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Black Diamond Jewelry for Women from Bell Jewels

Black Diamond Jewelry for Women – Black Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants – Top Quality. NARURAL Diamonds and enhanced BLUE diamond jewelry. Bell Jewels – your DIAMOND Jewelry Store online.

Natural Black Diamond Jewelry by Bell Jewels

1. About the Bell Jewels Diamond Jewelry Store

Bell Jewels, a high-end designer diamond jewelry store with affordable prices and unique black, blue, pink and other colored diamond pieces, is located at:

71 West 47th Street, Suite 1302
New York, NY 10036

Toll-Free: 1-877-993-BELL

2. Designer Diamond Jewelry Collections in New York and Abroad

Bell retails their fine diamond jewelry online, offering high quality pieces at affordable prices to international buyers.

Many of their designs are unique and exclusive to Bell Jewels because they manufacture their own creations.

They also offer some of the best gold and gemstone jewelry deals because they operate in the heart of the gem and gold suppliers district in New York City.

3. Order You Custom Diamond Jewelry from Bell

Yes, They accept custom diamond jewelry orders. If the designer Bell collections don’t have what you’re looking for, then send them a picture or drawing and they’ll create your customized piece in about a week. Bell Jewels says: “if you can picture it – we can make it!”

Engagement Rings on a Budget – Black Diamond Jewelry Under $500

Here are 7 Designer Diamond Jewelry Items for Less Than Five Hundred:

1. Black Diamond Engagement Ring – Solitaire

This 1.20ct solitaire black diamond engagement ring features a 6mm stone set in polished 14k white gold $379.

2. Antique Style Engagement Ring – Accented with 10 Black Diamonds

This piece of fine diamond jewelry has a .75ct fancy Black Diamond as the central gemstone and an additional .15ct of black diamonds accenting the band – 5 small gemstones on either side.

This unique, antique-style Engagement Ring is crafted in 14k white gold and costs $419 through Bell Jewels.

3. Rose-cut Engagement Ring – Exclusive Black Diamond Jewelry for Women

This solitaire diamond ring is a delicate classic with a clean minimalist look. The central gem measures 6mm {1.2 ct weight}, is set in 14k white gold, and retails for $375.

This is an excellent price for fine diamond jewelry in solid gold.

4. Fancy Designer Diamond Jewelry –14k gold Engagement Ring

This piece of designer diamond jewelry has 1.33ct weight of black diamonds set in 14k yellow gold. The band is accented with 16 smaller stones – 8 on each side. {Item number R447.} See R448 for the white gold version.

This piece is available online through Bell Jewels and retails for $445.

5. Antique-style Jewelry Diamond Rings – 1.15ct Gemstone

This piece has a 6.3 mm central black diamond and 10 accenting stones – 5 on either side of the band. The high polished 14k white gold is beautifully sculpted to offer an antique look.

Buy online and pay less than you would in a diamond jewelry store. At Bell it’s retailing for $479.

6. Affordable Black Diamond Jewelry for Women – Solitaire Engagement Ring

The most affordable piece of jewelry diamond rings in the Bell collections is item number R360, which is a Solitaire Black Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k white gold with a round-cut .40ct central stone in a polished band. This is a classic design that’s clean and simple.

It’s reasonably priced at $239.

7. Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

This 1.33ct engagement ring has a 6mm black diamond central stone and a series of stones along the band as well.

It’s priced at $445.

This is item number R448, identical to R447 except for the gold color.

Other Black Diamond Jewelry for Women

1. Necklace – .45ct Black Diamond Bead NECKLACE

This piece of designer diamond jewelry is crafted with almost a half carat of black diamond beads that measure between 5.5 and 2mm.

The black diamond necklace is 18-inches long and retails for $685.

2. Pendant – .60ct Black / White Diamond PENDANT

This piece of fine diamond jewelry is a masterful creation with a blend of white and black diamonds totaling .60 carats in weight, mounted in 14k white gold.

The pendant measures 19mm x 12mm and costs $419.

3. Earrings – .45ct White and Black Diamond Earrings

It’s easy to find fine diamond jewelry that’s simple, especially when it comes to earrings like studs and hoops, but unique diamond earrings are either extremely expensive or require custom designing. However, Bell has a variety of unique pieces like this pair of black and white diamond earrings with .45ct of gems, set in 14k white gold, and sculpted into an ultra modern creation.

This unusual pair of diamond earrings is priced at just $439 and can be ordered online.

Blue Diamond Jewelry

Bell Jewels stocks a selection of blue diamond jewelry and will also take custom orders. Blue diamonds are natural white ones that have been enhanced.
Prices range from $379 for simple heart-shaped blue diamond promise rings to $675 for blue diamond engagement rings and wedding band sets such as the ones pictured.

Women and Mens Diamond Jewelry Sets

Women and mens diamond jewelry sets are available with white or black diamonds, plain bands or colored stones.

Choose matching items as sets sold together or pair engagement rings, bands and mens diamond rings to create the sets you want. The designer diamond jewelry collections at Bell include:

  • Mens rings with black diamonds in tasteful designs
  • womens sets with engagement rings and wedding bands sold together
  • plain wedding bands in white or yellow gold to pair with diamond engagement rings
  • blue, champagne, green and yellow diamond engagement / cocktail / right hand rings
  • custom diamond jewelry sets in all the top diamond colors

Colored Diamond Jewelry

Fine diamond jewelry is no longer just white – even engagement rings and wedding bands can be colored.

The most popular are:

  • blue diamonds
  • champagne diamonds
  • green diamonds
  • yellow diamonds
  • pink diamond rings for women

Recently chocolate and black diamonds have been added to the list for both men and women.

Bell Jewels offers a selection of all the top colored diamond jewelry items that include rings, earrings, necklaces and wedding sets.

Browse their extensive galleries at their New York diamond jewelry store or shop their collections through their diamond jewelry online center where items are divided into color and price categories for ease of selection.

Right Hand Gemstone Jewelry Diamond Rings and Cocktail Pieces

Diamond jewelry designers are now creating elegant jewelry for wearing on the right hand – not as engagement or wedding sets, but for the pleasure of wearing genuine gemstones and diamonds as a fashion statement.

One exclusive items sold through Bell Jewels is a 1.38ct Champagne Diamond Right Hand Ring set in 14k rose gold. The featured right hand ring has a series of round-cut Fancy Brown {champagne colored} diamonds, accented by white diamonds in a an overlapping design with 5 circles spanning the upper shank.

Shop for this piece at the Bell Jewels online diamond jewelry store and pay $1,125 for this luxurious masterpiece.

While you’re shopping for diamond jewelry online, make sure to check out the gorgeous collection of gemstone pieces that feature sapphires, rubies, tanzanite, aquamarine, tourmalines, topaz and other gems, many accented with white diamonds mounted in 14k or 18k gold. One example is the natural pink sapphire right-hand ring with diamonds set in 14k white gold for $539.

Locate the Bell Diamond Jewelry Stores or Shop Online

Go to:

From Quartz Crystal Mine To Amethyst Ring

Brazilian and African amethyst heart ring designs from $37 to about $50; wide selection of sterling silver amethyst engagement rings under $100; unique gemstone blends with citrine, amethyst, topaz, peridot and other precious and semiprecious stones between $60 and $70; unusual designer settings, gem clusters, antique and unusual pink amethyst ring creations; amethyst jewelry priced under $300; rare amethyst gold ring masterpieces from $260 to about $650; elaborate multi-gem cocktail rings under $1,000; 9k and 14k gold setting choices; special savings; super sale prices available – plus detailed information about amethyst gems, where they’re mined, how they graded and what they’re worth.

Pyramids and Crystalline Crusts

Alluring due to color, clarity, size, brilliance and affordability, the amethyst quartz crystal, once considered a precious and very valuable gem, remains one of the most popular modern stones used in jewelry.

