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The World Of Pet Jewelry And Dog Collars

Dog Collars, Cat Collars and Jet Set Owners

In the evening, as I sat near the beach (on the Costa del Sol, Spain) on a street corner near Marbella, I saw many people with their gemstone laden pets, but none so stunning as THE TRIO led by an elegant gentleman who came around the corner slowly, steadied by his bejeweled cane. Following on his heels was a small black dog whose neck glistened with blue and yellow rhinestones. Closely behind the dog was a tiger-striped cat, rather ordinary if it were not for the sparkling jewelry about its neck – diamonds and little charms that swayed as it walked.

The jewel studded trio, all in a line, stopped at the crosswalk in front of me. The man crossed as quickly as possible without looking. The adorned dog loyally followed his master without taking any precautions. However, the bejeweled cat stopped at the corner, waited, looked both ways, and then slowly pranced across the zebra crossing, until it realized it had lagged behind, at which moment it dashed to catch up with the man and dog until they were once again, all three, striding in a perfect line along the sidewalk. I watched in amazement as the gem laden parade disappeared from view behind the fountain in the park.

Rhinestone Jeweled Crocodile Leather  Dog Collar

A few moments later a woman came out of a nearby store. In one hand she held her bags and in the other she supported a black cat, which was partly snuggled up under her chin, apparently accustomed to being totted about town on shopping sprees. As the woman passed where I was seated on the curb, the cat raised its head to have a look at me (maybe it smelt my cats), and I caught a glimpse of its diamond cat collar. In typical snobbish cat fashion, it looked down at me in disdain, then turned up its nose, lightly shook its head to fluff its hair and adjust its diamond collar (or show it off), and resumed its snuggling position under its owner’s chin.

About an hour later, now in Puerto Banus, I sat sipping a Siberian Passion Fruit Cocktail in an old pirate ship bar on the beach front, while ladies and gentlemen strode in with their pets on glittering leashes. Some girl dogs were adorned with dog jewelry in their hair, small rhinestone or diamond or gold dog bones holding canine coiffures in place, and boy dogs sporting little dog neck ties replete with tie pins and cufflink sets. The dog jewelry was more elegant and abundant than the jewelry I was wearing.

One little dog had so much jewelry it fairly jingled and jangled strutting around the bar as its human companions ordered drinks, then it hopped up onto a high wooden barstool beside its owner. I had expected to see jewelry laden ladies and studded gentlemen, even showgirls that glistened, but aside from some scantily clad dancers with feather tiaras, the best show on the Spanish coast was the jet set pet jewelry fashion parade on the streets and in the bars.

Morning Beach Dogs and the Absence of …

Pet Jewelry Beverly Hills

The next morning, at about 8:00, while I nursed a small headache on the Puerto Banus beach, the animal parade continued. However, the evening cocktail attire had been replaced by more sensible animal daywear, and the dog models were now much larger. German shepherds, sleek Dobermans and shaggy sheep dogs stretched their legs on the sand, tugging groggy owners with thick leather dog collars and designer dog leashes, some with dog name tags jingling as they ran.

Some younger pups had dog bark collars and others had soft fabric harnesses in pink and bright yellow. And although there were many shapes and styles of dogs and a wide selection of collars and leashes and a distinguished assortment of human animal lovers, from athletic bikini babes to paunchy retirees, there was a notorious absence of cats. In fact I can’t recall ever having seeing a cat walking along the seashore with its owner.

Matching Pets

I also got to thinking about pets and their owners, how they often resemble each other. Bikini Barbie girls have dainty slender pups with pink hair bows, and tattooed gents with muscles have bulldogs and the ladies with flowing hair have dogs with loose flowing hair and the women with tight pin curls have tight pin-curled poodles. Hip world travelers with leather tivas have naturally rugged dogs with natural hemp collars and the ladies who jangle with charms have dogs that jingle with chiming collars, and those who stride the beach early Sunday morning with a pace akin to a marathon have dogs who win races. Perhaps my analysis requires more research, but that is how it appeared with a little hangover in the early morning Sunday sun.

When I returned home, to my cozy little mountain cortijo, my 3 cats were anxiously awaiting me, well at least with as much angst as any feline –with a gentle meow and a rub against my legs. As I filled their dishes with Friskies and poured them some milk, I couldn’t help but wonder at how bare their little orange necks suddenly looked, and I got to thinking how fabulous they would each be with a cat collar!

