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Custom Photo Engraved Jewelry by Face 2 Face

Personalized Photo Engraved Jewelry PENDANTS and TAGS on 9k, 14k and 18k white or yellow gold, silver, stainless steel or rhodium plated items. Order lockets, Card Holders, KEY RINGS, Seasonal Gifts, Custom Engraved Jewelry Boxes and CHARM Bracelets direct from the high-tech professionals at Face 2 Face Photo Engraving.

State-of-the-art Techniques Behind Photo Engraved Jewelry

At Face 2 Face Photo Engraving the techniques involve a high-tech process that converts your photographs into engraved images in solid gold, silver, stainless steel or other metals.

Step One

Precision Engraved Photo Jewelry Starts with Transforming the Image

It all begins with high definition equipment to digitally enhance the pictures that will be engraved with a dot by dot technique.

Skilled technicians manually work with each picture, first cropping them to fit onto the chosen jewelry item and then working with the image’s shapes and the light and dark areas to create contrast and provide the right amount of depth so the engraving will stand out once etched into the metal surface.

Step Two

High-Tech Picture Engraved Jewelry Software

The exact depth of each piece of custom photo engraved jewelry will depend on the metal chosen.

Once the image has been digitally prepared, it must then be further enhanced and transformed into a high definition grey-scale piece of artwork.

Specialized software reads white, grey and black in different ways to creates dots that will represent each area as follows:

  1. White becomes a deep point {or dot}.
  2. Black doesn’t receive a point.
  3. Grey gets a soft dot.

Step Three

Diamond Head Equipment for Personalized Engraved Jewelry Quality

Once the transformation has been completed, the image is sent to a precision diamond-head engraving machine that uses approximately 8000 dots {points} to engrave an average sized pendant with a detailed likeness of the picture.

Step Four

Quality Inspection of Custom Engraved Jewelry Items

The photo engraved jewelry is inspected manually to ensure a high quality final product.

Only after careful inspection is the piece packaged and shipped by FedEx Express or DHL International.

Beware of Cheap Engraved Jewelry by Impact Printing

Fine precision quality cannot be achieved by impact printing.

Genuine photo engraved jewelry will provide a meticulously sculpted image in gold, silver or other metals. The results of high quality engraving are outstanding.

Top Quality Engraved Photo Jewelry Requires:

  • high-tech digital equipment
  • specialized software
  • state-of-the-art diamond engraving machines
  • technicians with an artistic eye and attention to detail

Example of Photo Engraved Silver Jewelry by Face 2 Face

  • Rectangle Sterling Silver Pendant

Photo Engraved Silver Jewelry {925 sterling silver} in a pendant style piece, measuring 14 x 20, costs $35 and includes the pendant and engraving one face.

The cost to add a second face is $9.50. Photo engraving can also be done on the back side for an additional $12.50 and text may also be added for $3.50 per line.

Example of Gold Engraved Jewelry by Face 2 Face

  • Oval, Round, Square or Heart – 18k Gold Pendant

High-end engraved photo jewelry on solid 18k gold pendants, with a lifetime guarantee, cost between $450 and $460, and includes expertly engraving one face.

Additional faces as well as text on the backside cost the same as when done on silver pendants.

Personalized Photo Engraved Jewelry Boxes

  • One of the most unique personalized items that Face 2 Face offers is the collection of heat-shaped engraved jewelry boxes made from chrome with brass bases. They measure 110x107x45 mm and costs $55 each. The price includes the box and engraving one face.

Extra faces and text engraving is available for $9.50 per face and $3.50 per line of text.

Picture Engraved Jewelry for Men and Unique Gift Ideas

Ideas for engraved mens jewelry include:

  1. stainless steel pendants and military tags
  2. father’s day special sets such as photo engraved card holders, travel clocks, pill boxes, key rings and chrome Zippo lighters
  3. chrome Flash USB Discs with 2Gb of space and a photo engraving on the front for as little as $50.

Consider another of the latest pieces of unique engraved jewelry for men: it doesn’t have a face, but instead, a set of footprints on a pair of silver cufflinks. Photo engraved mens jewelry doesn’t get better than this funky Square Sterling Silver Cufflink Set. They measure 20x20mm and have a set of engraved footprints on each. The cost: $115/pair, which includes the cufflinks and precision engraving of one image.

Custom Engraved Jewelry for Women

Some of the cutest items in the Face 2 Face collections are found in the series of engraved jewelry for MOMS.

Choose a sun-shaped pendant or a heart, oval, rectangle, square or other shape, and have baby’s picture etched in silver, gold or stainless steel.

The pieces of engraved jewelry for moms that offer the best overall value are the pendants in SILVER such as the Sun Pendant that’s 925 sterling silver, measures 22x22mm, and includes one engraved baby face for $48.