Although the cost, and therefore the investment value, of the gem has plummeted due to abundant availability (with the discovery of massive deposits around the world), the fascination with the regal purple six-sided prismatic pyramids or sparkling crystalline crusts of druzy has not diminished in the least. In fact, the demand for both African and Brazilian gems has increased to the point that designers are crafting unusual, innovative and much larger amethyst eternity ring styles and engagement rings as well as adding the gem to claddagh rings and other Celtic jewelry.

Amethyst Ring With A Large Stone

Extra large amethyst ring designs are being made with huge gemstones that would otherwise be unaffordable to most clients, mixed with other semiprecious stones to create unique cocktail rings, and priced only a little above what synthetic and faux fashion or costume jewelry items are retailing for.

Imagine a 12 carat amethyst ring for under $100! It’s possible and available in items like the Hilary Joy pink amethyst ring that’s set in textured sterling silver.

And if the entire geode structure is desired as well as a gem, then there’s the CL by Design creation, which is an amethyst geode also set into a polished sterling silver band with a second polished amethyst gemstone alongside, like a second ring but attached to the single band. The oval amethyst is over 4 carats, while the geode is a freeform measuring 28 x 31mm. The entire piece coast just under $120. Unbelievable!

Where to Buy Amethyst Rings

There are many great online outlets and amethyst gemstone jewelry shops that have high quality products, a wide designer selection and very tempting prices. Just a few of the places are:

JeGems is one of the foremost online jewelry retailers who offer genuine amethyst ring designs starting at just a little over $30 for some simple creations and going up to around $300 for large and unusual settings.

JTV offers a great variety as well, such as the amethyst and peridot ring that features an amethyst that’s almost 2 carats in weight and is accented by peridots and diamonds and set in 10k white gold, costing just $170.

At HSN there are amethyst citrine ring combinations and really stunning emerald cut amethyst ring designs that retail from about $90 to $200. One of the most astonishing collections is from designer Carol Brodie who has created a line called Rarities. Rarities is a collection of fine gemstone jewelry set in sterling silver, like the octagonal ring that features a Brazilian Rose de France also called prasiolite, and is a form of quartz, also known as rose quartz often found with amethyst and also sometimes known as pink amethyst. Lighter in color, almost translucent white with a hint of pink-lavender color, the Carol Brodie ring is an exquisite large, dramatic piece of jewelry for just $199 through HSN. The large stone amethyst rings mentioned above, like the Hilary Joy and the CL by Design items, are also sold through HSN.

Jewels For Me offers some custom design ideas for amethyst engagement rings that are simple as solitaires or embellished with diamonds. Again the prices are so affordable that it’s heartwarming to show them to a bride-to-be who may be on a budget but wants something unusual. For example there are designs with large 2 carat amethysts and as many as 22 genuine diamonds set in 14k white or yellow gold for under $750, and lots of other alternative styles for Between $400 and $500, or for about $150, a really budget conscious couple may choose some sweet and petite styles with smaller gems, smaller accent diamonds but still really beautiful designs including some that are set in detailed filigree style bands.

What About Green Amethyst Rings?

When we start talking about specific colors, we end up needing to discuss the mining of the stones, their composition, what makes a gem be the color it is and what the uses are for these gems and if they are derived from the same physical element.

To start with, we’ll simply say that green amethyst is a quartz mineral, and as such is silicon dioxide and is more correctly prasiolite, praziolit,e Amagreen, Vermarine and is of the same variety of quatz that can be pink, smokey colored as in smoky quartz and is also part of what is known as citrine which is yellow or orange. Green deposits are not always as green as might be desired, so the gems may be heat treated to make them a richer color.

Oddly enough, the amethyst stone that we connect with the richest purple color will in fact change to greenish-brown, yellow and even orange when heated. Most of the green amethyst rings have used heat treated gems. However the composition of what we call amethyst and what is prasiolite is the same when it comes to crystal shape, hexagonal, and being quite hard.

The differences are that natural green amethyst are less abundant in their natural state – strangely enough being found in such different regions as Brazil (both Minas Gerais and Bahia) and Poland. There is also green amethyst in Africa (Tanzania, Namibia and Zimbabwe) and on the other extreme some in the US and Canada.

The different colors of amethyst can sometimes be discovered in deposits of various colors and formations near one another, often in veins, beds, pyramid crystal formations or inside what looks like a crusted capsule of volcanic rock.

While green amethyst jewelry is still relatively affordable, it is interesting that it is overall a little more expensive than the more famous purple, lavender or violet stones which are better known.

Many of the same online jewelry stores and dealers offer green and lavender or purple amethyst designs and sometimes pink and other light shades or heat treated varieties in unusual styles. To add to the list of good sources to buy jewelry, you can find excellent quality items also at Heavenly Treasures. Prices for elaborate ring designs are in the $400 and $500 range.

Before An Amethyst Gold Ring Can be Made…

The stones must be found….

The purple Amethyst quartz denoted by Greeks as being wine color yet being thought to prevent inebriation, are found in two main forms: the tall slender pyramids or prismatic crystals and the druzes, which in fact are just the crystal pointy tips inside crusts of other stones.

Like all gemstones, the locations where they are found determines color and composition. For example the variety that is mined in Mexico (Vera Cruz) tends to be a paler color, more a soft violet, and may even be clear, or may be colored on the outside and be clear inside giving them a very translucent quality. Yet, still in Mexico, the ones mined from a region called Guerrero are often very rich and deep in color and are likewise a dark purple on the inside, which creates the illusion that they radiate their color from within and not just from the light they refract on the surface.

The immensely famous amethysts that are mined from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, and the ones from Rio Grande do Sul, and almost equally famed Bahaia region, are actually a type of crystalline formation known as druzy crusts and have developed in pockets or capsule-like encased deposits of volcanic rock. It’s very interesting to see the vugs, as they are also called, opened to exhibit their dazzling white and purple sparkling gems within. Often they are sold as they are, with the crust on the outside and the crystals jutting up within, as ornaments. Usually these types of crystals are white at the base and may also be slightly gray, and only the top areas reflecting the deepest of purple color ranges.

There are some Brazilian crystals that are sliced open and used to create unusual pieces of jewelry with flat surfaces, often multicolored, and sometimes used for pendants or icons because they may carved. These amethysts are most common in an area called Maraba, Brazil. The crystals may be very large, enough to create artistic works and sculptures in the gems, too large for jewelry, but ideal as art.

The amethyst that comes from Uruguay are also formed inside druzy crusts that are volcanic in nature and are similar to the Brazilian ones. However, some are known to be yellow, orange and even somewhat red rather than just purple. However, the purple tends to be medium and deep and is of high quality, often used in fine jewelry.

Canada also has amethyst that is unusual and distinctive to the region of Thunder Bay. It may be found with reddish inclusions of hematite and the cluster crystals are found in metamorphic rocks that are encased in druzy crusts but are in fissures just below the surface.

African amethyst gems are not always the best ones, however since they are large and can be polished and treated, they are used in jewelry that’s affordable, and to the untrained eye will appear as gorgeous as the better Brazilian or Russian ones. Since the crystals are often so large, they are often used for sculpture as well.

Russian amethysts are mined in the Ural Mountains and are thought to be the best in the world, which is why they are rare and not sold in cheap or discount amethyst rings but reserved the highest finest jewelry items. It’s interesting to note that they are so well prized that even none Russian amethysts may be graded as being Siberian, which simply means they of that grade or quality. The main grades of amethyst crystal gems are based on location of origin, such as Brazilian Bahain, Russian Siberian, and even Uruguayan. The majority of the world’s amethyst gemstones used in jewelry are from either Brazil or Uruguay (although there is some from Zambia and Namibia in Africa).

