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A Guide To 9ct Gold Rings

9ct gold wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity bands: yellow and white 9 ct gold with cubic zirconia gemstones; very affordable gold jewelry – at Jewelry & Accessories we’ve found deals on cheap 9ct gold rings that look fabulous! Find out the difference between 9ct and 14ct gold and which is the better buy.

If you’ve been hearing a lot about 9ct gold rings, you may be wondering what the difference is between 14k, 18k and 9k gold. It’s really very simple. Pure gold is 24 carats, anything else like 18ct, 14ct, 10ct gold, has been alloyed with silver, copper, zinc and/or nickel.

Why is 9ct gold jewelry so cheap?

Here’s why: Take a look at some of the gold mixtures and you’ll see.

  1. Pure Gold = 24 carat = no alloys
  2. Some 9ct yellow gold rings will be 37.5% silver, 12.1% copper, 44.4% zinc and no nickel.
  3. Another mix for 9ct white gold rings will be 37.5% gold, no silver, 34.0% copper, 10.8% zinc, 17.7% nickel.
  4. Another 9ct white gold mix is 62% silver.
  5. A forth mix for 9ct pale yellow gold is 55% silver.
  6. A medium yellow 9ct gold will be 42% silver and 20% cooper
  7. A sixth mixture is rich yellow 9ct gold with 31.25% silver and the same in copper
  8. The pink and red tones are mixes that have a higher percentage of gold than silver but alloys total about 62% of the metal

What do these formulas mean to you? They mean that when you buy a 9ct gold ring you are buying mostly silver, copper, zinc or nickel. Even in the richest yellow gold mixes, there is less than 40% gold in the ring. 14 carat gold is almost 60% pure gold, 18 carat gold is around 75% gold. It’s easy to see where there are large price differences when you know what you’re actually buying.

The question is, are 9ct gold rings a good buy? That will depend what your priority is. If your budget is very limited and you will be forced to choose gold electroplated rings or silver ones versus 9ct gold engagement rings in a similar price range, then by all means go for the one with at least some real gold. However, if you can afford 14k or 18k gold wedding rings and are looking at 9ct pieces just because you think they’re about the same quality, don’t settle for the lower gold content. Why?

Since 9ct is mostly silver and other metals, it will not last as long. It may tend to get tarnished or react the way cheap costume or silver jewelry does over time. It may also contain nickel and that can cause allergic reactions. If you know you are allergic to nickel, choose only 9ct pieces that are nickel free, otherwise go for 18k yellow gold or titanium to be safe.

If you’re still wondering if it’s worth buying, this is a question you will have answer yourself now that you know the facts. How important is the gold content? Are you allergic to one of the alloys? Is it an engagement ring or a wedding band or an eternity ring that you will wear everyday? What’s your budget? What will the alternative be? If you are not allergic, if you have a low budget, if you want something that’s better quality than plain silver or a plated gold band and if it doesn’t matter that it will not last forever, then cheap 9ct gold rings are a good buy.

Beautiful 9ct Gold Engagement Rings that Look Great

All things considered there are some 9ct white gold engagement rings, and yellow gold as well, that are really lovely and affordable because they may be crafted with cubic zirconia, which are high quality imitation diamonds. There are some beautiful solitaires for sale in the UK for about £100 through a shop called Beaver Brooks, and in the US 10k seems to be more poplar and is also a similar mixture and reasonably priced around $120 for a ring with a faux gemstone or a cultured pearl or a semi-precious stone.

9ct White Gold Rings

The price difference between yellow gold and white gold when it comes to 9ct gold eternity rings, engagement and wedding bands and other jewelry, is very little. It will depend of the alloy mixture as shown above, but in general there’s just under 40% gold in all the mixtures, be they white or yellow or pink or red. You can get some simple half eternity bands for about £85 in the UK, and similar creations in 10k in the US for around $100 to $200 depending on the gemstone.

9ct Gold Ring Designs with Real Diamonds

Here is where you can have some fun because the ring is affordable you can add a few diamonds and pay as little as £250 for a whole creation with a whole series of real diamonds.

Or you can choose something unique like a white or blue topaz, a large stone, all set in 9ct gold and it will cost only about £225.

There’s also a large amethyst, genuine gemstone, with a few diamonds, which could be a unique engagement ring or cocktail piece, in white or yellow gold, for about £550. These rings are not bargain cheap, but they are a lot cheaper than 14k or 18k gold in similar styles.

In our opinion, 9ct gold rings are a good buy if you go with the cubic zirconia and faux gemstone or semi-precious gem styles. You get a beautiful ring that’s better quality than silver, but about the same price. We’re not sure the full wedding sets with genuine diamonds are good value when set in such a low carat gold mounting. The savings are not as noticeable when you start adding diamonds, and it seems odd to pay several hundred dollars or GBP for a ring that you could get in better quality gold with just a few less diamonds or a smaller gem. However, we leave the final choice up to you.

For more information on cubic zirconia rings, cheap jewelry, gold rings and 14k gold jewelry, as well as sterling silver rings and gold jewellery specifically for UK customers, please select another related topic.

14K Gold Charms For Bracelets

Gold charm bracelet designs with 14k gold charms; heart and religious cross styles, Italian and Disney charms; affordable gold plated pieces; pendants and gold charm necklace creations – at Jewelry & Accessories we know where to find the charms you need to start or complete your collections.

A genuine gold charm can cost as little as $19 or as much as several hundred if it has diamonds or gems. But no matter what you need, be it a gold cross necklace charm as a gift for someone’s first communion, or a set of Disney gold charms for a child who collects Mickey and Minnie or Piglet and Pooh, it’s all available at JewelBasket, an online jewelry shop that specializes in high quality fashionable 14k gold charms.

Getting Started with a Gold Charm Bracelet

Before you can add charms, you’ll need a gold charm bracelet. Unless you choose to go with a plated design, you’ll need to budget between $140 and $400 for a good quality link bracelets that’s about 7 inches long and is solid 14kt gold. Most bracelets will not include any charms. They are sold separately, and unless you have a very liberal budget, it will be extremely difficult to be able to afford a bracelet and a complete set of 14kt gold charms to fill it.

Since you can add up to 30 or more charms to each bracelet, even if each charm you desire is priced between $20 and $50, it will end up costing between $600 and $1,500 for all the trinkets. Even if you only buy about a dozen gold bracelet charms, the least can expect to spend will be close to $250.

Obviously, gold charms for charm bracelets are intended to be collected over time, and that is exactly what we recommend you do. That way you can afford a single high quality piece, one at a time, instead of cheaper pieces all at once. And if it’s for a kids Disney gold charms collection, there’s really nothing like giving the sweet excitement of expectation that a child will feel before a present is received and one more trinket is added to their collection, slowly over time.

Fun, Cute and Elegant White Gold Charms

We start with fun white gold heart charms that can be broken in half for friends to share. What’s great is that after broken in two, each piece still has a bail from which hand the charm, either as a pendant charm on a necklace or as a bracelet adornment. It’s solid 14k gold, and costs just $66, which is really a bargain considering you get two charms out of the deal.

For the same price you can share a laugh with a friend by giving a bikini bathing suite charm. It may not be as sentimental but it’s a talking pieces, and for some people that’s what a charm bracelet is all about – a jewelry storyboard of memories, laughs, fun events and friendship.

Cute and fun, and hugely trendy this season, and for many to come, are the white gold baseball charms with a glove and a bat and a ball that can dangle from a bracelet or a necklace as a pendant charm. With 2.4 grams of gold, this large charm is a good buy at just $143. For those who love making home runs or sliding into base, there’s no better gift, unless it comes with a hotdog and some beer.

If sports, bikinis and hearts isn’t what you’re after, but you need an elegant gift for someone who dreams or loves to travel, there’s an delicate Eiffel tower design that costs just $83.

There’s also a lacey filigree butterfly charm in solid 14k gold for just $53 that can be part of a lady’s white gold charm bracelet or a pendant on a chain necklace. And if you’d prefer a more solid look, there’s a similar creation that features a butterfly with textured wings with 1.6 grams of gold and costs under $100. Remember, these are not gold plated charms, and although they’re white, they are solid gold pieces. This is fine gold jewelry, not cheap costume imitations.

Gold Italian Charms

Some of the trendiest gold charms are nothing like the traditional dangling designs that clip onto a chain link bracelet. Instead they are modular gold Italian charms that slide or snap onto special bracelets that have flat, square or rectangular, surfaces where charms may be added. These are some of the hottest and most fashionable designs that have altered the classic look of a bracelet that usually would jungle with little trinkets.

It’s a much cleaner and more streamline way to display modern charms. Although they may be trendy, they are by no means intended only for children or teens, in fact some of the most elegant diamond and CZ charms for charm bracelets come in the Italian versions. They are ultra chic when planned carefully, or fun and frivolous for those who like personalized or picture charms of their friends, boyfriends and girlfriends or even their pets.

One great thing about Italian charm bracelets is that many places, including the JewelBasket, offer a free starter or basic bracelet when you buy just 5 charms. And each charm can cost as little as $9 to $13. Naturally there are more expensive ones, but you can a great collection started for a lot less than you might have thought.

Many of the cheapest pieces are gold plated charms for the famous Zoppini bracelets. These charms cost about $9.

Gold Cross Charms

Whether it be for used as a religious icon or as a fashion statement, some of the most beautifully crafted designs are the gold cross charms, which are often two-tone and encysted or accented with diamonds or cubic zirconia. Some are so ornate they cost several hundred dollars, but there are lovely simple designs for just over $50. These usually come with a clasp that can easily be added to a chain link bracelet or be worn as a pendant.

For more suggestions on charm bracelet designs, cross necklace styles, gold jewellery in the UK and gold jewelry buying advice in North America, as well as recommendations about where to buy affordable silver charms, please read the related topics that Jewelry & Accessories has to offer.

Clogau – Rare Welsh Gold Jewellery

Clogau 18k gold jewellery; royal welsh gold wedding rings; delicate 9ct gold jewellery charms, bracelets and necklaces; unusual designer pieces of 22k gold jewellery mixed with glass and 9ct rose gold; welsh mined gold jewellery UK dealers and online stores as well as a little history of the Clogau St. David’s Gold Mine – that and more is what Jewelry & Accessories brings you this week to help you buy gold jewellery with a remarkable history.

The Royal History of Clogau Gold

Clogau Gold comes from an ancient mine in the Snowdonia mountains that produced what would come to be some of the most regal gold of the 19th and early 20th century.

It was Clogau gold from which the royal family’s bridal jewellery and wedding rings were crafted, starting with the rings commissioned in 1923 by the Queen Mother. The single nugget of pure gold that was used for the Queen Mother and King George VI has also been used to craft the wedding band from Prince Philip to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and since then, the royal tradition of using Clogau gold has included wedding rings for Princess Anne, Princess Margaret, Lady Diana, and most recently, Prince Charles and Camilla.

The Last Remaining Nuggets From The Clogau St. David’s Gold Mine

The Clogau St. David’s Gold Mine, from which the first royal nuggets were extracted, did not have much gold, so it closed and was rediscovered and reopened briefly, but the fact remained that there was very little of this precious and elusive Welsh gold, and mining it was very costly. Like all things rare and difficult to obtain, the value of it didn’t diminish, rather it increased, and although extracting the precious metal came at a cost of around £1,000 per ounce, it was still a coveted and sought after metal. However, in 1995, it became unrealistic to continue mining, so the mine was closed permanently. Clogau gold nuggets that remained were stored and have since then been used to add to other gold to create fine jewellery with just a touch of the rare metal.

Since the small stockpile of Welsh Clogau gold is estimated to become depleted by around 2016, obtaining a piece of jewellery with even a small amount of this priceless ore is reserved for those who value its historic worth and can afford to pay its price.

Despite its rarity, pieces of fine Clogau gold jewellery are crafted and sold at surprisingly affordable prices, making it within reach even to none Royals.

Aside from its Royal history, and the scarcity of supply, what makes Clogau gold so special?

One of the things that distinguishes this fine gold from others is the fact that gold was discovered in what had once been an ancient copper mine. As you may or may not know, the color of gold is altered when alloyed with copper, creating what is known as rose gold, and in the case of Clogau, the nuggets with both copper and yellow gold gave an unusual touch of rose color to the gold.

However, it seems that the last time the gold was mined there was not much copper, mostly pure yellow gold, however the tradition of alloying it with copper to have a rosy colored metal remains.

