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Holiday Jewelry & Christmas Gift Ideas

As the holiday season approaches and you begin to make your lists of what to give to who keep in mind that jewelry is still the best Christmas gift you can give. With so many cheap designer jewelry creations and even vintage jewelry designers who offer specials and gorgeous creations for $30 or $40, it’s possible to give very unique presents without going over budget.

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Jewelry for Young Girls

Don’t forget that young girls love the new celluloid jewelry styles that may look cheap but have appeal for wearing to school and matching with bright colored outfits. Don’t underestimate the impact of giving costume jewelry to young girls and it’s now so easy to find costume jewelry online that will be delivered to you instead of having to go out and face the crowds. Costume jewelry supply outlets like the ones mentioned in this article need not only be about getting manufactured junk that will end up in the garbage.

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Remember that there is exclusive costume jewelry vintage sellers who cater to people on a budget with refined taste and who offer you vintage designer jewelry that is collectible at prices so low they actually compare to what you’d buy at a department store on sale and yet are of extremely high quality. To buy from a costume jewelry store at a mall or department store is not always the best place to find quality costume jewelry, however, as has been highlighted in this article, you can find things like Weiss vintage jewelry or Cini jewelry and have that cheap costume jewelry piece that will make the receiver’s eyes twinkle. No one will ever imagine how little you paid. Remember that vintage jewelry is hot these days, even with young ladies.

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CZ Costume Jewelry

If you know someone who loves diamonds and sparkle don’t underestimate the value of giving CZ costume jewelry in place of diamonds. With the massive selection of high quality cubic zirconia rings and earrings, your gifts will be a welcome addition to any ladies’ jewelry collection.

Presents for Young Men and Boys

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When selecting presents for young men and boys keep titanium in mind since it is high quality and cheap and yet comes in wonderful designs and even fashion colors. Titanium is the most popular metal used for the hip blue costume jewelry that many young people are wearing today.

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Fashion jewelry is not just for the ladies. Men’s jewelry is equally important and comes in many quality options. Don’t forget that while a mens tie may be a cliché in the Christmas gift world, a pair of titanium cufflinks or a tie pin or tie clip is not. It is still considered an elegant and appropriate gift for co-workers and family members. There is nothing tacky about giving a man a cashmere scarf and a set of cuff links or a money clip or even a key ring with a logo of his favorite sports car emblem. Cheap men jewelry styles are available through many of the sports car manufactures who make titanium and tungsten rings and mens jewelry that is specific for men.

Womens and Young Ladies’ Jewelry Gifts– Choose with Care

For the ladies, buying jewelry earrings, rings or bracelets is easier, but take some time to reflect on what each person will appreciate instead of buying to be able to tick off a name on a list.

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Consider handmade jewelry if she likes crafty things, and you needn’t make it yourself. Choose one of the beaded jewelry suppliers and most have handmade bracelets and earrings that are inexpensive and ready to wear.

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Consider silver jewelry if the lady usually wears white metals. Sterling silver jewelry is inexpensive and widely available. Use the buying guide above to select silver jewellery, costume jewellery and fashion jewellery that will delight those who receive it. Handmade silver jewelry is a good option if you go to small crafts people who offer unusual silver jewelry creations for less through their online shops. Also think about Native American silver jewelry and Mexican silver jewelry as an option. There are also many great pieces of silver in unique designs by wholesale outlets that sell on behalf of Thai and Balinese silver jewelers. Gold jewelry may be right for some women, but remember that it isn’t every ladies’ style.

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If you have many presents to buy for young girls consider buying $50 or $100 (the minimum order) of wholesale jewelry and dividing it into sets for each of the them. Costume jewelry need not look cheap and designer jewelry and fashion accessories need not be too expensive. Go wholesale and get more for less.

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Don’t make the mistake of buying what YOU love, but consider what will suite the giver. But how can you know what to buy those people on your Christmas list who you don’t know very well? It’s difficult for sure, but being observant is the best way to know. For example if someone who you have only seen a few times always wears contemporary sleek silver earrings and minimalist fashions, then it’s safe to say they will not want handmade jewellery with tons of beads or vintage fashion jewelry that has colorful rhinestones and pearls.

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Beaded and pearl jewellery is best left as gifts for those you know appreciate beads and pearls and is not the best choice if don’t know a lady very well. There are pearl wearing women and those who only wear sparkle. Colorful rhinestones, pearls and vintage jewelry, as well as beaded jewelry creations, are the most difficult presents to give if you don’t know a lady well. This is one big mistake at Christmas time. Don’t make or buy these types of jewelry and give to everyone on your list just because you love beads and can make cheap jewelry as gifts. It’s better to give a cheap set of CZ and silver earrings than to see your beaded gifts end up tossed to the side.

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Crystal jewelry, fashion necklaces and quality costume jewelry rings are almost always welcomed by young girls. Try to select charms that go with bracelets they own. For example if they have a Juicy Couture bracelet don’t buy Italian charms or if they collect Pandora charms don’t buy a Juicy Couture charm. They may all look similar to you if you don’t collect them yourself, but it will make all the difference to the young lady who receives them. There’s nothing wrong with asking, “what charm bracelet do you wear, is it a Pandora, an Italian charm bracelet or a Juicy Couture?”

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Cheap body jewelry makes for a wonderful Christmas gift if you have people on your shopping list who have piercings. There are inexpensive packaged sets that have an assortment of cheap jewelry styles so if you aren’t sure what piece to select you have give a dozen or so and it won’t cost very much at all. Body jewelry is extremely affordable, often just pennies per piece.

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Bridal jewelry is personal to the bride and groom and does not make for good gift giving. If you know someone who is getting married and think it would be ideal to give them some wedding jewelry or what you believe is the perfect bridesmaid jewelry, I suggest: don’t do it. Unless you are the bride’s most intimate friend and she has confided in you the exact style she wants for her wedding, it is ill advised to give bridal fashion jewelry as a gift.

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Discount jewelry for fashion earrings, rhinestone jewelry, fashion bracelets and teen fashion jewelry must be chosen with care because trends change very quickly. What was cool last month may be a total bomb today. If you want to give jewelry that’s trendy, and really make the person you’re giving to happy, find out what they’re into before buying. This is especially true for aunts, mothers, grandmothers and friends that are older than the young person who will receive the gift. It is difficult to know what’s hot and my best advice is ask.

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Ethnic Jewelry and Indian Costume Jewelry

Although it’s not for everyone, a great gift can be something unusual, ethnic, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, or even Tibetan. If you have someone on your list who loves to travel or is into ethnic styles, you may score big points by buying some cheap jewellery from Indian wholesale jewellery dealers. Indian fashion jewelry is surprisingly affordable and plentiful and is not just from India.


Many outlets who advertise Indian Jewellery often have pieces from all across Asia and sometimes even from Africa. Don’t forget to check out some of the Fair Trade jewelry shops online and get some unique ethnic pieces that cost almost nothing but help to support artists and artisans around the world. Christmas is a good time to consider buying gifts from alternative sources instead of just from the large manufacturers that inundate the world with advertising.

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You can try places like Ten Thousand Villages or Ruff and Cut, or Wedge World Wide, or, or for Indian Fair Trade Jewelry try The Pangea Collection. The Pangea Collection as brought together a selection of jewellery from fair trade jewelry organizations and independent artisans that work at their craft around the world.


It is especially dedicated to women in developing countries who earn a living by making artisan jewellery. The purchase of such jewelry helps these talented artisans be self sufficient and continue expanding and preserving their traditional arts.

All of the above suggested online shops offer handmade jewelry products at unbelievably low prices and ship internationally.