The variants in color are amazing when it comes to quartz crystals and the purple amethyst, as we have already discussed a little, is only one of the many types that are all considered similar and are used as gems and have a composition of silicone with color variations ranging from clear, yellow, green to blue, pink, purple.

The popular gem known as citrine, which is a gorgeous soft yellow or a deep vibrant orange may in fact be created by heating amethyst. Then there’s the prasiolite variety, which we have touched on, and this is not really true amethyst but is often called so and is green….making some people call the gem green amethyst when in fact it’s prasiolite. Rose quartz is also a form of stone with a similar composition as is Smoky quartz, which tends to be grey or brown and although is not amethyst is of the same family and can be mined in a similar region. All are silicon dioxide. The famous purple crystals are so colored due to impurities, or inclusions of iron. They are all quite hard gems, considered to be about a 7 on mohs scale however they do tend to be brittle.

What to look for when buying amethyst jewelry

It doesn’t matter if the gem is from Siberia, the standard of the best is Russian…Siberian quality is about looking for the deepest and richest purple possible and that will likely include flashes of red or rose colors and the best of all will have blue flashes.

When examining a ring, use natural light, and search for the best translucent clarity. You will not accept any flaws whatsoever that are visible. Amethysts are so abundant that only the flawless ones should end up in a quality amethyst ring. They will not have inclusions. You are not buying an emerald or a ruby which have natural flaws even in the best gems, but a stone that offers perfect clarity and translucency, so that light should pass through every bit of the stone. No excuses and no exceptions be the gems large or small.

When it comes to the best cuts for an amethyst, round brilliant is one of the most common because it allows multiple facets that accentuate the rich color and the translucent flawless clarity. However, since the gems are perfect, in most cases any cut will be gorgeous if done professionally and mounted to suite the cut.

Untreated gems will range in color from a deep purple to a light violet or even a pallid reddish pink-violet or may be quite transparent, almost clear. The ones that have been treated with heat between about 500 to 700 degree Celsius, may be yellow, orange, red, brown and even green.

By the way, the amethyst is the birthstone for February, but aside from the usual fun birthstone notions of pertaining to an astrological sign, amethysts are considered especially powerful gems for those who believe in crystal energy.

Their power is not just a new age idea but an ancient theory that was held by medicine men and those who used crystals to heal the body. In case you want to use sterling silver amethyst ring to test out the theory, try holding the gemstone to your skin and see if your headaches are lessened. It is said to aid those who suffer from backache and those with problems in the pancreas. As healing agents or not, crystals have the power of beauty and inspiration within their prismatic chambers that capture light and color like few other gems, including diamonds.

Photo Courtesy of National Geographic News

A Side Note About Crystals – Giant Crystals Within The Earth

While researching the way in which certain high quality white gold amethyst rings start out (as crystals in tubes and fissures and crusted volcanic cones and crusts, which are then cut and polished and crafted into jewelry), we came across some truly astonishing relatively new information about crystals.

In the year 2000, in an existing silver (and other semi-precious metals) mine (the Naica mines) in Chihuahua Mexico, due to pumping out massive amounts of underground mineral water, a cavern that was 300 meters below the surface of the ground was discovered. The Cueva de los Cristales (The Crystal Cave) contains the largest crystal formations ever seen on the planet. In temperatures that are as high as 50 degrees and with 100 percent humidity in the depth of this underground crystalline wonderland, the crystals reached weights of around 50 tons, with prismatic structures strutting up and out in all directions, in some cases as long as 11 meters.

Although these crystals will hopefully never end up as jewelry on anyone’s body, the awe they inspire is more than all the gems and crown jewels combined. The caves may well vanish once again into their watery depths when the mineral water the Naica corporation is currenly pumping out, in stopped. To view some more information about this crystal phenomenon here are a couple videos:

NAICA – A Caverna dos Cristais Gigantes

And Now….Back To Jewellry

For more information on amethyst and pearl ring designs as well some interesting creations with peridot and amethyst, as well as a unique designer amethyst ruby ring, please see related posts. If you’re interested in gemstone jewelry, be it affordable amber rings or high end vintage jewellery with emeralds and rubies, or the latest items crafted from diamonds or CZs, we offer what you need to know to buy everything from cocktail rings to investment quality emeralds.

Womens and Mens Claddagh Rings

Unusual Claddagh engagement rings and wedding sets in 14K gold with diamonds and other gemstones under $400 or over a thousand; unique handcrafted Trinity wedding sets; Celtic wedding rings and engagement sets; Irish claddagh ring designs with emeralds…. We show you where to purchase Irish / Celtic jewelry online direct from Dublin, Ireland.

This week we’ve come across a wonderful online shop that has genuine Irish claddagh wedding rings that are truly unique and crafted in gold with precious stones and/or diamonds, called Irish Celtic Jewels.

Not all Celtic wedding bands are equal, and this is obvious when you take a look at items like the 14k Claddagh Crossover Kiss Ring with diamonds; a two-tone gold design that crosses traditional elements with sleek contemporary styling. For just $373, this delicate claddagh wedding ring can be part of a bridal set or the only item of jewelry. It’s a strong enough symbol to be worn alone.

For something unusual, there’s an emerald Irish claddagh ring that’s crafted in 14k white gold and has 4 diamonds and 4 emeralds. The loving heart cradled by the hands of friendship and the crown of loyalty are the central part of the band, with the gemstones being set in a channel on the 3mm wide band. This piece, as all the items sold through Irish Celtic Jewels, has the Dublin castle hallmark.

Claddagh Engagement Ring – Loyalty, Friendship and Love

A claddagh engagement ring with a medium sized diamond center stone is a piece that Irish couples will value for its traditional symbolism, but may also be a unique engagement ring for any couple, from around the world, who desires a more significant ring style than just a band with gems. The Claddagh design is about series of symbols that represent the unbreakable bond that’s forged through loyalty, friendship and love. It’s more than just metal and precious stones. The style shown here as an example with a .25 carat diamond costs about $1, 500. It can be ordered in white or yellow gold for the same price.

Although the basic womens or mens claddagh rings all use the same symbolic motif of the hands, heart and crown, the way in which these three elements of the design can be embellished is endless. One of the more unusual ways is that the heart area may have a quilted pattern, like this one that uses 8 diamonds to complete the heart patchwork. The effect is more brilliant because there are more facets to each gem. The slender fingers of the hands holding the quilted heart are polished to a sheen and the detail of the crown is exquisitely finished. This is a much more delicate, feminine design than some of the others, and is so well finished and polished, it resembles platinum, although it is actually white gold.

A more rustic gold claddagh ring style that has charming gems, and could be a promise ring or engagement ring, even a wedding band, is the 14k gold piece with emeralds and diamonds set around the edge of an open heart. This piece is just one of many examples of what can be done to make the claddagh different.

Personalized Gemstone Claddagh Rings

Speaking of making the ring personal, how about your birthstone gem in the heart. Be it an engagement ring, a wedding band or even a claddagh promise ring for a friend, the stone can be anything you desire. These sterling silver claddagh ring styles are really affordable at just $67 each.

From deep purple amethyst to rich blue topaz; and from lustrous red garnet to light green peridot, there’s a claddagh ring with your particular stone in it. The ring sparkles with cubic zirconia set around the band, of each one you choose, although there are some of the central stnes that are also colored CZs, stones, like the pink sapphire, which is really a pink CZ, or the green CZ, or even a clear CZ that looks like a large transparent diamond.

Mens Claddagh Rings

The gold mens claddagh rings that are polished and have no gemstones or diamonds, but are finely crafted in 14k yellow or white gold, cost just over $600 and come in sizes up to 13. These are handcrafted, hallmarked in the Dublin assay office (Dublin castle), and are genuine pieces of Irish traditional jewelry. There’s also a heavy gents design; actually a men’s claddagh ring that is really solid with a 5mm band that costs almost $1,200. These can be used as wedding claddagh rings or as gifts to the man in your life, or to a best friend, lover or anyone to whom loyalty and love apply.