Naturally yellow, white gold and rose gold jewellery is available, skillfully crafted from small amounts of the remaining gold extracted from the Clogau mine.

Where To Buy Gold Jewellery with Some Welsh Clogau Gold

William Roberts, who has been operating Clogau Gold since 1989, and who was able to reopen the mine for about 3 years and stockpile a quantity of the gold before closing it in 1995, remains the owner of the family run business in Bodelwyddan, Rhyl, with Mr. Roberts’ son Ben Roberts, now in charge of the day to day operations.

An official Clogau Gold Jewellery Store was opened in October of 2009 in Bridgend, South Wales, however you can purchase their products and view catalogues and inventory at their online store at

What’s Available and How Much Does It Cost?

Here are some options for you to consider:

9ct gold jewellery will be the most affordable option. Why? Let’s compare two pieces that are exactly the same design— a rose gold wedding ring.

The 9ct gold Cariad ring is a 3mm wedding band, finely crafted to be shaped exactly as your finger. The piece has the traditional Welsh Cariad inscription inside the band, which means sweetheart (or darling in Welsh) and comes from the Latin root Carus, which refers to affection toward a beloved. The ring also has the insignias of the official Clogau Gold and the Welsh Dragon, and the piece comes with a certificate or authenticity and a gorgeous jewellery box.

It costs £229, or about £172 if you buy it during a Clogau gold jewellery sale.

The same design, with all the same features, in the 18k gold jewellery collection, is more than double the price – £600 regularly, and about £450 when on sale.

There are three other designs we recommend that are unusual and affordable.

The first is a 9ct rose gold square Cariad ring, that’s 4mm wide, and costs between £195 and £260. If you are interested in this piece, you’ll have to check the stock level for the size you require. The stock for most of the Clogau gold jewellery is already very low.

The second is the 18ct yellow gold ring that features a D shaped design and is also a Cariad ring that’s 4mm wide and costs between £450 and £600. The availability of this piece is “plenty” if you desire size “J” but other sizes have a low stock availability and in some cases you will have to call the shop to see if they have your size. Remember that this gold is rare and stock really is running out.

The thirds piece is a very unique wedding ring because half of it is solid 18ct rose gold and the other half is platinum. It’s also a Cariad style and has all the same features and insignias as the ones above. It costs £1,500. The availability of this item is low in all sizes except “W”. So if you’re interested, act quickly.

Designer Gold Jewellery

Solid 22k gold jewellery is very difficult to find, and in Welsh gold even more difficult. There are however some unique pieces we suggest that Clogau Gold has to offer.

There is a collection called Alluvium, designed by Sarah Hill, a glass and gold jewellery specialist. Each of her pieces contains a flake (or flakes) of 22ct gold set into glass, like the Alluvium ring which is all handmade and set in a 9ct gold band. The ring is priced between £390 and £520.

There are three pieces to this collection: the gold ring, the intricately handmade gold bracelet and a pair of delicate gold dangle earrings. The bracelet costs £562.50, when on sale, and the gold earrings are priced between £307.50 and £410.

All pieces in this alluring Alluvium collection are crafted in 9ct gold with glass accents containing 22k gold flakes. They’re available through the Clogau Gold Store online, but there are very limited supplies in the most popular ring sizes. Their online availability chart must be checked before placing an order.

24k Gold Jewellery

24k gold jewellery is very rare these days, and not very practical, because it’s soft when not alloyed with other metals. 24k means it’s pure gold.

At the time of writing, the current price for 24k gold was £696 per ounce, and rare Welsh gold, much more. Fine gold jewellery will be 18ct or 14ct or even 9ct. Not even bridal jewellery or wedding bands, which were once 24k, are no longer popular.

If you want a piece that’s pure gold then you will probably do well to search for retro, vintage and antique gold jewellery that was crafted at least 50 to 100 years ago.

For more information, suggestions and recommendations on 14k gold items and prices; religious jewellery and cross necklace designs, gold charms for charm bracelets, gold CZ tennis bracelets, eternity rings to match bridal sets, cheap gold rings and jewelry that’s available online for North American buyers, as well as ideas on where to buy vintage jewelry and antique rings, please continue reading related topics presented by Jewelry & Accessories.

Shopping For 14K, 18K and 24K Gold Jewelry

14k, 18k and 24k gold jewelry; rings, earrings, bracelets, gold charms, pendants; solid gold wedding bands and engagement rings; antique gold jewelry with gemstones; plated gold rings and inlaid gold in titanium bands; two-tone and tricolor gold bracelets; white gold bridal jewelry with diamonds and affordable gold cubic zirconia bridal sets – at Jewelry & Accessories we know about gold – where to buy it, how much to pay and who sells the best gold jewelry creations online.

Yellow Gold – 18k & 14k Gold Jewelry Versus 24k

The most common and popular gold jewelry is 14k, partly because it’s more affordable than 18k and partly because it’s often alloyed with stronger or harder metals so it’s not so easy to scratch or dent like the softer 18k and pure 24k pieces, especially when it comes to gold rings that are worn daily, like wedding bands.

Many people are unaware that 24k gold is pure and that all other numbers are only a portion of pure gold blended with alloys like silver or nickel or copper. 24k jewelry is always yellow, since it’s pure.

White Gold Jewelry Versus 24K Pure Gold

White gold cannot be pure and therefore you’ll find never 24k gold jewelry in white. It’s usually 18k which means 6 parts of the metal in the jewelry will be something other than gold to give it the white appearance, usually silver, often nickel. However, white gold is not really white until it has been coated or electroplated and polished to give it that shiny white appearance. In fact white gold is quite dirty looking in it’s natural state.

The best white gold will not contain nickel as an alloy, since nickel often produces allergic reactions. That is one reason why advertisers will use terms like “nickel free” to promote their gold jewelry. This is important to know because anything other than 24k gold rings and other creations will all have a metal alloy and will not be pure and therefore may have potential adverse effects, like tarnishing, turning your finger green or causing itchy red rashes and even infection. That is why some gold jewelry earrings use surgical steel posts or have nickel free wires that pass through a piercing because 14k and 18k isn’t pure and may make your ears red and itchy much the same as cheap costume jewelry sometimes does.

Is 24k Gold Jewelry a Good Choice? And What About Antique Pure Gold Pieces

Antique jewelry is often 24k, which accounts for it being very expensive, but it doesn’t always mean it is the best choice. Why? Because pure gold is one of the softest metals, in fact one of the tests to see if gold is genuine is to bite it and see if it leaves a mark. This softness causes two important things to happen: rings will actually wear out and become thin over time, and pure gold jewelry, especially rings, scratch, dent and can get bent out of shape very easily.

This accounts for the popularity of jewelry that has less pure gold and for the trend toward harder and more resistant metals like titanium. Titanium wedding rings with 18k gold inlays are a fantastic alternative to solid gold because you can have a splash of yellow and still have the almost eternal strength, durability, lightweight, none corrosive and hypoallergenic properties of titanium.

Two-Tone, Tricolor and Rose Gold Jewelry

Tricolor and two tone gold jewelry is very popular and once again there is a lot of misconception about colored gold. Gold is naturally yellow, as we have already stated, so to achieve, white or pink the metal used in NOT gold, but silver or copper. The amount of copper will dictate how pink the gold will appear, and the amount of silver will decide how white. That is why some people have problems with two tone and pink gold jewelry, because it’s not always hypoallergenic and is never pure and therefore not exactly what people think they are buying.

How much Gold is in 14k Gold Jewelry?

Here’s an interesting fact: 14k gold jewelry, whether it’s white or pink contains exactly the same amount of pure gold as 14k yellow gold, and the same applies to 18k. It doesn’t matter what metal it’s alloyed with, if the number 14 or 18 appear, it tells us that the amount of gold in that piece is 14/24 or 18/24 regardless of the final color. There are also 9k and 10k gold rings and earrings that are affordably priced, which is natural since the gold content is less than half of the total metal used. It will still be more expensive than silver, but not by much.

Where to Buy Gold Jewelry

If you’re wondering where are the best online shops that sell gold jewelry that’s of good quality, 14k and 18k gold jewelry, then here are a few tips for buying online. If you need wedding bands go to Goldenmine and Jewelry Vortex. A plus about shopping for mens wedding rings at Jewelry Vortex is that you can compare prices of gold rings with titanium bands and also choose titanium designs that have gold inlays as an option.

Oh, by the way, 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold are the same price since they have exactly the same amount of pure gold. The same applies to 18k white and yellow gold designs, the cost will be the same, so it is up to you to select what color is best for your skin tone and to match your wardrobe and other jewelry you may own.

If you’re looking for gold earrings, hoop earrings with diamonds, cubic zirconia and gemstones and Stud earrings, then we recommend shopping at JewelBasket as well as Goldenmine. JewelBasket has children’s gold jewelry, including the Disney charms, bracelets and pendants that are gold plated.

International Retail and Wholesale Gold Jewelry Suppliers

If you want rich yellow Indian gold jewelry you can order directly from Indian wholesale gold jewelry exporters who are listed on India Mart, a B2B marketplace that connects those who are selling gold jewelry in Asia with International buyers around the world.

Chinese gold jewelry is often deep yellow as well and often includes jade and other Asian specific gemstones. These can be bought in small shops in China Towns in most major centers in North America and Europe, but for wholesale buying we recommend going to TradeKey and Global Sources and often you will find the best products come through gold jewelers and traders who are based in Hong Kong and Taiwan and are listed with Alibaba Trading.

For Italian gold jewelry at retail the best place is Goldenmine and JewelBasket, but for wholesale you can still use the trade directories. These are not sponsored or private directories that earn money off you, but real sources for international sellers and buyers to meet. TradeKey and Alibaba offer real products for good prices and allow you to connect with suppliers from East to West.

The best handmade silver and gold jewelry will probably come from Thailand. There are many wholesalers in Bangkok who have good trade relations with the US. Try places like Tanai.

For gold body jewelry at retail and wholesale prices try Body Candy, Hollywood Body Jewelry and Painful Pleasures. For antique gold jewelry that’s genuine try a European source that operates internationally online called Adin. They specialize in antique, retro and vintage gold jewelry as well as high-end costume and plated gold and platinum pieces that are one of a kind and unique. They have lots of French, Belgian, Portuguese, Spanish and old Victorian and Edwardian pieces.

For information on specific items like gents watches, gold ruby rings, vintage jewelry, wholesale jewelry and even gold jewellery UK retailers and wholesalers, please read related topics from Jewelry & Accessories’ vast array of articles.

All About Mens White Gold Rings


Mens white gold rings with diamonds; cheap white gold wedding rings for men; mens engagement rings; plain white gold wedding band styles; mens white gold onyx rings; promise rings; mens white gold claddagh rings; pinky rings; dress rings; mens jewellery rings and so much more – here at Jewelry Accessories. We have suggestions for the best mens rings in white gold, where to shop, what prices to pay, and what’s good value when buying jewelry online.

Selecting YOUR “Once in a Lifetime” Ring


Even men who normally wear little or no jewelry will, once in their life, find themselves shopping for rings, be it engagement rings and wedding bands for their lady or yellow or white gold wedding rings for themselves. A wedding band is perhaps the one piece of mens jewelry that at some point almost all men will own.


Since it is a once in a lifetime purchase, a singular ring that may be worn everyday for many years to come, choosing it should be done with care to ensure the piece will be not only affordable based on your current budget, but a jewelry item that will endure the daily use it will receive, and most importantly, fit with the man’s individual style.


For men who wear other jewelry, the wedding ring, as with ladies engagement rings and wedding bands, must also coordinate with other pieces worn frequently: mens bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, and be a similar color metal. For men who wear primarily white metals, such as platinum, titanium rings, stainless steel bracelets and cufflinks, then a mens white gold ring may be the ideal choice, since it is still traditional gold quality, but in crisp white to match other jewelry and modern accessories.


Mens Ring Choices

There are various styles available, some are two tone with yellow gold accents, some are studded with diamonds to match the ladies wedding band, some are simple band rings with no adornment. Sometimes a couple may choose to select jewelry rings for Him and Her that match, or may be Celtic wedding designs like the famous claddagh rings.


There are also crosses and religious symbols etched or carved onto wedding bands to add a sacred element to the bands that represent this lifelong union. Another use for mens rings is what has become more and more popular: mens engagement rings. These rings are often very similar to a traditional wedding band, perhaps with a small diamond or emblem, engraved with a promise from their partner.