ORDER 18k Gold and Sterling Silver Engraved Jewelry from the Experts

Order fine picture engraved jewelry on silver, gold or other metals by going to Face 2 Face at:

Custom Fingerprint Jewelry from First Impressions

Unique Custom Fingerprint Jewelry – Pendant Necklaces, Charm Bracelets and Charms – from 11mm – 17mm in assorted shapes. Customize engraved bead, choose birthstone and diamond bail accents and select 14k white / yellow gold or sterling silver fingerprint jewelry. Personalize each piece using the Custom Configurator, plus receive FREE engraving. Discover the secret of Jake Fuhrman’s First Impressions jewelry designs.

The Most Original Adult and Baby Fingerprint Jewelry Available

First Impressions is one of those rare companies that offers warm fuzzy feelings of love, tenderness and remembrance with little items specifically designed to celebrate life. Jake Fuhrman’s secrets, which has made his custom fingerprint jewelry so successful, is summed up in this quote:

“Whether worn by a new mom, by a spouse of a distant soldier, in support of a person who is battling a life threatening illness, or in memory of someone who has passed, they simply reflect the notion, ‘I need you to be with me – always.’ ”

Feel the warmth of First Impressions in this video {courtesy of Jeffrey Brandt}:

Fingerprint Jewelry by First Impressions

How to Order Personalized Gold or Silver Fingerprint Jewelry

Whether you want adult or baby fingerprint jewelry, First Impressions makes it easy to customize your pieces through a unique Custom Configurator on their website. Just click on the icon that says “Create Your Own First Impressions® Masterpiece” and get started.

Step One: Making You Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Metal Choices

Choose the precious metal you desire. The options are:

  1. Sterling Silver
  2. 14k Yellow Gold
  3. 14k White Gold

Step Two: Decide on the Basic Style of Pendant or Charm

Choose the adult or baby fingerprint jewelry style. You can select from 7 different designs that include:

  1. Basic “Simply You” fingerprint charm or pendant without a frame
  2. Circle Halo fingerprint charm / pendant with a round frame encircling the print
  3. Square Halo pendant / charm with a square frame around a circular print
  4. Triangle Halo pendant / charm with a triangular frame around the print
  5. Diamond Halo pendant / charm with a diamond studded circular frame {includes .25 / .33 carat weight of diamonds set in silver or 14k gold}
  6. Heart Halo charm / pendant with a heart-shaped frame around the print
  7. Oval Fingerprint Bead for charm bracelets – 11mm size bead with basic print

Step Three: Choose the Size of your Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Pendant / Charm

The sizes of the charm bracelet charms or pendant necklace pieces are as follows:

  1. Little – 11 mm
  2. Middle – 14mm
  3. Big – 17 mm

Step Four: Select a Standard or Custom Bail

The bail is the piece that connects the pendant or charm to the bracelet or necklace. The options available for custom bails include:

  1. Basic Silver or Gold Bail – no extra charge
  2. Gold or Sterling Silver Bail studded .05 carat weight of genuine diamonds
  3. Birthstone Bails {12 choices} with a 2.5mm gemstone accent

Step Five: Bracelet or Necklace Selection

Now you’ll need to decide if your gold or silver fingerprint jewelry pieces will be added to a cable link bracelet or necklace, or if you only want the pendant / charm on its own. The options include:

  1. No Bracelet / No Chain
  2. 16-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  3. 18-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  4. 20-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  5. 7-inch sterling silver or gold bracelet
  6. 8-inch sterling silver or gold bracelet

Step Six: View Your Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Before Ordering

While you’ve been selecting the above choices, the Custom Configurator program has been creating an image for you to view. Scroll down and see what your personalized adult or baby fingerprint jewelry looks like.

If you’re happy, click: “Purchase this Configuration”, if you want to make changes, go back and alter your options.

How Much Does a Piece of Customized Silver Fingerprint Jewelry Cost?

The total price of your custom order will be displayed in the Custom Configurator image after you’ve made your personalized choices.

If your imagination allowed you to choose 14k gold mountings and customized diamond-studded bails, but your budget doesn’t stretch that far in real life, you can change your choices to suite your budget.

  1. The most affordable item you can order is the basic sterling silver “Simply You” fingerprint that measures 11mm. It comes with a basic silver bail but without a bracelet or chain. This pendant / charm costs $149.
  2. The most expensive item you can order is the 14k white / yellow gold 17mm diamond halo fingerprint with .33 carat diamond accents, and a custom diamond bail in 14k gold with .05 carat of diamonds, mounted on an 8-inch bracelet in 14k white or yellow gold. The total price of this luxurious custom configuration totals $3,066.


If you’re wondering how First Impressions gets the fingerprint to create your custom jewelry, here’s how:

There are two ways:

  1. Once you’ve made your personalized choices using the Custom Configurator, you’ll be sent a “no-mess Print Pack”. Then, using the materials provided you can follow instructions and capture the baby or adult fingerprints and send them to First Impressions. Once the prints arrive, it usually takes about a week for your custom fingerprint jewelry to be crafted.
  2. If you already have high quality prints, be they of a hand, foot or a finger, you can scan them {at least 600 dpi resolution} and email them to First Impressions along with your order.

