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Ladies & Mens Silk Scarf Styles for Spring & Summer

Ladies and mens silk scarf designs from the top Italian retailer; this seasons hottest colors in aqua, blue, purple, lavender and red; the newest wraps and pashmina silk scarf styles; long scarves from European designers and suggestions on how to easily update your wardrobe for $100 or less – at Jewelry & Accessories we present the latest trends as well as classic accessories.

Update your spring and summer wardrobe quickly and easily for under $100 with a silk scarf that’s light and summery. A spring dress, a light summer pantsuit or classic eveningwear can be revived with vibrant colors and fluid lengths of fabric when you add a simple inexpensive silk scarf.

The latest designer silk scarf creations for ladies are all about jewel tones, feminine lines and a touch of vintage elegance. A silk scarf draped loosely around your neck with the ends trailed down your back, or a long silk chiffon scarf flowing over your arms or shoulders with a strapless cocktail dress remain timelessly fashion statements.

Chic contemporary looks are achieved by contrast – a white silk scarf with a navy or black suite and a few pieces of chunky jewelry, or a black silk scarf with a white ensemble and sparkling cubic zirconia earring and bracelets for a touch of retro bling. Mix classic and contemporary by adding a plaid, floral or paisley silk scarf to a slim, clean-line suite.

Add color, texture and dimension to your style with silk scarves that start at just $54, or long flowing wraps and shawls for $75 to $90 – all designer accessories from Forzieri, the top online Italian accessory boutique.

A silk chiffon scarf by Renato Balestra is much more than a scarf; it can create an entirely new look, with soft double layered colors of the lightest sheer chiffon fabric that breathes style into any outfit. The Italian silk scarf collection at Forzieri is extensive and inexpensive, with items like the Renato Balestra selling for just $79. How you wear it will depend on the event. For example a colorful piece may be added to a suite for daywear, tied in a knot and tucked into a blazer or jacket or vest. The same scarf may be used as a wispy shawl for accenting eveningwear, or may be twisted into a knotty silk scarf for casually accenting jeans.

For spring and summer lavender, purple, blue, teal, aqua and turquoise are the colors for fashionable ladies, and blue silk scarf styles abound from which to choose if you know where to shop. From heavier wool and pashmina silk scarf creations to light feathery chiffon, the blues bring a refreshing touch of the sea to any suite or dress. The ladies silk scarf designs in blue and green and light summer colors by Basile from Forzieri are just $69.

Mens Silk Scarf Designs from Forzieri

Classic mens silk scarf styles start at just $64 for a Forzieri design and continue up to the
Gucci and Emporio Armani silk scarfs for $120 to $290. The most classic of all mens accessories, the white silk scarf is only $64, or add a dash of color with a red one instead.

Mens spring and summer styles, both formal and casual, are all about scarves, long and fluid, soft and twisted, knotted and alluring. From a square silk scarf with a casual motif to trailing oblong silk scarf designs, accenting any formal jacket or t-shirt is as easy as how you twist and knot and toss. A classic black silk scarf may suffice in the winter, but come spring go with color. Choose from a classic elegant paisley design for $98 or a geometric pattern by Gucci that can double as a sporty tie. It costs $290.

For a men’s silk scarf that can be casual or elegant depending on how it’s worn, one of the most versatile accessories from Forzieri is made in Italy for Christian Dior. This pure silk scarf costs $265 and it’s perfect for dressing up a classic look or adding to the most casual of outfits, even a pair of jeans and white t-shirt. This scarf can be worn all year round, but since it’s silk and not wool, it’s recommended for spring or summer, paired with lightweight jackets, sports coats, blazers, even a leather jacket.

Mens pashmina silk scarf designs are no different from the ones made for the ladies, so don’t let a label stop you from buying what is marketed as a womens silk scarf yet can be worn in very masculine ways. Choose the richer reds, blues or yellows and have the softness of a long pashmina scarf about your neck.

Forzieri also has Fendi, DKNY and Mila Schon silk scarves that are ideal for both men and women, and don’t forget that on a cool summer evening a velvet silk scarf knotted up under your chin will be cozy and warm , but also a fashion statement.

Shop Forzieri for all your accessories, including silk and cashmere scarf creations from the top designers as well as a belts, ties and other luxury products for style conscious men and women.

