long history of being precision Swiss timepieces that have evolved into being known simply as due to joining Techniques D’Avant-Garde who added features to their watch design that incorporated high end technology. The divers watch creations that are now famous are such things like the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Automatic chronograph watches that are used by genuine divers, usually as a backup to their other computer systems.

The features that make the Tag watch stand out are that they can function without batteries since they operate automatically based on the arm movements of the wearer. The crystal is also coated with an anti-reflective material and is also scratch resistant and the case is solid stainless steel. The chronograph features are that it has a series of 12 hour and a 30 minute subdial. The watches are waterproof to 300 meters (984 feet). Tag watches are not cheap, almost luxury items, since they retails for over $1,000.

What Else Is New In Mens Watch Design?

For more information on other mens timepieces, such as the top Croton Watches, and other Gents Watches for those in the UK please see related topics. We also have specific ideas for the rugged and versatile Diesel Watch designs, Skagen Watches and some great ideas for buying the newest Titanium Watches that are durable, masculine, stylishly rugged yet practical.

Men’s and Ladies Skagen Watches

Slim-line, Titanium and Stainless Steel Mesh

Affordable Skagen men’s watches between $100 and $295; Skagen ladies watch designs starting at $95 up to $295; steel, mesh and slimline watch styles, Skagen titanium watches for men and women; where to buy Skagen watches, and information about the Danish designers, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst – that’s what Jewelry & Accessories brings you today, with a review of the Skegen watch collections, and recommending the latest clean-line designs for fashion and accessory aficionados.

Since 1989, Skagen watch Denmark designers Henrik and Charlotte Jorst have crafted affordable and stylish timepieces that reflect the clean minimalist ideas they brought with them from Copenhagen to the US. Although they design and sell a variety of accessories, from jewelry to sunglasses, they are best known for their watch collections that are modern and chic yet reasonably priced.

Skagen Men’s Watches

Skagen watches are designed for both ladies and men, but let’s take a look at the men’s styles first.

It’s easy to see why the Skagen mesh watches are so popular, they are clean minimalist designs that incorporate an elegant, understated two tone silver and stainless steel with a hint of gold in a timeless timepiece that sells for $100.

The same signature Skagen mesh band is also available in titanium models that are totally black, like the Skagen titanium watch. case with black mesh strap, model 233XLTMB, which sells for just $140, and has a solid titanium case that’s light and durable. This piece is also available in light grey, likewise titanium case that’s round, 34mm, and features a super harden mineral crystal and steel mesh band. It also offers water resistance up to 3 ATM and the internal movement is Japanese by Seiko.

If you’re looking for a Swiss movement Skagen mens watch, then you’ll be wanting one of the more expensive models, such as the model 583XLSLC, which is Swiss-made movement and stainless steel with brushed chrome and a leather strap. It costs about $245 directly from the Skagen company.

Skagen Ladies Watch Designs

Light Pink Glitz is a feminine design that incorporates the slender flexible stainless steel mesh bracelet with a pink Mother-of-Pearl dial and Swarovski crystal indicators for just $100.

The same design is also available in yellow gold, and rose gold color choices, as well as a more elegantly formal silver, stainless steel and black design. All are within the same affordable price range of $100 to $110.

The features of all these delightfully personal and delicately feminine timepieces are that they all are from the Skagen women’s watch steel collection and all have a small 25mm round steel case and a silver plated outer coating with a flat crystal and with what they call a “glitz” dial.

All are accented with genuine Swarovski crystals and have the famous steel mesh band that is delicately tapered from 14mm 12mm and closes with a secure clasp.

The watches are all analogue and the movement is Japanese by Miyota. They each have a 3 year battery and are water-resistant to 3ATM.

Skagen women’s watches include some unusual designs like the Silver Bracelet 354SGSC model that has a beautiful silver case is and a layered brushed chrome dial and Swarovski accents with touches of yellow gold on the bracelet and the dial hands. This is elegance that is really affordable because it only costs $140.

In a similar price category there are several designs, some of the ladies Skagen watches are contemporary minimalist like the mens and others are quiet elaborate with crystal adornments and pink leather or colored steel bracelets. There’s even on funky Brown Square Glitz watch that’s going for just $95. There’s a high fashion dazzling design for just $115 that’s all a sparkle with crystal and a glittery pink strap. It’s a fun gift for a pink lady or a young girl who likes a little bling that’s still very feminine.

If you’d appreciate more ideas about gents watches, pocket watch styles, titanium watches and even other specific brands like Croton watches and high performance Diesel watch innovation, then please continue browsing related topics we have put together to help you find your ideal timepiece.

Diesel Watch Designs For Stupid Men

Be Stupid! If you don’t know about Diesel “Be Stupid”, then it’s about time you did. Stop being Smart and go with the Stupid who take risks, are brave, aren’t afraid to fail and be foolish to make things happen. Smart is safe. Stupid is Courageous! And that sums up what a Diesel watch is all about. Bold, daring designs for brave men who take risks; because “Smart may have the brains but Stupid has the balls”. Diesel is for those who see what there ‘Could Be”, for men who aren’t afraid of trial and error, even if it’s mostly error. Diesel has vibrant colors and rich textured timepieces for those who LIVE and have Stupid thoughts instead of no interesting thoughts at all. Diesel is for those who say YES when the Smart are saying NO, because “only the Stupid can be truly Brilliant” and that’s why Diesel watches are high-performance timeframes for stupid minds that live with their hearts.