In this article we focus primarily on mens white gold wedding rings, but we also make a few recommendations for mens engagement rings, the popular mens onyx rings, signet rings, promise rings and pinky rings. Some will have diamonds, others will be plain, but what they all have in common is that they are made from solid white gold, and are recommended for their value, be they cheap or high-end designer jewelry.

Mens White Gold Wedding Rings by Jewelry Vortex

Jewelry Vortex is a good online jewelry shop for mens white gold wedding rings. They have a large selection of different price categories and designs. Many of the pieces we recommend as wedding bands are also suitable as mens promise rings and mens engagement rings.


White Gold and 5 Diamonds

Mens white gold rings with diamonds tend to be much more affordable than the ladies diamond ring versions because the size of the gemstones are usually smaller and there are fewer of them. For example, in the men white gold rings with diamonds collection by Jewelry Vortex there’s a piece that has 5 round diamonds in a polished 14 white gold band for just $420. Ladies and men white gold ring styles with so many diamonds in solid gold, and can be used for matching sets are difficult to find. Since this piece comes in sizes 5 through 12, it would be easy to create a set for Him & Her. And, when it comes to mens white gold engagement rings, this pieces could be ideal, since it has just the right amount of sparkle while still being masculine and understated.


Men White Gold Rings with 3 Diamonds

Moving up a little in price, but still in the men white gold rings with diamonds category, there’s a second piece that really shines for about $570. This is a 14K mens white gold ring with three channel-set diamonds in a 6mm wedding band. This is a comfortable ring; it’s part of the Benchmark collection sold through Jewelry Vortex.


Keeping with the 3 diamonds theme, there’s a vertical diamond setting, also in a 6mm white gold wedding band, but the ring has a brushed finish with the diamonds across the top. This piece is also a Benchmark “comfort fit” design and is well priced at $640.


For the same price, $640, there’s a similar yet slightly different version of this 3 stone mens diamond wedding band with what appears to be three rows of bands, however it’s all one, with a groove between each, and a satin brushed finish in a solid 14K white gold diamond wedding band. As stated previously, each of these rings can be for him and her, or can be a ladies or mens promise ring or a mens white gold engagement ring. All of the pieces that have a little detail and diamonds are very versatile while having a touch of sparkle yet not too glitzy for everyday wear.


The last two pieces we recommend are more elaborate, but still very tasteful for mens white gold wedding rings with diamonds. The first has .36cts of diamonds set into a flat brushed 14K white gold, comfort fit, wedding band, and costs about $1,160. Mens white gold rings with diamonds that go all the way around the band like an eternity ring are often too much of a good thing. But this ring is masculine and sleek since the row of diamonds is set into a wide 8mm band, leaving a section of plain white gold on both the top and the bottom. If this piece is going to be a matching bridal set for Him and Her, this is ideal, since the ladies engagement ring can fit with this flat band very well. It could also be a good promise ring, doubling later as a wedding band, or it could be a mens engagement ring.


If the above ring is almost perfect, but you desire larger diamonds, then you will be glad to know there’s a version with .72 carats of diamonds in the exact same style. The gemstones are channel set in the same 8mm14K white gold wedding band, but the round diamonds are slightly larger for more sparkle. Perhaps the two rings could be mixed and matched, the one with larger diamonds for Her and the smaller diamonds for Him. The price is about $1,690.


All the jewelry ordered through Jewelry Vortex are delivered right to your door within a few days and come beautifully packaged in their very own jewelry box ready for giving.


Mens Plain White Gold Wedding Band Styles

When it comes to plain wedding band styles for men you really only need to select the width; whether it will be milgrain detailed or simply rounded, and if it will be a comfort fit band or a flat ring design.


From $85 to $199 you can have a 2mm to a 5mm band with no detail, just solid white gold. For 6mm white gold bands you will need to budget about $240, for 8mm $350 and so on.


Cheap Mens White Gold Rings Under 100 Dollars

$85 to $99 are about the best prices for cheap mens white gold rings, and they will not be much wider than 2mm. Here’s what’s great about buying these simple cheap wedding bands through Jewelry Vortex: the wedding bands are dense and promise to be durable, so much so that they come with a lifetime guarantee. They can also be engraved, they’re shipped for free and they’re delivered in a little jewelry box the same as the expensive designs. These mens rings are good value; customers say they are comfortable, and they will match any white gold wedding sets that your lady may have chosen.


The cheapest mens wedding rings with a single chip diamond will cost about $340, and that is a very good price. For example Jewelry Vortex has a grooved 4mm 14K white gold mens solitaire ring for $339 and that includes a small genuine round cut diamond.


For a larger diamond and a little etched detail it will cost about $380 to $400. These are some of the best prices for men’s jewelry that are available online. Naturally, there are other options for mens gold rings in yellow gold at a similar price, and there are also the popular titanium rings which may be an option for wedding rings for men that are durable and still in white metal.


As a rule, platinum and gold wedding rings are the most expensive, stainless steel, mens titanium rings and tungsten are next, then silver is the cheapest. However for mens engagement rings and wedding bands, gold is usually preferred and white gold wedding rings are the perfect mix of tradition with a touch of modern white.

Please keep in mind that if you require large mens rings, anything over a size 6, you will have to add about $10 per size, which means that the above diamond ring will cost $80 more in a size 12. And for the cheap mens white gold rings mentioned at the start, a size 8 will cost $5 more, and a size 10 will cost $10 more, so the best price you can expect will be about $95. This is still excellent value for solid white gold rings! Also please note that the width of the band will increase the price, so if you want a wider band and you only have a 100 dollar budget, you may need to opt for a different metal. Aside from platinum, men’s white gold bands are the most expensive choice you can make.


Mens White Gold Promise Rings

Mens promise rings differ from ladies designs in that they are usually not laden with gemstones. Although it will depend on the promise, be it a religious one or a promise from a lover or friend, the basic male promise ring is much simpler, usually a band with an etched motif or craved design, often Celtic knots or a rolling ring or brushed white gold rings with grooves or some kind of symbolic detail.


We focus on religious or Christian promise rings for men and also on Celtic designs that can double as wedding bands. Since these designs often have wide bands and are engraved or intricately carved, the least expensive designs begin at about $300. With the simplest version of such being a rosary ring for about $340 through Jewelry Vortex.


For Christian and Maltese cross rings there are two affordable versions, both about $380, totally engraved all around the bands with crosses and motifs in 14k white gold. They are wide bands – 6mm or 7mm, so that is an excellent price for white gold wedding bands or promise rings, just the precious metal costs that much, never mind the detailed carving and engravings each has.


Gold Mens Rings in Two Tone Designer Styles

Gold mens rings are often created in two-tone, with accents of yellow gold to add detail without the use of gemstones. Since white and yellow gold are basically the same price, it won’t matter as far as expense is concerned, so it will be up to your personal preference if you wish to have a little color with your white band or not. Here are a couple suggestions that work both as mens promise rings or wedding bands.


One of the least expensive versions is the brushed finish two tone ring that’s actually a designer wedding ring in solid 14k gold for just under $325.

Jewellery rings in classic designs with both carved and engraved cross motifs can be very expensive in two-tone styles, but Jewelry Vortex has a crisp masculine 6mm cross ring in 14K two tone gold, ideal as men wedding band or promise ring for about $820.

These pieces may also be excellent His and Her rings since they come in small and large ring sizes for both ladies and men.


Mens White Gold Claddagh Rings

Despite all the modern designer creations the traditional Claddagh ring is still as popular as ever and it’s not difficult to see why. With hands holding a heart in a 14K white gold wedding band, the promises take shape and remain on the fingers as reminders of tenderness and love that no other ring captures in quite the same way. Jewelry Vortex has mens white gold claddagh rings that are tasteful and inexpensive at just $390. The same ring may be bought in ladies size 5 and up to a mens size 13.


There are many other mens Celtic ring designs as well, some that are very masculine like the Celtic link ring in a solid 14K white gold wedding band, priced at about $480. This is a versatile ring for men that matches men’s jewelry styles in other white metals, especially mens link bracelets which are very popular. Match this ring with mens cufflinks and tie pin for a complete wedding ensemble. Matching mens white gold cufflinks are not available through Jewelry Vortex, however there are several pairs of possible matches at Irish and Celtic jewelry specialists like Walsh Brothers and Grant Logan, both in the UK.


18k Gold Ring Designs for Men

Mens white gold wedding bands are usually set in 14k gold and not usually in 18k gold ring designs, however Jewelry Vortex has a 4.5mm 18K Greek key carved wedding ring in solid 18k gold. This piece is excellent value at just $399.


There’s another item we recommend, also a mens 18k gold ring that’s intricately designed and carved with two tone gold, yes both are 18k! It’s priced at just under $500, which for such craftsmanship and quality is reasonable. This piece is an excellent His and Her set, a fabulous mens promise ring or even a stylish piece for a fashion statement as a gift even if it’s not for marriage. It has wonderful contrast with white and yellow, and would match either gold or stainless steel or titanium jewelry pieces, like mens titanium bracelets with two tone gold accents. This a piece of mens white gold jewelry that is versatile to combine with so many other metals and styles.


Mens White Gold Onyx Rings

Mens jewelry selections are less vast than those for the ladies, however men often wear fashionable jewelry pieces, necklaces, bracelets, mens tie pins, tie clips, gemstone and diamond rings and signet and pinky rings. Of all the pieces mentioned, aside from wedding bands, the most popular are mens white gold onyx rings.

For the best deals in Onyx ring designs set in pure white gold, we go to Goldenmine, where mens rings of this style start at about $365. This is good value in a large mens ring with 4mm inlayed onyx and ridges framing the black gem.


For a men’s white gold onyx ring with a triple onyx inlay in 14k polished white gold, there’s a sleek modern design for $430, which as you can see is a fantastic price for such a wide band and so much black onyx inlay. Both of these elegant pieces of mens jewelry are available at Goldenmine who ship your selection to your door free of charge!


Mens White Gold Signet Rings

Mens dress rings take on many shapes, but after onyx rings, the next most popular are the mens white gold signet rings. These are large rings; singular creations that are suited for distinguished gentlemen. There is nothing subtle about a signet ring and many incorporate gemstones, diamonds and tri color or two-tone gold designs. Jewelry Vortex has a polished two tone version in 14k white and yellow gold with 4 diamonds across the top. This large mens ring is priced at about $670.

There’s a rustic version of a mens white gold signet ring from Goldenmine, which is also two-tone 14k gold with one diamond on top and cross on the side priced at $445.


Some men are using signet rings as wedding rings and therefore when searching for such, may be categorized as mens fancy wedding bands, although they are not actually bands but full designer creations often with personalized monograms or family insignias, crests or emblems. The Jewelbasket has some cheap mens signet rings under 100 dollars which unfortunately are not gold but silver. However, if you need something cheap that is a good option.


If you need a plain white gold signet ring to be able to engrave a personalized insignia or monogram, a good place may be Walsh Brothers if you’re in the UK, or for something cheap, try HSN.

For high quality white gold signet rings that are custom engravable, the best is still Jewelbasket, and their prices start at just over $500 for solid 14k white gold, totally customizable.

Mens White Gold Pinky Rings

White gold ring designs for men include a few things other than wedding bands and large dress rings, there are also the ever popular mens white gold pinky rings, which come in such a variety of designs we can only touch on what’s available. A gold men’s ring of any style may be a pinky ring, often a simple band or sometimes a large gemstone. Celtic rings are good pinky styles for men and also small sized signet rings. Everything from Masonic rings to birthstone rings make good jewelry for the little finger. The main difference is the size in which you order the piece.


One simple creation is a diamond mens white gold pinky ring available through Jewelry Vortex which costs $875. For that price you get a 6.5mm large solid gold band with 9 princess cut diamonds (.45 cts.) It’s stylish without being gaudy and is totally gold and genuine diamonds. Comes in ring sizes 4 through 9. However for the larger sizes there is a small additional charge. Add $25 for sizes 7 through 8.5, and $50 for a size 9 ring. It also may be ordered in yellow or rose gold for the same price.