Sunday Afternoon with Feline and Canine Jewelry

So, since it was still Sunday afternoon, and I had no pressing engagements, and my head still ached a little from beachside vodka passion, I opened up my internet browser and set about searching for feline and canine jewelry. And there it was…a world of pet jewelry, pet collars, dog leashes, dog charms, bark collars, pink cat collars, kitten collar, rhinestone collar, cat harnesses, studded jewels and cat and dog name tags in gold and silver and engraved into enamel and…

Glitzy Pet Jewelry and a Star Spangled Presidential First Dog

Glitzy Pet Jewelry is a company that designs a collection of pet accessories in ultra chic dog and pet creations – canine couture and personalized pet collars, some with sparkling beads, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, and necklaces with lobster claw or swivel clasps, sequins, rhinestones, faux fur, and whimsical animal ornaments. As a supplier of unique boutique pet jewelry and canine couture collars, they were one of the companies that welcomed the new First Family to Washington, presenting President Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia with a puppy necklace in red, white and blue Swarovski crystals even before the breaking news that the Obama family had selected a Portuguese Water Dog as the United States’ FIRST DOG!

Glitzy Pet Jewelry

It seems the First Dog (not its jewelry) was part of President Barack Obama’s inaugural promises to his daughters, Sasha (who was 7 years old) and Malia (who was 10), vowing that they would receive a dog when they moved into the White House. However, it was a lengthy process to select the adequate presidential canine since young Malia has allergies, so it wasn’t until the spring of 2009 that 6-month-old Portuguese Water Dog (subsequently named “Bo” in honor of Bo Diddley) arrived at the Whitehouse (shrouded in much top-secret mystery) as a gift from Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who also owns Portuguese water dogs of propitious presidential lineage. The news has since been laden with photos of Obama and family with the First Dog sporting the Obama Dog Collar and leash set that was also available during the pre “Bo” presidential campaign. The blue, white and metallic-red dog collar was first introduced in 2008. The “I Heart Obama” dog collar and leash set is still available for $35, or just the Obama dog collar for $21.95, just in case you’re an Obama dog fan.

Breast Cancer Awareness Dog Collars

breastcancer awareness collar

You can also have a socially conscious dog with Breast Cancer Awareness dog collars and leashes, where 15% of each pink ribbon collar or leash will be donated to the foundation for cancer research. Breast Cancer Awareness dog collars (in His or Her pink ribbon nylon) are comfortably contoured and have a side release buckle and a welded D-ring to be able to attach dog ID tags and leashes, in many sizes – all for just under $19.

Dog Neckties and other Animal Bling Bling

If you have in mind joining the Puerto Banus or Costa del Sol jet set animal dressing and bejeweling crowd, then you will love the dog birthday neck tie, which is a blue oxford cloth dog collar with an adjustable Velcro closure and funky, multi-colored, doggy necktie. It comes in many styles and colors and lots of sizes for about $23.

Another colorful option for pet-wear, pet collars and animal jewelry is Barker & Meowsky (love the name) designer leather dog collar selections in orange, aqua, purple, lime and other trendy colors. Names to keep in mind for fancy dog collars and general animal glitz and glam are the martingale dog collar styles that are super popular and practically affordable, and the much less known Nicia designer dog collar or the Pagliacci couture pet collar (custom dog collars) by Glitzy Pet, which can be used as a dog tag necklace or as a cat collar or kitten collar – they are not canine or feline specific. Another name to keep in mind is the Diamante dog collar which has many shimmering styles available through different online distributors.

Beverly Hills Pet Jewelry and Charms

There is a complete pet charms line of dazzling little rhinestone and crystal animal jewels and pink cat collar styles made by Pet Jewelry Beverly Hills with some very unique personalized dog collars. They have too wide a selection to name all their products –everything from dainty collars and hair jewelry, clips, charms and ID tags for dogs to lots of cat jewelry and kitten collar options. They also have a collection of wide leather dog collars in silver, gold, platinum- white, hot pink and black called the Bling Bling Glitter leather small dog collar.


There are also lots of Swarovski crystal jeweled leather pet collars like the Python Print leather dog collar and leash, in pink, red, black, gold and silver tones. Also for funky neon color, but without sparkle, there are designer dog collars that are very bright and come in lime, orange, red, pink, purple and aqua neon made by Sunglow Dog Collars. For dog identification there are zillions of dog name tag and dog tag ID choices in leather, where name address and other info is printed on a cute leather pet tag shaped as anything from a brown bone to a red heart or even a pink cat face, or the adorable personalized stainless steel pet I.D. tag dog charms with engraved pet information in enamel coated steel medallions that can be attached to any pet collar.

Cozy and Natural Pet Collars

For less bling and more comfort there is a company that makes really cozy pet harnesses, especially for puppies called Puppia, makers of the famous Puppia Soft Dog Harness. These flexible puppy harnesses come in every color of the rainbow and look very comfy and secure. They don’t advertise as such, but they seem soft and comfy enough to be used as a cat harness as well.


There is also a practical leash and dog collar option that is still very stylish called the SENSE-ation No-Pull dog harness and the larger dog Premier Easy-Walk dog harness in red, black or purple that holds a dog firmly yet comfortably with a long leash that allows for dog liberty without the loss of human control. For eco-friendly and planet conscious dog lovers there are also some natural harness, collar and leash solutions in hemp, like the Planet Dog Cozy Hemp adjustable collar that is soft and padded with fleece and totally natural.