While “Smart Critiques, Stupid Creates” and that’s exactly what Diesel has done: Create collections of mens designer watches that are truly stupid. Have a look:

The above colorful timeframe is called the Ana Digi DZ7148, which is an analogue/digital mens watch that has a flair for the 80’s retro disco era with vibrant purple, yellow and blue accents. It’s an original Diesel designer watch with the standard 2 year warranty and is very reasonably priced at $140.

The next piece is quite a fete of design and is part of the newest Diesel collection. It’s called the Analog DZ1320 and includes 2 watches, a compass, a large steel case and water resistance to 5 ATM. Naturally it has a 2 year warranty and is available through Diesel online distributors for $250.

For color, stainless steel and leather all in one, there’s the Analog DZ1264 that features a colorful graphic print dial and a solid stainless steel case with an iridescent crystal that’s really Stupid. The cuff bracelet band is real leather, the watch has quartz movement, and the piece is waterproof up to 10 ATM.

In the Diesel gents watches premium collection there’s a piece that takes a while to explore since it has 3 displays for setting the time in multiple time zones. This is one very high performance timepiece that comes on a leather strap and sells for just under $400. It seems the deisel watches in the premium collection are created for men who stupidly succeed more than they fail since the prices range from $195 to about $450.

Another diesal watch in the premium collection that’s especially mysterious is the DZ9045, which sells for about $375, and features a polished stainless steel face with the famous Diesel watch screws. From the top you have no face or watch, but on the side are two dials which can be set for different time zones. This is one crazy mens designer watch that exudes intrigue and style. This model is water resistant up to 10 ATM.

One of the riskiest and most expensive pieces in the new diesil watch premium collection, which costs $450, is the DZ9034, which is a daring piece constructed from brushed stainless steel with gold plating and a black dial that also shows the date. This is a quartz chronograph watch with water resistance to 3 ATM and a genuine leather strap in black. This is one of the most elegant gents watches that Diesel creates, but while it’s elegant, it retains it’s masculine appeal with the modern angular shape and the screws that give it an upscale high performance industrial feel.

Some of the deisel watches that are most popular are not just affordable but have a definite sci-fi edge that takes them from being timepieces to count down the past and makes one believe they bring in the future. For just $150 the digital DZ7066 is maximum black leather with stainless steel that joins the watch with a black leather cuff that’s 200mm wide. This piece may be for flying in space ships or timing the battle star attacks and meteorite showers but isn’t going to work under the sea since it’s only water resistant to 5 ATM. This diezel watch takes mens designer watches to a whole new level of wonderful bizarre – for the space-age biker or the black leather cowboy cosmonaut.

DZ watch designs that leave no doubt as to their futuristic intentions are the ones like the DZ7080 model that sells for around $215, and is a digital retro-future style with OLED, in other words, Organic Light Emitting Diod, which operates like a mobile telephone display, which is more advanced than the LED ones. It also has a time / date display, a mirrored crystal and a stainless steel bracelet that is 200mm wide and is streamline like a spaceship with the digital time being displayed in a visor-like screen reminiscent of a small spacecraft windshield. Takeoff in style with this diesle watch creation that’s remarkably Stupid.

Where to Buy an Authentic Diesel Watch at a Discount

Some of the authentic Diesel designer watches can be purchased at a discount from the Discount Watch Store. In fact some pieces are selling for between $90 and about $110. Otherwise you’ll have to go to the Diesel Timeframes Store and pay full price or wait for seasonal sales.

For more information on gents watches, pocket watch designs and even other designer and brand name timepieces like Croton watches and Skagen watches, please read related topics pertaining to the specific items that interest you.

Silver, Gold and Vintage Pocket Watch Guide

Pocket watch designs in antique gold and silver from $400 to over $3,000; elegant vintage and Swiss pocket watch styles for just over $150 in solid brass by Jacques du Manoir and Charles Hubert pocket watches for just $85. For mens mechanical pocket watches costing just $68 or Jules Jurgensen engraved pocket watch designs for $99 or the 14k gold Italian masterpieces with Swiss movement for thousands of dollars – Jewelry & Accessories knows where to buy pocket watches and how much you can expect to pay.

A Collectable Pocket Watch

You way be looking to buy a simple timepiece to have handy in your pocket, or you may be searching for an elusive once in a lifetime collectable pocket watch that will become an heirloom to pass onto your son and his sons sons.

If a collectible piece is what you’ve after then consider a genuine gold pocket watch by Euro Geneve with a solid 14k gold case and Swiss quartz movement. The classic piece is styled after antique pocket watches of olden days, but this one is all new and is sold though JewelBasket. It is about one and half inches in diameter and can be engraved with a variety of beautiful old English or modern scripts.