Other Items of Interest from Jewelry & Accessories

For more men’s ring designs see Jewelry & Accessories’ other articles which include gold wedding ring styles, mens titanium rings as well as affordable stainless steel and silver jewelry options for men. For men’s wedding band styles that match the ladies designs you may find something of interest in the article about ladies white gold rings, or under ruby rings, emerald rings or in the series on cheap jewelry buying guides.

Ladies White Gold Wedding Ring Designs

White gold wedding ring designs with and without diamonds; plain wedding bands and elaborate creations; eternity ring options, vintage and antique white gold wedding ring styles, wedding ring sets, Russian and Celtic wedding ring designs, settings and mountings for custom gemstone or diamonds; cheap white gold wedding ring styles that fit within your budget – what’s available online, how much rings cost and where to buy them – that’s what Jewelry & Accessories offers.

Have an Engagement Ring and Just Need a Band?


If you have already selected your engagement ring in a white gold setting, and if it did not come as a set with a wedding band, then you are likely searching for a white gold wedding ring to. In that case you will find our suggestions very helpful because we have selected a variety of simple and diamond studded wedding bands in a variety of styles to match most engagement ring styles.


Looking for White Gold Engagement & Wedding Ring Sets?

If you have not yet bought your engagement ring and are looking for engagement and wedding ring sets we offer recommendations on matching white gold engagement ring and wedding bands that are sold together and those that you can assemble yourself. Perhaps you may wish to select a solitaire and add an eternity ring, or choose a three stone engagement ring and pair it with a simple white gold band.


Searching for Mens White Gold Wedding Ring Styles?

If you seek mens white gold wedding rings, then skip this article and go directly to the article which deals exclusively with mens white gold wedding ring styles. There you will find dozens of suggestions in both simple gold band rings and diamond studded men’s white gold wedding rings. We have also found some unique two-tone ring designs as well as mens Celtic wedding ring options. We recommend where to buy high-end jewelry as well as suggest where to get quality cheap wedding ring sets, such as matching bands for Him and Her.


White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

We start our recommendations with ladies white gold wedding ring sets from Jewelry Vortex, who have some very good buys in quality diamond rings. Wedding rings for women are more complex than those for men since they usually consist of a set of two rings, sometimes three if you count a promise ring or a pre engagement ring that may have been given some time before. However, we will focus on the sets that have two pieces, the engagement ring and the matching wedding band.

How Much to Budget for a White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

For two rings with genuine diamonds you’re going to have to budget, on the low side, about $500. If you need to save money, the best way is to go with a cubic zirconia engagement and wedding ring set for $150 to $300, or buy the diamond engagement ring separately for $150 to $300 and then add an inexpensive eternity ring or a plain band for another $100 or $150.


Diamond White Gold Wedding Ring Set by Jewelry Vortex

For a quality diamond white gold wedding ring set we recommend this first piece that is sold through Jewelry Vortex due to the size and weight of the diamonds, the overall design and the price. It’s a 1/2ct round diamond set in a 14k white gold. The best part about this gold ring wedding white setting are the five diamonds in the band that match the engagement ring perfectly, and while having so many diamonds the ring is not heavy or gaudy, but a classic design. It is a piece that’s valued at $900, but through Jewelry Vortex is only about $540.


In a similar price range, there’s another 14k white gold wedding ring set that has two rings with genuine diamonds. This 14k white gold diamond bridal set has .40ct round cut diamonds in an unusual setting. This set appears to have three rings, but in fact the engagement ring has a split shank with two bands covered in pave set diamonds and the white gold wedding ring that matches, is likewise adorned with diamonds, and features a small curve where the larger engagement ring prong set diamond fits perfectly. Again, these two pieces are valued at almost $1,000 but retail through Jewelry Vortex for about $580.


The other option is a simple yet very elegant 3 stone engagement ring with a half eternity ring wedding band. This two piece set is a fabulous deal since it has a list price of almost $1,200, but is offered at jewelry Vortex for $650. And consider what you get for that price: A complete 14K white gold bridal ring set that has a.15 ct round cut prong set diamond in the center of the engagement ring and a series of prong and pave set .10 ct and .12 ct diamonds on the sides. The ladies wedding band is an eternity ring also encrusted with diamonds. It comes in ring sizes 5 through 8, and can easily be ordered online. It comes with free shipping, free engraving and a free jewelry box.


For a contemporary design that’s unusual and still in a medium price range, there’s a princess diamond engagement ring with a matching band in a bridal set that has a geometric square mounting with diamonds in the square shape and along the engagement ring band. The wedding ring is simple, plain white gold, with a square design that fits around the engagement ring to highlight the focal diamonds. It’s priced at just under $700.


White Gold Wedding Band Ring

If you only need the wedding band, then here are some options to match your engagement ring. The first is a total bargain at just under $360. It’s a 14K white gold wedding band with a series of round prong set diamonds in a half eternity ring style.


The second ladies white gold wedding ring is also about $360 and has round diamonds prong set into the 14K gold wedding band, but the 7 diamonds are larger for .25 carats of diamonds in this half eternity ring band.


Diamond Pave White Gold Wedding Ring

For a double row of channel set diamonds there’s a pave wedding ring set in polished 14k white gold that includes .15cts of round diamonds in two rows of sparkle inset along the front of the band. This is an ideal wedding ring to match a round solitaire engagement ring or even a round 3 stone ring. As luxurious as this piece looks, it only costs about $350 at Jewelry Vortex.

It comes with free shipping and a gorgeous little jewelry box.


Plain White Gold Wedding Ring

For a cheap white gold wedding ring you needn’t spend more than about $85 for a 2mm band. There’s one for that price at Jewelry Vortex that’s a solid 14k white gold band and nothing else. Sleek, clean and simply elegant. Match this with almost any engagement ring or wear it alone. A mens matching band is also available.

Plain or Milgrain


When it comes to choosing a plain white gold wedding ring, the choices are quite simple: decide what width of band you desire and then select if you want a plain rounded edge or a milgrain detail.

Wedding band Widths

A plain band that’s wider than the one above from about 4mm and up will cost between $199 and $260 depending on the width.


A milgrain wedding band will cost about the same, except for an 8mm which will cost about $350, which comes in sizes 4 to 12 so can be bought as His and Hers wedding bands. However, a ladies white gold ring wedding piece is usually not as wide as the same men’s band, so as long as you select the same metal, white gold, and decide on rounded edges or milgrain, you can buy different widths.


White Gold Celtic Wedding Ring Options

If you are not going to select diamonds but instead use matching wedding bands, one of the most traditional Celtic designs is a 14K white gold Celtic wedding ring in the Claddagh style with the hands and heart carved or engraved into the band. This ring comes in sizes 5 to 13, so it’s no problem fitting His and Hers rings. Each piece costs about $390.


For under $400 there’s a gorgeous sculpted 14K white gold Fleur de Lis wedding ring, also available in sized 5 to 13 to have the right size for matching wedding bands.


There’s another white gold Celtic wedding ring from Jewelry Vortex that’s very reasonably priced and is the classic Celtic weave or knot. The band is 6mm wide and it has a high polished finish in solid white gold, designed for Him and Her. It costs about $320.


18k White Gold Wedding Ring Set for Him & Her

Jewelry Vortex has a wide variety of 18k gold and white gold rings, including many two-tone designs that are beautiful for wedding sets. However, one piece that is perfect for Him & Her is an 18K white gold cross wedding ring with a textured finish that sells for about $565. This piece is appropriately detailed with modern geometric crosses around the band, with the inner part of each cross being polished and the outer part textured for contrast. The band is 6mm and comes in sizes to fit both ladies and gents. Remember this piece is 18k white gold, not 14k, so the price reflects the gold content.


The other classic ring design that’s 18k white gold for Him & Her, is the Celtic wedding band, also available at Jewelry Vortex for about $735. This is a high quality gold ring, and it comes with free engraving so you can have the date or a few words etched inside the bands. But remember: after you have the bands engraved they can’t be returned, so if you’re not sure about ring sizes, we recommend buying the bands, making sure they fit perfectly, and then having them engraved at your local jewelry shop, just to be safe.


White Gold Wedding Ring Settings

There are dozens of white gold wedding ring settings at Jewelry Vortex from just over $400 to about $1,600 depending on the complexity of the design and the number of smaller accenting diamonds on the band.

In the $460 to $480 category there are two unique designs just waiting for you to add a gemstone or diamond of your choice and make them into your own personal custom wedding ring.


One is a princess and baguette setting in 18k white gold and the other is a pave diamond wedding ring setting also in 18k white gold. Now just select your diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire and create the wedding ring you have always dreamed of.

Remember: custom wedding rings are much more expensive than buying a ready made styles. Unless you are planning on mounting a faux or imitation gemstone or a cubic zirconia instead of diamonds, most of the wedding ring styles we have selected will cost over $2.000 once completed.


Antique White Gold Wedding Ring

Antique white gold wedding ring styles that are “new” based on originals, tend to be expensive like this replica of an antique 18K white gold diamond engagement and wedding ring with almost 1 carat of diamonds that sells through Jewelry Vortex for over $2,000.


Affordable Genuine Antique & Vintage Wedding Rings

For between $600 and $800 you can get an antique white gold wedding ring or select art deco and vintage white gold wedding ring styles from a company called Adin Antique Jewelry. They have a vast selection, and some have a bit of platinum or yellow gold as accents, but the styles are one of a kind.


The piece we feature here is from France circa 1930 between art deco and retro, solid 18k white gold with a rose cut diamond as the central stone and other smaller diamonds as accents. This piece is priced at $795, however there are pieces even more affordable for around $600, and others….in the thousands.

There’s another exquisite piece for $4,250 that is set in 18k white gold and has a total diamond weight of 1.24 carats, which includes a large brilliant cut diamond in the centre, about .92 carats, and 32 smaller diamonds as accents around the shank and down the sides of the wedding band. This is one fabulous wedding ring if it’s within your budget.


White Gold Russian Wedding Ring

If yo are searching for something symbolic in a wedding ring then the rolling rings, or what sometimes are called Russian wedding rings, may be just the thing. These are three simple bands that are linked together, somewhat like a puzzle ring. They are most popular in tri-colors, with white, yellow and rose gold all together. There is place that sells all three in solid white gold and they are gorgeous!

We’ve found a place called Rolling Ring Store which sells a white gold Russian wedding ring set for $277.


More & More from Jewelry & Accessories

For more ideas on engagement rings, wedding rings, matching wedding bands for Him & Her, Titanium rings, Men’s wedding bands, two piece wedding ring sets, gold rings and eternity rings, please see our articles on these topics to find many more buying options and jewelry suggestions.

White Gold Engagement Ring Styles

White gold engagement ring styles in 14k and 18k gold; princess cut designs, 1 carat solitaires, emerald cut designs in white settings, 3 stone rings, vintage and antique engagement rings, diamond pave and filigree; high quality custom made white gold engagement ring settings and cheap engagement rings for all budgets – at Jewelry & Accessories we help you find YOUR perfect engagement ring and take the frustration out of shopping online!

Your Once in a Lifetime Ring Purchase


We understand your engagement ring is a once in a lifetime purchase, and for the ladies it must be the perfect piece they have dreamed of, and therefore searching for it can be frustrating when you have something specific already in mind. If you have come this far and narrowed your selection down to white gold, that is a good start. Now all you have to do is decide if it will be diamond, pearl or another gemstone; if it will be a solitaire, a cluster, or a three stone ring, and finally you must select how the gems are cut, and if the mounting will be antique, filigree, plain polished gold, or contemporary sleek and chic. To help you decide and sort through all the millions of offers in jewelry shops online, we have selected some styles in each of these categories. We show you what’s available, what they cost and where to buy them.


White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring Designs

Since many couples are on a strict budget, we offer a simple suggestion in a cubic zirconia engagement ring that’s very affordable and is set in white gold. It’s a white gold princess cut engagement ring for about $200. This solitaire CZ wedding ring set is a classic design with a 1.25ct CZ stone, prong set in a polished 14k gold mounting. The princess cut cubic zirconia is large enough to be noticed and not too gigantic to not be believable as a diamond. Since it’s a classic shape and has such a dazzling gem, nothing more is needed for the matching wedding band, so it’s fittingly unadorned, just perfectly rounded to fit together with the engagement ring. Most genuine diamond white gold princess cut engagement rings cost well over $500 to upwards of $1,000, and with much smaller diamonds, so this CZ ring might well save you several hundreds of dollars if you have your heart set on a 1 carat white gold engagement ring. Remember, you can always have a genuine diamond set in the original white gold ring at a later date when you have a larger budget, perhaps as an anniversary present.