Ladies & Mens Cashmere Scarf Style

Cashmere scarf designs for men and women; striped, plaid and solid colors; pink, red, blue, white and black cashmere scarf accessories; knit cashmere scarf styles; long scarves, wraps, pashmina shawl and cashmere scarf hat ideas – at Jewelry & Accessories we show you where to shop for the top styles in quality cashmere scarves.

Forzieri Luxury Accessories

For ladies and mens cashmere scarf designs that are fine Italian quality, we suggest Forzieri, an online luxury accessory boutique. Their wool and cashmere scarfs start at around $78 and silk scarf styles for just $64. They have wool and silk blends, silk and cashmere scarf men can wear long and flowing or twisted and wrapped in fashionable ways that replace a necktie. They have paisley and formal black cashmere scarf patterns as well as pure white for chic modern looks.

Designer Scarves

Forzieri has men’s cashmere scarf designs by all the top designers such as Basile, Bentley, Christian Dior, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Forzieri’s own private collection, Gianfranco Ferre, Gucci, Ken Scott, Marina D’Este and Missoni. For specialty cashmere wool scarf styles by Christian Dior and others, there are items for $225 to $265 and Gucci for about $280. Moschino for $85 and Fendi for $215.

There are colorful scarf and hat sets for about $74 and cashmere wool blends in fabulous colors and long knit scarves for around $165.

Women’s Cashmere Scarves & Pashmina Shawl Style

There is the classic Basile womens cashmere scarf collection that has soft long scarf designs made with cashmere for comfort and warmth. There are baby pink cashmere scarf designs with fringes and antique pink and even cherry red cashmere scarf patterns to add some color to the neckline of a winter coat or to toss over your shoulders. Cashmere pashmina scarf sizes are large enough to be shawls for using tucked into a coat in winter or gently draped over your arms with a spring or summer dress to keep out the evening shill.

Cashmere Scarf Designs under $100

There are specials on designer scarves for as low as $54 and others for $80 to over $100, but Forzieri cashmere silk scarf designs are some of the best in the world, made by the top design houses, so you can be assured of quality. Check their cashmere scarf sale items for even further reduced prices on seasonal merchandise.

Take a look at some of their knit cashmere scarf designs and choose plaid or solid colors like their luscious brown purple cashmere scarf or the lighter lavender version. Choose dozens of colors for just $78 in their Basile collection.

Since color, texture and softness are the main qualities you seek in a scarf, don’t sacrifice any of that for cheap imitation products that may look bright but feel stiff, or may be soft but fall apart quickly. Choose quality scarves as gifts or to accent your wardrobe. Buying quality is always better value when it comes to accessories, since they can be worn year after year with coats in winter and as shawls in summer.

A ladies cashmere scarf wrap can be all you need on a cool summer evening while a wool cashmere scarf may keep out the wind from around your neck even in a blizzard or a freezing winter’s day. Selecting a few pieces to match your wardrobe is fun and easy when you can order online and receive your shipments in just a few days. Choose fun and casual striped cashmere scarf and hat sets like the Basile stripped Fringed cashmere scarf set for just $74. Or go chic and elegant with a pale pink pashmina scarf for $188.

Pashmina cashmere wool is from Himalayan goats, coveted for the ultra soft fibers that can be woven into the finest cashmere mens and ladies scarf designs.

Mens or Ladies Scarves?

When it comes to pashmina the main difference between men and women cashmere scarf design is the color. The browns, rich navy blues, paisley patterns and reds are often worn by men tucked inside formal coats and jackets, while the stripped and trendy cashmere long scarf designs are for matching with casual attire for men and women. The ladies cashmere scarves may be lighter tones or pink or lavender but in fact there is no real difference in texture, quality or design.

Fashion conscious men may wear cashmere scarf hat combinations or may twist very long scarves in a knot. The trend for 2010 is for mens cashmere scarves to be long and elegant worn with both formal and casual attire alike. A sporty look may be switched from day to evening with just a twist or a knot of a colored scarf.

Spanish, French and Italian gentleman have been tying and knotting scarves for centuries, and the trend has swept around the world this year with high fashion models showing how easily this look can be achieved. Where better to buy European cashmere men scarf designs than from the Italian accessory specialists – Forzieri.

For more ideas on accessories like silk scarf designs for spring and summer, read related topics where we suggest some of the hottest ways to quickly and easily update your wardrobe for $100 or less.