Just remember that if you buy a silver or gold pocket watch online and have it engraved, then it will be a final sale. You can’t return a personally engraved pocket watch.

Part of the charm of antique pocket watches and vintage styles and even modern versions that replicate the olden ones, is that they have a gold case. There are many styles of cases, from round to square, and from highly engraved and decorated or even sculpted motifs to totally plain gold cases with not a single adornment. However the most unusual of all is the Swiss pocket watch that has no case at all, in fact it’s called a clear open face pocket watch.

One such design is made by the famous Jules Jurgensen and is solid 14k gold, but has nothing but a beautiful champagne colored dial, gold Roman numerals and a crystal face. It naturally has everything else you expect from a high quality mens pocket watch made with Swiss quartz movement. These timepieces come with a 3 year warranty, and although they aren’t cheap are available at discount prices through places like JewelBasket.

A Skeletal Mechanical Silver Pocket Watch

This is one very interesting watch – it’s a sterling silver Euro Geneve Swiss mechanical pocket watch that’s a little larger than the gold ones, about 2 inches in diameter, but what’s so special is the skeletal mechanisms that are displayed through a peep window on the front of the silver case.

Inside this intricate mechanical watch are the gears of a 17 jewel timepiece. And open it up to see the full view! It’s hypnotic to watch it tick. The case is solid 925 sterling silver and it’s made in Italy. It also comes with a matching silver pocket watch chain by Waldemar Curb, which is also Swiss. As a little extra, it comes in it’s own wooden jewelry box. This item can be engraved when bought through JewelBasket, although it’s not free.

Getting You Personalized Pocket Watch Engraved

Half the fun of owning one of these pocket watches is the ability to engrave a message or name or date inside the case or on the back or front, wherever you choose, and make it a very personal item, or a family heirloom to pass on.

Choosing the personalized pocket watch engraving style and what it will say is all part of what you’ll need to do when ordering online, unless you decide to have the piece engraved at a local jewelers. But if you have it done online or at a shop, you’ll still need to know what lettering and what you want to engrave.

If you order from a place like JewelBasket, then you’ll need to give them 2 or 3 more days than normal before it gets shipped out. The engraving is a personalized process that is all hand done by engraver artists. There are some beautiful scripts to consider using. For example you can choose a single or double line script, or double or triple lined block, or a monogram or what is called a silverware script.

Cheap Pocket Watches

Surprisingly enough some of the cheapest pocket watches are made by the same people who make the most expensive ones, like Jacques du Manoir and Charles Hubert pocket watches that come in none gold styles that are under $100, in fact some styles are just $85.

There are some very good cheap mechanical pocket watches that are under $70 and even the famous Jules Jurgensen pocket watch styles that start at around $99.

Some other good names to keep in mind when shopping are: Colibri and Hamilton pocket watch designs, as well as the well known Bulova pocket watch styles which come in expensive and cheap versions. There’s also Patek Philippe pocket watch creations which are made by the famous Swiss manufacturer in Geneva, renowned, since1839, for extremely complex timepieces.

Discount Ladies & Men’s Titanium Watches

Top brand name Wenger, Seiko, Casio and Citizen titanium watches at discount prices; Swiss titanium watches by Sector, Wenger, Oris, Salvatore Ferragamo, Pirelli and others; titanium dive watches; Swiss army titanium watch models under $220; ladies titanium watches by Citizen for just $199; all the best models by the watch manufactures you trust at the lowest prices.

Mens Ttitanium Watch Discounts

Titanium is stronger than steel, lightweight, none-corrosive and hypoallergenic to name jus a few of the reasons it is the metal of choice for the best mens and womens watches.

One sleek yet sturdy Men’s Titanium watches is the Seiko Carbon Nitride Plated Chronograph watch that’s just $210 through the Discount Watch Store. This is a bargain price for a timepiece that you can easily order online and will be shipped for free within the US. This Seiko men’s chronograph watch has a solid stainless steel case with titanium carbon nitride plating. It also features the Seiko quartz movement and a hardlex crystal. It’s water resistant to 100 meters and has a titanium carbon nitride plated band. The chronograph functionality includes marking of split and elapsed time, date and illuminated hands and markers. This piece is an authentic Seiko watch with the 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The same design only in a ladies titanium watch model costs $210. Both are black titanium watch designs, however the ladies version does not have the ate or other chronograph features that the men’s model offers. The ladies watch is also only water resistant to 30 meters.

Citizen Titanium Watches

One of the most popular Citizen titanium watches is the Perpetual Calendar Watch that’s available through the Discount Watch Store for just $315, which represents a savings of over $200 from the regular retail price. This titanium watch weighs just 4.3 oz and is water resistant up to 200 meters. It has the famous Citizen Eco Drive movement and unidirectional rotating titanium bezel. The titanium band fits 6 3/4 – 8 1/4″ wrists and features a secure diver buckle, push button and safety lock. And you’ll never need to wonder about a date again because this watch has a perpetual calendar that is set until 2100. It also has chronograph functions like dual time and an alarm. It comes with a 5 year warranty, the same that is offered on all the high quality Citizen watches.