See the “no-mess Print Pack” in the following video {courtesy of Jeffrey Brandt}:

First Impressions…Print Taking

Place your orders or get more information by going directly to First Impressions at:

Interested in Getting Involved in Custom Fingerprint Jewelry?

Find out how to share the experience of gold and silver fingerprint jewelry with others by watching the following video with information for retailers.

First Impressions…Retailers

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Designs from Bead Euphoria

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Designs – Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Bridesmaid and Bridal Jewelry, Birthstone Jewelry, Personalized Name Bracelets, Little Girls Bracelets, Artisan Jewelry, Custom Orders – from Bead Euphoria by Sandra Brand.

Unique Beaded Jewelry by Sandra Brand

Sandra Brand specializes in making beaded jewelry.

The collections at Bead Euphoria are a medley of artistically handcrafted beaded jewelry designs using semi-precious stones, lampwork beads, crystals, pearls, and other materials.

Here are a few samples of Sandra’s unique beaded jewelry collections:

1. Stone Medley Bracelet

This designer beaded jewelry is artistic, fun and wearable.

This unique beaded jewelry bracelet {adjustable from 7.5 to 8 inches} has been crafted using a medley of what Sandra describes as “leftover” stones in various colors, sizes and textures including:

  • white and green coral
  • turquoise
  • carnelian
  • onyx
  • amazonite
  • rhodonite
  • crystal accents

2. Sunshine Flowers Bracelet

Sandra has combined several summertime beaded jewelry ideas to create this sunny blast of yellow flowers and leaves that includes:

  • seed beads
  • over 50 charms

This piece of handmade beaded jewelry wraps around the wrist 3 times. One size fits all.

3. Bridal – Crystal & Stardust Bracelet Set

This set of hand beaded jewelry is designed for the elegant bride, crafted from creamy Swarovski pearls, clear crystal bicone beads, sterling Bali daisy wheels and stardust beads.

  • The earrings are ½ inch in length and come with leverback closures.
  • The matching necklace is also available from Bead Euphoria.

For other unique beaded jewelry design ideas, view Sandra’s bridesmaid and bridal jewelry collection that includes:

Fashion beaded jewelry for sale through Bead Euphoria, designed exclusively for brides and bridesmaids include:

  • Lampwork and Opal Crystal Necklace/ Earring Sets
  • Shimmery White Drop Pendant Necklace Set

View real-life weddings, and the hand beaded jewelry they chose from Bead Euphoria, by going to Sandra’s “Bridal Gallery”. Danielle’s Wedding is just one example.

Hand Beaded Jewelry for Kids, Little Girls and Fairy-Loving Ladies

Sandra overflows with beaded jewelry design ideas for kids and young ladies in a series of original pieces bursting with colorful imagination.

1. Balloons, Flowers, and Sparklies

This is a piece where Sandra’s beaded jewelry making abilities sparkle with balloon style round balls, frosted white glass daisies, transparent green glass leaves, and sparkling Swarovski crystals.

  • The adjustable bracelet is 7- 7 ½ inches
  • The earrings are 1 ½ inches in length.

2. Forest Fairy’s Charm Bracelet

Fairytale fashion beaded jewelry at it’s best!

This bracelet has three woven stands of color and charm with hundreds of glass flowers, leaves, lucite / faceted glass beads, crystals, and seed beads.

  • The bracelet is 8 ¾ inches with a pewter toggle clasp.

This particular piece of exclusive designer beaded jewelry can be customized using a variety of color schemes. It can also be made to fit any sized wrist.

Note: When measuring your wrist make sure to add 1 ¾ inches extra to allow for the bulkiness of the baubles in this particular fairy design.

About Sandra Brand – One of Oregon’s Top Beaded Jewelry Designers

Sandra Brand, owner of Bead Euphoria, gets her beaded jewelry design ideas from the colors and shapes of: stones, gems, jewelry beads and glass baubles – and from the translucency and swirling formations in pieces of glass art, which she avidly collects.

Living in the town of Ashland, Oregon, where art and drama offers a unique cultural backdrop that attracts tourists and inspires other artisans, Sandra has found inspiration for unique design possibilities that have taken her hobby with handmade beaded jewelry and turned it into a passion that birthed a business – Bead Euphoria.

Now, with hundreds of custom beaded jewelry designs and extensive designer collections, Sandra retails her unique creations through her online jewelry store.

To view galleries of Bead Euphoria beaded jewelry for sale, or to get beaded jewelry ideas for placing custom orders, go to

White Gold Amethyst Jewelry – Rio Gems Beverly Hills & JE Gem

White Gold Amethyst Jewelry – Genuine Gems and 14K White Gold – Stud Earrings, Briolette Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Huggies, Hoops, Amethyst Pendants, Amethyst Rings with Genuine Diamonds – prices from $59.95 to $399.