Men’s Ties and Fashion Basics

Mens and womens fashion trends – jewelry, clothing and accessories – are a reflection of the times – economics, sexuality, lifestyle rolls— and right now there is uncertainty in the air. Should men be tough macho types or should they let their feminine side show? Should they wear linen suits and silk ties or tatty jeans and sleeveless tees? Should they stick to navy and black and grey ties or go with pink and turquoise and orange? But…long before we can talk about men’s ties, or jewelry, or any kind of accessories for men, or check what’s hot and what’s not this year, we must take a step back – back to mens fashion basics.

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are four types of men:

  • Those who innately have fashion sense – These are the guys who can pull of wearing Spanish designer David Delfin’s 2010 collection of turquoise or aqua colored ensembles or Duckie Brown’s plaids and stripes or Michael Kors’ black and white madras plaid pants or Paul Smith cufflinks with an orange shirt and pair it with tuxedo jacket and bow ties. They can also wear skinny jeans with men’s tees and add a cashmere lozenge mens scarf (or pashmina scarf) and casually sling tote bags over their shoulders. They also know how to select jewelry, one large piece of turquoise or a simple titanium ring – not too much bling, but just enough vavoom. And not all these exquisitely attired men are gay!
  • Those who don’t have it and seek help – These men have good taste for buying mens clothes and accessories but blend too many styles, mismatching black leather belts with brown suede Italian shoes, pairing pink ties with perfectly matching pink pocket squares or handkerchiefs, and although they avidly read GQ and Mens Style magazines still manage to NOT know how to wear a scarf or how to go about tying a tie. These men are frequently conservative with jewelry, and tend to seek female advice or stick to classic gold rings and tie pins given as gifts.
  • Those who have no clue but think they do – These are the fellows who wear white socks with sandals all year, pair brown corduroy with short sleeved floral silk shirts and paisley twill ties, think a tie clip should match their diamond stud earring and somehow believe that white high top Nikes look good with pinstripe trousers. And in the jewelry department they may overdue it mixing sterling silver jewelry with gold and a few too many chains or oversized ruby and cz rings.
  • Those who don’t care (and probably aren’t reading this article) – These adorable men don’t deliberately pair slogan laden tees with khaki (pseudo) dress pants that are a tad above the ankle; it’s just what happens to be clean that day. They can’t be blamed for the red and blue stripped men’s necktie they were given last Christmas which is now paired with a double breasted three piece suit in tweed with elbow patches. It’s just what’s hanging in their closet. And jewelry doesn’t exist. A wedding ring is as large an accessory collection as it gets.
There’s also a fifth category: Men who let whatever woman is in their life dress them in HER taste.

Men’s clothing, and having a sense of style, is not really as complicated as it might seem. For men to have a good wardrobe and express style that’s appropriate for most occasions, it’s not essential for them to be fashion gurus or to religiously follow men’s styles trends. There are a few simple tricks to looking classically great no matter what men’s wear fads come and go.

If you’re not an artist, an actor, a designer, a film director or a choreographer with eccentric personal fashion flare, then the first thing to do is to set up your wardrobe with ONLY THE BASIC men’s clothes. Remember if your closet doesn’t have a mishmash of colors and styles and items in poor taste, or isn’t laden with Christmas and birthday gifts that go with nothing except themselves, it will be difficult to leave the house poorly dressed. So step one:

Guys…Clean out your closets and get rid of everything but the basics.

But what are the fashion basics for a well rounded mens wardrobe?

Fashion Basics for Men

Aside from pajamas, a few pairs of comfy or tatty jeans, the usual sportswear and outdoor attire, every man should have a dozen classic men’s shirts (preferably men’s dress shirts) in white or neutral tones like soft green, pale blue or very pale yellow and half a dozen men’s polos, several plain short sleeved tees and a few pairs of boxer shorts for summer.

A men’s shirt can have a standard collar for wearing with ties or can be a mandarin collar or a collarless style. For the office, and pairing with silk ties, some form of fold-down collar is best. Select classic solid colors (with minimal or no logos or advertising slogans) that can be mixed and matched – black, white, off-white, navy blue, khaki or even forest green.

Next, choose at least 5 pairs of good quality tailored men’s pants (or men’s slacks) especially a black pair and/or standard navy blue, and for the basic wardrobe choose solid color fabrics, not pin stripes or corduroy, just the best possible fluid trouser in wool or linen or a wrinkle-free fiber blend. (You can branch out into madras plaid pants later – let’s just get the basics down.