Irish claddagh rings are often sold with a variety of complimentary Celtic jewelry pieces. Engagement rings and gorgeous knotted wedding bands. Irish and Celtic jewelry is one of the most romantic and expressive (also symbolic) styles of wedding and engagement ring designs that are made.

With knots, twists, waves, crosses and gemstones, engraved symbolism and delicate artistry, both mens and womens rings can have meaning far beyond the monetary value of the piece, even beyond the sentimental value, because Irish and Celtic jewelry, like Claddagh and Trinity designs are about eternity, the mystery of nature and the mysticism of love.

For more information on Celtic Jewelry, please browse the related topic that deals with handcrafted, eco-friendly and knotted Celtic wedding rings and other beautifully strange, almost medieval, designer Celtic jewelry. Find out where to get unusual styles from Celtic specialty shops online.

Fashion Pearl Rings (Part XXII)

Fashion pearl rings: from classic Chanel pearls to modern Mawi industrial fashion jewelry elegance; vintage rings with seed pearls; cheap bridal jewelry; fashionable chocolate pearls— these are just a few of many items featured at Jewelry & Accessories!

Fashion Jewelry Contradictions – Trends for 2010

Fashion jewelry from New York and London Fashion Week runways has been all about geometric architectural sexy, mixed media – gold, silver, titanium; chunky gemstone, rhinestone and delicate pearl beads, pave cubic zirconia cuff bracelets, contemporary retro, art deco 30’s, vintage 80’s classics; glitzy sparkle, dangle, disc and hoop earrings; severe color: turquoise, teal, hot pink and vibrant yellow; smoky quartz, rich chocolate, lavender, purple; delicate floral chiffon and teeny dainty belts; peacock and abalone; ivory lace and white pearls; giant cocktail rings in stark black and white; industrial, sophisticated, feminine. Sound like contradictions? Welcome to beautiful clashes in fashion jewelry trends for 2010!

Mawi Industrial Fashion Pearl Rings


You may already know all about the latest industrial pearl jewelry by Mawi, but just in case you blinked during fashion week, here’s a view of the Claw Set Pearl Ring and a few other choice pieces by eccentric designer Mawi. The “claw” is high-end fashion costume jewelry that’s not exactly cheap, yet for those “in the know”, it needn’t be ‘real’ to be really chic!

The Claw pearl ring is gold plated with ivory faux pearls and costs £216.00 or €250.56, available directly from the Mawi online jewelry shop. The second fashion jewellery piece from Mawi that merits more than a mention is it’s claw cousin but in luscious black. It’s the same price except it’s set in a wide silver band and has luminous black faux pearls instead of the ivory ones above.


Pearl costume jewelry for 2010 would not be complete if it were not for cabochon pearl rings, also by Mawi, which come in white pearl and gold plating, or black pearl and sterling silver. Either costs £203.00 or €235.48. There’s no faux pas in either of these faux pearl cocktail rings!

HSN Celebrity Trends and Designer Fashion Pearl Rings

Where the runways end, the designer jewelry price tags begin, and all too often they begin far beyond our budgets. However, HSN Jewelry makes runway designer style affordable in fashion rings from eclectic cocktail glam to dainty bridal classics, like:


George Barse Smoky Quartz Pearl Cocktail ring

Famous Studio Barse has created a pearl cocktail ring for under $130, with a pear-shaped smoky quartz surrounded by a sea of 3mm cultured freshwater pearls, in a cluster pearl ring design in 925 sterling silver. Artist and jewelry designer George Barse has captured the essential contradictions of cosmopolitan architectural with sophisticated feminine. The gemstones and pearls are genuine, although in fashion jewelry, natural stones and pearls are usually treated to bring out luster or richer tones.


Faux Chocolate Pearl Ring Masterpiece

Chocolate pearl ring designs look on silently as a burgundy color dyed freshwater pearl ring struts its stuff on center stage. With six 5mm brown cultured pearls around another large 9mm one, this sterling silver ring has nothing to be ashamed of.

Its flower petals are delicate hearts, its setting is high polished silver, and it sells through HSN for just under $35!


Peacock, Turquoise and Lavender Pearls

Peacock and jade in an iridescent lavender and turquoise pearl ring attracts attention with a 15mm bezel-set jade cabochon and peacock color freshwater pearls set in a rhodium plated silver band. Yes the 3 or 4mm pearls are real, although they’ve been dyed from their original black to radiate turquoise and lavender tones. This is one Fashion ring that won’t get lost in the crowd! How much does it cost to be a peacock? About $70!


White Freshwater Pearl Charm Ring

Noa Zuman fashion jewelry – beautiful contrasts of architectural form and feminine pearl, like the piece called Shazira. With a touch of Eastern exotic, and a whole lot of modern texture, this cultured freshwater pearl charm ring, with an 8mm pearl, set in a unique sterling silver band, coated with a thick layer of 14K yellow gold, will not disappoint. This piece, polished to a sheen, comes in small ring size 5, as well as all sizes up to 10. It’s made in Israel and retails through HSN for just under $40.


Pearl Stretch Ring

How about something simple? A pearl stretch ring, perhaps? For just $15 there’s a piece from Designs by Veronica and it features 3 rows of 6mm multicolored cultured button pearls in a stretch band ring accented by sterling silver spacers. The pearl colors range from gray to peacock and purple and slip son easily with the elasticized thread used to connect the gems and will fit any finger from size 7 to 10. This is a good Christmas present for a young lady (yes rings for young girls are still a hit), but you’d better hurry and order if you want it shipped on time.


A Tween Pearl Promise Ring

This design is delicate and graceful for any young lady – teen or tween, as a promise ring or a gift from any loved one. It’s just $79 and has a 4mm pearl and two round-cut diamonds set in a slender 14k gold band. It comes in small ring size 3 to 5 so it’s ideal if you’re looking for rings for young girls in classic styles. Notice that this is a genuine freshwater pearl ring with diamonds and is crafted with scrollwork carvings around both sides of the slender band.

Fashion Pearl Bridal Jewelry


On a limited budget, engagement rings and wedding bands may be fashion jewelry too, and they needn’t look cheap to be affordable. In the least expensive designs there’s one piece for under$60 retailing through HSN. It features a round Chinese freshwater pearl in an eternity ring band. It’s simply dripping with sparkle from the pave round CZ gems that accent the 10mm cultured pearl set in sterling silver. Yes it’s a silver eternity ring and pearl ring all in one and could be both an engagement and wedding band. It’s from Designs by Veronica and comes in its very own jewelry box. You may order it in ring sizes 5 through 11.


Button Cluster Pearl Ring

With bridal jewelry in mind, there’s another item, unusual for an engagement ring, but may be just the piece if you’re not wanting a classic design. This is a genuine cultured button pearl ring with six 5mm pearls separated by .08 carats of white topaz gems in a polished sterling silver, triple-split tapered shank. When it comes to fashion pearl ring creations, this piece is hardly costume jewelry since it’s crafted with genuine gems and pearls, but the price is very fashionable at just under $40.


Sterling Silver Caviar Pearl Ring

We can’t leave HSN without showing you a pearl encrusted cocktail bauble called the Caviar Cultured Pearl Ring, which is indeed a lustrous caviar-like display with about thirty-five 2.5 or 3mm white pearls arranged across an oval dome with a milgrain border in antiqued silver above a high polished sterling band. Perfectly round seed pearls are often only seen in vintage or very expensive antique jewelry, so this is really a find, and it only costs $39 if ordered through HSN. It comes in small ring size 5 as well as 10 and 11. This piece is a high luster seed pearl ring, and customers who have bought it say it’s very comfortable despite it being large, and it’s one of the “Customer Picks” that’s been featured on HSN TV. By the way, if you’re worried about it being too big for your petite hands, I should tell you that I’ve seen this ring on delicate, very slender, fingers and it didn’t look heavy at all. In part this is due to the way the ring fits so well. It’s true to size so you don’t have to order a size up or down like you may have to with many fashion rings that are not so well sized.