The next piece is also a cheap white gold engagement ring with a 1 carat cubic zirconia gemstone and 10 channel set CZ accents. The matching wedding band also has 8 round cubic zirconia to fit perfectly with the elaborate engagement ring. It’s all solid 14k white gold and costs about $290, which is a real bargain considering you get both rings in gold and not silver like many cubic zirconia weddings sets. A 14k white gold engagement ring without any gemstones at all will cost you almost as much, so as stated in the comments on the previous ring, you may consider upgrading to diamonds later on.


Solitaire White Gold Engagement Ring

For the best price possible on a 14k white gold genuine diamond solitaire engagement ring with a small 0.30ct diamond, Goldenmine has a delightful piece for just under $400. This is a classic and it’s all real with gold and diamonds in a solitaire setting that’s crisp and clean. This ring is sold alone, so if you want to create a white gold engagement ring and wedding set, you can select from the dozens of matching bands from Goldenmine.

3 Stone White Gold Engagement Ring


For about $200 you can have a three stone 14k white gold wedding set with a central 0.75 carat cubic zirconia gem and two 0.33 side stones all set in gold. This set is unique because the gems are staggered in such a way that two diamonds are in one ring and one diamond is on the engagement ring, so that when they are joined they fit seamlessly together and create a 3 stone ring. However, either ring can be worn separately, and there’s no need to buy another band. This piece is unique and very affordable sold through Goldenmine as well.


Genuine Diamond 3 Stone White Gold Engagement Ring

If you must have genuine diamonds, then there’s a 3 stone princess cut diamond ring that is a white gold engagement ring of dreams with .82 carats of diamonds with the 3 large central gems being princess cut and the side diamonds baguette cut for an unusual effect dual effect. This is a good buy because this ring usually retails for about $1400, but through Goldenmine you can have it for under $800. Three stone white gold engagement ring designs are often just 3 small diamonds in a plain band and cost almost the same, so give this piece a second look and consider that with what you save, you could pairing it with a baguette diamond wedding band or eternity ring.

Antique Style White Gold Filigree Engagement Ring


Here’s showstopper that’s a very good buy! It’s an 18k white gold filigree engagement ring with .50 carats of round diamond in a wedding ring set that includes both pieces. The wedding band is a bow shaped ring with another .30 carat of diamonds in a perfect vintage or antique design with filigree details encrusted with the sparkling gems. This ring sells through Goldenmine for about $1,573. It’s not a genuine antique white gold engagement ring but it certainly has the air of bygone days.

Speaking of antique rings, if you want vintage white gold engagement ring styles from Belgium or France circa 1920’s or 1930’s the best place to shop is Adin Antique Jewelry. They have so many engagement rings with diamonds, and other gemstones, we can’t begin to show them all to you. But many are set in yellow gold, white gold or a mix of gold and platinum. Sometimes it’s possible to get platinum rings for almost the same price as white gold engagement rings especially if they are antique or vintage. If you have a budget of $1,000 or more, you will certainly find a piece to your liking at Adin.


White Gold Engagement Ring Settings

If you are searching for a white gold engagement ring setting so that you can custom made your own design or select the diamonds you wish have mounted, Goldenmine offers this 14k white gold engagement ring setting for just $254, and all you have to do is choose your stone. It needn’t be a diamond, it can be an emerald or a ruby or anything you desire to personalize your engagement ring. Pair it with a matching wedding band and have a complete set that is uniquely your own personalized creation.


There are many white gold engagement ring settings to choose from, some with matching wedding bands like this 14k white gold princess cut diamond wedding set setting with .24ctw of diamonds just waiting for you to select your ideal central stone. This set costs under $550.


Emerald Cut White Gold Engagement Ring & Loose Stones

If you have decided on an engagement white gold ring setting and would like an emerald cut diamond set into your chosen design, then Goldenmine provides the option to select a loose emerald cut diamond starting at about $600 for a .39 carat, G/VS1 or around $970 for a .46 carat, E/VS quality. Then all you have to do is have it mounted into your engagement ring in white gold and you’re done!


Elaborate 18ct White Gold Engagement Ring

There are very elaborate engagement ring designs at Goldenmine, not just simple traditional styles. 18k gold is a bit more expensive than 14k, and that is the case with the next piece we recommend that has baguette and round diamonds in masterful creation with milgrian scrollwork and a .75 carat focal diamond held with 6 prongs, as well as a row of baguette diamonds and two rows of pave set diamonds and .85 carats of accenting diamonds along the sides. How much does this royal 18k white gold engagement ring cost? At half price, this ring is now priced at just $3,387 and can be ordered online. By the way, it comes with the matching white gold wedding ring, also studded with diamonds.


White Gold Pave Engagement Ring – Eternity Ring

There are many pave set diamond engagement rings at Goldenmine, however, we have decided to suggest a very simple pave set eternity ring that could be a delicate engagement ring or could be the wedding band for a soiliater ring you can select separately. This little ring is our choice because it’s so versatile and is so affordable at just under $340. This engagement ring in 14k white gold features .20ct pave set diamonds around a full eternity ring style band.


If you want a more dramatic unique design in a white gold pave engagement ring that is one of a king, Goldenmine has a distinctive piece that is constructed in a lacy floral design with .50ct pave set diamonds in a solid 14K gold band.


Contemporary 18kt White Gold Engagement Ring

There’s no end to engagement ring designs, from traditional classic solitaires to 3 stone rings or baguette and pave diamond settings. But there are fewer contemporary 18 carat white gold engagement ring designs because ultra modern settings are often set in platinum. However, once again Goldenmine has a few great pieces to choose from, like this round diamond engagement ring in 18kt white g that features .75 carat round focal diamond and .40 carats of side diamond accents. This is a piece that would easily match a plain polished wedding band to create a very chic modern wedding set. Keeping in mind that 18k white gold is more expensive than 14k, the price of this piece is very good – reduced from over $4,000 to just $2,783.


The Engagement Ring of YOUR Dreams

There’s no reason why you can’t have the engagement ring of your dreams, be it a diamond 2 carat white gold engagement ring or a simple cubic zirconia wedding set. If you have found the engagement ring you desire, and need to match it to a white gold wedding ring or a wedding band (or need the matching mens white gold rings), please continue reading for more suggestions on where to buy white gold jewelry easily and affordably.

Ladies White Gold Rings


White gold rings – white gold promise rings, ladies rings in 14k and 18ct white gold, ruby rings in white settings; garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, topaz and gemstone rings in white gold mountings; diamond solitaires; promise rings, white gold wedding bands and engagement rings; antique styles, modern & contemporary designs; cheap white gold rings and high quality affordable white gold jewelry – we help you buy what you need at the prices you can afford and that’s what jewelry & Accessories is all about!

We present the top white gold rings for women, and some of the best places to shop online, but first….


What is White Gold? Is it Cheaper Than Yellow Gold?

A white gold ring is not cheaper than a yellow gold one of the same style, in fact both yellow and white gold used for jewelry is not PURE gold, but an alloyed blend of metals. Gold jewelry is a particular color, be it yellow, white or rose, due to the amount of nickel, palladium, silver, platinum, or copper that has been used as an alloy. In the case of white gold, the white color is achieved by the presence of nickel or silver or a blend of white metals. However, in its raw state, white gold is not pure white, and is therefore rhodium plated to give it that lustrous white shine we have become accustomed to seeing.


What’s the Difference Between 14k & 18k White Gold Jewelry?

The difference between a 14k white gold ring and 18ct white gold rings is the weight of the “gold” in the particular piece based on “pure gold” being 24k – so naturally 14k white gold could also be expressed as 14/24, meaning 10 parts of the metal is an alloy, or in the case of 18k gold it is also 18/24, which means 6 parts are an alloy metal. Alloys are created to give a ring strength or hardness or to cause a different color to be dominant. 24k gold is very soft and therefore not durable, however for gemstone settings 18k is often used for its malleability, and plain bands may be 10k or 14k. In the case of white gold rings alloyed with nickel, the drawback is that the nickel content sometimes causes an allergic reaction, and is therefore not hypoallergenic.


Many companies now advertise nickel free white gold and that means that it has less than 0.05% nickel as an alloy – usually the main metal is palladium or silver, in rare cases, platinum. White and yellow gold are almost the exact same price because the ratios 18/24 or 14/24 or 10/24 denote the exact same amount of pure gold in either color. The slight variance is only the alloy used, but copper, silver, nickel and palladium are all fairly inexpensive, so the price is set based on the weight of the gold in any particular piece.


Where to Buy White Gold Rings

The best place to buy white gold ring designs will depend on whether you want the ring to be a gemstone or diamond ring, a mens ring, a ladies cocktail ring, a pearl ring, a simple promise ring or a set of white gold engagement rings and wedding bands. But to simplify the thousands of options available online down to one good source for all these categories, we recommend Goldenmine who have a good selection of gemstone rings as well as simple white gold bands at reasonable prices and a whole range of wedding and engagement pieces to choose from.We offer a small sample of their product line so can see for yourself.


They have a good selection of white gold engagement ring and wedding ring styles and even mens white gold rings, however we will present our recommendations for these items in other articles. In this article we offer suggestions for white gold promise rings, ladies cocktail rings and a wide variety of gemstone rings in white gold settings.


White Gold Promise Rings by Goldenmine

For a simple, delicately designed diamond CZ promise ring that could double as a pre engagement ring, you needn’t spend more than about $190. This is a piece that is solid 14k white gold with a fine AAA grade cubic zirconia that weighs .85 carat. It’s a classic design that’s very affordable.


In a slightly higher price range, there’s a similar piece set in 14k white gold that’s a quality cubic zirconia promise ring with a .85 CZ as the central stone, accented by smaller stones on either side.


Benchmark Promise Ring

For a very simple band style promise ring with a small genuine diamond there’s a “comfort fit” promise ring in 14k white gold with a polished finish that sells through Goldenmine but is in fact a famous Benchmark ring. It costs about $240 for the 3mm white gold band with a .02ct diamond. The same ring in a wider 4mm band costs about $415.


Princess Cut White Gold Rings

Continuing to move up in price and quality, in their princess cut white gold rings collection we find a diamond solitaire promise ring with a .25 carat genuine diamond for about $385. This is also a 14k white gold ring with a polished finish and quality craftsmanship that can be easily ordered online and should arrive at your door in just 2 or 3 days.


Three Stone Diamond Promise Ring

In a three stone diamond promise ring, Goldenmine has an excellent piece. It’s a 14k white gold ring with three round cut diamonds, .4cts, set in the classic, and symbolic style, with a diamond for the past, another for the present, and the third for the future. This is perhaps the ultimate promise ring for a lady to receive. It costs about $420.


If the above three stone ring is a little too expensive there is a cheap white gold ring for under $110 which has cubic zirconia instead of diamonds. Goldenmine has several good alternatives like this, where you can have a cubic Zirconia ring for a quarter of the price of the diamond ring, but with a very similar style set in white gold.


Five Diamond White Gold Promise Ring

A promise ring need not be simple as a solitaire or a plain white gold band. So if you have your heart set on something with a few more gemstones, then the five stone ring that resembles a half eternity ring may be just the sparkle you’re after.

This piece has 5 brilliant cut round diamonds, each weighing .75 ct set in a polished 14k white gold ring. As a promise ring it’s exquisite, but it may also be a diamond wedding band to pair with any solitaire engagement ring. For being solid 14k white gold and having 5 genuine diamonds, the price is reasonable at about $480.


Ladies white gold rings with diamonds retail for $600 to well over $1,000, so this piece is a top pick for style, quality and affordability. And there’s one more thing: You can have this ring packaged in a beautiful rosewood jewelry box for just $18.


Nine Diamond Promise Ring in 14k White Gold

The most expensive promise ring option that’s still affordable and high quality is the piece that Goldenmine offers for about $760, which is a 14k white gold promise ring with 9 prong set diamonds. This is a piece that also resembles a half eternity ring, but the diamonds are raised slightly higher so they are more pronounced. This is a good price for a 1 carat diamond gold ring. It’s sold as a promise ring, but we suggest it could be a diamond wedding band or even an engagement ring, or it can easily be a promise ring that later becomes part of a three piece diamond wedding set.