A hemp dog collar is not just a new age fad, but a good solution because of the durability and softness of the hemp dog collars that will not wear out quickly or rub your pets neck in an abrasive manner. Hemp collar choices are safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly pet products to consider.

Dog Bark Collars and Anti Bark Citronella Spray

If your dog is a little too yappy there are some dog bark collars to consider. One of the most popular dog bark collar is the Petsafe Dog Bark Control collar and the Multivet Anti Bark citronella spray (that come with dog collars and leads) in Valuepack sets for one price. Also citronella dog collar can be bought separately as can citronella spray which comes in small bottles with instructions on how to use safely and effectively to control noise, especially in younger pups that need training. And for large rowdy dogs who need forceful training there is the StarMark large dog training collar, which looks a bit aggressive (with teeth), but may be a useful tool in training shepherds and other large guard dogs. Dog training collars come also in a remote dog training collar that work with a dog shock collar or an electric dog collar to give a small (or large) shock to the animal.

Dog shock collars are rather controversial in nature, and if you are considering using this method of training you should first read what the benefits are versus how it will feel to the dog. Try attaching the electric dog collars or shock collars for dogs to your wrist and seeing how much current an electric dog collar gives and if you would want this method of training for your pet. Do not ever use these devices on cats. Cats do not learn in the same way as dogs and all you will achieve is traumatizing your poor feline. Cats are naturally gentle, do not make noise (unless in heat, mating or fighting to mate) and are so independent you will never succeed in training them through any means but loving caresses and food.

Spiked Dog Collars


For large dogs, or more unusual pets like pit bulls and bull dogs and other pets with strong personalities, there are suitable spiked dog collars to give them even more character. For small pooches that want to look a little fierce but still stay sexy and glamorous, there’s a smaller version of the spike leather dog collar in pastel pinks, lavenders and blues with smaller spikes and square rivets or the trendy rhinestone studded dog collar /pink dog collar.

Booster Seats for Dogs

Although not totally pet collars or jewelry related, but definitely dog happiness related, there is the adorably cute Kurgo SkyBox Booster Seat for small dogs who frequently travel with their owners in the car.

Doggy and Kitty Gifts

There are so many dog collar and lead options in so many colors and styles that the old leather dog collar, plastic or tin charms, or simple reflective dog collar, or the old nylon dog collar is now being replaced by dazzling rhinestone dog collar and spike or studded dog collar designs. Training collars for dogs, even practical reflective dog collars or remote dog collar styles are not just for professionals or rich animal lovers, but there are many cheap dog collars that are functional and offer a way for us to show our love for our pets.

Many people give a Christmas dog collar to their own pets or appreciate receiving one from a friend, almost more so than receiving a gift for themselves. Gifts for pets, be they a fancy collar or a simple chain leash or some complex gps collars for the high-tech animal aficionado, are something you should consider this holiday season. Dog accessories, dog apparel, dog carriers or even personalized cat collars can make a unique and thoughtful present to warm the heart of humans and animals alike.

Designer dog accessories, from simple leather dog leashes and harnesses to elaborate diamond designer cat collars and jeweled pet accessories should not be forgotten about when searching for a perfect present for your animal loving friends. You needn’t be in Marbella or strolling along the warm sunny beaches of Spain’s Costa del Sol to strut your gemstone pet jewels or to jingle jangle your favorite canine or feline as you make an entrance into a stylish bar.

Animal Id and Lost Pets

Don’t forget that a collar with a pet ID tag is not just a means to decorate your pet but a means to ensure it may be returned to you if it should get lost. Keeping your id tags up to date with your pet’s name and your current address and phone number may be a lifesaver. It also ensures that if your pet wanders off and is found, it will be obvious it is not a stray but someone’s cherished pet. There are also pet identification and registration services that can include a pet Id with a microchip or a registered ID number on a tag so that if a dog is lost the number can be entered into a database to find and contact the owner.


There are many online Found Pets Pet ID Number Search services (depending on where you live) that allow someone to enter a found pet ID tag number and know who the owner is or vice versa, an owner can enter a lost pet ID and check if anyone has found their pet. There are also Pet ID certified veterinarian clinics and animal shelters that can keep track not only of name and address but also of vaccination records. This can be useful should there be a bite incident and having quick verifiable rabies vaccination records may save a person or an animals’ life.

If your pet is being accused of having bitten someone and there is an issue of rabbis, your verifiable vaccination record can prove the animal is not a threat, and if these records are linked to an ID tag and a registration through a vet or clinic, these facts will be easy to prove with just a click of a button instead of endless red tape. If vaccination records take too long, a pet may be put to sleep even if the accusation is false. Protect your pets. Care enough to register them and not just to adorn them.