Another titanium chronograph watch is the Citizen BL5345-59H model that offers a few more chronograph features but also has the perpetual calendar and is considered a dive watch. It costs $405.

From the Citizen titanium watches collections comes another beauty: the Citizen Blue Angels Skyhawk Flight Watch that is discounted to be just $360. This is one of those titanium mens watches that is packed with useful features like: a solid titanium case and a total weight of just 4 oz. The bezel is titanium and colored for clear viewing and the face is blue. It’s water resistant to 100 meters. It has a solid titanium bracelet and as secure folding clasp. The best feature is the time and calendar that is marked in 22 time zones or cities and also has 3 world time alarms. It also has 1/100 second chronograph functionality that measures up to 24hours and has a 99 minute timer. It has a whole list of other functions specific for pilots or those who travel frequently. For those who seek high quality solid titanium watches that can take a beating and still offer day to day functionality, this piece for under $400, is a real bargain.

Swiss Army Titanium Watch

One of the best discount watches is the Swiss Army titanium watch called the Convoy Chronograph model 241161 and is priced at about $216 through the Discount Watch Store. This Swiss army watch has a solid titanium case with a silver dial and a solid titanium bracelet. It also has Swiss chronograph quartz movement, antireflective crystal, is water resistant to 100 meters, has calendar and date display as well as hands that illuminate.

There are several other Swiss Army titanium watch designs to choose from like the Mens Swiss Army Alliance Chronograph watch, also with titanium features for around $259.

Skagen Titanium Watches

Some of the cheapest titanium watches are the Skagen Men’s Black Rubber models that start at just under $94. Skagen offers very affordable alternatives for mens watches and have a unique stylish rectangular look. They are dressy-casual timepieces, and for the price, offer a surprising number of features, including date, 100 m water resistance, and solid titanium cases.

Wenger Titanium Watch

The Discount Watch Store has several models, but the Wenger Men’s Swiss Made Standard Issue XL Titanium Watch 73126 is a very good buy at just under $282. The case is solid titanium as is the bracelet with a diver buckle. It’s water resistant to 100 m and has the date, military time and luminous hands that glow in the dark. Wenger titanium watches come with a 3 year warranty.

Womens Titanium Watches

Womens titanium watches come in stylish designs and sporty models just like the mens, but are usually smaller and more delicate, like the Citizen Women’s titanium watch for around $236. This piece features a solid titanium case, Citizen Eco Drive movement, illuminating hands, and a titanium watch band to fit 5 1/2 – 7 1/4 wrists. It comes with a 5 year warranty and the original Citizen watch owner’s manual. When ordered through Discount Watch Store it is delivered anywhere in the continental USA free, and comes with a gift box.

One of the reasons titanium watches are so popular is because of the sturdy watch case and the band or bracelet that is very durable and perfect for those with active lifestyles. For those who swim, play sports, or even mothers who have small children who often spill things, a titanium watch can take away a lot of worry and let you live your life without thought to damaging the timepiece. Titanium watch bands will not tarnish or turn your arm green or black. They are hypoallergenic, which is very important to those who have allergies or very sensitive skin.

Swiss titanium watches are some of the very best timepieces in the world, with precision time and durability. Active men or those who work outdoors will value Swiss army titanium watches for their ruggedness and strength. Divers, pilots, sportsmen and athletes agree that a titanium watch bracelet and case are the way to ensure your timepiece will not be easily broken or scratched. Although titanium is very strong and hardy, it can be damaged with extreme use, and therefore replacing a bracelet or having watch repair may be required. A titanium watch band can be found at most watch maker shops. However there are some titanium watches that have solid titanium cases for strength but have rubber bands for comfort and sporty looks. One very sporty piece is the Sector Men’s Chronograph Watch from the 600 Series that has a titanium case but a bright orange watch strap that’s a flexible and comfortable.

For more styles and designs for both mens and ladies titanium watches, like the affordable Invicta titanium watch styles or the popular Festina titanium watch models, browse through the well organized collections at the Discount Watch Store. For a wide selection of Casio titanium watches, high end Bulova titanium watches and classic Wenger titanium watches for both men and women, the best discounts await you when you shop online.

For more information on other products such as elegant gents watches and Croton watches, please browse the numerous related topics below.

Affordable Gents Watches

Swiss watches; Croton chronograph watches; sport and dive watches; gold watches; mens designer watches; Armani gents watches; Accurist, Citizen, Cartier, Casio, Bulova, Invicta, Timex, Pulsar and all the top brand names in mens watches including; titanium watch designs – all this and more from Jewelry & Accessories, where we show you where to buy affordable timepieces for YOUR lifestyle.

Gents Watches from the Discount Watch Store

Gents wrist watches in all the brand names you trust like Citizen, Cartier, Casio, Bulova, Invicta, Timex, Pulsar and others are all available at discount prices from the Discount Watch Store, where they guarantee the lowest prices and offer free shipping and sizing as well.

Two of their top selling gents watches are the Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watch, which is an automatic piece, priced at $428, and the automatic black Bulova Men’s watch from the Automatic BVA Series 505 which costs about $430.