Mens Jackets, Pants and Suits

Every man, no matter what his profession, should have at least 2 finely tailored men’s jackets (men’s blazers don’t count) that match the dress pants, and 2 custom tailored or designer men’s suits that have been sized to fit (with pant length measured to grace the top of a pair of men’s shoes). A men’s jacket should not tug at the shoulders or across the chest. Have it made to fit YOU not a model or mannequin. A men’s vest may come with a three piece suit, but is not necessary. Keep it simple. Vests can be added as accessories later, along with men’s ties and scarves and other niceties. But we’re not quite there, yet.

mens suit

Men’s suit options are: single breasted or double breasted, and the best option is a single breasted suit with two buttons. Men’s designer jackets have remained single breasted even for the spring 2010 collections and men’s Armani suits are a good choice, especially Armani Collezioni wool crepe suits with a simple two button closure. Men’s tuxedos are not part of a basic man’s wardrobe unless you conduct a symphony or play the violin.

The last essential item will be a men’s coat for winter. This will be a once or twice in a lifetime purchase so make it a classic tailored coat – preferably long and fluid made from warm virgin wool. That’s it.

Finish off the basics by selecting a dozen pairs of black men’s socks, preferably dress socks, 6 pairs of navy socks and only match light colored socks with light colored sneakers when wearing jeans or workout wear – NEVER with black leather shoes and dress pants.

Now it’s time for some fun.

Mens Accessories

Admittedly, the final touches are the most difficult, but the most pleasurable. These are the items that give individual style but can make or break your look. It may seem as if there are less accessories for men than there are for ladies, but this isn’t quite true.

Mens Scarves

Aside from shoes and belts, men also have pocket squares, handkerchiefs, men’s scarves such as: cotton losanges, cashmere losanges, cashmere scarves, silk scarf, matching scarf & hat sets and zillions of styles in soft cashmere mufflers for winter.

Then there are men’s ties: silk ties, funky bow ties for men, traditional men’s neckties, woven, patterned or plain twill ties, diamond or gold tie pins, simple silver or gold tie clips, an array of simple or elaborate cufflinks and perhaps even some silver monogrammed cigarette cases and/or a silver pocket watch.

Everyday Menswear

There is plenty of help for men who are about to be married and need to select their wedding attire. There are companies that will dress you perfectly from head to toe, even selecting your ideal wedding cufflinks, and folding and pinning or tying your silken ascot tie. The problem for most men is the day to day.


Where to buy your own cufflinks before needing them at a cocktail party with the boss and his wife? How to wear a scarf in the winter so you’re warm and stylish but not girlish? How to go about tying a tie to be presentable every day at work, or for a job interview or simply after you buy a new tie that’s not tied? How to select men’s silk ties in colors and patterns that won’t distract from what you’re saying during a presentation or a speech?

Are there really such things as power ties and power colors? How to know when a men’s bow tie is appropriate and when it makes you look like the nutty professor? How to know when men’s neckwear is essential and when to go tieless? These are things men need to know and often don’t want to ask.

How to Wear a Scarf

No matter what kind of man you are or what style you choose, if you live in a climate where there’s a winter season you’ll almost certainly wear a scarf, be it a flowing silk scarf or a simple knitted wool scarf from your grandmother. Men’s scarves these days have become very long and thin and therefore there is much more fabric to work with and many great looks that can be achieved. There are a few very easy techniques any man can use to give a little extra zazzz to scarfy neckwear.