Browse Fine Amethyst Jewelry collections from Rio Gems Beverly Hills – stone cuts in ovals, rounds, trillants, pear shapes, emerald cuts and elegant marquise designs. View affordable silver amethyst jewelry including pendants for just $24.95.

Find related gemstones like citrine and lemon quartz {also known as green amethyst jewelry} with pieces priced between $99 and $199.

Create your own Amethyst Jewelry Sets or choose gifts from the top Birthstone Jewelry collections – the amethyst is February’s birthstone.

Affordable White Gold Amethyst Jewelry Pieces / Amethyst Jewelry Sets

1. Three-Stone Amethyst Diamond Pendant

This three-stone 1ct Amethyst and Genuine Diamond Pendant has a series of three prong-set amethysts gems. The first stone is 3mms, the second is 4mms and the third is 5mms. Above the amethysts is a genuine diamond accent. The pendant is mounted in solid 14k white gold and the entire piece measures about 5/8 inch, with the total carat weight of the stones being 1 carat. Order through Rio Gems and pay $59.99.

2. 6mm Round Amethyst Studs

These classic prong-set amethyst stud earrings by Rio Gems have a filigree mounting in solid 14k white gold with a tension closure. Each gemstone is 6mms and the total weight is 2 carats. The pendant is priced at $99.

Create elegant amethyst jewelry sets by adding a pendant with a round gemstone or a ring with the same filigree design.

3. Amethyst and Diamond Ring

This 1 carat white gold amethyst jewelry item is ideal as an engagement ring, cocktail ring or as part of a set. The 1 carat oval-cut amethyst gemstone is prong-set into a solid 14k white gold band with two small diamonds pave-set into triangle shapes along the sides. The band is crafted to provide comfort due to being knife-shaped on top and tapering to a full-round smooth shape at the back. At the widest point, the ring is about 2mm. It’s featured in white gold, but can also be ordered in yellow gold. Any custom size can be made upon request. The white gold amethyst and diamond ring in 14k gold {in standard sizes} costs $99.95. This is excellent value for white GOLD amethyst jewelry – compare with competitor’s items crafted in silver for similar prices.

4. 1 ct Amethyst and Diamond Pendant

Amethyst jewelry sets can be put together starting with this classic cushion cut amethyst pendant that’s mounted in 14k white gold and accented with real diamonds. The filigree gallery of this pendant matches the 6mm Round Amethyst Stud Earrings suggested in number 2. The entire piece weighs 1.2 grams, has a 1 carat cushion-cut amethyst gemstone that measures 8X6mms, which is prong-set into the gold. It’s a bargain at $79.95. {Create amethyst jewelry sets by selecting the amethyst studs and this pendant. Together they costs $178.95.}

5. Green Amethyst Jewelry – 6 ct Lemon Quartz White Gold Pendant

Green amethyst jewelry is actually citrine or lemon quartz, which is of the same family as the amethyst, but is green or yellowish-green instead of lavender or purple. One of the best buys at Rio Gems {in the green amethyst jewelry collection} is the Lemon Quartz White Gold Pendant that has a massive yellow-green gemstone that measures 12x10mm, cut in a classic emerald-cut design so as to display the full 6 carats majestically, and prong-set in 14k white gold. This piece of green amethyst crystal jewelry is priced at $199. Create a green amethyst jewelry set by browsing the citrine gemstone stud / drop earring collections that start around $99.

Vintage, Antique and Green Amethyst Jewelry Sets form JE Gem

Another place to buy affordable green amethyst jewelry sets is JE Gem. They carry almost every type of gemstone jewelry on the market, but what makes them unique is that their pieces are handcrafted, the stones in most cases hand cut, and the designs exclusive to their collections. In Green Amethyst Jewelry, they offer:

1. Pendants

Green amethyst pendants for around $148

2. Green / Purple Amethyst Bracelets

Green amethyst bracelets for about $124

3. Earrings

Handmade green amethyst stud earrings with silver filigree-style accents for about $87

4. Rings

Unique sterling silver green amethyst bridal jewelry such as exclusive handcrafted engagement rings for around $231

At JE Gem you can also find eccentric pieces:

5. Necklaces

RARE Fossil necklaces that include a variety of stones including green amethyst, ammonite, iridescent pyrite, smoky quartz and tourmaline.

Fossil Bracelets

Choose matching bracelets in the same unusual RARE fossil collection – all set in sterling silver.

JE Gem has vintage inspired and antique amethyst jewelry including:


Unusual filigree brooches

African Amethyst Pendants

10k white gold orange sapphire and African amethyst pendants

Mixed Gemstone Pendants

Rare pieces in their 2012 Winter Collection that include 14k white gold diamond and Brazilian amethyst pendant designs – accented with dangling citrine gems.