Classic Chanel Costume Jewelry

This may not be a new “trendy” piece, but Coco Chanel is always in style! This particular Chanel fashion pearl ring has a classic feel with a wide gold band for a bit of a contemporary edge. It’s high-end fashion jewelry, so naturally it’s priced accordingly at about $500, but….it’s an authentic Chanel ring with the famous Swarovski crystal heart that rests on top of the pearl, and yes it has the logo carved into the gold-tone band, and a CC dangling charm. It’s made in France, sold online through official Chanel retailers.

Cheap Fashion Bridal Jewelry Rings

In cheap bridal jewelry and fashion accessories there’s a variety of fashion pearl rings from Bling Jewelry. Here is a list of what you can order:

  • Bridal rose pearl ring with cubic zirconia and sterling silver band for about $40.
  • Costume freshwater pearl flower ring with cubic zirconia for about $50.
  • Two-tone fashion pearl ring large cocktail style for about $65.
  • Fashion pearl rose blossom ring in a sterling silver band for about $45.
  • Fashion freshwater pearl ring for about $35.
  • Bling-gold-fashion-pearl-ring
  • Mother of pearl fashion flower ring for about $110.
  • Fashion pearl starfish ring for about $60.
  • Costume button pearl ring vintage style for about $60.
  • 925 sterling silver fashion jewelry ring – rose bridal ring for about $50.
  • Silver Mother-of-pearl butterfly ring with cubic zirconia for about $50.
  • Bling-gold-fashion-pearl-earrings-bridal-jewelry
  • Sterling silver mother of pearl ring for about $40.
  • Fashion Antique pearl ring in sterling silver with baguette diamonds for $50.
  • Freshwater fashion pearl ring with diamonds for about $300.

Don’t forget to choose matching fashion pearl earrings from Bling Jewelry.

Ross Simons High Quality Jewelry Rings & Fashion Earrings


If you’re looking for high-end handmade jewelry, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and large cocktail rings, or even delicate bridal jewelry, you will likely find everything you need for under $100 at Ross Simons. If you have a little more in your budget there are also pearl necklace designs and very usual pearl rings to tempt you to spend thousands. But don’t worry, the categories are separated, so if you can’t afford to be tempted beyond $100, you won’t be!


In the budget sections, there are so many designs to choose from, including turquoise jewelry and fashion bracelets with faux stones, cocktail rings with cluster pearls and even beaded jewelry. The best way to know Ross Simons is to see for yourself, so here are some of their pieces in living color:

Mother of Pearl Ring under 100 dollars


For a flower design, this gray mother of pearl ring is not only delicate and unusual but very affordable at just $70. The petals are crafted from iridescent pearl and the center is a silvery round 10mm cultured pearl set in a sterling silver band. This is a very feminine cocktail ring easily paired with silver pearl stud earrings and a simple pearl bracelet.


Pearl Flower Ring

Continuing with the floral ring design theme, which is very popular this year, Ross Simons has an exclusive 11mm cultured pearl ring with the pearl set in 18k gold and the band being a high polished silver. Floral pieces can often be fussy or cluttered, but this piece is crisp and clean being mostly polished metal with just the one single pearl. It’s only $70!


Versatile Lavender Pearl Ring

As mentioned earlier, lavender and purple jewelry – and all things retro/vintage and art deco – are trendy this year, and so…we present a very affordable costume jewelry option that has a little of all these trends crafted into a fashion pearl ring with a large, oval lavender jade center, encircled by four 5mm round cultured pearls and 4 oval lapis gems set into a rich 14kt yellow gold mounting. This is one purple ring that is versatile and can be matched with light chiffon cocktail dresses as easily as it may accent dark colored formal suits. Pair it with white pearl stud earrings for daywear with dresses, or dangle drop pearl earrings or even chandelier styles for evening, and add a silver cuff bracelet for yet another look. This ring’s suggested price is over $500, but Ross Simons offers it for only $140.


Ross Simons Fashion Cluster Pearl Ring Designs

There are two good bargains on cluster pearl rings that have mother of pearl centers. One has a white center and the other is iridescent peacock color. They’re both set in sterling silver, and the pearls and mother-of-pearl is all genuine, which makes the prices seem too good to be true. Either pieces are just $39. This includes forty-four 3mm freshwater pearls clustered around a 15mm round luminous mother of pearl, accented by a sterling silver circle. The ring is wide at the shank, where the seed peals are embedded, but tapers down to a comfortabe rounded band. They are available in ring size 6 and 10.


Cheap Costume Jewelry Bargains – Pink Mother of Pearl Ring

Pink is trendy and classic all in one. And Ross Simon’s domed, pink pearl ring is a bargain at just $52. Here’s why: It has four large, curved pieces of mother of pearl wrapped around the top of a sterling silver ring with .65 ct. imitation diamond CZ (cubic zirconia). It’s large enough to get noticed as an evening cocktail ring, but feminine and tasteful enough for daywear.


Antique Pearl Ring Style in Sterling Silver

With antique filigree scrollwork and a crown-like shank, this 13.5mm freshwater pearl makes for a sterling silver ring delight. It sits high, with the lustrous white pearl as the focal point of a glamorous cocktail ring with sculpted scrolls, hearts and beads in a filigree design. This is one of those timeless pieces that can be worn to formal black-tie events, and we suggest adding an antique pearl bracelet and earrings to complete the ensemble. The ring is priced at only $60 and the matching earrings and bracelets start at about $45 and go up to around $70.


Get the most from Jewelry & Accessories

If you’re searching for the best fashion bridal jewellery, pearl earrings, pearl choker or trendy jewelry like pink pearls for young girls, or investment quality south sea pearl designs, or the latest turquoise pearl ring, the shops we’ve recommended in our pearl jewelry series have it all. From real peals by Shecy Pearl Jewelry, to imitations by Bling, Emitations, HSN, Ross Simons, and many other jewelry shops – Jewelry & Accessories has worked hard to bring YOU the very best fashion jewelry rings so you can start buying pearls with ease and confidence. If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, or if you need more information on pearl quality, shape, style, or even are curious about pearl history, please select another article from the list.

Titanium Mens Engagement Rings

Mens Engagement Rings UK free delivery on standard orders / Cheap Titanium Engagement Bands starting at £39 /with diamonds under £100 / Mens Black Engagement Rings; Cable Rings, two-tone spinner rings; cross ring deigns, styles with motifs and anodized colors, and the famous Tioro Men’s Diamond Engagement Ring just £99 – information on where to shop in the UK for the best styles and prices on titanium rings and mens jewelry of excellent quality, in modern designs that are affordable.

Who Wears Men’s Engagement Rings ?

Men’s engagement bands in the UK and the US are a relatively new concept, although in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway it has been a tradition for a man to receive an engagement ring. Nowadays it may double as the ring used during the wedding ceremony, but if not, should a second ring be offered as the wedding band, then the engagement ring is moved from the left hand to the right, not worn together as a set on one hand. Another beautiful tradition is that, in Sweden, a woman will receive three rings: the engagement ring, the wedding band and a third which represents motherhood.

Betrothal and engagement jewelry for men is not only a Nordic custom, although male versions of engagement jewelry are less common outside Scandinavian countries, some women in Spain will give a piece of jewelry to their betrothed after receiving their diamond ring. In the past, the most common item for a lady to give her Señor was a stainless steel bracelet or a watch with an inscription.