Womens Gemstone 14 and 18ct White Gold Rings

Ladies white gold rings, if not an anniversary or engagement or wedding ring, are mostly fashion statements like cocktail rings, or large rings that can be worn with suits and are also ideal for the office or day time luncheons and afternoon cocktails.


There are several very popular gemstones, most notably emerald, garnet, amethyst, blue and white topaz, citrine, peridot, opal, tanzanite and pink and red ruby rings.


The other item that us once again back in style are pearl rings in white gold mountings.

Goldenmine has a vast selection of gemstone rings in all these styles, set in 14k and 18k white gold. Here re some examples of the top designs:


Tanzanite White Gold Rings

Tanzanite white gold rings make excellent cocktail jewelry, like this piece with diamonds and a marquise cut tanzanite stone, accented by inlaid opal. This is a very unique tanzanite ring design and for such a rare stone the price is excellent at just under $320.

Tanzanite is a gem found in only one part of the world – in a specific region of Tanzania, Africa, and the color is singular deep bluish purple which makes for a regal yet contemporary accessory, especially when combined with the crisp setting of white gold.


White Gold Amethyst Rings

Continuing with a similar color theme, Goldenmine has a unique cocktail ring set in 14k Italian white gold. This is a white gold amethyst ring that blends Prasiolite for a white contrast. The gems are large and perfect as an eveningwear accessory, and costs $395.


Blue Topaz White Gold Rings

Topaz is a very versatile gemstone that often comes in white and replaces diamonds, however the most chic modern creations are being set with the rich blue topaz gemstones to accent the rich, vibrant colors that have become popular again due to a return to retro, vintage and antique styles. This piece of jewelry by Goldenmine is a stunning blue topaz ring in 14k white gold that’s sleek and clean-lined with a giant topaz as the focal point, priced at $450.


White Gold Emerald Rings

A white gold emerald ring may take on a variety of shapes, such as emerald eternity rings and emerald cut emerald rings in solitaire designs. However, as a unique cocktail ring, there’s one piece that is neither, instead it’s a geometric floral pattern with 9 emeralds accented by diamonds in a solid gold band.

White gold emerald rings can be very expensive, especially if the emeralds are genuine Colombian stones, and that is why this ring by Goldenmine is such a find, since it has genuine emeralds in a stunning designer creation for under $420.


Garnet White Gold Rings

Many antique white gold rings used garnets to accent diamonds and other gemstones. It is still a trend today. The most popular garnets are green or red and Goldenmine has a piece with 40 green garnets. Garnet white gold rings with so many gemstones may cost a fortune, especially when set with 24 additional genuine diamonds in a white gold setting. But this garnet ring is excellent value for under $300. It could be a lovely promise ring since it has a diamond encrusted heart set atop the green gemstones.


Womens 14k White Gold Rings with Mixed Gemstones

For mixed gemstone rings there’s an unusual butterfly ring in the Goldenmine collection which is a bluish-lavender and pink white gold ring made with pink and pale blue sapphires and 87 diamonds as accents on this masterful cocktail bauble. White gold ring settings like these are often a lot more than $1,000, since all the stones and diamonds are genuine, but at Goldenmine you can have this gorgeous butterfly fluttering on your finger for about $580.


White Gold Pearl Ring

The final piece we recommend by Goldenmine is a magnificent Tahitian pearl ring set in white gold. This creation is styled after a vintage art deco design, with a crown-like setting that includes 10 diamonds around a 12mm black Tahitian pearl. This white gold pearl ring is a bargain at just under $460.


White Gold Ruby Rings

For white gold ruby rings we recommend Jewelbasket because Goldenmine doesn’t carry many items to choose from and the pieces they have are set in yellow gold. But Jewelbasket has two different price ranges in ruby jewelry, such as the cheap white gold rings for young girls, such as birthstone rings and simple promise rings. For example there’s this 14K white gold July birthstone ring that has a heart shaped simulated ruby for just $155.


White gold ruby rings for women that make good cocktail rings tend to be more expensive, like this sumptuous piece of jewelry from Jewelbasket that has 24 genuine diamonds and 5 emerald cut natural rubies in an 18k white gold setting for $2,385.


Need More Gold Ring Suggestions?

At Jewelry & Accessories we review white gold jewelry products and make suggestions on what items are good value and where to buy the exact pieces you want at the prices you can afford to pay.


To continue exploring what styles and options there are in white gold jewelry, please follow the other articles in this series that include: White Gold Engagement Rings, White Gold Wedding Ring Designs & Mens White Gold Rings.

Gold Rings Buying Guide

Gold engagement rings, gold promise rings, eternity rings, a diamond wedding band, a diamond solitaire ring, wedding rings for men or complete sets of wedding jewellery…whatever you search for in GOLD or white gold settings, with or without precious gemstones, that’s what the Gold Rings Buying Guide is all about. If you’re about to select a special piece of jewelry, you’ll need to know something about precious metals, the terms used to describe jewelry and rings, the grades, categories and the cuts of gemstones and the settings that you can choose from.

Selecting an engagement ring or wedding ring or even men’s gold rings can be a confusing and even frustrating undertaking because gold rings may be a once in a lifetime sentimental purchase. An engagement ring or a wedding ring (or other similar jewelry such as a promise ring or an eternity ring) may be required at exactly the moment when you have the least time to do research, when other romantic plans and life altering decisions occupy your thoughts. That is why we have created a simple guide to clarify jewellery terms and buying options so you can spend YOUR time on what’s really important – that special someone you love.

Gold Cubic Zirconia Rings and Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Also known as cz rings, gold cz rings and categorized under cz jewelry – These rings primarily come in settings of 14k gold and white gold. Cubic zirconias are diamond substitutes that have varying degrees of quality, but the best will be AAAA. Fake cz diamonds are of much higher quality than they were years ago and are a good choice for inexpensive wedding ring sets and engagement rings. You can often afford a larger stone in a better quality gold setting than if you were to go with genuine diamonds.

14K_Yellow_Gold_and CZ_Solitaire_Ring

Avoid gold bathed or gold platted rings that are very cheap because the gold plating will wear off quickly if the rings are worn every day. Also avoid cz jewelry that is of less than AAAA quality because the lower quality stones will become dull and scratched quickly. The price range for a good quality cubic zirconia engagement ring or wedding ring will start at about $50 and go up to about $200. Custom cz jewelry can be made by most designers but will cost double or more.

For wedding jewelry, I would avoid the ultra cheap jewelry outlets that offer gold rings for under $20, and I would also avoid discount jewelry centers that claim rings used to be thousands of dollars but are now only $19.99. There are however quality gold jewelry wholesale outlets that offer wholesale gold ring prices. You can tell the difference because the prices will be set without a lot of slashed pricing hype.

To select the cut and shape of the Cubic Zirconia for your ring, follow the same cutting standards as you would for diamonds:

  • Heart – the heart cut diamond is one of the most difficult and the most brilliant. A properly cut heart rings will be apparent if you just check that the shape is exactly the same in length as it is in width.
  • Marquise – This is a diamond or cz cut that is very brilliant because of the tapered points that remain. It is important that the gemstone be cut using the proper length-width ratio to achieve ultimate sparkle.
  • Radiant – this cut is one of the most popular because it has 70 facets and makes for a unique shape without losing the traditional sparkling diamond appeal.
  • Oval – is a cut requested by many celebrities in three-stone settings. The oval is usually the center stone. This is seldom a cut used for solitaire engagement rings, but is most commonly paired with two other smaller diamonds or cz stones on either side.
  • Pear – this cut is a blend of two other cuts, the marquise and the oval, and is very elegant albeit not traditional.
  • Cushion –this cut is most commonly used for traditional diamond cluster settings for engagement and wedding ring sets. This cut can be expensive if used on a genuine diamond due to the amount of wasted diamond, but is very popular with cubic zirconia due to their affordability.
  • Emerald – the emerald-cut diamond or cz will be a square or rectangular shape and is often not selected because it is the least brilliant cut for stones in general. Although the emerald cut is not the most popular, it can be chosen for unique custom creations and is better suited for cz diamonds because they are naturally more brilliant than genuine gemstones.
  • Asscher – this cut is similar to the emerald which can be square or rectangular and has recently been used in celebrity ring creations and even art deco designs.
  • Round Brilliant – this cut offers high brilliance with 58 facets and is perfect for solitaire engagement ring styles.
  • Princess – is shaped like a pyramid, so is pointed on top and flat on the underside. Although this cut is very glitzy it is best used in a fake diamond setting because much of the diamond gets hidden in the flat underside of the setting. It is a waste of a genuine diamond, but very common for cz rings.

Gold Promise Rings

Promise rings are unique in that they need not be a specific design or color or metal or gemstone. However, a white gold promise ring is the most common because gold is traditionally for marriage and engagement and often a promise ring is for pre-engagement or for other types of friendship-based, secular or even religious promises.

Raised Claddagh Knot Band

Some of the most unique styles of rings are the Celtic knots and braided or etched rope designs. There are also very unique and historic puzzle rings or the gorgeous Irish Claddagh rings (which traditionally are made of gold), now available in sterling silver settings and white gold. Some people are selecting personalized jewelry in ruby rings, or styles that incorporate the unusual chocolate diamonds set into 14K or 18K gold, or blue-purple tanzanite rings, or emerald rings and even pearl rings with small cz diamonds around the central pearl. For a promise ring to be successful it need not be made of gold or contain diamonds, it can even be a birthstone ring or an exclusive custom creation made specifically for two.

Gold Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is another anomaly because it doesn’t have a specific designated purpose and so it may double as a wedding band, a promise ring or even an engagement ring. What is special about eternity rings in general is that they are encircled by diamonds or gemstones all around – that is, in a full eternity rings, or with a few diamonds of equal size half-way around a band, which is then termed a half eternity ring. They are most commonly made of gold and diamonds or cubic zirconia; however they are often intermixed with other gemstones, so long as the stones are all of the same size and cut.

Options to consider are emerald and ruby eternity rings, which blend cz gemstones or genuine diamonds and rubies or emeralds, alternating the stones for a subtle bit of color. There are also some beautiful tanzanite eternity rings that use only one color stone –tanzanite which is a very rare purple-violet-Prussian-blue stone from East Africa.

White Gold Rings vs. Sterling Silver Rings


Many couples are choosing a white gold engagement ring setting over yellow gold engagement rings because women often tend to wear more white-tone jewelry than gold these days. That makes the choice rest between white gold rings and sterling silver and the best choice will depend almost entirely on your budget.

Sterling silver is simply cheaper. However silver tends to tarnish over time and requires more care and polishing, so if possible, for wedding jewelry, it is advisable to select white gold if the budget allows. Another great option is platinum, but it’s very expensive and the next best choice would be titanium – as long as its aerospace grade titanium alloy (which is also often less expensive than white gold.)

Gold Engagement Rings

A gold engagement ring is the traditional western ring, often a diamond solitaire ring, (or a one of the many cubic zirconia engagement rings that have now been set into gold bands), which are given to a woman upon accepting a man’s marriage proposal. Gold Rings with lab created cubic zirconia can have the traditional cluster diamonds or a single large solitaire and be very difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

What’s good about a gold engagement ring that uses cz instead of diamonds is that you may be able to afford a larger zirconia than if it were a genuine diamond. A classic yellow gold band with a large CZ solitaire is affordable and there some fantastic two-tone gold settings that can cost as little $100. And it’s real gold not just bathed or plated.

Another great thing about a gold engagement ring that has cz instead of diamonds is that friends or family will not immediately notice that your engagement ring is a cubic zirconia and not a diamond. Although there are differences, an untrained eye will probably not notice them without being told. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks that pertain to selecting a gold engagement ring with zirconia: Cubic zirconia are more prismatic and therefore sparkle more. Regarding hardness, based on the mohs scale, a diamond is a 10, a cubic zirconia is an 8, although zirconia are nearly twice as heavy. Cz’s are flawless an totally transparent and flawless whereas diamonds have imperfections and a bit of natural color.

White Gold Engagement Rings (and colored gold rings)

These less traditional setting have increased in popularity not because the settings are less expensive but merely by personal choice. They are better quality than sterling silver rings and do not usually tarnish so easily. The interesting thing about gold that it is not pure 100% pure gold even if it’s yellow, so what constitutes white gold and other slightly colored gold metals used in jewelry is merely different combinations of alloys.