The first piece, the official Swiss railway watch by Mondaine is polished stainless steel with Swiss automatic movement, day and date display, and has water resistance up to 30 meters. It comes on a black leather strap and is backed by Mondaines 2 year warranty.

The second, the Bulova watch, is stainless steel, automatic mineral crystal with a black dial and unidirectional rotating bezel. It’s water resistant to 100 meters and comes on a stainless steel bracelet with a secure deployment buckle closure. It comes with the 2 year Bulova manufacturer’s warranty and a users manual.

Both these gents watch designs are good buys especially since they are two of the hottest items on the market. Remember that when you order through the Discount Watch Store you will receive free shipping anywhere in the USA, and for shipments to the UK, just add $39.

Gents Sports Watch Models by Luminox

For about $194, after a special discount at checkout, you can have the hottest watch of all: the Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch Model 3001. This piece is the authentic Swiss gents watch by Luminox with the famed illumination system that’s self-powered known as the Luminox Light Technology which uses micro gas light capsules on each of the hands and markers to glow in the dark for prolonged illuminated visibility. These Luminox watches are the official U.S. Navy SEAL timepieces.

The model we recommend is the Luminox 3001 with a fiberglass reinforced case and stainless steel back that measures 43mm in diameter and 10mm thick and is lightweight at just 1.7 oz. It features Swiss quartz movement, unidirectional bezel, scratch resistant mineral crystal, double gasket push pull crown and is water resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet. It comes with a black rubber watch strap which is 8 ¼ inches and has a secure stainless steel buckle closure.

You may also choose the Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch Model 3003 for the same price which has a luminous bright blue face instead of black. There’s a whole series of other choices in the navy SEAL watch designs, like the one that comes with a nylon/Velcro strap with official Navy SEAL logos called the Luminox 3901. It costs the same, just under $200.

The top of the line in sports and dive watch models in the Navy SEAL collection is the Luminox Black Ops Dive Watch 8401 which, after a discount, will cost about $282.
The differences between the various designs mentioned are primarily size and weight and the style of strap or band since all inner features and quality are basically the same and all are water resistant to 200 meters and are considered dive watches. Select divers watches from Luminox that best suit your style and be assured of the top Swiss technology that backs all of these sport mens watches.

All these items come with the official 2 year warranty by Luminox and an additional 10 year warranty to cover the unique illumination system. When ordered through the Discount Watch Store you will receive a jewelry box and the original owner’s manual. All this for under $200, and free delivery to your door!

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Gents Invicta Watch Designs

For a more elegant Swiss gents watch that’s automatic there’s the Invicta 9937 with old Rolex style bezel. For gents wrist watches that offer 26 jewel Swiss automatic movement, date display, shock resistance and water resistance to 200 meters, you won’t find a better price than the Invicta Watch sold through the Discount Watch Store for just $328. This piece is listed at over $800, and even with discounts is often sold around $500 at other watch dealers. And don’t worry, even though you’re getting a bargain it’s still the Invicta with the elegant polished and brushed solid stainless steel case with the famous stainless steel unidirectional rotating coin edge bezel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal on a solid stainless steel bracelet with diver buckle and safety clasp. The Discount Watch Store offers free resizing and shipping on any watches you order and send your watches in individual boxes with original owners manuals and factory warranties.

Stylish Invicta Gents Watches under 100 dollars

There’s a similar gents wrist watch, also by Invicta, which is very affordable at just under $100, which has a Rolex style bezel, but is slightly smaller. The Invicta 8926 Swiss gents watch features a polished and brushed solid stainless steel case with a see-through back and measures 40mm in diameter and 13mm thick. It has Japanese 21 jewel Miyota automatic movement, stainless steel unidirectional rotating coin edge bezel, scratch resistant mineral crystal and screw down crown. It is also water resistant to 200 meters and comes on solid stainless steel bracelet with diver safety clasp. It has date display and the hands and markers illuminate in the dark. This gents watch is stylish and practical for everyday use, and priced to fit your budget. As with all the high-end and cheap gents watches sold through the Discount Watch Store, this piece comes with the original warranty, jewelry box, and will be sized to fit you and delivered free of charge anywhere within the US. For international orders please add $39.

You may choose from a variety of other gents watches under 100 dollars, from all the brand names you trust. The Discount Watch Shop guarantees the best prices by offering to match and beat competitors prices by 4% or $12.

Citizen Gents Watches

If you’ve been searching for gents chronograph watches made by Citizen you’ll be delighted to know that the popular Citizen Chronograph Watch AT0200-05E is available through the Discount Watch Store for just $129, which saves you almost $90 over list prices. This particular Citizen gents watch is a sporty model with a green nylon strap that will fit 5 1/2 – 8 inch wrists. The Citizen AT0200-05E has a solid stainless steel case and the famous Citizen Eco-Drive movement, stainless steel bezel, scratch resistant mineral crystal, push pull crown and is water resistant to 100 meters. As with most gents chronograph watches, this piece has date display and the usual chronograph functionality with hands and markers that are luminous in the dark. It comes with the Citizen watches original owners manual and the 5 year warranty.