However, it’s becoming a trend in the UK and the US for modern couples to give each other a ring to seal their promise of marriage, but since it’s not traditional, the question arises: what kind of ring to give a man? There are two replies to this. One is to give a ring that will then be used as the wedding band, therefore it may have a diamond or may match the ladies wedding set. The second option is to give a ring that is unique and can later be worn as a mens right hand ring. In either case, it has become popular to choose titanium or stainless steel as the metal instead of silver or gold.

Titanium Rings For Men

In the UK, one source for buying the men engagement ring styles that are becoming popular is H. Samuel. Why? Because they have collections specifically catering to this recent trend. One collection is the Tioro titanium ring series that is crafted with male engagement in mind, but offers some unusual choices that are contemporary yet elegant and very affordable. The top Tioro men’s diamond engagement ring costs only £99 and is a solid titanium band that features two grooves with black accents and a small central diamond. It’s very tasteful and masculine yet can easily be matched with a ladies titanium band. It can double as a wedding ring or be used in the Scandinavian way: on the left ring finger, then transferred to the right hand.

The same basic design is available with a unique twist. Where the above item has grooves in black, another version uses anodized titanium to give a rich blue hue to the double channels. Anodizing, by the way, is the process by which white titanium is altered at a molecular level to produce vivid colors, often yellow, blue, green and even purple (amongst others) and is not an inlay or enamel that scratches off easily. If properly done, anodized titanium will alter the color of the metal about half-way through the ring and therefore be very durable. In the case of the Tioro diamond design, the blue is a subtle accent within a groove, and therefore not very pronounced, but there are other styles that offer much more color. Let’s have a look at these options for colored titanium mens engagement rings also by Tioro.

  1. not much different than the two above, however the blue grooves are wider and therefore the blue anodized titanium grooves are more pronounced. Also the small diamond in the center is not surrounded by blue but left on a solid white background that accents the brilliance of the translucent gem much better. It’s still the same price, just £99, and is available through H. Samuel The Jeweller.
  2. rounded and smooth instead of flat or square, are the engagement rings for mens fingers that offer a more classic shape, but still have a contemporary edge – two blue grooves, and a central diamond. Still an affordable choice that’s elegant and can be switched to the right hand after the wedding. Matching ladies styles are also available should you wish to create matching His and Hers sets.
  3. also from the Tioro mens engagement rings collections, is this blend of titanium and stainless steel, featuring double anodized grooves but more diamonds: three clear gems surrounded by blue. This is a slightly more expensive version which costs about £119.
  4. perhaps the most unusual, and a touch more dramatic, is the colorful men engagement ring creation by Tioro that is very, very blue. Anodizing has been used to alter the concave area of the central band, leaving only the rounded outer rim in the pure white metal. The diamond accent is set with a circle of white titanium amidst a sea of blue. This item is also priced very reasonably at just £109.

If your beginning to wonder if all cheap mens engagement rings are accented with blue, then rest at ease, because there are zillions of other colors to choose from. For example, some couples who have been shopping for mens GOLD engagement rings, finding them expensive, have opted to go with titanium that has yellow accenting. One of these items is a very elegant design, made by Tioro, and affordable at just under £100. What’s unique in that this item has two grooves that appear to be gold plated or inlaid with yellow gold but are anodized titanium in a rich golden yellow tone instead.

There are more dramatic yellow titanium pieces that look like vibrant yellow gold and are even more affordable, not in the Tioro line, but still in the H. Samuel collections, for just under £80. One example is the design that features a masculine motif, a tribal design, yet is still suitable for an engagement ring that can later be passed to the right hand and worn as regular jewelry. It’s unusual with the dual tones of metal, yet not too casual. Depending on what bridal set has been chosen for the lady, this may be a wedding band for him, or may be purchased in a smaller size for her. It’s available in a two-tone spinner ring design that has two different shades of titanium but no color. For a subtle choice, the one that is not anodized with yellow or blue will be a more classic option.

There are delicate choices that have just a hint of yellow but could easily be affordable alternatives to buying mens gold engagement rings because they cost only about £80 yet look very chic. Although the motif is considered tribal it’s very light and subtle with a soft yellow golden tone mixed with the white titanium around the band and a highly polished rounded edge.

Naturally there are many other colors to choose from, not just yellow or blue, however one of the most popular and masculine choices for engagement jewelry for men are the black ring designs that are mostly crafted from tungsten and titanium. Let’s take a look at the top designs in the engagement collections and see how much they costs and compare to other metals and styles.

Mens Black Engagement Rings

Although the famous black titanium cable rings are masterfully crafted and many men love the idea of a cable running through a piece of aero grade titanium on their finger, however, for engagement purposes the settings may be more appropriate done in a less casual or less industrial styles, with softer motifs, a bit of diamond as an accent, perhaps even a diamond-polished titanium band that has high luster. Perhaps some couples will want a symbol that’s religious, a cross or an icon-like insignia with some personal or Christian meaning that they both share. Encompassing all these features is a gorgeous piece of jewelry for a man – a black titanium diamond engagement ring that has a central cross motif created with seven small diamonds. The overall effect is elegant, geometric, contemporary and masculine, yet appropriate as wedding engagement rings for him, or as sets for him and her. What’s great is that this design costs just under £90. Even a set of two is affordable.

Another sleek, modern black titanium ring design that’s very affordable is the titanium twin groove ring that’s two-tone black and white metal, less formal than some, but appropriate as a funky wedding band for a contemporary couple. It costs just under £70 so it’s a viable option for those on a tight budget.

Ultra cheap mens engagement rings in titanium usually will not be black or have diamonds, which is why the 6mm titanium ring with diamonds sold through H. Samuel is a real find. It costs only £45, yet features a richly polished black titanium band with double grooves and a series of tiny diamonds strategically placed along the band and set in small squares of white titanium to enhance the gem’s sparkle. Although the diamonds are subtle, the overall effect is elegance, not easily found in such inexpensive designs.

Why Not To Choose Mens Silver Engagement Rings

Couples who decide to go with silver as the metal for their wedding bands or engagement rings often do so because silver is the most affordable metal. However, as we’ve seen, titanium designs are not expensive and offer a greater degree of style and color flexibility as well as durability. Although there are mens engagement ring designs crafted in silver with gold accents and diamonds or CZ gems, and there are enamel inlays and lots of etchings and carved or engraved motifs in silver, when it comes to price versus quality, silver is the inferior choice. Why?

There are several reasons why a man should not choose to wear silver as an everyday jewelry item. First, silver will tarnish, scratch and dent. It’s known to cause allergic reactions, will often change color when subjected to chlorine or other chemicals, and even everyday normal type cleaners may cause discoloration or damage the silver. Therefore, especially for men who are active in sports, who work with their hands or have jobs where their jewelry may come into contact with any form of chemical compounds, including some hand cleaners, silver is not the best choice because it will not stand up to the test of time. Titanium, even anodized black and colored styles, when crafted properly, usually come with lifetime warranties against breaking, scratching and being ruined in most obvious ways. Simply put, spending between £50 and £100 for a silver ring versus the same expenditure for a titanium one may represent no economic difference but may mean that in 5 years time, should you choose the titanium one, the ring will still look like the day it was put on your finger, versus the silver one that may be almost unwearable.

Classic designs that are equal to the silver ring choices are abundant, and you needn’t spend very much extra. There are titanium bands for as little as £39 to £49 that look better than the equivalent silver ones. Whether you want a brushed finish or a smooth, round, polished band that’s simple and classic, your best choice will unquestionably be titanium.

Some pieces, in fact, are so smooth and well polished and white that they mimic the look of platinum, one of the most expensive wedding and engagement ring choices a man can get. The fact of the matter is that titanium is considered the best possible metal for jewelry, for durability, strength, design, and even for being hypoallergenic. It’s a metal that will not dent or scratch and will not become worn and ugly even after years of wear. Naturally, the more expensive the item, the better the finish, and therefore the longer it will last, but even the cheap mens black engagement rings will last – so long as you ensure that the anodized area has been done to about half way through the thickness of the band. Alternatively there are designs that blend titanium with silver to get a two-tone effect, and while these items are not solid titanium, the durability of these pieces will be better than a solid sterling silver one. Price difference is not much. A silver and titanium blend is about £70 or £80 the same as one in a solid metal, the only real difference is the dual color. However similar looks can be achieved with stainless steel and titanium blends.