Prices for JE Gem high-end exclusive vintage amethyst jewelry and antique / art deco designs range from $459 to over a thousand dollars. Choose a variety of fine amethyst crystal jewelry in green, orange, purple and soft lavender hues.

Eccentric Jewelry Amethyst Gems

Large or unusual, even eccentric jewelry amethyst gemstone pieces are available from JE Gem. Depending on your budget, choose items such as:

  1. Exotic Pendant Jewelry Amethyst from Africa set in 14k white gold

    This wild amethyst pendant has a large central brilliant-cut genuine African amethyst as well as 6 yellow sapphires, 3 blue sapphires, 3 pink sapphires and 59 round brilliant-cut genuine diamonds.

  2. RARE Necklace from the JE Gem Silver Amethyst Jewelry Collection

    This extravagant creation is crafted from 10 drusy quartz, 5 Mexican coconut geodes, 11 faceted green amethysts and 8 Brazilian smoky quartz. This is a handmade design, one-of-a-kind, exclusive JE Gem RARE green amethyst necklace.

Antique Amethyst Jewelry

Antique amethyst jewelry is available in all the collections at JE Gem.

One piece that stands out is the Sterling Silver Brazilian Amethyst Bracelet.

Modern Silver Amethyst Jewelry

Two pieces that are priced so affordably they may be mistaken for amethyst costume jewelry, but are in fact genuine gemstone items in silver mountings are:

  1. The Ultra Modern Sterling Silver Brazilian Amethyst Ring – Square

    This piece of unique contemporary silver amethyst jewelry costs about $87. Act quickly, there’s only ONE piece.

  2. Modern Sterling Silver Amethyst Jewelry Ring with hand-cut gemstones – Round

    This piece of modern silver amethyst jewelry is priced as low as costume items – just $75. This is a low price for a ring with 7 high-grade Brazilian amethyst gemstones in solid 925 sterling silver.

Two Exclusive Pieces of Vintage Amethyst Jewelry from JE Gem

  1. 9k yellow gold Vintage Amethyst Jewelry RING

    This vintage piece has a step-cut African amethyst as well as 6 round brilliant-cut amethysts and 24 diamonds. It retails through JE Gem for about $944.

  2. 9k yellow gold Vintage Amethyst EARRINGS with seed pearls

    This is one of the great bargains on antique / vintage amethyst jewelry through JE Gem because the pair comes with 2 African amethyst cabochons and 20 natural seed pearls in solid 9k yellow gold for just $593.

Unique Green Amethyst Jewelry Set – 5 BUTTONS

For a unique gift for a man or woman who has everything and loves green amethysts, get a set of 5 sterling silver buttons crafted with round Brazilian citrine gemstones which are commonly called green amethysts. This green amethyst jewelry set can accent a shirt, blouse, jacket or be used for cuffs. The complete set of 5 buttons costs about $180 through JE Gem.

Amethyst Jewelry for Men

Amethyst jewelry for men isn’t easy to come by and is often labeled as citrine or lemon quartz because the green amethyst varieties are of the same family, however, if you’re looking for something purple that resembles amethyst one alternative is Alexandrite or lab created versions of this blue-purple stone. JE Gem has a singular piece – a BELT BUCKLE for men – in silver with a lab created stone. It’s priced at $339.

Contemporary Mens Amethyst Jewelry by Gemvara

For ultra chic, modern pieces of mens amethyst jewelry go to Gemvara. They offer one of the largest selections of polished bands with amethyst gemstones set in unique ways and designed exclusively for men.

Prices for mens amethyst jewelry, especially RINGS, range from $200 to over a thousand. One piece of amethyst jewelry for men that’s clean, elegant and affordable is the Slot Ring – a Men’s Round Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring that retails for $223 from Gemvara.

Amethyst Bridal Jewelry

Amethyst bridal jewelry is available in engagement rings and wedding bands or as accent pieces for the bride such as studs, drop earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets that can be worn on the day of the wedding.

One of the best buys in amethyst bridal jewelry at JE Gem is the Sterling Silver African Amethyst Tennis Bracelet for just over $100. Pair the tennis bracelet with some stud earrings, a delicate drop-style amethyst pendant or a simple necklace to create a complete amethyst bridal set.

Amethyst Crystal Jewelry by Mystic Merchant

For spiritual purposes, amethyst crystal jewelry is usually less refined, polished, cut or faceted –left in it’s crystal state.

For specialized pieces of rare amethyst crystal jewelry like the Shamanic amethyst talisman pendant, or a rare sceptered amethyst crystal from the Godo mines in Kaduna Nigeria used for shamanic energy, healing and meditation, browse the large selection of crystal gemstone specimens and jewelry creations at Mystic Merchant.