  • For light scarves, such as silk or a lightweight Hermes wool muffler, it can be tied in a casual cravat or ascot style. Just drape the scarf around your neck leaving the right side longer than the other. Take the longer right end and pass it over the left and then bring it under. You should have the long side in your right hand and the short in your left. Now bring the right side (long section) back across the shorter one and press it into the loop that will have been formed. This is similar to how a tie is tied. You can adjust it by pulling on the shorter section of the scarf and making it a little puffier in the center, or allowing it to crease. You can leave your jacket slightly open at the top and the scarf will look similar to a tie. It may even be held in place with a pin.
  • For really chilly days when you’re going to be walking outdoors, muffle the wind with a muffler scarf and tie it in a ruggedly outdoorsy yet chic knot. A muffler should be quite long so you can drape the fabric around your neck and leave the ends uneven by at least a foot or more. The long piece will then be wrapped around your neck until it is once again in the frontal position, if very long, do this twice, and now there will be two short ends in the front. These ends can be tucked under or tied together or both.
  • For more formal scarf wearing, especially with a jacket or mens winter coat, the scarf, be it silk or wool, should be neatly draped around the neck but mostly left inside the coat, only leaving a couple centimeters (or about an inch) of scarf on either side of the necktie which should be in the center. This creates a chic second collar between your overcoat and suite jacket that just peeks out of your winter coat. This is the traditional way men’s scarves are to be worn if you are a gentleman. The scarf can be a brighter color or pattern than other scarves because it will be removed with your overcoat.
  • The least amount of fuss for scarf wearing is the style (or lack thereof) that is simply draped around the neck (either under or over the collar of a jacket or coat) with ends left loose. This may be simple, but really does no good to keep you warm and doesn’t offer much of a fashion statement either. This winter 2009/2010 most mens scarves are being tied or wrapped or at least tossed over a shoulder. Wrapping, tying and knotting scarves may be a metrosexual thing in the US, but most European men agree (even those who are on their way to a bullfight) that it’s very masculine to wrap a muffler under their chin or knot a long wool scarf through a loop.
  • In Europe, especially in Mediterranean countries, most men’s scarves are tied in a simple yet elegant knot. Just take the scarf and fold it in half. Now drape the doubled scarf around your neck. Holding the loose ends on the right, open the other end that is now an eyelet and pass the two loose ends through the eyelet and pull. The loose ends can be left in front, swiveled to the back or tucked one on either side. This technique works great with a sweater, a leather jacket, an aviator jacket or with almost any casual attire. It can be used with very long and thin wool scarves or silk scarves or medium long wool mufflers.
  • White silk scarves are for matching with tuxedos, for formal cocktail parties, attending the opera or the theatre or for a wedding. Most other uses of white silk will look odd and out of place. The casual version of a white silk scarf that can be worn less melodramatically for almost any casual occasion would be a raw silk Indian or Tibetan scarf, or a natural cotton or bamboo fiber scarf.


Cuff links are a piece of mens jewelry that almost every man has and yet are seldom worn for everyday. Part of the reason is that classic men’s dress shirts are designed with a hole and a button and therefore there is no need for cuff-links. In order to be able to wear these lovely men’s accessories, you must have a shirt with French cuffs that are usually longer than normal and fold back and have two holes instead of one and no buttons at all.

Wearing Cufflinks

There are a few ways to wear cufflinks. If the two ends are facing outward and the cufflinks are passed through, this is called kissing. If the two sides of the cuff are overlapping this is called barrel-style.


The oldest forms of these items are cuff strings which, as the name suggests, are ribbons or ties to join the two cuffs together. It is still a lovely option for men. Just make sure the strings are nicely finished, perhaps with small balls on the ends of each string or ribbon. The upscale version of a cuff string would be a silk knot, formed with a wider piece of silk fabric that passes through the holes and is then tied. This cuff-link style was once called monkey’s fists or a turk’s head.

Modern men’s cuff-links can be very simple like a button or large and sparkling or even monogrammed with initials or a family crest or heraldic insignia. They come in gold, sterling silver, platinum and most precious metals and often have gemstones or cubic zirconia or diamonds. Glass buttons on a chain were the original cufflinks of the late 1600’s and many vintage jewelry shops still carry these antique cuff-link designs.

Designer Cufflinks

Men’s cufflinks need not be worn only for special occasions. There are styles that are simple and can dress up a white shirt even when paired with jeans. There are some very hip and modern English cuff-link designers with some of best styles on the market available online. Cufflinks UK have everything: personalized ones, designer cufflinks made by Tateossian London, Simon Carter, Fred Bennett and others. They also have wedding cufflinks, gold plated cufflinks and crazy funky men’s jewellery in a variety of novelty cartoon characters, flags and sports logos. The least expensive versions are gold plated or silver rhodium plated that are even good for very young men and boys. On the higher end are beautiful crystal cufflinks with Swarovski crystal and murano glass which are dressy for special occasions.


For something different, try Mackintosh and Celtic cufflinks like the Kit Heath Silver Celtic Four Point Cufflinks for about $36 or Kit Heath Mackintosh Square cuff-links for about $40. There are also vintage inspired silver and amber chainlinks for about $37.