For more detailed information on specific styles of titanium rings for men and women, please view related topics such as: Unique Titanium Rings from the Edward Mirell collections; and Ladies Titanium Ring Options through the titanium Workshop and Titanium Era, as well as where to shop for the top wedding bands, women’s rings with gemstones and even Christian rings. If you’d also like to compare with Silver Rings, we offer some information on prices, styles and where to shop. Regarding Gold Rings, we also have suggestions for unique styles for both men and women and also show where to get the best deals should you wish to buy online. Oh, and just in case you’re a Spanish lady looking to buy an engagement watch for your man, we also offer suggestions for where to get the top men’s Titanium Watches.

An Amethyst Ruby Ring by Paolo Costagli

An 18k white gold ruby ring set with accenting prongs in yellow gold; 1.46 carats of rubies, 4.75 carats of amethyst and .17 carats if pave set diamonds along the band – that’s what the exclusive Paolo Costagli creation offers when it comes to materials, the gold as the metal, the ruby and amethyst as the gemstones. Yet, when it comes to romance, elegance or a way for a man to say I love you to a lady or for a woman to say “I love myself”, the precious materials give way to the designers ability to capture light with contrasting colors, to bring life and vibrancy to the hands of a woman using gems as icons of eternal youth.

Paolo Costagli is a designer of fine jewelry – categorize him if you must as modern and geometric; certainly not your average creator of solitaire or cluster gemstone engagement rings and wedding bands. The ruby engagement rings and other gemstone jewelry pieces in the collections offer not just an alternative to diamonds or traditional gemstone settings, but proffer a means to proclaim statements of individuality and contemporary elegance without uttering a word.

Perhaps the unique design elements reflected in his pieces stem from the fact that Costagli is a Florentine -Venetian, touched since birth by architecture and surrounded by the art of masters. Yet while an artists, jeweler, sculptor, painter….may receive inspiration from his/her origins of birth, from surroundings, from buildings, from sculpture, from scenery and natural color, in the end it is how the designer interprets such inspiration and gives it back to the world that really counts. In the case of the gemstone jewelry collections by Paolo Costagli, the rich passionate colors of Italian tapestries, paintings and architectural forms have been transformed into clean colorful shapes that are not only natural and wearable, but works of art that are alive, breathing, moving, filled with light and verve.

The journey from Florence to retailing through stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus and displaying his gemstone artistry in the Crown Building, took a turn along the way through the Colombian emerald mines. It was perhaps dealing in emeralds that eventually brought him a step closer to his own boutique where emeralds, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and peridots (amongst other gems) paved the way to his ultimate success.

Now, selling his creations even at auction houses like Christies and Sotheby’s is nothing new. But what defines his pieces is not only the high quality, carefully selected gemstones themselves, but the unusual combinations of color, which although crafted in a workshop in midtown, are entirely supervised by the master himself. Paolo Costagli’s vibrant choice of color blends distinguishes him from not only other jewelers and designers, but places him in the world of contemporary artists, where those who have a discerning eye take note, and those who can afford buy.

When sipping champagne cocktails with the who’s who of the Upper East Side society, Costagli has the smile of one who has a sense of pride in offering the world items that are unmatched. But the essence of his style is in fact simplicity. Let’s take a second look at the ruby ring that we’re featuring, a piece so unusual and so full of contrast, yet so simple.

The emerald cut amethyst is translucent and virtually flawless, 4.75 carats of purple-violet light and color, flanked by two red rubies, also emerald cut, weighing 1.46 carats. The golden prongs separate the gems and hold them like a sculpture above the pedestal base, which in this case in the band, a totally different creation in white metal with translucent diamonds. Two creations – one ring.

While most jewelry artists wouldn’t dare to risk placing the best rubies with anything other than more rubies or diamonds, Costagli boldly brings red and purple together, and then adds yet another faux pas by mixing metals, not in a fluid blending of yellow and white gold in a two-tone band, but totally separating the two and then placing them side by side, or as the case may be, one atop the other. A statement of strength. Not only does he do this with amethyst and ruby, but also with peridot and pink sapphires, green tourmaline and amethyst, pink spinal and tourmaline, coral and yellow diamonds and other contrasting gems and metals which include white and yellow gold and platinum.

Genuine ruby rings with the Costagli exquisite craftsmanship are no accident. His personal journey around the world, his gemologist trained eye, his years of developing a unique style for exclusive clients , and his strict quest for only the most excellent quality stones has allowed him the luxury of showing his collections by appointment only to those who can afford to buy from his Fifth Avenue salon. And how much do his creations cost?

The ruby ring we’ve featured is available through Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman’s for about $4,800, but a larger version is also available from his own showroom online, for double the price. However the amethyst is over 6 carats. The yellow and white gold ruby ring is not alone. It has matching earrings. In fact two different styles, one long and dangling with interspersed rubies and amethysts set in yellow gold, and another small drop style with diamonds, rubies and amethyst is a more subtle blend of busting color, although nothing about Costagli is really very subtle. If you missed your chance to enter the Costagli collection launch contest, and didn’t win the 18kt gold amethyst and ruby earrings, then you can buy them for a reasonable price, just $1, 850 from Costagli, Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman.

In late 2009, Paolo Costagli introduced the Bridal Collection with engagement rings unlike most others on the market. His intention was to offer something vibrant, none-traditional, full of youthful color and brilliance beyond just diamonds and gold. The contemporary collection is indeed colorful, although he has not mixed gems in the rings themselves, at least not in the same intensely colorful way he has with none-bridal collections.

For more information on ruby rings, such as antique and discount styles, as well as how to get deals on genuine ruby rings in sterling silver and gold settings, please see related posts.

Genuine Emerald Ring Engagement & Wedding Sets

And Created Emerald Ring Options

Natural emerald ring designs for $299; white gold emerald eternity rings under $260; emerald engagement rings under $400; created emerald ring settings under $230; yellow and white gold emerald ring engagement and wedding sets from $300 to over $1,000; cheap emerald rings and sophisticated designs for less; where to buy emerald ring styles that are unique and how to custom make a design of your own – if you seek emeralds, be they natural or created, Jewelry & Accessories shows you what’s available, where to shop, and how much you can expect to pay.

Shopping For Your Emerald Ring

Emerald ring shopping is not easy if you are on a limited budget because emeralds in general are expensive precious gemstones often much more expensive than diamonds. It’s also a gem that comes in so many quality variations that knowing what to look for is tedious.

For example if you want to buy a diamond engagement ring, you can consult a chart and know the clarity, color and cut and be fairly confident you know what you’re buying, but when it comes to choosing emerald engagement rings, the differences are not so clear. Why? Because emeralds can be filled, colored, enhanced, heat treated, simulated, lab created and altered to such an extent that without expert knowledge it may very difficult to know what you’re buying. Often genuine emerald ring creations are sold alongside treated or created designs that look almost identical and are often marketed simply as an “emerald ring” without exact details of quality being provided.

How To Know If An Emerald Is Good Quality

Price: First, if you’re looking for cheap emerald rings, under $100 or $200, then you can expect to get either a simulated or lab created stone or an inferior quality gem that has been treated, enhanced or filled with resin. If you know nothing about emeralds and do not have the time to learn about how to differentiate a quality gem from an enhanced one, then you’re going to have let price be your guide. You will not get an investment quality emerald, set in gold jewelry designs, for under several hundred dollars. It’s that simple.