Where to Shop for Amethyst Jewelry Featured in this post:

1. To order white gold amethyst jewelry by Rio Gems go to:

2. To order the silver amethyst jewelry by JE Gem go to:

3. To order mens amethyst jewelry by Gemvara go to:

4. To order Mystic Merchant amethyst crystal jewelry go to:

Single Freshwater Drop Pearl Pendants

Genuine freshwater pearl pendants in white, black or lavender on a white gold plated sterling silver chain for just $45; every pendant is made from a high luster pearl and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Choose single pearl designs or pendants with stylized accents. Single black freshwater pearl pendants for $55; Japanese Akoya pearl designs for $75, and heart pendants with a large single white pearl for just $65. Genuine pearls, affordable prices, and free shipping with the US. Shop online with ease.

Pearls Only Affordable Pearl Pendants

Paul Lepa, CEO / co-founder of Pearls Only, discovered a way to provide his pearl-loving customers with some of the lowest prices possible on genuine pearl jewelry – by eliminating fancy showrooms and costly overhead, buying direct from pearl farms and showcasing exclusive products online, thereby passing the savings onto his customers. How is this possible? The organic gems from Pearls Only, shipped to customers through Red Stores in Houston, are all carefully chosen from Chinese and Japanese pearl farms (from where some of the world’s best pearls are harvested), graded and crafted into earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings, then photographed and presented exclusively online. Some of the top items include a collection of delicate single pearl pendants in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

One of the most affordable designs is the Madison, a pendant with a single white freshwater pearl, between 8mm and 9mm, and comes on a sterling silver chain – shipped in an elegant box with an authenticity certificate – all for just $45.

This particular design can be ordered with an AA grade black pearl or a classic white / lavender gem – they’re all the same low price. Ideal for bridesmaid gifts or as part of a bridal set. Shop now and receive free shipping on orders within the United States. If you need several items and prefer to make payments, qualify for six months interest free financing by ordering a minimum of $149. For details click on the images and view the wide selection of pearl jewelry from which you can choose.

Black Freshwater Pearl Pendants – from $49 to $65

Another excellent choice is the Alicia pearl pendant necklace that has a single 9mm or 10mm black freshwater pearl on a sterling silver (white gold plated) chain, for just $55.

If this particular design isn’t exactly what you had in mind, then choose from variations in the PearlsOnly pendant collection that includes: the Nerea 10 – 11mm black pearl design with a double dangling half crescent surrounding the pearl for just $65, or the Claudia which is a simple semi-circle and pearl for between $49 – $55 (depending on pearl size / color), or the Rocio with a contemporary silver rose and large black pearl for $65.

These are just a few of the many pendants available in this price range – but don’t forget to view special offers, like bargains for just $19 (at the time of writing) on pieces such as the Leeza Lavender Pearl Pendant with a 9-10mm freshwater pearl on a silver chain.

Japanese Akoya Pearl Pendant Necklace for $75

If you’re shopping for genuine Japanese Akoya pearls, here’s one of the best buys – the Destina Japanese Akoya pendant necklace with a single black pearl, mounted on a 925 sterling silver pendant, attached to a silver chain, for just $75. The pearl is an AA grade Japanese gem, harvested from Japanese cold water oysters and therefore have a distinctive luster. Choose different pearl sizes and pendant shape variations – prices range from $55 to $75 for similar quality pearls. Select matching freshwater black pearl earrings (studs) for between $15 and $25.

Pearl Heart Pendant

Amongst the creations that Pearls Only offers is a piece that’s ideal for a bridal set – a heart pendant with a single white pearl surrounded by a heart-shaped silver frame. The pearl is large (9 – 10mm) with good luster (AA grade) priced at $65. Add a pair of 8mm earrings for $25 and complete the bridal set for about $90.

For suggestions that include pearl drop earrings, browse the related post about Dahlia Jewels, a company that also offers affordable cultured freshwater pearl items that are ideal for gifts or as bridal / bridesmaid accessories. Discover unique bridal earrings from Jankuo and pearl jewelry sets from Bucasi, as well as Tahitian pearl earrings from the Amour collections, in the various posts dedicated to providing easy, affordable shopping recommendations for those on a budget.

In this post, these are the PearlsOnly items we’ve recommended:

1. Madison White 8-9mm AA Freshwater Pearl Pendant
2. Alicia Black 9-10mm AA Freshwater Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant
3. Leeza Freshwater Pearl Pendant (AA grade Lavender 9-10mm)
4. Destina Black 7-8mm AA Japanese Akoya Pearl Pendant
5. Heart Pendant White 9-10mm AA Freshwater Pearl (Silver Chain)

Misspelled Jewellry Discoveries

Gold and silver jewelry from international dealers; fashion and costume jewellry shops in China, Bangkok, India, Eastern Europe, Israel, Spain, Italy, France (to mention only a few), as well as gemstone and pearl dealers around the world who offer discounts and have unique designs, may not use English as a main language, and yet their jewelry or jewellery or even jewellry (however they may erroneously spell it) is well worth investigating. And that’s exactly what we’ve done and found some fun results which we share. What happens when a main word of a promotion is misspelled? See for yourself what we’ve discovered:

Jewish Jewellry

Gorgeous jewelry made in Israel, like the star of David pendant, a gold menorah studded with rubies, and a delicate bangle bracelet with a single ruby – all handmade in Israel – that’s some of what can be found. We stumbled upon beautiful pendants with the Shema, which as I have come to understand (and those reading this probably already know) is a statement of devotion toward one true God, which is to be reaffirmed both at night and in the morning. The pendant is inscribed with the words: Love The Lord Your God, with one side in English and the other in Hebrew. Another beautifully crafted item in this collection is the Shema Mezuzah case in pewter.