Citizen Titanium Watch

Mens titanium watches that will take a beating are not cheap, but they’re well worth the price when you consider that titanium is not just resistant to salt, corrosion, and other chemicals but it is also hypoallergenic. The Citizen Calibre 2100 Titanium Eco-Drive Chronograph AV0021-52H is just such an indestructible timepiece, and is well worth the $522 it costs. It features a titanium case, the Citizen Eco Drive Movement with scratch resistant mineral crystal and a screw down crown, water resistance to 200 meters, chronograph functionality such as 1/5 second chronograph, power reserve, alarm, date display and hands that illuminate in the dark. It’s set on a solid titanium bracelet with fold over clasp for security. It comes with the Citizen watches 5 year warranty and owners manual.

All the watches you select through the Discount Watch Store will be delivered within the US free of charge. They also offer free sizing, and guarantee their prices are the lowest.

Shop for high-end designer gents watches or cheap mens watch styles under 100 and receive the same quality customer service and shipping options.

Cheap gents Watches from the Discount Watch Store

Many styles of cheap gents watches that are of high quality and come with the backing of original warranties and Swiss technology are available through the Discount Watch Store for unbelievably low prices.

If you have been contemplating buying a watch for yourself or as a present, don’t hesitate to browse the wide selection of gents chronograph watches, sports watches and even fine gold gents watches that come with the best price guarantee of any online watch dealer. They have all the famous brands like Citizen, Seiko, Invicta, Casio, Cartier and Bulova watches, and all are new and authentic with warranties from the manufacturers.

One such best selling watch design is the Seiko Men’s Automatic Orange Monster Dive Watch SKX781 which retails through the Discount Watch Store for about $261. This mens automatic dive watch has the Seiko 21 jewel automatic movement, hardlex crystal, screw down crown, and is water resistant to 200 meters. It comes in sporty orange with a solid stainless steel band. It also has day and date display and the Lumibrite hands and markers that glow in the dark. It comes with the Seiko watches 3 year manufacturer’s warranty , the original owner’s manual, free sizing and free shipping.

Swiss Gents Watch by Accutron

One very popular Swiss gents watch is made by Accutron. It’s a men’s Swiss Sapphire Courchevel Chronograph 26B74 and sells through the Discount Watch Store for around $398.

This is a piece that crosses the barrier between a sport watch and an elegant gents design. It’s a chronograph Watch made from surgical grade stainless steel with Swiss quartz chronograph movement, scratch resistant/antireflective sapphire crystal and a blue mother-of-pearl dial on a solid stainless steel bracelet with deployment clasp. It comes with Accutron 5 year limited warranty an owner’s manual and free shipping. This is one elegant gents wrist watch that is very reasonable considering the quality of the piece.

Rotary Gents Watches

For a unique rotary men’s watch there’s a Vintage Stainless Steel design at the Discount Watch Store for just under $180. This vintage watch is a casual elegant design in stainless steel with a white dial and silver tone hands with roman numerals and features Swiss quartz movement, and is water resistant to 30 meters. There are several similar designs in the two-tone gold gents watches collections. Prices are under $200.

Gents rotary watches are usually vintage styles since they are either authentic pieces or replicas of the famed Swiss Rotary Watches that began in Switzerland in 1895, which were the official timepieces of the British army during the second Word War. It is now one of the most popular brands and styles for gents watches in the UK with the company headquartered in the UK as well as the partner company Dreyfuss & Co which makes exclusive gents watches.

Rotary watches may be quartz or automatic and are now water resistant and offer features like date display or faces with two time zones. For a variety of styles of these unique rotary watches, browse the collections available through the Discount Watch Store. There are some distinctive pieces for both ladies and gents in stainless steel and gold for very affordable prices. Remember that Discount Watch Store has gents watches UK customers can easily order, and while shipping is not free, it’s very affordable, just $39.

Cheap Accurist Gents Watch Designs from Amazon

Gents wrist watches that are affordable can be easily ordered online through Amazon, either in the US or the UK. Some of the best Accurist gents watches that are popular like the Accurist Mb821 Gents Watch with a gold tone bracelet costs just £36 through Amazon UK.

These watches are both stylish and affordable, made from stainless steel and plated with gold-tone finish or brushed or polished steel.

For about £90 you cana lso have a very elegant chronograph Accurist Mb828 gents watch with a two tone bracelet that comes with a 3 year warranty.

Emporio Armani Gents Watches

Distinguished Armani gents watches are much more affordable than you may think. For example Amazon UK has a stylish piece that has a stainless steel bracelet with a silver dial for about £138. This watch will ship for free within the UK.

For gold watches Emporio Armani has a gents stainless steel and gold watch that retails for about £225 through Amazon UK, and will ship for free. The Emporio Armani gents watch collections originate from Italy and are finely crafted.

The Armani gents quartz watches we recommend have stainless steel cases and bracelet with plated or genuine gold accents and have mineral crystal glass and are water resistant. Emporio Armani offers a 2 year warranty on all their watches.