Origin: Second, you can know something about a gem based on its origin. High quality emerald ring dealers will state where their gems come from and will offer a certificate of authenticity from a gemological institute.

Colombian Emeralds: The best natural emerald ring creations will have Colombian emeralds. Likely from the most famous Coscuez Mine with the rarest and most valued being the Trapiche emeralds that are singular due to six pointed star-like rays that radiate from a central point within the gem. Colombian emerald ring designs, with the best stones, are very expensive and dealers will clearly advertise this fact.

Brazilian, Zimbabwean and Zambian Emeralds: Knowing the origin of your emerald will be an indication of it’s quality, but not only Colombia has excellent pieces, also Brazil and Zambia have excellent stones with good transparency. The Zambian gems are a darker green than the Columbian ones, which tend to have light green translucence with a bluish tinge. The best African genuine emerald rings with stones from Zimbabwe will likely come from the Sandawana Mine. You will notice the difference because they tend toward having a hint of a yellow undertone instead of blue. The best Brazilian gems will probably come from the Nova Era Mine, although they are less valuable than the Colombian ones. Affordable natural emerald ring designs that are of good quality will often use Zambian, Brazilian or Zimbabwean emeralds.

Emerald Cut: The cut of an emerald can also be an indication of its quality. Why? Because emeralds are notoriously full of inclusions, in other words, emeralds are not perfect but flawed gems, which is part of their beauty, but likewise a weakness that cutters must get around. How? The poorest quality gems with the most inclusions and fissures will likely be cut in a rounded style, or may be shaped like a cabochon or a round bead style. Usually the better quality gems will be cut into the classic emerald cut that is square or rectangular, which requires a larger raw gem of high quality to achieve the shape and brilliance.

Enhancements: Because emeralds are by nature flawed, full of fissures, cracks and imperfections, it has become a standard practice to treat the lower and medium quality gems with resins or oils that seal cracks and fill fissures. The result is that the appearance of the gems is more luminous and smooth, however, they are rendered even more fragile than they are by nature, and may not be subjected to normal jewelry cleaning methods or detergents or household cleaners because these substances will remove the sealants that coat the gems and fill the pores and cracks. Without the resin or oil enhancements, these lower grade emeralds are dull, lifeless stones.

Emerald Ring Price

So you’ve found some beautiful white gold emerald rings and you wonder what’s a fair price.

First of all, if you’ve been focused on finding emerald cut emerald rings, for example, you’ve been looking at the emerald and thinking the ring price is based on the emerald. However, you may be mistaken. A solid 18k white or yellow gold band with no gemstone at all will cost at least $150 to $300. So if you are choosing gold emerald rings under $300, you know that the jeweler or dealer isn’t charging you much for the emerald, and since jewelers don’t give away high quality gems, chances are the emerald isn’t top quality.

The cheapest round cut emerald that’s just .21 carats without a ring setting will cost just over $100 and a low end emerald cut emerald gem, loose, will cost about $200 or more for about .32cts. These small, low quality gems are suitable for making emerald earrings but probably not ideal for your once in a lifetime dream emerald engagement ring. And a very low quality .98 carat emerald that is heavily included and has low brilliance will cost about $240 to $300.

A larger gemstone of a similar quality will cost around $500 if it’s about .58cts. To move into a higher quality gem that’s an emerald cut you’ll have to go to a carat or two in weight, and just the stone itself will be over $1,000 per carat, and it may be Columbian but will not be the finest.

A slightly included, but fine Columbian emerald gemstone will cost about $2,500 per carat, and will usually be left large since it’s a shame to cut a good gem into small pieces. Now, remember, that’s just the stone price, it’s not a gold emerald ring yet.

Affordable Genuine Emerald Designs and Created Emerald Ring Options

If you’re despairing over all the price of your dreamy Colombian emerald ring, then you may be very happy to know that there are some alternatives that are affordable and offer a means for less wealthy ladies to own an emerald engagement ring. The first option is to choose a gem that’s lesser quality and has been enhanced or treated. That way at least it’s a genuine stone in a gold setting.

For about $300 you can get a half eternity ring with small, round emeralds that are real and a few small diamonds in a solid 14k band. It’s simple and classic and can be a wedding band match a diamond engagement ring or to pair with a emerald engagement ring.

For about $450 you can have a delicate oval emerald accented with diamonds in a solid 14k gold mounting and pair it with a simple gold wedding band or a diamond eternity ring. You may also choose to match it with an emerald eternity ring that alternates green gems with clear diamonds, for an addition $200 or $300.

The very cheapest emerald engagement ring you’re likely to find will be about $299, set in yellow or white gold and a few accent diamonds. The stones are the lowest quality, almost assuredly treated, but they are real. The cut will likely be round and the weight will be about .2cts, and the gold band will be either 9k or 10k gold to keep the price down.

Where can you buy these pieces? You have many options online and off, but we have featured Angara products in this article. All emerald gems and rings featured are available online and if you order, you have 30 days to decide if it’s right for you, or return it.

Why Choose Emerald Wedding Rings From Angara

Aside from it being really easy to browse and shop online, Angara offers something that few other online jewelry shops offer, and that is the ability to choose a design and then get three alternative recommendations with different gemstone qualities so you can compare them side by side and choose the one that fits into your budget. One of the options almost always includes a created gem.

Let’s take a look at one example:

We select a white gold design that’s the very cheapest possible option which is a delicate emerald heart ring. The created version costs $229.99.

Beside it, appear 3 other genuine gemstone alternatives. The first is Good (which a low quality emerald but in the exact same setting as the simulated one) and costs $249.99, the next is Better (which is a medium grade stone) and costs $349.99, and the last is Best (which has a fine small emerald) and is priced at $499.99.

You can clearly view the difference in stone quality between the first to the last because they appear on the page side by side, so choosing is really easy. Surprisingly, what you’ll notice immediately, is that the simulated or lab created version is the one that most resembles the highest quality genuine stone that’s the most expensive. In our opinion, the two BEST buys are the first and the last options, because the first lab created version is very affordable and looks great and the last really is great, while the two in the middle lack luster and simply look cheap. We show you the two images we’re talking about. It’s difficult to know which is which, isn’t it? Just so you know, the top one is lab created, the lower one is real.

Just so you can see the difference in emerald gemstone ring quality, we also show you the same exact piece, only in the genuine emerald version that’s low quality. Notice how it lacks luster and is a dull green color. In our opinion it is not at all the better or a simulated one, and the one that costs over $100 more doesn’t look much better.

The above example is very simple, and the piece we’ve selected is best suited as promise rings or for emerald birthstone rings gifts, not as wedding jewelry. So what do we recommend as a good buy for an emerald wedding ring or an engagement design that’s affordable?

A Beautiful Created Emerald Wedding Ring Under $300

The piece we’ve selected to feature is the Angara three-stone design, with a central emerald and two diamonds on either side.

In the faux version, for $299.99, you get a solid 10k white gold ring with a .4cts. lab created emerald and 2 simulated diamonds.

The next step up is a low quality genuine emerald and two genuine diamonds in the same 10k setting for exactly $100 more — $399.99.

The Better choice is identical except that the emerald is higher quality as are the diamonds, and the gold band is 14k solid white gold instead of 10k. The price is a big jump — $649.99.

The Best choice is again another big price jump since the emerald is of the finest quality. The cost is about $1,000. The top image you see is the created emerald ring version. Not bad for under $300? The bottom image is the one that costs about $1,000.

There is in fact one more option that’s identical in design but is part of the Heirloom collection. It’s a genuine high-end Colombian emerald ring, and it costs exactly double, in other words, $2,000. That’s the last image you see. The rich green color and translucence is difficult to mistake for a fake. Naturally there are dozens of designs and styles to select from at Angara, these have been just a few select pieces to tempt you a into choosing an emerald ring as at least one part of your wedding set.

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