White gold is an alloy of gold mixed with nickel or palladium, although in wedding bands nickel is the most common alloy because it is hard but palladium alloys being soft are best for use with ring and gemstone settings. White gold jewelry is also mixed with copper, platinum and sometimes silver, but almost ALL white gold is rhodium-plated to maintain a white appearance that would not occur if the metals were mixed naturally. Rhodium hides the brownish or grayish tones of the other metals so the jewelry appears to be true white.

Rhodium-plated white gold wedding rings are good for strength and durability but may cause an allergic reaction. This is caused by a reaction to nickel (not gold) that some people have. If the alloy is not nickel then it is less likely to produce skin irritations. If you are prone to allergies, or the person who will wear the white gold ring has sensitive skin and has been known to not tolerate cheap earrings for example, then it would be advisable not to select a nickel alloyed white gold option for an engagement or wedding ring.

An alternative to white or yellow gold may be a rose gold ring, which is gold blended with a copper alloy to produce a slightly pinkish tone. It is commonly known as pink gold, but also is known as red gold. The only difference between deeper red gold and the rosy pink gold tones is the amount of copper. It’s quite simple, the more copper the redder the ring will appear.

A soft rose gold that is commonly used for wedding rings is a blend of 75% gold/25% copper. The more copper the brassier the ring color will be, and there is no such thing as pure rose gold because it is always a blend of copper and yellow gold. To have a more greenish tone of gold, silver is blended with yellow gold, and for a slightly grayish tone, the mix is silver, manganese and copper, while black gold is a process of electroplating with rhodium or by polishing the gold with sulfur and oxygen or by oxidation of yellow gold that naturally contains chromium/ cobalt.

Lasers can also alter gold metal and transform it black. The most unusual gold tones of all are the purple and blue golds, which are derived by mixing gold with aluminum alloys or indium. However, purple gold is quite brittle and not recommended for rings that you will wear on a day to day basis.

Unusual Engagement Rings

If you want something nontraditional and you love the rings that you see on the Hollywood stars, then you may opt to mimic your favorite actress or celebrity with an imitation of her engagement ring. You can have a copy of Victoria Beckham’s10 carat diamond or even a yellow radiant gemstone like Heidi Klum or a massive heart diamond like Pamela Anderson or even an oval diamond like the one Tom Cruise selected for one of his ladies. Heidi Klum’s engagement ring can be yours, with an 8.5 carat canary cubic zirconia for as little as $65!! Or you can sport Pamela Anderson’s 5 carat oval cut yellow cz stone for $70, or Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring, with a round cut cubic zirconia for less than $35.

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree engagement rings are unique because unlike other settings where the band is simple or plain metal with gemstones inset into the metal or held in place with claws or teeth and no other decoration, a filigree ring is a delicate and decorative latticework or pattern that is wrought in the metal, creating a small basket-like lace work at the top of the ring or around the gemstones. It was once primarily found in vintage or antique rings that came form Portugal, North Africa or the regions of the Mediterranean. However, diamond filigree engagement rings are now being crafted by jewelers around the world.

Filigree rings are complex lacy rings, best suited for very feminine ladies who have a tendency to like princess styles. These rings are most common in white gold and platinum, but there are many beautiful yellow gold options especially in antique and vintage collections. They can also be found at estate sales and second hand jewelry shops and often have unusual stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds instead of diamonds. There are some newer creations in cz settings that are less expensive. However, filigree engagement rings are very, very expensive (well over $1,000 even for the simplest designs) due to the craftsmanship and detail involved.

Diamond Wedding Band

A wedding band is traditional plain gold or very simple. However, many couples are opting to have small diamonds or cz stones added to their wedding bands, either to enhance the engagement ring or to have a pair of matching bands with a little extra zing. Some options for diamond wedding bands are eternity rings with diamonds or cz stones all around the band. For a matching set, the half eternity rings with three to five stones are a good choice, or if the engagement ring is a large cluster or a solitaire, a full eternity ring may complement it nicely.

For matching diamond wedding ring sets, there are rings for HIM and HER, some which have more diamonds on HER ring and only one or two on HIS. Some lovely matching options other than gold or white gold settings are titanium wedding bands, which almost always are a hit for mens rings, and now come beautifully adorned so the bride can have a matching band, only a little more sparkly. A diamond wedding band set may be a great option for couples who have not exchanged engagement rings. The wedding band may be the only bridal jewelry and therefore a few diamonds are welcome.

Diamond Solitaire Ring

This ring needs no explanation. It is the all-time most popular style of engagement ring. It is a simple band with one large diamond or cubic zirconia and nothing else. What differentiates one solitaire ring from another is the cut and shape of the stone. Use the above diamond cut and shape chart to determine which will work best if you have decided to go with a solitaire.

Wedding Jewellery

This is about much more than just selecting gold wedding rings or deciding between a white gold wedding ring and a yellow gold wedding ring or choosing the wedding rings for men between the plain mens gold rings and the diamond studded bands or selecting between tungsten wedding bands or titanium rings. Wedding jewellery is about ALL the jewelry and accessories for the bride and the groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen and for accessorizing the bride’s and groom’s wardrobe for the rehearsal dinner or the parties before the big day and the items that will be worn on the honeymoon. Here is a way to break down what is needed and stay on budget:

  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Party: Him – if formal consider silk men’s ties and/or scarves, a tie pin and simple cufflinks, if informal move on to: HER – Formal or informal a bride-to-be out with her lady friends must look her best with earrings, necklace or chain and/or bracelets and bangles. These can be simple costume jewelry items but they need to be planned and bought in advance.
  • Rehearsal Dinner with family: Him – silk men’s ties should be selected so that the wedding day attire not be used ahead of the big day. If he has two ties to choose from that should be enough. Again, a tie pin or tie clip, a simple mens gold ring to wear on another finger not the wedding ring finger, a scarf, and some basic cufflinks – not the ones he’s going to wear for the wedding.

    Her – a delicate set of earrings, pearl earrings or some simple chandelier or drop cz earrings are adequate, a one strand pearl necklace or small diamond pendant on a gold or silver chain. A small tennis bracelet or a set of gold or silver bracelets will finish off the outfit nicely. Keep it uncomplicated and elegant, and don’t wear pearls if you’re wearing pearls with your gown or vice versa, don’t wear diamonds that will look similar to what you’ll wear for the ceremony.

  • The Ceremony and Reception: The wedding rings for the ceremony for him and her go without saying. But there are also the presents for the groomsmen, which can be ties and tie pins or cufflinks or a small titanium ring. The presents for the bridesmaids that can include a set of earrings and a pendant and chain or a set of cultural pearls or just a simple ring. You will also need the earrings and necklace and bracelets for the bride that will match the gown and the accessories for the groom, such as ties, tie pins, cufflinks and the scarf for inside the overcoat if it’s cool weather. The bride may also need an extra set of earrings or a necklace or bracelets if she is going to change into a ‘going away’ outfit.
  • The Honeymoon: For tropical settings the bride may wish to have anklets for beachwear, some simple stud earrings that she doesn’t have to take out for sleeping or swimming or general fun. She’ll also want to have some modern, perhaps chunky, jewelry for going out for dinner or dancing and something elegant for a restaurant where there may be a dress code. For Him, a couple men’s silk ties and a few scarves, even if it’s tropical, a silk scarf can replace a tie in a casual setting. He probably does not need tie pins and cufflinks, but a silver bangle to dress up a white shirt and jeans, or a long silk or cashmere scarf can be good to have for a romantic, but chilly, moonlight walk on the beach.

Gold Ruby Rings

Gold is the preferred setting for all rubies. A rich pigeon blood ruby ring in a deep yellow gold band is magnificent. There are many white gold ruby ring creations that are less expensive, but rubies are naturally the stones for gold. For the most authentic ruby gold rings try looking in vintage jewelry shops for the antique, medieval or Spanish ring styles, or shop for replicas of antique ruby rings that are often embellished with other gemstones and set into ornate handcrafted gold bands.

Gold Rings with Champagne & Chocolate Diamonds


How about some rosettes of Le Vian chocolate sprinkled with champagne or white diamonds? No it’s not a French dessert but a ring! The promoter of these brown or taupe diamonds, which color is not what diamonds are traditionally known for, is what has made Le Vian famous since 2000.

The ring creations, often pavé diamond styles, in 14K yellow gold or white gold bands are totally sumptuous, with equally sumptuous price tags like, $1,099.99, or clusters of Le Vian chocolate diamonds with rows of round white diamonds in 14K yellow gold for $1,299.99, or a one carat round chocolate diamond with a hundred fifty white diamonds in 18K strawberry gold for only $5,999.99.

There are some less expensive chocolate diamonds in white gold rings for about $200, but they’re very simple designs. For about $400 you can have a 1/2 carat chocolate diamond heart ring in 14K white gold, if you check out places like ICE or NexTag.

Gold Tanzanite Rings

A tanzanite ring can be a unique purchase and a wonderful present or even an engagement or wedding ring. It can also be a birthstone option. Tanzanite is a rare blue-purple zoisite that can take on the soft blue of a sapphire blue, or be violet or deep mauve-purple depending on the light. To achieve this gorgeous color the natural tanzanite stone is treated with heat.

This stone is not only beautiful but is also often regarded as more rare than a diamond since it is only found in one place on earth, in Tanzania, Africa, in the hills bellow Mount Kilimanjaro. In a ring setting, it is beautifully offset by gold, white gold or even platinum. Gold tanzanite rings are not cheap, $500 to $1,000 for something good but in a simple design. Imitation gold tanzanite rings are available, but mostly for fun birthstone rings in gold plated settings.

Gold Emerald Rings

cushion cut white gold emerald ring

Emeralds need not be set in gold to have a rich look and so an emerald white gold ring is in fact one of the most popular color settings. Emeralds are often cut square and set in white gold, silver or platinum. Genuine gold emerald rings are expensive because aside from the gold in the base ring, the emeralds themselves must be treated to seal cracks and flaws that these gemstones naturally have. A lovely alternative to a gold emerald ring setting is a sterling silver or white gold band with small diamonds or cz stones around the emerald.

A lesser quality stone can be had at a discount price, and to an untrained eye may be quite satisfactory. There are also some fake emeralds made of glass that mimic the dazzling green and can be set inexpensively into titanium rings or white gold rings just as well as into gold. Emeralds are not like rubies in that gold best offsets their color. Choose any metal, even silver and light gold blends and the green will shine through.

Gold Pearl Rings

Pearls are not just white or pearl color, they also come in black. There are some unique gold ring designs that blend the two. For example a 10k gold pearl ring with two freshwater cultured pearls, one black and another white, is less than $60, and a Tahitian pearl ring in 14K rose gold can be a stunning accessory for only a little over $700. Pearls come in so many price ranges and so many styles and colors that they need not be old lady pearls.

For example you have this ultra chic, modern designer pearl ring with a cultured golden south sea pearl and a few diamonds in a 14K gold ring setting for less than $400. As far as I know, there are no pearl settings for men gold rings, yet, so these will still be mostly for the ladies.

Gold-Tone Fashion Rings

Fleur De Lis Gold Tone Adjustable Fashion Ring

You can have the look of gold without the price if you choose fashion goldtone rings. There are many styles such as this very in vogue golden matted square fashion ring for under $13; or the Fleur De Lis gold-tone adjustable fashion ring for under $12. Fashion rings may NOT be what you’ll choose for an engagement or wedding ring, but they can be great big baubles for parties and they’re so cheap you can buy new ones for every event. Have fun with gold-tone fashion and costume jewelry and throw caution to the wind!

Gold Ring Settings

“Ring settings” is a term used to describe a number of important aspects of jewelry creation all in one phrase, such as the cut of the diamond, the shape of the gemstone and how such different cuts and shapes can be held in place in a gold band. Some are held by pressure, others with claws and others set into the metal in a variety of unique ways.

The very popular pave and micro pavé settings or bead settings work like this: the gemstones or diamonds are set into small holes in the gold or precious metal selected. They are fitted closely together so there is almost no metal showing at all. They are all about the same size and cut and sit on the surface of the ring flat, not raised up, but as the name suggests, like paving stones set into a sidewalk. It then appears that the ring is a solid path of diamonds or gemstones. This setting can also be used around a central gemstone or diamond to highlight or extend the sparkle of the focal gem.