From under £200 to about £300, for an Armani Meccanico sport gents watch, you can be wearing Armani style! Choose from elegant models or sport watch designs, all with the exclusive Armani logo.

Brand Name & Discount Designer Watches for Men

For other brand name and designer mens watches, you can choose to shop at the Discount Watch Store, where you will find top designers such as D&G with their popular Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Prime Time Watch for under $250.

These trendy watches give a touch of bling to the gent who is fashion conscious, who knows a watch is a piece of jewelry and not just a device to mark the hour.

Designer mens watches by Emporio Armani are also available through the Discount Watch Store, although they have a wider selection of ladies watches. However, one piece that is very affordable in the Armani gents watches collections is the bold leather strap design with amber crystal face in a rectangular shape. This piece is stylish and yet affordable at just under $132.

There are many other designers like Diesel, DKNY Giordano, Gucci and Guess to name just a few of the famous names that the Discount Watch Store features.

For example they have some ultra modern mens watches like the Diesel Men’s Digital Multi-Function Brown Leather watch for just $90.

There’s also the Fossil Men’s Stainless Steel AM3895 model with an ivory dial for just under $60. These are just a few of the bargains on designer mens watches you will find at the Discount Watch Store.

Mens Croton Watches

For more suggestions on styles and designs for mens Croton watches please see the related topic that offers recommendations specific to that brand, or go directly to the Discount Watch Store and browse thousands of watches by all the top watch manufactures and designers.

Croton Watches Review

Croton mens watches; ladies watches; croton automatic watch designs; diver watches; quartz and chronograph watches; gold and titanium watches; vintage croton watches and a little history about the famous Croton Company – this week at Jewelry & Accessories we review the popular Croton mens and ladies watches. We show you what’s available and where to buy Croton watches for the best price.

Affordable Croton Watches

If you’re looking for a high quality brand name timepiece, chances are you already know that Croton Swiss watches have been keeping time since 1878 and that since 1991 have been part of the famous Nationwide Time company. Whether you’re searching for waterproof diver watches, automatic or chronograph watches, durable leather wrist watch designs or elegant gold watches, Croton has a model to suite your lifestyle. We present this croton watch review to help you decide which watch to choose and show you where to buy them at an affordable price.

Croton Mens Watches from the Discount Watch Store

One of the best places to buy Croton watches for men is the Discount Watch Store, where prices start at just $99. For example the Croton Men’s Watch called the Roulette is a stainless steel model with Swiss quartz movement with a scratch resistant mineral crystal, and a stylish red, black and green dial. It’s water resistant up to 30 meters and comes with a black rubber strap, that looks like leather, and fits up to an 8inch wrist. It also has a LED light for reading the dial in the dark and a fun Roulette game that can actually be played. As all the Croton watches, it comes with a lifetime warranty directly from the official Croton watch company. This piece costs only $99, and is sold online through the Discount Watch Store and will be shipped free of charge anywhere in the US.

Sporty Croton Men’s Watch Designs

For just $99 there’s the sporty Grand Prix Silver Bezel model by Croton which is a stainless steel watch with silver bezel and Swiss quartz movement and a silver and black dial. This sports design is water resistant to 100 meters and comes with a black rubber strap. Also come with a limited lifetime warranty from Croton. It’s available for immediately delivery with free shipping through the Discount Watch Store.

Croton Chronograph Watch Models

The versatile and widely advertised Croton Men’s Chronomaster is one of the Croton chronograph watch models that is very affordable at just $120.

This model Croton CC311093SSRD watch has a solid stainless steel designed case with screw down back that measures 43mm in diameter and 15mm thick. It weighs 6.4 oz, has quartz movement and a scratch resistant mineral crystal and the dial is red and white with black outer accents. It comes with a solid stainless steel watch band that will fit a 6 to 8 ¾ wrist, and is securely fastened with a fold over clasp. It’s water resistant up to 200 meters, which is good enough for most divers.
The special chronograph features are a display for the date and hands and markers that illuminate.

It comes with the original Croton owners manual and the official Croton company warranty. It’s available from the Discount Watch Store who deliver free within the USA .

Another Croton chronograph watch design that’s just a little more expensive is the Croton Ceramic & SS Chronograph Watch model CC311125SSYL, which retails through the Discount Watch Store for just over $280. This mens watch is a combination of ceramic and stainless steel with Swiss quartz, a bright yellow textured dial with luminous hands and a ceramic / stainless steel strap that fits 6 ¼ to 8 ½ inch wrists. It’s water resistant to 300 meters, which equals 1000 feet, which is more than adequate even for divemasters. As with all the Croton watches, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the Croton watch company.

Croton chronograph watches are masculine and practical in design but they vary greatly in price. There are models under $100 and others over $300 and up depending on their features.