Paul Smith cufflinks are some of the funkiest modern designs you’ll find. For example there’s the Paul Smith oblong sterling silver cufflinks with multi stripe crystals or the Art Deco Stone Cufflinks, both for around $70. (The cufflinks have a small Paul Smith signature logo embossed on the bottom.) Mont Blanc cufflinks on the other hand are classic designs for gentlemen, mostly in gold, silver, platinum with black onyx inlays, and they’re not cheap at $300 to $1,300.

Ties for Men

Men ties are perhaps the accessory most bought for men as gifts. Perhaps they are default gifts because men neck ties are not too personal to give even if you don’t know the man well, and if you do, it can be a way to give something useful.


The problem with men receiving a tie is that those who select them from men’s necktie racks don’t know what’s in the man’s wardrobe and since ties are colorful or come with patterns, men often end up with a variety of silk ties for men that are perfect for OTHER men but not for them. Mens ties should be bought by the man who is going to wear the tie. That is, by YOU! They should match your shirts and suits and your profession. And YES, there are power ties and power colors and no I can’t tell you what they are because that will depend on you and how you feel when you dress in certain colors. However, here is quick guide to suit and tie color coordination:

Ties to Match Navy and Dark Color Suits

If you mostly wear navy blue suits the best silk ties will be in wine colors or reddish-purples, even red, but go for the deeper maroon tones instead of the orange reds or cadmium red ties, and be careful if you wear a blue suit and a white shirt with a red tie that you don’t end up looking like a flag.


Try pairing a blue suit with a soft yellow or light blue shirt and canary yellow and deep gold ties. Blues and yellows are very elegant combinations. Also a dark blue suit works well with a soft green shirt – olive green perhaps and dark green or forest color silk ties. You can wear blue with blue but don’t use the exact same color for shirts, ties and suits.

Purple and pink men’s tie selections are difficult to match, but they can, if done right, be stunning with a blue suit. That said, yellow and deep maroon color ties would be the top power tie color choices on this list to match with dark navy blue suits.

Ties to Match Light Color Suits

Light color suits and linens look best with yellows, soft oranges and olive green ties. Stay away from dark reds, black ties, rich purples or royal blues. The contrast is too much. A white or cream colored suit is already an attention grabber, the tie can be subtle – a herringbone peach tone or an abstract paisley in auburn, toffee, or chocolate is good, but stripes and polka dots are always a bad choice.

Ties to Match Black Suits

Black Suits and bright silk ties for men can work if you’re the boss or if you have a flamboyant personality, if not pair a black suit with a gold silk tie or a herringbone tie in hip aqua or tiffany blue – still powerful but not overpowering. For young executives who have a little fashion-ability, the madras plaid design in lime can be a great choice with a black suite and light green shirt. It’s funky but serious enough to be respected.

For something different try vintage ties. Some of the best vintage ties, which you can order online, are at American Vintage Classics where you can select from men’s unusual ties from the 20’s to the 60’s.

Tying a Tie

I won’t bore you describing how to go about tying a tie using words because there are about a million tying a tie videos and how to tie a tie instructions with diagrams already online. I just offer you the names so you can find the video or website you need.

  • A simple knot
  • Pratt Tie Knot
  • Small Tie Knot
  • Onassis Tie Knot
  • Italian Tie Knot
  • Double Tie Knot
  • Windsor Tie Knot
  • Half Windsor Tie Knot
  • Atlantic Tie Knot

Tie Care

  • Don’t throw ties in a heap at night –silk ties wrinkle easily and lose their shape
  • Don’t press your silk ties because they will loose their rounded edges and become stiff and flat
  • Do Hang your ties if possible or fold in 4 parts and store in a hat box or drawer
  • Do Roll your ties for travel or safekeeping
  • ties
  • Do Steam your ties, or at least hang them in the shower to get a little steam
  • Don’t dry clean unless the drycleaner specializes in ties and will not iron or press the tie -ask for your silk ties to be steamed not pressed if you must use a cleaning service
  • Don’t try to spot clean light colored ties if the stain is wine, coffee, tomato sauce or ink – throw it away
  • Don’t rub stains – just dab with cub soda – if spots or stains are at all visible – throw the tie away
  • Don’t use tie tacks or tie pins that leave large holes in silk ties – use a clip, or pin the tie in the same place each time, or insert the tie tack or pin through the label and not the silk
  • Do Untie the knots if not being worn frequently – always store ties untied

Cheap Mens Jewelry – Rings, Bracelets and Gifts


Cheap mens jewelry is more difficult to find than jewelry for the ladies, partly because men tend to wear less cheap costume or fashion jewelry. When men wear a ring it tends to be gold, silver, platinum titanium or tungsten and bracelets are often made of gold, sterling silver or stainless steel.