Although the final effect of pavé is stunning, the gemstones are not as secure as they are with other settings and therefore they can come lose and fall out. Some variations are the criss-cross pave ring mount and the micro pave ring which uses more, smaller stones in the settings. Most large diamond engagement rings such as the round-cut or baguette stones and solitaire rings are set using a sort of claw or prong that can hold the ring on four sides, or the double prong which secured with 8 prongs around the gem.

Antique filigree ring settings usually incorporate a blend of pave and prongs to hold one large central gemstone in place and numerous smaller gems around and about the lattice-like scrollwork that demarks the filigree rings from other styles.

There are also split shank diamond settings. When we talk about shank this refers to the part of the ring that is elevated or in other words the top of a ring that has a focal gem (this does not apply to eternity rings or flat settings that go all around a band with no difference in width or height).

Many rings will have only a single band of metal no matter the design, even elaborate filigree rings will often be just carved out of one round band. This would be a single shank. So, as you might imagine, a split shank refers to a band that has two or more additional strands of metal and allows for the finger to show through before it joins to the central gem mount on top.

In some cases where the gemstone is very large, the split shank setting style may be used to provide additional support for the diamond or gem. It can also enhance a smaller sized gem by making it appear larger than it is. What makes a split shank setting interesting is that it can be a double or triple split or even have a fourth split. Each of these can be set with pave set diamonds to make the crown area or top of the ring appear even more sparkling and larger. There are some very complex shank splits and pave combinations using variants of band width and depth of the splits.

Gold Designer Rings

Designer Gold Rings

If you want something unique, and have the budget for something above average, there are some small jewelry designers who create masterful gold designer rings. One such creation that is remarkably simple yet elegant is the Aquila ring which is a two part ring set in 18ct white and yellow gold with small diamonds strategically placed.

As a wedding and engagement ring set it is ideal or even as a promise ring for being so understated and elegant. The ring’s shanks are formed from 3.5mm round wire with a textured surface and a polished gold groove and an 8pt stone in one ring and a 1.5pt stone in the other. It’s not cheap at £650, but it’s unique and modern. To se more unusual white gold and gold designer rings visit Jeremy Heber Jewellery online. It’s well worth a peek. Links of London also has some designer jewelry that merits consideration. They now have an online jewelry shop for convenient browsing.

Custom Jewelry

This is an option if you have something creative in mind or already have some loose gemstones you wish to incorporate into a ring or other jewelry. Often custom jewelers can remake or re-create a new piece from something you already own. Drue Sanders Custom Jewelers is just one such place you can go online to have custom jewelry made to your specifications.

Cheap Jewelry

This option is the total opposite of having your rings or jewelry custom made. However, cheap jewelry or cheap gold rings does not have to mean cheap quality, just an affordable price that fits with your budget. Since what is cheap is relative, I will have to let you decide, but quality pieces of handcrafted jewelry can be found at estate sales, second hand jewelers and even online at places like Overstock and other distributors who do not necessarily have junk, but do offer reduced prices on designer and name brand gold rings and other jewelry.

Just as a wild example, you can get a designer inspired gold Vermeil multi-color frog cocktail ring at Overstock for less than $90, or a Tiffany inspired gold Vermeil CZ pave wedding band, in an eternity ring style for less than $35. There are some fun and practical options in cheap jewelry that are easily obtainable online and will be shipped to your door.

Discount Jewelry

If you want some basic gold rings and are not too picky about unique design, then there are discount jewelry centers that will offer you to pay for your gold jewelry at the going rate of gold. Therefore the prices fluctuate, but you do not pay for design and craftsmanship or for expensive designer settings and gemstones. You just pay for the weight of the gold and decide the basic style of gold ring. This is a practical choice for those want gold for a wedding band but cannot afford diamonds and prefer not to go with fake cz diamonds.

Gold Jewelry Wholesale

Wholesale jewellery is for those of you have a business and wish to purchase gold and general jewelry at the best prices to retail to your customers, perhaps as a side-line. This is a great idea for hair salon owners and tattoo artists and those who work with piercings and wish to offer their clients body jewelry or items to go with their new piercings. For as little as $2 for each piece, you can start a small sideline jewelry business of your own or add to an existing enterprise.

Many Chinese manufacturers offer great discounts when you buy in wholesale lots. There are gold and silver and fashion jewelry options. One good place to start looking for wholesale body jewelry is Hollywood Body Jewelry, who offer packages of bulk fashion jewelry and tidbits of gold for as little as .89 cents. Wholesale rings at unbelievable prices are available through a company called dhgate and they have designer rings for $3 and $4 each when purchased in bulk. These same items are retailing online for $20 and up…

Vintage Gold Rings

Vintage rings are something difficult to write much about unless we talk about specific individual pieces. Aside from going to estate sales or searching EBay for auction deals, you can try places like Sylvias Antiques, which is online and shows an antique ring selection to make your mouth hang open.

They’re not cheap, but there is everything from Vintage Art Deco filigree diamond and Sapphire Ring for $1,195.00, antique sapphire and diamond ring for $3,795.00, to Estate Eighteen white gold sapphire and diamonds for $895, to newly designed antique styles like the 14K fashion sapphire and diamond ring for $795, and the new designer white gold sapphire and diamond ring for $1,695, or the antique Victorian sapphire diamond crossover ring for $1,495, or a vintage Art Deco filigree ring with a natural violet sapphire for $995.

Other Gemstones that go with Gold Rings

While considering gold rings don’t forget that there are many, many ring options beside diamonds that go well in gold settings. Here are a few other rings that are great as unusual engagement rings, as anniversary rings, as wedding bands and also for birthstone rings.

  • Amber rings – not actually gemstones but ancient resin from trees with small fossils
  • Turquoise ring – Gorgeous chunk rings made from Asian turquoise or hand crafted by native American peoples or Tibetan ring creations mixed with orange or pink coral.
  • Garnet ring – Red and rose garnet rings are not only a beautiful birthstone ring but are also akin to rubies for those who want some dazzling crimson or pink but can’t afford the genuine stone…try a garnet in a 14k gold setting for under $40.
  • Peridot ring – is the august birthstone, but is also a fantastic soft greenish yellow that looks great alone or accented by a few cubic zirconia or diamonds in a gold ring setting. For fair skinned ladies and gents, the peridot gemstone is a great ring choice, it won’t look too flashy, but it’s elegant. Try round cut or emerald cut peridot rings to make the stone really stand out in an otherwise pave setting.
  • Onyx ring – Onyx is traditionally a Mexican stone (called Ónice) that comes in every color under the stars. If you can’t take a trip to Puebla Mexico to buy your rings, check out some online shops. Black onyx is gorgeous as a round solitaire ring and other onyx stone colors can resemble marble and be richly veined and used to inlay old bands or other jewelry.
  • Jade ring – Aside from jade being an exquisite green color, it is considered a very auspicious or lucky stone to have on your body. In Chinese culture jade is worn in gold ring settings and in necklaces and carved into ornate pendants as well as used to carve bangles and create intricate bracelets. Although jade is heavy, it has a delicate look, and makes wonderful jewelry sets with a ring, a pendant, a small bracelet and teardrop jade earrings.

    Jade rings are mostly paired with gold, since gold is also a lucky metal. To buy the best possible jade rings, go to a Chinese or oriental jeweler in your area or check out import jewelry shops online such as Oriental Jade Jewelry who have unique Burmese jade creations.

  • Citrine rings – The citrine is the birthstone for November, however it much more than a simple birthstone. It is a rich yellow-orange or lemon color depending on the variety and quality and is also known as gold topaz, Madeira or Spanish topaz. Because citrine rings are yellow or orange they are especially beautiful when set into deep yellow gold and enhanced with a few diamonds or cz gemstones or even when paired with chocolate or champagne diamonds.

    These stones can be made into art deco citrine ring creations that rival yellow or the famous canary diamonds. Citrine gold rings for men are also gaining popularity because the stone is a soft enough color to not be gaudy or too flashy, which is what some men are concerned about when wearing gemstone rings.

  • Pink rings – This is a term that is floating about the internet in gold rings for women as if it meant one exact thing. A pink ring can be anything from a pink Hello kitty charm ring to a dazzling pink diamond or pink sapphire or pink ruby or even a ring that is made of rose or pink gold or a rosy toned white gold pearl ring. Many pink rings are gold heart rings for little girls who want to pretend to be princesses.

    Perhaps the ultimate pink ring would be a huge pink diamond paired with pink sapphires and rosy pearls set into pink or rose gold. However, what most people seem to be referring to when they search for pink rings are pink tourmaline rings and pink sapphire rings or pink topaz rings, which is the color of the stone and not of the metal setting or band. For a great big sparkling splash in pink gold rings there’s a wild emerald cut Pink topaz and diamond ring in 10k yellow gold that will make any pink lady content for about $400.There’s a clearance version of this ring in an oval cut pink cubic zirconia set in a gold platted band for as little as $15 – just for some bling-bling fun in a ladies gold ring for cocktails!

    Also, if you’re too sure about going totally pink, then try something more classic like an amethyst gold ring or even better an amethyst white gold ring which will bring out the lavender or violet tones more beautifully. You can also go a little more bluish-purple with a white gold tanzanite ring, or even more blue with a blue topaz white gold ring, or all the way to aqua with an aquamarine white gold ring. I repeat “white gold ring”, because white gold jewellery highlights the cool tones of blue and violet better than yellow or rose colored metal settings.

Anillo y Alianzas de Oro


Just for something different try a Spanish gold wedding ring on for size. By Spanish, I don’t mean it needs to come from Spain, in fact some of the best hand carved argollas or alianzas de oro or anillos de boda are from Latin-American counties where traditional Mayan or Aztec carvings and jade or emeralds or rubies adorn these unique antique style wedding bands.

Gold Ring Watch

Mostly for the ladies and not too often in gold. But here are some ring watch options: the women Zads watch ring with watch ring on an adjustable 1 inch wideband for about $26, or the Roberto Cavalli stainless steel with crystals ladies watch ring made in Italy for about $79. In gold, if you must have it that way, then you’ll have to pay – ‘cuz there’s a dazzling baby in 14k yellow gold with over 1 carat worth of diamonds on another little watch ring for only 950 Euros.

Gold…18ct, 14ct and 9ct – What’s it all about?

As you plan all your jewelry needs and make your list of all the gold band rings you MUST have, especially for your wedding day, there are some gold options other than 18k or 14K gold rings. There is a less expensive alternative if you go with the 9ct gold rings.

What is 9ct gold? Simply put 9ct gold rings are an alloy comprised of about 37% pure gold, 52% copper zink and the rest silver. For 9ct red gold the copper content is slightly higher and for white 9ct gold the gold content remains the same but there is no copper and instead it is mixed with palladium and silver.

These combinations do not make nine carat gold stronger or harder because even 18k gold rings are a mix of metals – pure gold is far too soft to be used pure. In the olden days, like when I was young, there were still gold wedding rings that were 24ct gold, but you could imprint your nail or bite them and leave a mark.

If you have been given 14k gold rings or a 9ct gold engagement ring and you desire to have an 18k gold ring or 14 ct gold wedding band (or vice versa), you will notice a slight difference in color. It can look nice if this is the intention, or if there are three rings – an engagement or promise ring and a wedding band and on either side of the band there is a slightly different gold tone, however they not sold as sets in this way. However there are two tone gold rings that mix rose, yellow and/or white gold into one setting or band.

Does white gold tarnish?

There is a myth that white gold will tarnish like silver but this is NOT the case. What is true is that some white gold rings have been plated with rhodium and this will wear off and appear to have made the ring tarnish when in fact the only thing that has happened is that the grayish color of the true white gold is now visible.

Gold and Skin Tones

As you plan for all your jewelry needs, for your wedding, or for gifts, or for matching with your outfits, don’t forget to pair your gold rings to your other accessories. Gold earrings should match with white gold rings or yellow gold rings or be paired with all the rose gold rings in your collection. Charm bracelets and toe rings and even body jewelry can be purchased in all three tones of gold as well.

Remember that what color of metal you select for your jewelry will also depend on your skin tone.

  • Cool skin tones look best with silver, platinum, white gold and white titanium.
  • Warm skin tones are best for yellow gold, rose gold, brass, and copper.

You are a cool skin toned person if you are fair and have rosy undertones and bluish veins and you are considered a warm tone person if you have golden undertones and greenish veins. Since gold is available in warm yellow and golden colors and in cool white and greenish tones there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in Gold no matter if you are Cool or Warm.