One piece that’s a mid price with lots of features is the Croton Swiss Chronomaster model which is a solid stainless steel watch with Swiss quartz movement and a scratch resistant mineral crystal. The sleek design has a black dial with luminous hands and markers with unidirectional rotating bezel, and a solid stainless strap to fit wrist sizes from 6 to 8 ½, and a secure fold over clasp. This timepiece is water resistant to 100 meters and comes with the official warranty from Croton. It’s very reasonably priced at about $216 through the Discount Watch Store. All their watches are delivered free of charge within the USA. For order of croton mens watches Canada there is a $31 delivery charge for UPS, and for all other international orders, the cost is $39 and they are also delivered by UPS. The Discount Watch Store makes ordering your Croton mens watch easy and affordable no mater where you live.

One of the top Croton watch designs is the Croton Ceramic Chronomaster model CC311136BSBK, which costs about $318 and is loaded with features. This high quality precision Croton diver watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and is constructed of ceramic and stainless steel. The stainless steel case is 40mm in diameter, and 12.5 mm tick and weighs just 5.8 oz. It has quartz movement and a scratch resistant mineral crystal and a sleek black dial with chronograph functionality that includes the date display and hands that illuminate in the dark. The watch band is sturdy made from ceramic and stainless steel band with a safe butterfly clasp. The croton watch bands fit 6 – 8 inch wrists. As with all the Croton quartz watch designs, this piece is backed by a lifetime warranty through Croton.

These and other popular Croton wrist watch models are available through the Discount Watch Store where you can read more information about each piece and select which suits you best. Order online and receive your watch in just a few days. Within the US you may have your watch next day or in 2 days using UPS. For ground shipping, it takes from 1 to 7 business days. Payments are easy to make using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or choose to pay with PayPal.

Croton Automatic Watches

There are several Croton automatic watch designs, but one of the most popular and affordable is the Croton Men’s Automatic Two Tone Black Dial model CA301154TTBK, which sells through the Discount Watch Store for just $129. It’s more in the category of elegant gents watches since it has two tone gold plated accents both on the dial and the stainless steel band. But it also has all the functionality of a sports watch, and is water resistant to 200 meters. It also features automatic movement, scratch resistant mineral crystal, a screw down crown, and the luminous hands and markers for visibility even in the dark. This elegant yet practical timepiece is ideal for the active man who needs a timepiece that is more than a watch. It’s also a stylish accessory for the man who prides himself in being ready for anything at a moments notice. Croton gold watches for just $129 are a real bargain. Shop the Discount Watch Store and save on high quality timepieces that will keep time with your busy lifestyle.

Croton Ladies Watches

A simple, elegant Croton ladies watch can be had for as little as $114, without sacrificing the quality or design you have come to expect from the famous Croton watch company. The best place to buy either a simple leather strap design or a high end Croton gold watch for women is JewelBasket, who offer watches and jewelry online at discount prices and deliver your orders right to your door.

Sporty & Elegant Croton Womens Watches

JewelBasket has Croton womens watches in a variety of styles from a basic rectangular shaped piece with a leather strap to a high end design with a mother of pearl dial and gold accents.

We start our tour of the Croton women watches with a titanium design that is sleek and modern. The RC207142TNGY model Croton titanium watch for women is only $172 at the JewelBasket and has a solid titanium case and bracelet, a carbon fiber dial and hands and markers that illuminate in the dark.

This is a very practical watch that’s water resistant for diving to 165ft. Although it’s titanium and can be worn for sports, it’s also a stylish piece of jewelry that’s sturdy enough for everyday yet delicate for special occasions. Croton womens watch designs in titanium are unique, since it’s more common for mens timepieces and jewelry to be crafted from titanium, however, many active women need a solid watch that can withstand daily use, and sometime abuse. Remember that titanium is hypoallergenic, does not tarnish, even in saltwater, and will last a lifetime. All Croton ladies watches come with a lifetime warranty and when purchased online through the JewelBasket, which is an authorized Croton watch dealer, you will also receive an elegant watch box for storage or to give as a gift.

Matching Men’s & Women’s Croton Watches

For matching mens and womens watches there’s a very affordable option for just $114. The Ladies Croton Watch model RC207624BSDW perfectly matches the mens Croton watch of the same design, and sells for the same price each through JewelBasket. Each piece is a Swiss movement watch with a white ceramic dial and comes with a genuine lizard leather watch band. This item is water resistant up to 100 ft and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Delicate Croton Wrist Watches for Ladies

If you’ve been searching for a Croton equator watch hat’s elegant and delicate in a ladies model, then you’ll be delighted with the Mother Of Pearl Dial design by Croton, model RC309050, which is a Swiss movement watch that’s part of the equator collection made from 18kt gold and stainless with sapphire crystal and a genuine mother of pearl dial.

This stylish watch is also water resistant up to 100ft. For day and eveningwear it’s a timeless classic. When ordered through the JewelBasket it costs just under $850 and comes with a gift box.

Where to buy Croton Watches

JewelBasket has a wide selection of elegant and sporty Croton watches for women under $200. The styles vary from dive watches to chic Swiss watches with gold accents. Since JewelBasket is an authorized dealer they often have croton watches for sale at reduced prices with frequent sales on select items. If you are in the market to buy croton watches for yourself or as a gift, JewelBasket is a good place to shop for ladies watches at affordable prices. However, if you need mens styles, then the best place to go is the Discount Watch Store.