Since these metals are not cheap as a rule, it makes finding bargains on mens rings, bracelets and gifts a bit of a chore. Now add to that the fact that many men want something uniquely personal, handmade jewelry or designer items that give then an edge of distinction. That is why we are always on the lookout for good deals on cheap jewelry for men and not just cheap but unique and high quality.


Here are some suggestions that may be helpful:

Bario Neal

For mens jewelry with an edge, there’s the unique designs of Bario Neal who have mens jewelry all handmade from reclaimed precious metals as well as being studded with only ethically-sourced stones.


A bonus behind buying Bario Neal creations is that a certain amount of the profits is donated to the Association for Responsible Mining.


They also have a unique way of packaging their jewelry that makes it great for gift giving, using glass bottles, cotton drawstring bags and wooden boxes.


You can buy Bario Neal jewelry at a few shops around the world, one is called Lake in Los Angeles, or you can get pieces from a shop called Scout, also in LA. Another is Rare Device in San Francisco, and in New York from Catbird Boutique. And, you can also buy Bario Neal in Japan at a place called Agate.

Mens Titanium Rings at Jewelry Vortex


Since some of the most popular mens jewelry styles are in titanium, tungsten, tungsten carbide and carbon fiber, a great source is Jewelry Vortex who have mens black titanium rings for as little as $60 and it’s good quality like the Lapetus that’s black aircraft grade titanium in a comfort fit style.


They also have a wide selection of mens gold rings, two-tone rings and Christian rings for men.

The selection of mens jewelry rings at Jewelry Vortex is like a ….well a Vortex.


The China Inventory

There’s another great place for discount mens jewelry called The China Inventory, who specialize in mens stainless steel bracelets, cufflinks, mens money clips, wallets, watches, necklaces, pendants and distinctive mens rings. They have a wide selection of stainless steel jewelry, mens tungsten carbide jewelry, 925 sterling silver pieces, titanium rings for men, and even a selection of unique mens ceramic jewelry and magnetic jewelry pieces.


For example, The China Inventory has a stainless steel bike chain bracelet for just over $20 and a tungsten carbide wedding band ring for just $21.


They also have such unusual pieces like a pair of mens stainless steel and carbon fiber cufflinks for just under $15, or a stainless steel magnetic lock necklace for just $12.

And for just $3 you can have it packaged in a gorgeous little black and gold mens jewelry box. If not, all their mens jewelry pieces come in handsome black velvet jewelry bags. It’s a nice final touch for easy gift giving.

Just Mens Rings


The name says it all. Just Mens Rings is all about mens rings in every shape and style and metal you can imagine. They have some great bargains on titanium rings for men that retail for under $25 and tungsten rings for about $35. They offer a wide selection of stainless steel rings for men in unique designs like the scorpion or the stainless steel square groove ring, or the sting ray for just $30. They also have black mens wedding band styles for under $20 and crazy fun dragon or stainless steel skull ring designs for under $30. Also a stainless steel cut-out tribal design or a gold plated spinner for about $22.

Discount Benchmark Rings

If you’re looking for mens silver, platinum, palladium or even gold ring styles for a very low price Just Mens Rings is where they’re at. They have wedding bands even in tungsten and a collection of designer rings, some made by the famous Benchmark Collection with some pieces going for under $50. That’s a bargain for Benchmark! They also offer custom engraving.

Celtic, Christian and Hebrew Men’s Rings


Need mens biker, carbon fiber or Celtic rings? What about Christian, Claddagh or even some cross ring styles? Then you should browse what Just Mens Rings has for sale because they have some mens cheap jewelry that will make giving gifts incredibly easy and affordable.

Laser Engraved and Rainbow Rings

Looking for something unusual like a laser ring? For just under $10 you can have a stainless steel ring with a laser engraved motif, or for just $25 there’s a tribal laser engraved ring with a pattern that looks like a tattoo. Looking for onyx rings, puzzle rings or even a set of rainbow rings? Then there are stainless steel creations from $25 to $40.

JRainbow ring

If you can’t find what you need for a good price and are getting frustrated, we recommend Just Mens Rings especially for gifts. They ship for free on orders over $99 and also offer international shipping to most countries.