Another discovery, in the Judaic jewelry collections (spelled a few different ways) was a gorgeous piece that’s not your average pendant: a breastplate crafted in sterling silver with a series of multicolored faux gems. Very striking for those who need a replica of the breastplates worn by the high priests in the ancient temple.

If a Hebrew wedding ring (engraved or sculpted) is what you’ve been searching for, then perhaps it’s time to spell jewelry incorrectly (as jewellry) and find the best solid gold ladies and mens bands online. Gold and silver sterling silver jewellry and bridal sets from Israel are available through the shop called Jewish Jewellry and also the adjacent store called Judaic.

Chinese Replica Wholesale Jewellry

Now we find ourselves in Asian…..and I think we’ve just bumped into some fake luxury Chanel copies, because Ceramic Rings Jewellry doesn’t seem like a mistake the real Chanel marketing department is likely to make. This is a very funny place to buy designer replicas because while the cheap rings are priced wholesale at about $49 each, their free shipping offer doesn’t come into effect unless you spend $999. However, it’s possible that if you buy a little faux designer silver jewellry that mimics Tiffany, Armani, Bvlgari, D&G, Dior and Gucci (and while you’re at it you through in a few really cheap replicated belts and imitation Hermes and Louis Vuitton Jewellery pieces), you might make up the total required.

By the way, this strange online shop, which has replicated almost every top European designer (albeit in a Chinese factory), is called Mirror Brands (which is strangely appropriate), and I’m sure it’s not attempting to cut into the profit of the genuine designer articles because it’s obvious the product lines are replicas. It might be a place to spend $1,000 if you need cheap designer jewelry, handbags and belts (copies anyway), but just be careful what brands you order, because speaking of misspelling things….check out D&G versus the Asian interpretation: D&C!

Silver Jewellry UK

I can’t explain why Zoo Jewellery in the UK (with very elegant stores in Salisbury, Winchester and Worthing, and who carry a beautiful array of high quality silver jewellery from all over the world), appear under misspelled jewellry stores, but they do….and what a pleasant surprise to find Celtic, ethnic and unique contemporary gemstone rings and jewellery that are absolutely striking! They even carry a collection of delicate Mackintosh Silver that replicated the sleek clean lines and gentle curves of the Charles Mackintosh styles.

HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

There are even more things that can be discovered through misspelling and some are really hot news items, like: the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show which is the third biggest jewelry fair in the entire world with all the top designers and buyers from haute couture to gemstone dealers and artists and artisans. The next fair is not that far off, to be held on March 4th – 8th 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It may be a few months away, but for those jewellry stores and buyers who are planning their coming year’s collections and for those jewellry designers and exhibitors who will present their newest creations, it’s not a lot of time to prepare and plan. If you wish to attend the Exhibition as a visitor or register as an exhibitor, please visit the Hong Kong Trade Development Council – Exhibitions Department to register in advance.

It’s expected that the best Asian pearl jewelry, international gemstone, silver and gold traders, as well as those in specialized boutiques, will have similar, if not better exhibits than in 2010. There were (in 2010) areas for the World of Glamour, Hall of Fame and also the Hall of Nature where diamonds and pearls were showcased. There was also the Hall of Antique & Vintage Jewellery (which naturally with all the vintage and retro fashion we’re seeing) may be included again next year. The best way to know what’s hot is to be in Hong Kong in March!

Wholesale Costume Jewellry

If you’re looking for a new supplier of handmade jewellry or even unusual designs from around the world (and perhaps have exhausted the large manufacturers who know how to spell correctly), it’s worth a search for misspelled words because even Tradekey, one of the largest business to business directories of manufacturers (with over 3000000 importers & exporters) have been known to use the term “jewellry manufacturers” instead of the more correct spellings.

We discovered, through our misspelling search that there were some excellent wholesalers listed such as Tiptribe, and Sistertrade Co.(who specialize in Tiffany replicas) and lots of other Asian suppliers who use different ways to spell things although their products are on par with the better spelled ones.

Remember that spelling to many Chinese and Asian companies is not necessarily synonymous with low quality products. Why? It has to do with the Romanization or translation of words from “characters” to letters. In Mandarin Chinese (used by many companies in both Mainland China and Taiwan), the Romanized versions of Chinese characters are not standardized, which means that the spelling of very common words (even their own cities), may be very different depending on which Romanization system is employed.

A Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturer may not realize that in the West, the spelling of product or as another simpler example, one of their own city names such as Taipei (also Taibei, Daibei), will not appear to be the same city to a westerner, although to anyone in Taiwan it’s the name of the capital city no matter how its spelled; since it’s not in characters (and therefore incorrect anyway), it simply doesn’t matter.

It’s very common for the same word to be Romanized in three or four (or more) different ways, therefore making spelling an insignificant issue to a manufacturer who wishes to export his products to a Western buyer. The supplier may very well be making a wonderful set of affordable bridal jewellry without having any idea that the misspelled word in a B to B directory is costing him sales.

More Sparkle, Luster and Bling

For more information on things like where to get wholesale handbags (not misspelled) or where to begin searching for good wholesale jewelry (spelled correctly), or how to find fashion jewellery in the UK or costume jewelry in the US, please see our related topics that deal with all these subjects. We offer reliable guides on how to shop for everything from 14k gold to how to get the best cubic zirconia bracelets or engagement rings. We have suggestions for both wholesale and retail charms for charm bracelets and where to get all sorts of cheap jewelry, even ear gauges and belly rings for those who wear or retail jewelry specifically for piercings. We’re passionate about sparkle, luster and brilliance. We take pride in showing you how you can have faux bling or genuine gems for a lot less than you though possible. And if you happen to have an unlimited budget, we also show you the top designer creations including such extravagantly brilliant items like an amethyst ruby ring by (Florentine) New York designer Paolo Costagli. Compare these with ultra affordable amethyst ring creations sold online for as little as $30.

Cheap Jewelry Accessories

There are lots of places that sell rhinestone and there are even more silver jewellery wholesale outlets and lots of importers of vintage Mexican silver jewelry, but there’s no place quite like Deep Sea Treasure amongst unusual costume jewelry stores. Their creations are more than jewelry, they are complete accessories for almost any wardrobe. They have pearl styles, tribal jewelry, gold costume jewelry, silver costume creations, blue and purple and pink costume jewelry and even strange chain necklaces. They are all about cool trendy jewelry and accessories like the popular hoop earrings, drop earrings and chandelier earrings that come in every imaginable style and color for under $20.

deep sea treasure

They also have pearl earrings and beaded earrings and even a few drop chain earrings. In necklaces they offer a wide selection of choker, beaded, chain and pendant necklaces. They have cheap silver bracelets, gold bracelets and many rhodium bracelets as well as cuff bracelets and cuff bracelets and bangles. They have a selection of watches, brooches and even hair accessories. What they all have in common is a great low price!



Need more than just bling and jewelry, then try Peacocks, a shop that sells everything from lingerie to jewelry for $2. You can get yourself dressed from head to toe and jeweled and accented for under $50.

Accessories Online

There’s another shop that has just about everything in cheap jewelry accessories, designer jewelry, bridal sets, necklaces, earrings, cheap rings, silver bangles and bracelets, vintage brooches, hair jewellery, purses, travel accessories, mens wallets, watches, key rings and even handbag charms for great little holiday gifts.

Anna Lou of London Jewellery

The shop is Accessories Online, based in Liverpool and they have fashion and costume jewellery that you can shop for by designer, such as Alex Monroe Jewellery, Angie Gooderham Jewellery and Anna Lou of London Jewellery. They also carry Billy Bag Accessories and Butler & Wilson Jewellery products, as well as some of Cath Kidson Jewellery. They have the popular Catherine Weitzman Jewellery, Jackie Brazil Jewellery and a selection of the well known Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry pieces.

French N2 Jewellery

Accessories Online also have a few pieces of the cultish French N2 Jewellery that’s fantasy and retro kitsch in trendy colorful designs. Also there’s a collection of Les Nereides Jewellery which perhaps should be categorized cute cheap jewelry because it’s all about trendy flowers and butterflies in bright colors. They also have the unique, one of a kind collection by British designer Leandra Holder Jewellery characterized by each piece having a message making it, in fact, wearable art jewelry while still being inexpensive and fun. Many of Leandra Holder’s jewelry is worn by famous stars.

sukie lau jewellery

Also they carry the Lola Rose Jewellery collection with pendants, earrings and bracelets that incorporate semi precious stones, and Mary Frances Jewellery from San Francisco who offers a line of jeweled handbags that are exotic and colorful and have been made popular by Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson. For unique jewelry they also carry the oversized wacky colored Sukie Lau Jewellery collection for those who want candy bright beads and purple jade cubes for playful fun accents to their trendy wardrobe. And for delicate hearts and bows with sparkling rhinestones in silver-tone and gold-tone metal mixes, there’s the Ted Baker jewelry collection, also from Accessories Online. Ted Baker is high-end elite jewelry without the high price.


If you want the jewelry and accessories featured in the top fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle, Tatler and Look, then Accessories Online has what you need at affordable prices.